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Sacred Slut Podcast

Sacred Slut Podcast

By Becca Cavanaugh
Welcome to the Sacred Slut Podcast hosted by me, Becca Cavanaugh. I guide intuitive leaders to overcome self-doubt, banish burn out, and unapologetically take up space so that they can magnetize massive income and impact, while being their most bold, turned-on self. This podcast is meant for you if you want to infuse more pleasure, passion, purpose, and profit into your life and business. Join me each week as we dive into topics like sex, spirituality, business, manifestation, relationships and so much more. Connect with me on Instagram for more: @beccajocavanaugh
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#70. Audience Archetypes: Are you leaving $$ on the table??
Today's episode I will be highlighting the 4 different audience archetypes and why tf you should care about this! We will go over different ways to help people feel safe, secure, and seen during the buying process, so you can make that money honey! We dive into: - Outlining the 4 different archetypes - How to speak to the different archetypes - Ways you can get your audience to engage - How you can infuse fun & playful energy into your sales process - Ways to make the buying process easy & fun for both parties! & so much more! Thanks for listening! Don't forget to leave a rating & review! Baby Biz Bitch NOW OPEN: Follow me on ig: Work with me 1:1:
October 11, 2021
#69. 5 secrets to SUSTAINABLE success
Today's episode I am giving you a peak behind the scenes, and showing you how to set your business up for sustainable success. Quick fixes and magic pills just don't work. Listen to this episode if you want to be a part of the 10% of business owners that make it past the first 90 days! We dive into: - Why strategy systems don't work - How you can HAVE & HOLD success - What you need to know to play the long-game in business - Why your mindset being a business building activity - What is blocking you from having massive success - Common mistakes baby business owners make, and how to avoid them & so much more! Thanks for listening! Don't forget to leave a rating and review! Enroll in Baby Biz Bitch: Follow me on insta: Work 1:1 with me:
October 8, 2021
#68. Are your prices really too high??
Today's episode we break down the importance of money mindset when it comes to building your business! Money can be a tricky subject for most, so how are you going to bring safety & clarity to your prices? I break down the ways you can have transparent & safe conversations around money when it comes to signing potential clients! We dive into: - What money & investment trauma is, and how to navigate it - What NOT to do around pricing & money conversations - How to handle questions & objections around your pricing (and not make it about you) - Releasing other's beliefs around money, and listening to your own - Ways to bring safety to your containers to help build that trust around prices and so much more! Thanks for listening! Don't forget to leave a rating & review! Baby Biz Bitch: Rich & Radiant Masterclass Replay: Money mindset podcast episodes:  #37. Manifesting the Man & the Money #42. Embodied Investing: How to Spend $$ with Pleasure #44. What are Money Mirrors? Allegedly?! episode 13: allegedly, money... is a mindset?! Bold Biz Bitch Playground:  Download your FREE Ideal Client Playbook: Follow me on Insta: Learn about how to work with me 1:1:
September 29, 2021
#67. Attracting (& Retaining) Your Ideal Client w/ ease
Today's episode we break down the embodiment & strategy pieces around attracting your ideal client. This was a highly requested topic that I decided to highlight for this episode. We break down the different ways to do ideal client work, and how to create a system that magnetizes your ideal client from the moment they see your content! We break down: -The secrets to creating a client list full of your ideal client - How to support your ideal client by a customized client experience -The bad advice from the coaching industry (and what to do instead) -Ways you could be sabotaging your business -How to attract your ideal client & retain them through your unique process & so much more! Thanks for listening! Don't forget to leave a rating & review! BABY BIZ BITCH: FREE Ideal Client Playbook: Follow me on IG:  Join the Bold Biz Bitch Playground FB Group: Work with me 1:1:
September 20, 2021
#66. Why your offerings aren't converting + what to do about it
Today's episode is FIREEEE. If you want to increase your conversion rate with ease & pleasure, this episode is for you! I am sharing with you my secrets of building an engaged & loyal audience that will consistently sell out your offerings, before you even make the sales page! We dive into: - the top 5 reasons why your shit isn't converting - The many different levels of your audience and how to connect with each of them - Creating offers that are aligned with you (not just what you THINK will sell) - Understanding your ideal client and how you can connect with them - Sneaky ways your sabotaging your sales success (and how to shift it) - Throwing out outdated sales practices (& what to do instead) - Tapping into the energetic algorithm to create a loyal AF client list & so much more! Thanks so much for listening! Don't forget to leave a rating, review, & share the podcast! Listen to the behind the scenes of my rebrand here:  Download your FREE Ideal Client Playbook: PRE-SALE for Baby Biz Bitch: Follow me on Insta: Learn about how to work with me 1:1:
September 13, 2021
#65. Healing the Mother Wound w/ Valerie Schrader
Today's episode, I bring on Valerie Schrader who is a trauma informed sacred sexuality coach with over 20 years of experience with embodiment work. She helps vulva owning humans heal from childhood trauma related to mother wounding, so they can step into their power, liberate themselves from feelings of shame & unworthiness, to thriving in their bodies, sex life, careers, & set their voice free! Valerie shares her vulnerable stories on how she healed her mother wounding, and what it opened up for her in the process. We dive into: - What is mother wounding, and how to know if you have experienced this - How to know if mother wounding is affecting our adult life - The different layers of wounding, and understanding the different complexities - How to hold the "both and" of the complexities within a mother & daughter relationship - Releasing shame around being your authentic self & releasing expectations - How & why the mother wound affects your business, bank account, and voice - Breaking down the foundation of mother wounding, to reparent, heal, and build a better relationship & so much more! Thank you for listening! Don't forget to leave this podcast a rating/review! Connect with Valerie:  Instagram: Sensual Power Membership: Private Coaching with Valerie: Offerings & Resources: Connect with me: Instagram: Private Coaching: Bold Biz Bitch FB Group:
September 6, 2021
#64. Overcoming Self-Sabotage (Even when shit is falling apart)
