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Southern Women Over 50: Sage & August

Southern Women Over 50: Sage & August

By Dr. Melissa Newman
Join our often funny, sometimes serious conversations and explore the Sage Wisdom of Southern Women over 50 who are in the August of their lives. An amazing thing happens to a woman at 50. She has nothing left to prove -- to anyone. She is confident and empowered. She doesn’t worry about what the world thinks of her. She finally sees what is hers for the taking because the fear of failure is gone – she has crushed it like a stink bug and discovered that foul smell is fleeting.
Our quotable quote: "The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected."
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Elizabeth Horton-Newton 'Seductress of Suspense'

Southern Women Over 50: Sage & August

"The Casserole Ladies" - a novel by spouse writing team Bill and Linda Johnson
The novel, "The Casserole Ladies," is screwball comedy about five older unmarried women on a quest for postmortem romance. The authors, Bill and Linda Johnson, created the book's concept after a recently widowed neighbor began getting lots of traffic and casseroles after his wife died. Eventually, one of the "casserole ladies" became permanent. 
August 17, 2021
Pastor Janice Odom Answers "the Call" at 50
Janice Odom, from Point Pleasant, West Virginia, is the pastor at Beech Hill United Methodist Church. Janice answered her call to ministry at the age of 50, after having been a candidate for ministry 24 years ago and deciding to take a different path, but as she puts it “the call never left.” Prior to her work in the ministry, Pastor Odom was an integral part of many economic support and diversification projects in eastern Kentucky. Her consulting company supported small business owners with planning and implementing social media and advertising campaigns, as well as connecting platforms to establish and operate business appointments and bookings. Janice also specialized in event planning for her clients as it pertained to tourism. Among her many other accomplishments, which include being a past president for the Red River Gorge Train Town Corporation and a board member for the East Kentucky Leadership foundation, Janice was the 2016 Democratic candidate for Kentucky’s District 21 State Senate race.
September 26, 2020
Tonda Holmes-Bogan "Momma Tonda" Practitioner of Living Life to the Fullest
In August of 2008, Tonda went into Sudden Cardiac Arrest. She had a near death experience that has forever changed her. She was saved by a paramedic. She could not be more thankful to be alive and. Since then has become a fan of gratitude, prayer, and the power of living life to the fullest. Last year with encouragement from family and friends, Tonda recorded some YouTube videos on a new program called “Momma Tonda.” Her program responds to issues from everyday life that she explains can best be met with kindness and love.
September 19, 2020
Merrill J. Davies, novelist, poet, and long-time educator
After an over 30-year teaching career, Merrill J. Davies, has published four novels and one collection of poetry: The Welsh Harp (2012), The Truth About Katie (2013), Our Pebble in the Pond (2016), Becoming Jestina, (2018), Branches of Love (2019). She also loves to learn through travel and along the way finds creative inspiration. She and her husband have been to Italy, Wales, England, Scotland, Ireland, Czech Republic, Jordan, Israel, Greece, Spain, and Portugal.
September 05, 2020
Elizabeth Horton-Newton 'Seductress of Suspense'
(We had some audio issues with this episode that was recorded remotely. We apologize in advance for the popping and cracking. It may have been Hurricane Laura - but editing couldn’t remove the issues) Elizabeth Horton-Newton, owner of Dragonfly Books, is the author of 13 full length novels and novelettes, short stories, and several anthologies. This suspense author has developed quite a following. Liz is known to her readers as the "Seductress of Suspense," and is visible at book conventions with her brightly colored hair, dragonfly tattoos, and long, artistically designed fingernails. Liz was born and raised in New York City. As early as the 4th grade in elementary school she knew she wanted to be an author. An avid reader, she enjoyed the tales of Edgar Allan Poe and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
August 29, 2020
Barbara Bacon, Crystal Intuitive & Crystalline Alchemist
Featured guest, Barb Bacon, is a Usui & Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Akashic Record Consultant, Crystal Intuitive, Crystalline Alchemist, Medium, Professionally Trained Interior Designer, Lighting Designer, Spiritual Coach & Reverend & Wellness Facilitator. Barb is the owner of Aura at Home, offering the largest and finest selection gemstones, minerals, and fossils in the state of Kentucky. I’ve often heard people say that just one session with Barb, one trip to her crystal barn, and leaving that space with crystals and other minerals that speak to you will change your life.
August 15, 2020
Cyndi Hall, JMT, CTACC Business and Leadership Coach and Speaker
"When one door closes another opens, but those hallways are a bitch." "Don't Play Small." "Be kind but fierce." These pearls of wisdom from Cyndi Hall, JMT, CTACC Business and Leadership Coach and Speaker, and so much more are featured in this episode of Women Over 50: Sage & August.  Cyndi coaches to empower and inspire others to professionally and personally evolve and create success, harmony and well being in their lives. Her mission and purpose are simply to raise people’s consciousness so they may experience life at its best.
August 08, 2020
Kathryn Kauffman Lexington Kentucky's Psychic Medium and Paranormal Blogger
Kathryn Kauffman is the talk show host of "Monday Night Live in Lexington," and is a keynote speaker as well as teacher and YouTuber. In 2013 Kathryn left nursing to embrace her passion for teaching and helping people through her readings. Investigating the paranormal and phenomena of spirits since the 1980s, Kathryn has become one of the foremost authorities in Kentucky on the Paranormal.
August 01, 2020
Trailer Southern Women Over 50: Sage & August
Come on over and have a listen and join our often funny, sometimes serious conversations and explore the Sage Wisdom of Southern Women over 50 who are in the August of their lives. A new guest is featured each week with your podcast host, Dr. Melissa Newman, one of the most sassy southern women you'll ever meet. Get ready ... the inaugural podcast begins August 1, 2020.
June 17, 2020