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Sales Made Easy

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Sales does not need to be complicated. You also can succeed even though you may be an introvert. It is not about saying the perfect words or having the best pitch. Being yourself, showing interest in others and coming from a place of serving will go a long way towards your success.

Harry has helped drive sales for the past 25 years in the corporate sales world.
Our goal in this podcast is to help you with simplifying sales. Each episode will dive into a different aspect of sales with the aim of showing how it can be made easy for you to put into practice. Serve first-The selling will follow!
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Communication That Adds Value with Robert Peterson

Sales Made Easy

Selling Cars with Dignity with Jim Shorkey
Jim Shorkey joins us and talks about Selling Cars with Dignity and the lessons he has learned over the years. Jim built a nice legacy and shares the stories of the tough times. Before he started treating others with dignity, he sold cars like the stereotypical car dealer. However he was not succeeding and was on the verge of bankruptcy. Jim then looked to guides who helped him out of the predicament and he became an avid reader and follower of Napolean Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. Jim has learned a lot over the years, much of through mistakes and of course much from reading Think and Grow Rich over 100 times. Today he is a Personal Development Mentor at
May 24, 2022
I'm Getting Older and So is My Mom
Scott Greenberg is the guest and author of Oh My God, I'm Getting Older and So Is My Mom. Scott is a former sales guy that didn’t love the early retirement and bought a struggling franchise and turned it into a great business that serves the elderly and their families. Scott has a Selling With Dignity mindset for sales and business. Treating people with dignity in their later years is what he’s all about. The conversation is filled with stories and humor about a potentially challenging topic. We all get older and so will our parents if we aren’t there yet. Scott provides a roadmap to the aging highway with tips on how to avoid the potholes along the way. Through Scott Greenberg’s experience as a weekly radio show host dealing with issues that are confronting boomers and their parents, coupled with his tenure as President of a private duty home health care agency, Scott addresses many serious topics in a humorous but informative way. The later-years road is often believed to look like midnight rides on a sailboat with a glass of wine in our hand. All too often, Scott has learned, reality gets in the way. Bottom line: getting older can be tougher than we thought. Enjoy as Scott addresses topics as diverse as dealing with sibling rivalry (mom always loved you more), sex after sixty (yes, it still happens), funeral options (who knew there were so many), the value of volunteerism, along with other situations you never thought you would need to deal with. With a humorous look at aging, coupled with practical advice, Scott hopes this book will encourage you to look at where you are today and where you are going to be in the not too distant future so as to prevent crisis decision-making at the time when you are at your most vulnerable. Testimonials: "This is a MUST read for anyone wanting to learn more about the complexities involved in caring for ourselves & loved ones throughout the aging process. Simply stated, as a physician, this book has taught me a great deal about aging and the human spirit - I highly recommend it." Michael G. "Everyone needs to buy this book. Read it first, for your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc. You get the point...Great Read!!!" Regina N. "Your book: Well written, insightful and very helpful in dealing with us aging people. The checklists in each chapter are superb and could be made into a series of articles in the Palm Beach Post." Richard L.
May 17, 2022
You Have Networking Options With Austin Titus
In this podcast You Have Networking Options With Austin Titus, we discuss several different options for networking with the President of Network Lead Exchange. Chamber events, private groups, community groups and others are discussed. Austin shares his thoughts of growing together with a group and helping each other’s business. This is something many miss out on because they are always looking to sell versus helping each other. Networking is about building relationships and getting out brand awareness. It will help grow your business but don’t expect success to come quickly. Find the right group and the right people for you and be patient and help people. Good things will happen. About Network Lead Exchange is a company of networking & business referral groups all across the United States. With 50+ franchises in development, we are excited to be one of the fastest growing business networking groups in the US. Our groups are private and exclusive to each profession and do not have any required in-person meetings to attend. Approaching 10 years with United Franchise Group, Austin’s sole responsibility is growing Network Lead Exchange to be the world’s largest & most efficient networking group.