Today's episode, I'm sharing with you my own process on how I overcome self-sabotage during stressful, uncertain times. These tools I picked up by owning multiple businesses during a pandemic, and have mastered them as I have gone through many personal traumatic events in a short period of time. I know that the common fears among aspiring business owners is "What if I can't hold it all? What if I other things in my life slip away because I am focused on my business?" We dive deep into this fear inside this episode as I give you a tangible guide on how to stop avoiding, and start moving through these events, even when you feel like things are falling apart. Don't forget to share this podcast, and leave a rating/review! Thank you for listening! Join the Bold Biz Bitch Playground (Free FB Group) : Learn how to work 1:1 with me:
September 1, 2021
#63. Ethical Dating w/ Kari Lu Cowell
Today's episode I bring on Ethical Dating Coach, Kari Lu Cowell. She helps self-identified nerds love and accept themselves and others so they can live their most romantic life! Kari brings a fresh perspective to dating, relationships, and how to navigate all of the roller coaster of emotions that come with it. We dive into: -Ways to embody your inner nerd and feel into your passions -How to communicate to potential partners in a way that causes less harm -Embracing your differences and finding acceptance for yourself and others -ASKING for what you want without taking on other's judgements -Finding the pleasure when it comes to dating -Massive mindset shifts to get you feeling excited to date again & so much more Thanks for listening! Don't forget to leave a rating and review! Connect with Kari: Instagram: FB group: Email: Dungeons & Dating: No matter your alignment, if you're a nerd who is dating or relating, Dungeons & Dating is for you! Are you Chaotic Evil dreaming of your perfect partner(s) in crime? Are you Lawful Good hoping to find your sidekick(s) to defeat evil? Are you True Neutral and just want someone(s) who's down to Netflix and chill everyday? Have you already found your Player 2 but feel like you're constantly battling bosses in your relationship? In Dungeons & Dating, you'll learn how to use your unique alignment to create great relationships! This program is all about tapping in to your true magic and using your natural traits to create deep, authentic, and honest intimacy.  You can be monogamous, polyamorous, married, available, LGBTQIA+, even an evil Sith Lord. (Hey, Evil Sith Lords need love too.) Apply here: Connect with me: -Instagram: -Website:
August 16, 2021
#62. Top 5 Mistakes I Made as a Baby Coach (& what I wish I knew sooner)
August 2021 officially marks 1 year of me being a coach full-time! So help me celebrate with this episode where I break down my top 5 mistakes that I made, what I wish I knew sooner, AND what I felt I did "right" in the beginning. This episode is perfect for you if you want a behind-the-scenes look on what it's really like to be a coach, and completely shift industries during a global pandemic. I am here to lift the curtain and reveal my mess for you to learn and grow! We dive into: - My many rebrands, and how it all aligned me with who I am today - The purpose behind my brand mission, and how to embody the "sacred slut" energy in your business - Why I only focus on ONE offering at a time now - How to balance the energy of Tiktok (and release the expectations) - Top mindset shifts I needed to build my business to where it is today - How I remained consistent when I felt shit wasn't working - Holding the big vision, even when reality feels hard AF - What I would do differently now AND the things I felt I did "right" and why I wouldn't change those actions Thanks for listening! Don't forget to write a rating & review! Listen to #33. A Year In Review: Lessons, Hardships, & Resolutions Connect with me on Instagram: Connect with me on Tiktok: Learn more about working 1:1:
August 12, 2021
#61. Get Your Sexy Back w/ Kim Coffin
Today's episode I bring on Kim Coffin who is a trauma informed somatic empowerment & sexuality coach and the founder of Get Your Sexy Back!  We dive into: - How to reclaim your sexuality after trauma - Moving through the mother wound, and releasing others judgements - The power of tapping into pussy, and finding your own sexual healing - What is de-armoring and how can it help you reconnect to your body - Where to start when it comes to reconnecting with your sexual energy - Ways to release shame around sex, and how to raised sexually empowered teens & so much more! Thanks for listening! Don't forget to leave a rating & review! Learn more about who I am & what I do: Connect with Kim Coffin ~ Trauma Informed Somatic Empowerment & Sexuality Coach @ Get Your Sexy Back Sexy-Back Jade Egg Intensives – Free Monthly Sexy-Back Salon Series - -Facebook - -Instagram - -Get Your Sexy Back Website - -Private Facebook Group for women -
August 2, 2021
#60. Attachment + Surrendering to your Authentic Desires
In today's solo episode, I dive deep into embodying your "surrendered woman energy". We dive into: - Why being attached isn't bad, and other ways your making yourself wrong - How to overcome the feeling of being needy/ desperate - An exercise that got my client from feeling suppressed, to owning her desires - Playing into the duality of multiple truths - The real reason you feel out of touch with your desires & so much more juice Thanks for listening! Don't forget to share, & leave a rating/review! Follow me on Instagram: Reserve a connection call:
July 26, 2021
#59. Breaking Generational Poverty & Building Soul- Aligned Wealth w/ Laura Fowler
Today's episode I bring on Laura Fowler, who went from a young single mom, to a multi-six figure entrepreneur! Laura is a Wealth & Embodiment Coach and business mentor. She helps women break out of the scarcity mindset, and uses embodiment, healing, alignment, and pleasure to help them rewrite their money story, and build soul-aligned wealth. We dive into: -How to take back control when it comes to your finances -Starting to build your wealth right now -Paying yourself FIRST while prioritizing pleasure -Why it's important for you to attach your feelings to money (and how to use it to call in MORE with ease) -Mindset shifts around debt that will change your beliefs forever -How to STOP the cycle of unaligned spending -Reparenting yourself to rewrite your money story -This sneaky way you are capping your income & financial growth (and how to shift it!) & so much more! Thanks for listening! Don't forget to leave a rating & review! Join Laura's inner circle in my FB Group: The Embodied Millionaire : Creating Wealth, Joy & Freedom Find Laura on The Magic and the Mess Podcast: Apple:: Spotify:: Find some info about Laura and her current offers at Laura's current offers: 1:1 Six and 12 Month Wealth Embodiment Coaching Packages Set yourself up for your first million and create the life and business that you WILDLY love. Embodied Wealth VIP Experiences In Person and Virtual Available August : Sicily Italy September : Virtual October : TBA Catch up with me on Instagram: Work with me 1:1 here:
July 19, 2021
#58. 3 Steps to Getting Out of a Dry Spell & Reignite Passion
Today's episode we are talking how to end a sexual and creative dry spell, so you can reignite passion, pleasure, and play in and outside the bedroom! We dive into: -Why ending a dry spell is important, but not necessary -Ways to reignite excitement and anticipation in the bedroom -Reasons why you SHOULDN'T end a "dry spell" -Embody your inner slut, and how to let her come out to play -Questions to ask yourself (and your partner) before you head to the bedroom -Why you need AFTERCARE and how to get the most out of the experience and so much more! Don't forget to leave a rating and review! Download your FREE Pleasure Guide Follow me on Instagram: Join the Sacred Slut Sisterhood: Apply for 1:1 Coaching with me:
July 12, 2021
#57. Taking the Leap & Rewriting Your Story in Relationships & Business w/ Lucy Price
In today's episode, I bring on my good friend, Lucy Price, who is an Empowerment & Relationship Coach. Lucy helps her clients rewrite their story on relationships, confidence, and intimacy so that they can step into their personal power, heal from heartbreak, and create incredible relationships. There is just so much juice in this podcast, you won't want to miss this one! We dive into:  -The wounds around relationships and business that keep you stuck in your current reality, and how to shift them -How to break away from societal norms when it comes to relationships (and how you CAN create a different story) -Starting out a new business when you feel inexperienced, and mindset shifts to help you thrive -How to know when it's time to leave a relationship or job, and how to let your intuition guide you -Trusting yourself, your mission, and the universe to bring you closer to the relationship or business you want to attract -Why it's important to integrate your shadow, and how to embrace it with love -Money, relationships, and pricing your offers in alignment -Moving on after a break-up and how to shed old identities and so. much. more. Thank you for listening! Don't forget to leave the podcast a rating and review. Sharing is caring, so make sure to tag us on Instagram! Follow Lucy on Instagram: Join Lucy's "Shift Your Story" FB Group Lucy's website: Work with me as a private client: Join the Sacred Slut Sisterhood FB Group:
June 28, 2021
#56. Dating Your Business: The Connections Between Business, Intimacy, & Life
In today's episode, I am answering the burning question, "What does intimacy & business have to do with eachother?" And my answer is EVERYTHING, but of course, there's more to it than that! Inside the episode, I highlight some of the ways business, & intimacy connect so you can build a pleasureable & profitable business model. We dive into: -Intimacy & business connections (that you may have never thought about) -How to create a sustainable business through a pleasure lens -Overcoming fear in your business (& dating) by going within -Why you need to bring FUN and PLEASURE into your business (& bedroom) -The key to success when it comes to creating a magnetic, sexy brand -How to gain confidence & worthiness in the beginning so you can profit FAST & so much more! Thank you for listening! Don't forget to leave a rating & review so more sexy souls can enjoy this podcast! Listen to Episode #42. Embodied Investing: How to Spend $$ with Pleasure Join the Sacred Slut Sisterhood FB group for more free business trainings: Book a connection call for private business coaching: Follow me on instagram
June 21, 2021
#55. How to embrace the "slow" seasons in biz (& life)
Today's podcast we are talking in depth about the seasons of business (& life). Something that a TON of business owners DON'T talk about, yet, every business owner goes through. Whether you are in the beginning stages of your business, or want to create a new income, this episode is for you. We dive into: -The reality of owning a business that nobody talks about -How slow and stagnant seasons are inevitable in your business (no matter where you are at in your biz journey) -Mindset shifts to release the pressure to perform and create when it comes to income -Self-trust and how it will change the game for your business so you can move through seasons quicker -Embracing the flow, and stepping into abundance right now -What to do when you DON'T feel like celebrating or being in pleasure and how to shift that & so much more! Don't forget to share, leave a rating, and review! Thanks for listening! Work with me 1:1: Join the Sacred Slut Sisterhood FB Group: Follow me on insta Snag your Free Pleasure Guide
June 7, 2021
#54. Hack Your Period
Today's episode we are talking about PERIODS. More specifically your whole cycle, and how your energy shifts and changes during the month. I am sharing with you how I schedule my whole life around my cycle, and why you should too. (this will change your life!) We dive into: -The different phases of your cycle -Why you should track your cycle -Men's cycle vs. women's cycle -When you're most likely to be turned on during your cycle -How we have become disconnected from our period super-powers and how we can get them back -Past period rituals and red tenting Thanks for listening! Don't forget to leave a rating and review! Wild Power by Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer Snag a private coaching spot with me: Join the Sacred Slut Sisterhood: Follow me on insta
May 31, 2021
#53. 5 Traits of Wildly Successful Feminine Leaders
Today's episode we are talking all about the top 5 traits of successful feminine leaders! The old way of leadership is dying (bye-bye boss babes) and a new form of sacred leadership is rising. If you are wanting to create a massive impact (and income) this episode is perfect for you to shed these old wounded traits of leadership and step into your unique power. We dive into: -What top feminine leaders focus on (and what they don't) -Uncovering your own authentic magnetism -Why leadership & perfectionism DON'T work together -The traits of wounded leadership (and how to avoid it) -What to focus when you want to create a massive impact and influence  & so much more! Don't forget to share this with a friend, and leave a rating/review! Episode #32. Bold Boundaries & Embracing Your Inner Bitch Become a 1:1 Client: Join the Sacred Slut Sisterhood FREE FB Group: Follow me on instagram
May 24, 2021
#52. Debunking Your Fears
In this episode, I am taking your fears and debunking them! I asked you on my instagram and facebook, "What is one fear that is holding you back from living your dream life?", and I took your responses and debunked them in this episode! I have found that *most* of our fears fall into a few collective categories. Once you understand these categories you can debunk your own fears so you can start to live a life that turns you on! We dive into: -The few different categories of fears -How to dive deeper with your fears and uncover what is really holding you back -Debunking your fears and how to do it as a daily practice -Why you inner child decides how you live your life -Overcoming the fear of rejection -Understanding pain vs. suffering -How to use self-trust to release your fears -Reframing your fears so you can create more impact, influence, and income -Prioritizing pleasure when it comes to your fears & trusting the process & so much more! Don't forget to leave a rating & review! Join the Sacred Slut Sisterhood: Follow me on instagram: Taking on new 1:1 clients for pleasure-based biz & life coaching, learn more here:
May 18, 2021
#51. Feminine Magnetism, Masculine Strategy, & Prioritizing Pleasure in Business
