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sacred rebel

sacred rebel

By Kristin Quattlebaum
a space for raw, deep conversations about the curiosities of life + the mystery of the journey. we will dismantle societal beliefs, challenge norms + bring light to hidden wisdom and experience.
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02 | rebellion, identity, holding space for duality + self-expression w/alex kate hare
rebellion | identity | holding space for duality + balance | self-expression | compassion | operating from a wounded/triggered space | acceptance | hustle vs. stillness sources @alexkatehare @kqcoaching
July 20, 2021
01 | play, purpose, hierarchy, money, divine creation + trust w/jennifer willemsen
play vs. work | purpose | beyond the 3d | childhood conditioning | hierarchy | money | divine creation | trust if you vibe with jennifer, find here on fb or her website + if you vibe with me, catch all the happenings here
June 30, 2021