May 10, 2022
Modernizing Sales With Chris Dawson
In this podcast we talk about sales with Chris Dawson from the UK. Sales is still very old school with a lot of the perception and the techniques that people are still using. From being apologetic on one hand to being completely self-serving on the other, Sales needs fixing. Chris Dawson is the Director of 6th Door Ltd, a forward thinking, contemporary sales training organization. Businesses across the UK and the globe approach him when they want to increase sales, margin and pipeline by developing their sales team with tailored training programmes that deliver innovative, proven and modern sales techniques. After spending over twenty years in the sales arena he has held nearly every role; from door to door canvassing through to national sales management and training for FTSE 100 companies. His straight talking, enthusiastic and experience led approach to sales training is aimed at getting the outcome all companies want – more sales.
May 03, 2022
Making a Contribution with Chris Michel Author of The Red Chair Experience
Chris is a person who assists small businesses with sales and sales leadership. He is a true Giver and is driven to make a contribution in life. In this podcast we touch on the significance of The Red Chair and dive into some of his background including his Division 1 College football “Walk On” experience and lessons learned to be applied in business and in life. About The Red Chair Experience: The Red Chair Experience is written for uplifting your heart and soul, or to find new opportunities. When implemented the concepts of these pages will help you develop intimacy, integrity, and spirituality with yourself and others. We all need our alone time to refocus or find balance in our lives. So, grab a cup of coffee, find your red chair, and let’s begin your life changing journey. You can change everything with your next decision. Get inspired, take action, step out of your comfort zone. Become a new or better version of yourself. You can heal past wounds, reconnect with loved ones, chase dreams, and most of all follow your passion. Chris can be found here on Linkedin His website: Instagram:
April 26, 2022
Finding Your Sweet Spot in Sales with Autumn Britton
Finding Your Sweet Spot in Sales with Autumn Britton is about finding your way in sales. Autumn was raised around Mary Kay with her mom being a National Director who has been incredibly successful. That path was not what Autumn wanted originally. For years she tried different types of sales opportunities from selling copiers in Washington DC to selling trucks and other things in between. Eventually she made it back to Mary Kay because she says “it was a God thing”. Since that time Autumn has soared in business and is constantly looking to be better and to push herself out of the comfort zone. (This podcast may have been a little bit of that too). Autumn is humble and recognizes that she wasn’t always this way. So hearing her journey to finding her calling is special. Today Autumn is a Director with Mary Kay and she is helping a number of women to be successful in their own Mary Kay business. If you don’t know about the Mary Kay company, I invite you to explore it. These folks know how to motivate and get their people fired up. I went to a few of their events over the years and I realized that the positive energy shown was the way I wanted to be as a sales leader. So yes, Mary Kay was an influence on me, Harry Spaight! Autumn is on Facebook as Autumn Heble Braun
April 19, 2022
Storytime and Managing Stress With Professor Pete Alexander
In this episode of Sales Made Easy we have Storytime and Managing Stress with our guest author and Giver, Professor Pete Alexander. Professor Pete brings a wealth of sales and marketing experiences to the show and he is one who sells and treats others with dignity. In addition to talking sales and marketing, Prof Pete brings up his stress related diabetes that he had to face head on or risk losing his life over stress. Now he helps people with stress reducing techniques. He shares this at about the 40 minute mark of the podcast. If you are driving though, pull over!! Pete is President of the “greatest interior landscaping company in the San Francisco Bay Area” - Office Plants by Everything Grows. I post informative articles about the world of lush, living plants here: From Professor Pete- “I help people more effectively deal with their stress because