Let's get down to BUSINESS. Want to know how you can scale your passion business while being in your feminine? In this episode, I give you all the juicy secrets that most feminine leaders DON'T talk about..which is how to balance both the feminine & masculine in your business. (Because YES, you need BOTH) We dive into: -What a masculine business consists of & how to break free from bro-marketing strategies -How to embrace your masculine in business without working out of wounded patterns -What systems you need in order to scale your business (and support your feminine) -How to attract soul-aligned clients & 6-figures years -Tapping into your feminine magnetism to bring in more sales in your sleep -Finding pleasure in your business & life to create sustainablity -Creating boundaries within yourself & your business (bye-bye discounts & spending hours in the DM's) -Embracing the cycles of business & how to sit in the discomfort of stagnation & so much more! Thanks for listening! Don't forget to leave a rating & review. Become a 1:1 business client: Join the Sacred Slut Sisterhood FB Group: Follow me on Instagram Visit my website:
May 10, 2021
#50. How to *ACTUALLY* get results & create consistency
Today we are talking all about how to detach from your desired results and actually create a sustainability in your life & business. We get so hung up in trying to control every little move we make that we forget the bigger picture that we are calling in. So let this podcast episode put your little human brain at ease so that way you can focus on bringing more pleasure to your journey. We dive into: -Why it's important to detach from immediate results/instant gratification -How to stop preparing for the worst case scenario & start preparing for the BEST -Balancing your masculine & feminine energy along the journey -How I have manifested over $2,000 from random sources in the past 6 months -Ways to broaden your horizons, and stop blocking abundance that is available to you -How to honor each part of your journey and stop worrying about every move you make & so much more juice! Thanks for listening! Don't forget to write the podcast a rating/review & post on insta/tag me! Wet & Wealthy Woman FREE Live Group Event 4/30- Register HERE: Join the Sacred Slut Sisterhood: Follow me on insta: @beccajocavanaugh Work with me:
April 26, 2021
#49. Practical Manifestation & Playing the Million-Dollar Game w/ Janellea Macbeth
Today's episode I bring on Janellea Macbeth who is the manifestation QUEEN! She brings such a fresh & fun perspective to manifestation practices and how you can start to curate and embody your own practices. We dive into: -Practical manifestation -Why you don't need to be "high vibe" all the time -How to infuse manifestation into your daily life to stay in alignment -Playful manifestation and why it's so powerful -Playing Janellea's "million-dollar game" and how you can too! -Manifesting the small things vs. the big stuff (and how they are the same) and so much more! Thanks for listening! Connect with Janellea: Janellea's Free FB Group (The Artist's Salon) Janellea's Manifestation Masterclass: (PS this is the last time she is offering it!) Embodied Abundance- ENROLL HERE  Follow me on instagram: Join the Free Sacred Slut Sisterhood FB Group:
April 19, 2021
#48. How to Find Soul-Aligned Friendships
Today's episode we are talking all about finding community, sisterhood, and soul-aligned friendships. When you are starting out on your journey of stepping into the woman you want to become, it can feel like you are isolating yourself to everyone around you. Friendships and community are essential to your growth, and can be even more healing than reading a book, listening to podcasts, or even, working with a coach one-on-one. In this episode, I will be giving you tips & advice for you to start seeking friendships that bring out your authentic self. We dive into: -Embracing the duality of your past friendships while finding new ones -The importance of feeling safe being seen -Networking vs. Friendships -How to carve out your own space from a place of worthiness -Releasing relationships that are no longer serving you -How to create boundaries with relationships -What being triggered AF by other women is showing you -The best places to find aligned friendships & so much moreeeee Thanks for listening! Don't forget to leave a rating and review! Embodied Abundance- COMING SOON! Ep. 10: Healing Sister-Wounds  Rich & Radiant Masterclass Replay: Join the Sacred Slut Sisterhood FB Group Follow me on insta Work with me: 
April 12, 2021
#47. How to Feel Abundant AF: Diving Deep into Gratitude & Self-Trust
Today's episode is talking all about how you can feel abundant right now and still desire more! Do you feel like you're afraid of being seen as "ungrateful" or "spoiled" for asking for more? Are you holding yourself back from what you truly desire because it scares the hell out of you? Do you find yourself feeling burnt out and frustrated that you find yourself in the same cycles? This episode is for you! We dive into: -My unpopular opinion about gratitude -How to stop "should-ing" yourself and start to change your life -Breaking out of the old beliefs around feeling "ungrateful" that are holding you back -How self-trust plays a HUGE role in creating a life that turns you on -Embracing the duality of gratitude & desires -How to overcome the cycles of negative self-talk & so much more! Remember to leave a rating and review! Thanks for listening! Listen to Episode #38: Stop the Self-Sabotage FOREVER to dive deeper into self-trust "Rich & Radiant" Masterclass REPLAY: Join the FREE Sacred Slut Sisterhood FB Community: Follow me on instagram:
April 5, 2021
#46. 26 Life Lessons for my 26th Birthday!
IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!! In today's special birthday episode, I am sharing with you my top 26 lessons that I have learned! I am turning 26 years old the day this episode goes live, so I figured it would be fun to share my own lessons from this past year and what has changed for me along my journey! Thank you so much for listening, and I cannot wait to celebrate with you all soon! Check out my instagram to watch all the birthday festivities! Catch the replay of "Rich & Radiant" Masterclass HERE! Instagram: Sacred Slut Sisterhood FB Group: Don't forget to write a rating & review for the podcast! Thanks for listening!
March 29, 2021
#45. Are you waiting for a sign to change your life?
Today's episode I share with you my views on "rock bottom" and how to stop waiting for this moment to transform your life. We dive into: -The harms of toxic positivity when it comes to making a change in your life -How to stop the cycle of "fight or flight" -What happens when you are always planning for the worst case scenario -Feeling worthy right now to make a change -Working hard & suffering don't have to co-exist -Raising your "rock bottom" to create a life that turns you on & so much more! LAST CALL for the "Rich & Radiant" Masterclass on March 26th at 11am PST! SAVE YOUR SEAT HERE Thanks for listening! Instagram:  Sacred Slut Sisterhood FB Group:
March 22, 2021
#44. What are Money Mirrors?
Today's episode we are talking about money mirrors! What are they, how we can identify them, and how to move through them with pleasure and ease! We dive into: -How others mirror back to us our own beliefs around money -The deep energetics of money -Money trauma & money stories -Why your money story may be sabotaging your relationship to money -How to dive deep into your money trauma -Working through your own triggers with money -Focusing on your money patterns -Step by step on how to move through your own money story & so much more! Liked this episode and want to go deeper? Get inside "Rich & Radiant" Masterclass on March 26th, 2021! Replays will be available! Save your seat HERE Sacred Slut Sisterhood FB Group: Follow me on Instagram: Don't forget to leave the podcast a rating or review! Thanks for listening!
