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Salad Club

Salad Club

By Loudmouth Labs
Salad Club is where amazing things happen.
It is a ritual at the Centre for Social Innovation and takes place every week at every location of CSI. The simplest way to describe it is as a potluck, but it is so much more. Its where you meet your fellow Innovators, Socially Minded Entrepreneurs and Artists. Salad Club is the inspiration for this podcast, my guests are the people I meet in line. Join us as I sitting down and Discover the CSI Community by breaking bread with each other. Don't forget to support me on
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Episode 6 / Rosemary Richings / Writer - Blogger

Salad Club

Emily Sadowski, PhD / Queenstown Seminars
Emily is always doing something interesting and the list of subjects they have for Queenstown Seminars is worth checking out.
December 18, 2019
Sage Palette Design
Today we talk to 'I'Ariel about salad and being a permaculture entrepreneur at Sage Palette Design So let's find out what permaculture is...
November 28, 2019
BAM @ Salad Club
Welcome BAM to Salad Club BAM is a connector a place where government, non-profit, and start-up organizations can connect with young adults and vice versa.  let's see What types of projects they do. Welcome Hanan
November 21, 2019
Charmaine Bryan
Today we have someone that Helps professionals advance their careers by look the part, acting the part, and speaking the part.
November 4, 2019
Canadian Muslim Vote
Give a listen to this great get out the vote campaign.
October 17, 2019
Canada Comic Open Library
The Canada Comics Open Library (CCOL) is a volunteer-run library with a mission to be an inclusive, educational, and recreational public space for comics and to make comics more accessible, while increasing representation of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour), LGBTQ+, disabled, and other marginalized communities. It is based in CSI / Regent Park.3
October 8, 2019
Episode 12 / Mary Pressley Vyas / PSC Partners
I first met Mary a year ago as a DECA, this is how she contributes to the cause. Mary is also President of PSC Partners an organization based out of CSI Regent Park. For  more information on PSC Partners you can go to there website at or contact Mary at 
June 3, 2019
Episode 11/ Erika Reyes /WiseBird
Why do we do what we do ? and is it right?  There is a better way we find out more from Erika from WiseBird
May 16, 2019
Episode 10 / Jennifer Wilson / DareArts
DAREarts provides over 1,000 young people each year with the opportunity to create a turning point in their lives. Using arts as the vehicle, DAREarts works to build resilience and leadership skills in under-served children and youth. By exploring a multitude of artistic disciplines paired with a leadership development curriculum, students explore who they are, creatively express themselves, expand their horizons, build confidence and become leaders that create positive change in their lives and in the lives of others.  Looking to learn more? Connect with the DAREarts team! Phone: (416) 639-6109 Toll-free : 1-866-229-3496 Email : Facebook: @DAREarts Twitter: @dare_arts Instagram: @DAREarts LinkedIn: DAREarts
April 23, 2019
Episode 9 / Kohenet / Annie Matan
When I met Annie and found out she was a Jewish Priestess, I had to find out more. My website: Passover Seder: Https:// Passover Family Experience: Https:// Contact Annie about Jewish Mentorship: More about Kohenet: Book: The Hebrew Priestess by Rabbi Jill Hammer and Taya Shere
April 17, 2019
Episode 8 / Anabelle Budd / Connexion
Connexion is a social wellness project that challenges people to be more intentional in the relationships they have with themselves, others, and place. As part of this project they produce mini-documentaries. Annabelle launched the first season (on embodiment) in February, and is currently producing the second season (on PLAY). She has a kickstarter running right now to fundraise for it.  Links:  1) Connexion website: 2) Connexion kickstarter:
April 10, 2019
Episode 7 / Paula Cowan / Career Transition Strategist
So have you ever wondered what your next career move is? Maybe Paula can help, she is a Career Transition Strategist.
February 8, 2019
Episode 6 / Rosemary Richings / Writer - Blogger
So why do you need to Blog find out from Rosemary as she talks about what Blogging can do for you...
December 14, 2018
Episode 5 Anesh Daya From On The Spot Language
Anesh Daya From On The Spot Language describes to us how he is disrupting ESL training in Toronto
November 6, 2018
Salad Club Episode 4 / Pam Butler Hypnotherapist
Pam Butler is a Hypnotherapist that helps us debunk many of the myths surrounding Hypnotism and explains how she helps her patients.
September 28, 2018
The Last Salad Club at 215 Spadina with Stefan Hostetter
The latest Episode of salad Club is the last at 215 Spadina. Give a listen as we celebrate 10 years of salad at 215 Spadina withStefan Hostetter
September 18, 2018
Salad Club Episode 3 / Michael Smith
Michael Smith of Impact Bridge talks about becoming a B-Corp and the benefits it brings to a company.
September 17, 2018
Salad Club Episode 2 / Justin Adam
Justin Adam the Principal-Art Director at Miniature Massive discusses the transition from Professional Baseball Player to Marketing Guru and there work at Miniature Massive. Contact at info(at) or Salad Club Wednsdays at CSI Annex
September 17, 2018
Salad Club Episode 1 / Craig Carter-Edwards
July 8, 2018
Salad Club Intro
An Introduction to Salad Club Salad Club is Produced by Loudmouth Labs
July 8, 2018