without your health, nothing else matters. This was a very hard lesson for me to learn, and I am proud to say that I have successfully battled the negative effects of stress head-on and developed the LIGHTEN™ stress management model that will motivate you and/or your team to take action in only a few minutes per day. After learning the stress management techniques I facilitate, participants can better protect their health and handle challenging situations with grace and success.” He is also an adjunct professor for Antioch University, helping his students develop and apply key concepts of marketing specifically to their area of interest. He can be found on Linkedin here:
April 12, 2022
Combining Mindset with Strategy for Success
Bridget Hom Bridge to Freedom Coaching She helps entrepreneurs with combining mindset with strategy. Some could have a great strategy but without the right mindset, one can show up without the right energy.This is the conversation we have during this podcast. Bridget helps small business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders in their industry to take control of their mindset, level up in how they do their personal and professional relationships, and break free from the sales pitch through inspired and creative strategies that ultimately attract more clients to you. Law of life: Take the business out of your relationships and your relationships will bring you more business. Look for Bridget Hom  here:
April 05, 2022
Anthony Sully Sullivan, TV Personality, Loving Dad and Vermont Hemp Farmer
In this episode we meet Anthony Sully Sullivan, TV Personality, Loving Dad and Vermont Hemp Farmer who is best known as being a pitchman. Anthony “Sully” Sullivan has made a living selling products first at county fairs and then on television. While you might recognize him from being the “OxiClean Guy” who was best friends with the late Billy Mays, the British-born, energetic pitchman owns Sullivan Productions where he has represented such clients as McDonald’s, Arm & Hammer, Nutrisystem, Swivel Sweeper, Sticky Buddy and countless more. He also starred on the TV shows “Pitchmen” and “Kings of Kush.” Sully took a detour from his television career when his daughter was diagnosed with a rare genetic disordered and needed an alternative to prescription medication which robbed her of her personality This desperate Dad has entered a unique 2nd act as the owner of a hemp farm born out of his want and need to find alternatives to drugs for his young daughter. MONTKUSH ( is based on 116-acres in Vermont where Sully spent two years living in an AirStream on top of a mountain in freezing conditions. He has learned how to farm CBD and CBDA, the non-intoxicating chemical in the cannabis plant. MONTKUSH has received both USDA organic certification and Vermont’s organic certification. While he jokes that some might call it a midlife crisis, Sully had that “a ha” moment when he visited a hemp farm with a friend and had that true epiphany of the tranquility of the farm and the understanding of wellness that can be derived from a plant.  Sully began administering CBD for his daughter’s symptoms and her seizures were then under control. Her weight and personality came back.
March 29, 2022
Selling lessons From Sports
Brian Sexton Host of The Intentional Encourager Podcast joins the Sales Made Easy Podcast to speak about Selling Lessons from Sports. We break it down here and talk competition, hard work, execution, effort, talent, toughness, teamwork and more. Brian brings his 20 plus years as a salesperson plus another 40 years of being a sports enthusiast. Lessons from the Jordan led Bulls, the toughness of the Detroit pistons, the Cincinnati Bengals with their new quarterback Joe Burrows make the podcast. What is fun about this is that there are similarities all along the way that tie into the world of sales. For more with Brian Sexton, look for his podcast
March 23, 2022
Digging Deeper Into the Subconscious Mind with Eric Konovalov