March 15, 2021
#43. Being Radically Supported in Your Life & Business (Without Feeling Like A Burden)
Today we are talking about being unapologetically supported in our life, relationships, and business! Life is more pleasurable when you are deeply supported emotionally, physically, and energetically! Are you blocking yourself from receiving radical support? Found out in this episode! We dive into: -Why most women don't feel supported in their life  -The downfalls of being hyper-independent (boss babe mentality) -Why most people sabotage their relationships -How to stop expecting others to show up for you -Ways to fill up your cup and overly abundant -Limiting beliefs that need TO GO in order for others to show up for you -How to let it be easy, fun, and pleasurable to receive support without guilt or shame attached to it -How to step into your receiving energy and find support that works for you & sooo much more Thanks for listening! RICH & RADIANT MASTERCLASS- Claim your seat HERE! Follow & tag me on instagram: Join the Sacred Slut Sisterhood FB Community:
March 8, 2021
#42. Embodied Investing: How to Spend $$ with Pleasure
Today's episode we talk all about investing in your most embodied, turned on self! This epsiode focuses on the energetics behind money, and how you can spend with pleasure and receive with ease! We dive into: -Knowing the difference between unaligned spending and intentional spending -How to spend from an empowered place -Discussing the feeling of being numb when it comes to swiping your card -What makes investing an energy exchange -Making the most of your investments (and making them work for you) -Expanding you capacity to receive -Using investments as a way to connect with your next level self -How to be embodied before, during, and after the transaction -How to find your "sweet spot" when it comes to investing your money -Investing with the intention to accelerate and expand your results! Thanks for listening! Remember to share this episode and leave the podcast a rating and review! Links mentioned: Creating Alchemy FREE Membership: #24. The Power of Human Design w/ Lindsey Means: Manifesting, Sisterhood, Forgiveness, & Investing in Yourself #34. Sex & Money: Limiting Beliefs That Are Keeping You Broke & Dry #37. Manifesting the Man & the Money Sacred Slut Sisterhood FB Group: Julia Wells FB Group Visible AF:
March 1, 2021
#41. Alchemize Your Pain Into Pleasure
Today's epsiode is a recording of Day 4 of the Pleasure Power Hour Live Series Event inside the Sacred Slut Sisterhood FB group! We are talking all about the shadow aspects of pleasure and now to navigate your wounds when they come up! We dive into: -Why it's important to feel to maximize your pleasure potential -Why I don't believe there are "good" and "bad" emotions -How to deepen your relationship to your fears  -Moving through the shadow sides by sitting in the discomfort -The importance of bringing your pain to light to turn it into pleasure & so much more! Thanks for listening! Join the Sacred Slut Sisterhood FB Group to watch the replays!: Book a Free Connection Call with Me: Follow me on Instagram:
February 22, 2021
#40. Business & BDSM w/ Psychotherapist Felicia Keller Boyle
In today's juicy episode I bring on psychotherapist turned coach, Felicia Keller Boyle. This episode brings all the juice as Felicia shares her experiences of being a therapist turned online coach. We unpack: -Felicia's experience becoming a therapist, then transitioning into the coaching industry -How to identify undesirable patterns in your life -Basics of BDSM and how you can use those core principles in your daily life -How Felicia dealt with sexual shame growing up in a christian household -Embracing your subconcious "sub" to get your desired outcome -Creating safety within your body with somatic healing -How to overcome your unhealthy patterns with kink (it's not what you think..) -Felicia's views on how coaches and therapists can learn from eachother & soooo much more. Thanks for listening! Connect with Felicia: Felicia's Instagram: Felicia's Clubhouse: @feliciakb Felicia's Free Course: Booking a discovery call with Felicia: Mentioned in the episode: Existential Kink by Carolyn Elliott: Julia Wells Podcast Episode: Pleasure Power Hour FREE Live Series Event Starts Feb. 15th, Get in NOW:
February 15, 2021
#39. How I Healed my Body Image with the Power of Pleasure
Today's episode comes with a trigger warning, we will be talking about body image struggles with food and working out. I believe that this episode can be really healing and full of value if you are struggling, however, please skip this episode or turn it off if you feel that it is harmful for you. Inside this episode, I candidly share my experience with struggling with my body image and how my pleasure journey healed my wounds around my body and working out. We dive into: -My personal struggles with body image -How my struggles started really young and kept getting worse -How I felt around my body before my pleasure journey vs. how I feel about my body now -My old beliefs around working out -My experience of alchemizing my pain into pleasure -Uncovering my pleasure potential which transformed how I viewed my body -Newfound appreciation for my body and how to navigate old beliefs when they come up -Embodiment exercises & how to navigate them when you are starting out -How safety in our bodies plays a HUGE role when it comes to pleasure & soooo much more! Pleasure Power Hour Live Series Event starts Feb. 15th at 12pm PST! Join the Sacred Slut Sisterhood FB Group HERE: Thanks for listening!
February 9, 2021
#38. Stop the Self-Sabotage FOREVER
Today's episode we are talking all about self-trust! We dive deep into how to build your self-trust muscle, how to identify self-sabotage, and ways to take aligned action that will ultimately lead you to living a life full of pleasure! We dive into: -What self-trust IS (and what it is not) -How to identify self-sabotaging tendencies -Sharing my own self-sabotaging traits and how I move through them -How to sit with the discomfort, so you can move through it -Ways to drop your ego, and align yourself with your truth -What is fear inventory (and how it's not as scary as it sounds) -Journal prompts to help you along the way & so much moreeeee juice! Don't forget to leave a rating & review! Thanks for listening! Join the Sacred Slut Sisterhood FB group: Listen to episode #31. This Mindset Shift Will Change How You View Yourself FOREVER: Follow me on instagram: Work with me:
February 1, 2021
#37. Manifesting the Man & the Money
In today's solo episode, we dive into manifesting your dream man and your dream bank account! There are so many similarities between our relationships with men and our relationship with money. So in this episode, I'm breaking down how to get your mindset, energy, and nervous system ready to receive with ease. We dive into: -Bullshit beliefs that need TO GO in order to manifest the man & money you desire -How to truly surrender into receiving with ease (it's not what you think!) -Taking aligned action, even when it's messy -How to hold yourself in your mistakes, and forgive your past self -The importance of building your self-trust muscle -Why you keep self-sabotaging your desires -How to create a new identity & story to align yourself with your desires -Trusting the timing, and why I believe it's all working & soooo much more juiciness! Join the FREE Sacred Slut Sisterhood FB Group: Work with me 1:1:  Tag or DM me on instagram: 
January 25, 2021
#36. Breaking Toxic Dating Patterns & Conscious Relationships w/ Jerry Souter
Do you desire to be in a sexy, fulfilling, conscious relationship? Do you want to stop the cycle of toxic relationships? Are you feeling unfulfilled in your current relationship and just don't know what to do? In today's episode, I talk to certified love and relationship coach, Jerry Souter, about conscious dating, breaking toxic dating patterns, and how important it is to be embodied when you are dating. We uncover: -How to identify your own relationship patterns -Gross marketing tactics in the coaching industry TO STAY AWAY FROM -The importance of transparency and having the difficult conversations early on in dating -Feminine & Masculine energies in the dating world, and what to look out for -Trusting your intuition starting when you are swiping right -How we both went from toxic dating patterns to conscious relationships -What Jerry wants you to know before you hire a coach & so much moreeeee Connect with Jerry: Instagram: FB Group: Enrolling for my 1:1 Coaching programme Self-Love to True Love now. Details here: Join the free Sacred Slut FB Group: Tag me on Instagram: Shop Yoni Pleasure Palace: 
January 20, 2021
#35. Channeling for 2021 & Debunking "Trendy" Manifestation Tips
In today's episode, I am bringing you a recording of a POWERFUL Instagram Live I did for the New Year! Make sure to follow me on insta so you wont miss when I go live! Insta Live Highlights: -Collective Reading for 2021 -Manifestation tips that will bring you clarity around manifesting & your desires -Channeling a powerful message that YOU NEED to hear & so much sexy wisdom. Snag your FREE Manifestation Workbook Join my FREE Facebook Group Shop Yoni Pleasure Palace Remember to leave a rating & review if you LOVE the podcast! Thanks for listening!
January 11, 2021
#34. Sex & Money: Limiting Beliefs That Are Keeping You Broke & Dry
Today's highly requested podcast episode is all about the connections between sex & money. Once we have a better understanding of our limiting beliefs around these topics, we can bring in MORE of our desires with ease. Hightlights: -The belief that will change how you view money & sex forever -Limiting beliefs around sex & money that keep us broke & dry -How to feel safe to hold money & pleasure -Ways to receive more with ease, & create a new belief that will call in more of what you want -How to stop self-sabotage when it comes to money & pleasure & moreeee Remember to follow & tag me on instagram when you share this episode! Books: It's Not Your Money by Tosha Silver The Illusion of Money by Kyle Cease GET MY FREE MANIFESTATION WORKBOOK Thanks for listening!