Digging Deeper Into the Subconscious Mind with Eric Konovalov. In this episode, Eric highlights the need to make the unconscious, conscious. Once we do, good things will happen when we are more aware of why we act and think the way we do. Eric Konovalov is an immigrant, refugee, who’s family fled communist Russia in the early 90’s. Though they left physically, Eric grew up seeing how his parents’ communist mindset and belief systems were behind all of their decision making, which led to struggle and lack of freedom to do what they dreamt of doing. Eric wanted something better for his life and set out to achieve it. After spending 8 wonderful years with the United States Marines, Eric excelled in the field of sales and sales leadership. Today, Eric’s motivation is the same as it was when he was a little kid. It’s to live free and to help others live their version of freedom as well. That’s why he founded The Goal Guide Inc, a coaching, public speaking, and training organization, focusing on helping people achieve their goals, live out their dreams, and become the most amazing version of themselves. He is the host of Lead Sell Grow – The Human Experience Podcast, and the Author of B2B Sales Secrets. Eric has helped people lose weight, improve their marriage, make more money, learn to sell, and start their own business. He’s helped people realize what they’re capable of, and he’s helped set people free from their invisible shackles. He is the coach that will always see more in you than you see in yourself. Best of all, he has the ability to show you your own greatness. He can be found here and on Linkedin
March 17, 2022
How To Increase Sales Dr Nancy Zare
Have you gotten to be pretty good with certain types of personalities? You know how to deal with some people very well. Others though, it is just a challenge to connect with them. In this episode of Sales Made Easy we discuss how to increase sales, without being sale-z. Dr. Nancy Zare brings a wealth of information to the podcast and she knows quite a bit about people! She has a background in psychology and is also a sales strategist. You can reach Dr. Nancy Zare at the links below: Email: Website: Social Media Links
March 10, 2022
Promote Your Brand with a Little Storytelling Dominick Domasky
Are you using Social Media? In this podcast there is practical and valuable conversation about using social media and building your brand. Dominick Domasky  breaks it down for us. Can you write one post this week? Maybe its sharing someone else’s post first. Inch by inch he suggests. Let’s just get started. Simple introductions and thanking people for their post will get you going. Before long you can maybe share some insights about business or what to look for in the field of your business. Social media is networking and building community. We shouldn’t think about “selling” every time we are on it. Maybe you’re a realtor and you start supporting someone else’s content. Will that increase your chances that they may will want to do business with you? For more about Dominick Domasky: “He is a publisher, author, storyteller, and founder of the inspiration sharing platform Motivation Champs. His greatest accomplishments are his two children and he aspires to be the best husband and father he can be. Dominick and Motivation Champs share inspiration, smiles, and positivity 24/7 and help others do the same. This mission is accomplished through publishing, screenwriting, a large social media footprint, in person events and work with nonprofits. At Motivation Champs our passion is storytelling and we believe everyone has a story to share. Publishing a book shouldn't be so complicated and we help authors navigate these turbulent waters. Each author we work with has unique goals and no one program is right for everyone. Our services include concept development, cover design, eBooks, editing, formatting, ghostwriting, hardbacks, marketing, paperbacks, websites, and more.” Find Dominick at Motivation Champs on all of the social platforms and his website
March 02, 2022
Selling in a Dignified Manner Hariprasad Menon
Organization Culture Expert Partner & CEO Grid International India Leadership Coach - Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching. Selling With Dignity with a Man of Dignity Hariprasad Menon Hari has been in sales for several decades in Bangalore India. He brings class and integrity to sales and built a career by doing the right thing. Hari started out in sales and was trying to be the street-smart guy who looked at the prospect as an adversary. He learned soon afterwards that sales is way of serving people. Hari is selling with dignity and not only is he respectful to others, he opens up conversations by bringing the value and establish the real needs of his clients. I find it fascinating that the idea of serving others in sales, is much more common than people may think. Hari from India is proof of that point.