January 6, 2021
#33. A Year In Review: Lessons, Hardships, & Resolutions
Today, in a fully transparent episode, I am pulling back the curtain and diving deep into 2020. I am highlighting my highest highs and my lowest lows as we say goodbye to 2020 and hello 2021!  Episode Highlights: -How I left my career as a hairstylists to pursue coaching full-time -What triggered me this year and how I overcame it -Sharing the lessons I learned in 2020 -The mindset shifts I needed to create this business I have today -My manifestations for 2021 & sooooo much more in this deep & vulnerable episode. Thanks for listening! Snag your FREE 2021 Manifestation Workbook Follow me on instagram Work with me!
December 29, 2020
#32. Bold Boundaries & Embracing Your Inner Bitch
Happy Holidays! This episode is heavily inspired by the current state of events here in the US. Today we are deconstructing what it means to be a "bitch" and how we can use that to our advantge when asserting boundaries. Whether you are seeing family this year, being pressured to see family this year, or you are feeling disappointed that this year looks different, this episode will help you move through your people-pleasing tendencies and come back to your truth. Remeber boundaries are a form of self-care and the key to living a pleasure filled life! Here's the highlights: -Deconstructing the word "bitch" and what it really means -How to embrace your inner bitch -A step-by-step guide on how to assert your boundaries -Ways to unlock your truth and stay authentic to yourself -Tips on how to work around loved ones who pressure, or cross your boundaries Thanks for listening! Book Your Free Call with me
December 23, 2020
#31. This Mindset Shift Will Change How You View Yourself FOREVER
Today I am sharing with you a simple and effective mindset shift to help you get off the insecurity roller coaster and embrace self love! This mindset shift has completely changed how I view my mistakes, my relationships, and even my success! We will go over how you can embody this mindset shift in order to tap into self love, acceptance, and confidence no matter what is going on in your outside world! Thanks for listening! Ready to change your life before the new year (& do it on a budget??) Save your $55 on a coaching package of your choosing when you book your free discovery call with me! This is my most intimate container, so once spots are filled, that will be it! Book your free call HERE
December 15, 2020
#30. Is it Your Masculine, OR Your Wounded Feminine?
Today's episode was inspired by a tiktok video on masculine and feminine energy! We are breaking down how to know the difference between your healthy energy and unhealthy energy. We will be diving deep into how to trust your own masculine energy in order to call in a masculine partner, and my own mistakes with my feminine energy. Thanks for listening! Work with me 1:1 in December 2020
December 10, 2020
#29: The TRUTH About Living a "Pleasure Filled" Life
Welcome Back! Today's episode is a recording of a live I did in the Sacred Slut Sisterhood FB Group! Thanks for listening! Buy Living A Pleasure Filled Life Mini Course for Only $33.33 (Includes the bonus breast massage video!) Work with me 1:1 (Book Your Free Call Here!) Join the Sacred Slut Sisterhood for FREE
December 8, 2020
#28. 5 Signs You're Settling in your Relationship
Hey sluts welcome back to the podcast! Today we are talking all about settling. These 5 signs are my from my own personal experiences and how I used to show up in my relationships! Here's what we talk about: How to stop trying to be someone you're not in the relationship When to communicate and when to walk away How to trust your own intuition If you love this episode make sure to share it on your insta story (make sure to tag me @beccajocavanaugh)! And leave a rating and review for the podcast! Use code BLACKFRIDAY for $125 off my signature full courses Unlock Your Orgasm ($97 with code BLACKFRIDAY) Seduce The Universe ($319 with code BLACKFRIDAY) 4 month 1:1 Coaching Container for $777 (originally $999): book a free call here between Nov. 30th-Dec. 9th to claim this price! To learn more visit my website: follow me on instagram
November 30, 2020
#27. My Top 5 Tips to Guarantee You Come First in the Bedroom
This episode I bring you all my juicy tips & tricks to make sure you come first (in and outside the bedroom). We touch on all the ways in which your mindset could be holding you back in the bedroom, and how to redirect your partner inside the bedroom. Thanks for listening! PS: Don't forget to leave a rating and review! Book a call with me Use Code: BLACKFRIDAY for $125 off of my full courses until Dec. 1st, 2020: Living A Pleasure Filled Life Mini Course  IG: @beccajocavanaugh Have a question or want to collab? Email me at
November 18, 2020
#26. My Boyfriend & I Answer ALL Your Taboo Questions!!
Today's episode features my boyfriend, Ethan, and we are answering all your juicy, and taboo questions! We dive into topics like sex, relationships, feminine and masucline energies, and how our relationship has improved since I embodied this work! Thanks for listening! Book a discovery call! Buy the "Living a pleasure filled life" Mini Course! Join the Sacred Slut Sisterhood FB Group (it's free!)
November 10, 2020
#25. How to Pivot with Pleasure & Embody Your Next Level RIGHT NOW
Hello and welcome back to the podcast! Today I am being authentic AF and sharing with you what I have been struggling with lately. This episode with help you identify who you are wanting to become, and step into your power, even when stress, anxiety, and your current reality are overwhelming. Thanks for listening! Seduce The Universe Books: "It's Not Your Money" by Tosha Silver, &  "Pussy: A Reclamation" by Regena Thomasaur My 1:1 coaching is now OPEN! Book a FREE Soul Call HERE
November 5, 2020
#24. The Power of Human Design w/ Lindsey Means: Manifesting, Sisterhood, Forgiveness, & Investing in Yourself
Hello and welcome to a very special episode of the podcast! Today I have my first guest, Lindsey Means, talking all about her journey through personal development, and finding her calling of teaching human design. Lindsey is the face of Wai Society, where she helps her audience answer the question of "Who am I?" and uses human design as her method. She and I met doing a group coaching program where I felt so connected to her and her journey. She is such an inspiration to me and I am so honored to have her on the podcast! Thanks for listening! Seduce The Universe (Save over $200 until October 30th) Learn More HERE Follow Lindsey on Instagram Living by Your Design Free Course
October 29, 2020
#23. Dating In Your Feminine: Limiting Beliefs, Toxic Dating Culture, & Creating Your Own Rules
Hello and welcome back to the podcast! I am so excited to share with you this casual, but passionate, episode with you today. We are diving into all dating culture, dating in your feminine energy, and how you can create your own rules when it comes to your LIFE. Whether you are single, dating, or in a relationship, you will benefit from this episode! Thanks for listening! Get Seduce the Universe for only $222, until Oct. 30th, 2020!  Enroll in Seduce The Universe HERE
October 27, 2020
#22. Tuned In & Turned On Day 3: Flirting With Your Feminine
Tuned in & Turned On Day 3 REPLAY: “Flirting with your Feminine” Seduce the Universe opens enrollment TOMORROW, learn more here: Omg, how is it already day 3?? Today we are diving deep into all the sexiness of feminine energy. Also, how feminine energy plays a HUGE role when it comes to manifesting your desires! We cover: -Tapping into your feminine intuition -How to receive what you WANT (and not what you don’t) -Creating a life that supports your feminine magnetism AND, I share with you juicy details on how to receive more by doing less & tuning your energy to be open to receive Your homework for day three is to tap into your flirtatious, sensual, and sexy side! Embody this energy by turning yourself on in your daily life and prioritizing your pleasure. This is an embodiment exercise so share your results in a written post in the FB group or on your Instagram! (Don’t forget get to tag me so I can celebrate you!) Want to dig deeper into your feminine embodiment? “Seduce the Universe” opens for enrollment TOMORROW! Join the waitlist  so you can get instant and lifetime access to this course at the promo price! >>> Seduce The Universe Waitlist: I am celebrating each and every one of you that joined me on this 3- day event! I cannot wait to see what this journey has in store for you! Take a moment to celebrate yourself! Sending you so much love! Becca
October 22, 2020
#21. Tuned In & Turned On Day 2: Breaking Up With Your Beliefs
Hello and welcome back to the podcast! Today is a recording of my Instagram Live for "Tuned In & Turned On" 3-day series where I teach you how to tap into your sexual magnetism to manifest with pleasure and ease. ENROLLMENT OPENS ON 0ct. 23, 2020 for "Seduce The Universe" get on the waitlist: Today we unpack all of our old limiting beliefs and let them go FOR GOOD. We cover: Ego vs Higher self How your subconscious mind controls your manifestations Self-sabotage and how to get out of your own way Shadow work and creating that unshakeable foundation within you Your homework for Day 2 (Breaking Up with Your Beliefs): Your homework for day two is to write out all the resistance and old beliefs that came up when going through your desires. THEN, start to DEBUNK them. Here’s some questions to guide you: -Why do I believe this to be true? -What evidence do I have to support this to be true? -Why is this untrue? What evidence do I have that can debunk this old belief? -What belief do I want to adopt instead?
October 21, 2020
#20. Tuned In & Turned On Live Event Day 1: Dating Your Desires
Hello and welcome back to the podcast! Today is a recording of my Instagram Live for "Tuned In & Turned On" 3-day series where I teach you how to tap into your sexual magnetism to manifest with pleasure and ease. ENROLLMENT OPENS ON 0ct. 23, 2020 for "Seduce The Universe" get on the waitlist: Are you stressed out thinking about how you are going to get your desires? You feel overwhelmed around your desires, and worry that they will never happen. You have a deep fear that you will settle in your lifetime, without living up to your true potential. You are feeling stuck, or lost in your life, and you don't know where to start. You find yourself feeling jealous and comparing yourself, to your friends, family, or even strangers online. You feel like you're doing all the right things, but you still can't manifest the life you desire. I feel you girl, I've been there too. Now..Picture this... You are living your life in alignment with who you are and not who people want you to be. You know what you want and have an unwavering belief that you will receive all your desires. You have unshakeable confidence in yourself & your intuition. You walk into the room and EVERYONE is attracted to your energy. Your energy is a magnet for opportunities, people, and places to flow easily and often to you. You feel confident in your skin, and can speak your truth freely. You have a deep connection with yourself, and can hold space for passion and pleasure in your life. You surrender all your anxieties around your desires because you know what is meant for you will always be for you. You are selective with your energy, and say "no" without feeling guilty. This is what living a turned on life looks like I have studied manifestation for 15 years of my life. (way before it grew in popularity!) I have created a system for you to go on a journey of self-discovery, reconnect with your body, create an unshakeable foundation of confidence, and guide you to be, do, and have everything you want out of this lifetime. In this course I give you the tools to: heal wounds that keep you stuck in your story Create safety in your life to call in your desires Raise your vibration to match your next level self Feel confident in your decisions and know you are divinely guided Let go of limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you Release shame around pleasure, and start to create a life with ease Now is the time to live a life that TURNS YOU ON! Get on the waitlist here! 
October 20, 2020
#19. I Manifested My Dream Apartment Through Sex Magic (Part 2)
Hello and welcome back to the podcast! Today is Part 2 of how I manifested my dream apartment. This story is my absolute favorite manifestation story. It's the story of the night I used a white lie and sex magic to manifest my dream apartment... and I did it unintentionally! We go over the basics of sex magic, how to speak your desires into reality, and how to tap into your energy. Sign up for "Tuned In & Turned On" 3-day Live event starting October 20th, 2020!
October 15, 2020
#18. How I Manifested My Dream Apartment (Part 1)
Hello & welcome back to the podcast! Today I am sharing with you one of my biggest manifestations to date! This is a crazy story and I will have to do a part two to this! Thanks for listening! Tuned In & Turned On Live Event SIGN UP HERE Instagram Website
October 13, 2020
#16. How to Invite in Pleasure Daily
Hello and welcome back to the podcast! Today's episode is special because this is a behind the scenes of a training I did inside the Sacred Slut Sisterhood Facebook Group! This is only a small portion of the training, so make sure to join the group to watch the full training AND connect with other women on the same journey! WATCH THE FULL TRAINING HERE
September 30, 2020
#15. I Got Banned on TikTok & Here's What I Learned
Hello everybody and welcome back to the podcast! ooooooh today's episode is fiery, taboo, and full of energy! I am breaking down all the reasons I believe TikTok is flawed & problematic when it comes to sexual liberation. Thank for listening!  Join the Sacred Slut Sisterhood FB Group (its free!)
September 24, 2020
#14. Subtle Ways Sexual Shame Shows Up in Your Life
Hello everyone and welcome back to the podcast! I am so excited to share today's episode. Today I dive into how healing our sexual shame is so important for our sexual journey. Many women are struggling with sexual shame that they don't even realize they have! I share my own battle with sexual shame and how I found healing. Unlock Your Orgasm Course (Use coupon code LIVE50 for 50% off)
September 9, 2020
#13. Common Mistakes People Make That Block Their Pleasure
Welcome back to the podcast! Today we are breaking down some common mistakes I see people, especially couples, make around their pleasure. In this episode, we unpack certain beliefs around pleasure in a relationship and give you tips on how to communicate with your partner. Learning how to pleasure yourself and communicating to your partner are important for maximizing your pleasure. Thanks for listening! Unlock Your Orgasm Live Workshop REPLAY Sacred Slut Sisterhood FB Group
September 3, 2020
#12. The Patriarchy & Your Pleasure
Welcome back to the podcast! In today's episode, I talk about how the patriarchy can affect your pleasure as a woman. I talk about my own experiences and start to unpack why we may be blocked in our pleasure. By reprogramming these beliefs around our pleasure, we can start to understand where we need to bring healing into our lives. Letting go of old limiting beliefs is important so we can embrace a life full of our desires. Thanks for listening! Unlock Your Orgasm Live Workshop REPLAY Join the Sacred Slut FB Group
September 1, 2020
#11. Common Misconceptions of Feminine Energy
Hello Sacred Sluts and welcome back to the podcast! Today I am breaking down some of the common misconceptions I hear about the energies, specifically feminine energy. Understanding that most of these misconceptions are pushed on us from society and gender roles. Divine feminine and divine masculine have nothing to do with roles in society, and all about how we embody them in our lives and relationships. See you inside the episode.   "Unlock Your Orgasm" Live Workshop REPLAY
August 26, 2020
#10. Healing Sister Wounds: Deepening & Healing our Femininity
Hello and welcome back to the podcast! Today's episode is all about "sister wounds". When we have unhealed sister wounds, it can keep us disconnected to our own feminine energy. What exactly is a sister wound? How does it affect my relationships? How can I start to heal my sister wounds? Why does this matter? All these questions and more are inside this episode!  Join the Sacred Slut Sisterhood HERE Book Your Soul Discovery Call HERE
August 22, 2020
#9. How Do I Heal? Intro to Shadow Work
Hey Sacred Sluts! Welcome back to the podcast. Today's episode is highly requested. We talk all about how to start your healing journey and what that may look like. Healing isn't linear and will look different to everyone! I'm here to offer some wisdom around healing and give you tips on how to start shadow work. Book a FREE 30 Min Soul Discovery Call: Instagram:
August 10, 2020
#8. Intuitive Talks: Ghosting
Welcome back to the podcast! Today we have a chill, intuitive talks episode. We are talking about ghosting! So whether you have been ghosted,  have ghosted somebody this episode is for you! I hope I can provide some healing and clarity around ghosting and help you do better in your relationships and dating experiences. Remember to leave a rating & review, or share it with someone you know needs to hear this message!  Thanks for listening!  Check out my Instagram: @beccajocavanaugh
August 3, 2020
#7. Starting Your Pleasure Journey: 5 Tips to Get You Inspired & Turned ON
Hello and welcome back to the podcast! Today's episode we talk all about getting started on your pleasure journey. We go over what is a pleasure journey, why it's important, and how to get started. I give you 5 practical ways to tap into your pleasure and connect with your body. I would love it if you could rate, review, and subscribe to help me reach more listeners. Thanks for listening!  Book your free 1:1 Soul Discovery Call with me by going to my instagram! Links in my bio on instagram. Instagram: @beccajocavanaugh
July 27, 2020
#6. Are You Blocking Your Pleasure? 3 Simple Steps to Start Receiving
Hello and welcome back to the podcast! In this episode we talk all about receiving! So many women struggle to receive, and this directly blocks our pleasure. In order to receieve in the bedroom, we have to learn how to receive in every aspect of our lives. In this episode, I break down why women struggle to receive, why this hurts our pleasure, and what we can do to start opening the doors to receive in our lives. Thanks for listening! Instagram: @beccajocavanaugh Tiktok: @beccajoo
July 20, 2020
#5. Intuitive Talks: Intuition. Feminine Energy, Relationships, & Trusting the Universe
Welcome back to the podcast! This episode is the first of an onging series called "Intuitive Talks" where I let the messages flow. This series will be more casual and I will be talking about different subjects completely unfiltered! In this Intuitive Talks, we are talking about all things intuition. How to know when a message is your intuition, reasons to start trusting yourself, and manifesting your dreams. Thanks for listening!  Instagram- @beccajocavanaugh TikTok- @beccajoo
July 8, 2020
#4. Accessing Your Pleasure: Orgasms & Re-discovering your Body
Hello and welcome back to the podcast! Today we are talking about ORGASMS. I can’t tell you how many DM’s I’ve been getting from women saying they have never had an orgasm. This hurts my heart but isn’t surprising. In this episode, I talk about why we may struggle to orgasm, and what you can do to bring pleasure into your life. We take a deep dive into connection, pleasure, and surrender, and how we can tap into these on a daily basis. Thanks for listening! Book: Pussy: A Reclamation by Regena Thomashauer for detailed pleasure practices Download my FREE 30 Journal Prompts for your feminine energy Subscribe- Instagram: @beccajocavanaugh/ Tiktok: @beccajoo
June 30, 2020
#3. Masculine & Feminine Energies: Find a balance to live your BEST life
Hello and welcome back to the podcast! I'm Becca Cavanaugh and today we are talking about the highly requested topic of Masculine and Feminine energies also known as the Yin and Yang! We dive deep as to what these energies represent, why we need both, and how to create a balance to live a more fulfilled life! These energies are universal and have nothing to do with gender! We ALL have these energies. In this episode, we talk about how society is more masculine driven and suppresses our feminine energy. I give you tools and ways you can bring out the different energies and how they can better serve you. Thanks for listening! Instagram: @beccajocavanaugh TikTok: @beccajoo Download my FREE Journal Prompts HERE
June 26, 2020
#2. 5 Ways to tap into your pleasure RIGHT NOW
Hello! Welcome back to the podcast! I’m Becca Cavanaugh and today we will be talking about ways to tap into your pleasure RIGHT NOW. Believe it or not, pleasure isn’t just for sex, it can be, but pleasure really is all about being in our body, and out of our head. With everything going on it can be hard to find pleasure, maybe we even feel a little guilty for feeling it right now! Ultimately, tapping into your pleasure and finding it in every way you can, will lead to amazing things! This episode is great for someone wanting ideas on how to connect to themselves, and to their partners, in or out of quarantine! Use these practices whenever you feel uninspired, stuck, overwhelmed, or just don’t know where to start. Tapping into pleasure is a superpower that many take for granted or don’t know the potential! Just by getting into our bodies we can find more joy, creativity, energy, and happiness. When we take the time to honor ourselves, we are showing ourselves the greatest act of self-love. For more, follow me on Instagram @bbeccajoo. Thanks for listening!
May 15, 2020
#1: Intentions & My Self-Love Journey
Welcome to Better Off: The Podcast, I am your host Becca Cavanaugh. On today’s episode, I am introducing myself and giving a bit of a background into what sparked this podcast, and what my intentions are going forward. Diving into my journey, self-love, and some tips I have during this time in quarantine, are all topics you’ll find in this episode. I truly believe our insecurities and fears can hold us back and keep us small. We all suffer from these feelings, especially during this uncertain time. Self-love is the key to being our best selves, and creating a beautiful life. This podcast will be your best (free!) tool to gain clarity and inspiration throughout your self-love journey. Please let me know if anything peaked your interest and what you would like to hear! If you gained anything from this episode, tag me on Instagram @bbeccajoo, share it with a friend, or leave a review!
May 13, 2020