February 23, 2022
Communication That Adds Value with Robert Peterson
Former missionary Robert Peterson joins us in this episode of Sales Made Easy with Communication that Adds Value. Communication is a two-way street, and it isn’t about talking and telling. Curiosity comes up too. How can we develop curiosity in our conversations? It starts with caring. “How are you doing?” Or “How are you doing?” Both questions have the same words but the emphasis changes the value of the question. We also talk about the value of coaching for more revenue driving behaviors in business versus the “busy work” that can ensnare us. Join in the fun and think about your own communication style and where you might be able to improve. Robert is the cofounder and President of AV2L Consulting llc. He believes that human beings were created to take care of each other and to "encourage one another and build each other up." He has a lifelong passion of serving and helping people. Robert’s coaching and training helps leaders focus on strategy, leadership, influence, communication, relationships and accountability while connecting their passion and faith to tangible results. For more information Robert can be found on Linkedin His website: We always welcome reviews wherever you listen and please share with others if you enjoy the show! For more on Harry, visit
February 16, 2022
Bringing Your True Value to the Market with Daniel Gomez
There is so much to learn in this conversation with Daniel Gomez. We discuss topics like: The difference between someone in sales versus a sales professional. Why closing the deal on the first appointment isn’t always the best course of action. Dealing with mindset, positive and negative. Recognizing one’s value. For many, we don’t necessarily recognize the true value we bring. Most of us think we bring less than what we really do. Think of all the experiences that you have seen over the years. How does that apply to your business? With that experience, people are willing to pay for your value. Daniel Gomez is an Award-Winning Motivational Keynote Speaker, Business Coach, Corporate Trainer, Executive Coach, and Podcast of the Year Recipient. Daniel speaks and coaches at events all over the world! He is the International Best-Selling Author of "You Were Born to Fly", a book written to inspire and give people the high-performance habits and confidence needed to be the leaders of their own destiny. Daniel’s high-energy and ability to unlock the untapped potential in people have made him a highly sought-out trainer for top organizations including the U.S. Air Force to develop their officers. He gives organizations the success principles, leadership skills, and champion's mindset to develop and build a winning team. Daniel can be found
February 08, 2022
Shari Lueck Just Be Yourself
Shari Lueck, author and sales and leadership professional, drops wisdom in this podcast. Shari has a great history in sales and with coaching sales leaders too. Shari is not one who is going to fake who she really is. She is comfortable with who she is and realizes that not everyone is going to buy from her and that’s OK. In sales, we should not expect everyone to buy from us. Some people will like someone else a bit more than us or find that their product fits them a little better. It’s not the end of the world. There are plenty of people that like us and the more we meet people the more that others too will want to buy from us. Selling is serving. Being yourself, your genuine self can go a long way in your success. Trying to please everyone and being someone other than you, will not be sustainable or healthy in the long game. For more with Shari she can be found here:
February 02, 2022
Dennis Berry Keep Doing The Next Right Thing
Dennis Berry joined me on the Sales Made Easy podcast. Not only does Dennis help people in various aspects of life, he knows quite a bit about sales too. In this episode we talk about making changes for the better in sales and business. Failing is not a bad thing. Failing is learning and part of life. For more with Dennis, these are some areas of coaching that he provides. ⚡️ Addiction Recovery/Alcoholism ⚡️ Professional Life ⚡️ Marriage and Relationships ⚡️ Mindfulness and Awareness ⚡️ Health and Wellness
January 25, 2022
The Psychology of Sales with Bill Gager
The value of understanding change and the psychology of sales is discussed in this episode. Bill Gager who has several decades experience with sales, leadership and coaching joins us on the Sales Made Easy podcast. He brings a wealth of experience and shares that selling has to do with change. Learning a little about the psychology of change will help us to be better at selling.  Research shows that your sales success comes down to your sales people capitalizing on the fact that all buying decisions and decisions to change are made emotionally, not rationally. For more valuable insight from Bill Gager find him at and on Linkedin
January 25, 2022
Finding Your Avatar With Kat Ramirez
Katherine (Kat) Ramirez, Founder and CEO, knows what its like to successfully run a business and to sell as well. With nearly three decades of sales and entrepreneurial experience focused on Marketing, Advertising, and Sales Management, Kat Ramirez offers expertise as a sought-after Consultant, Mentor, Sales Trainer, Podcaster, Speaker, and Community Leader. Kat has worked with thousands of businesses all over the world to help them grow. Do you know who your “avatar” is? Or are you like many saying I can sell my services to everyone? What is the problem if that’s the way you feel? We discuss this topic and so much more. Kat brings the value! She is a proven sales and marketing winner. To learn more about Kat Ramirez, visit
January 11, 2022
Overcoming the Negativity with the Quadfather Brian P. Swift
Brian P. Swift suffered a tragic accident as a teen that left him wheelchair bound. The change of circumstances that could easily have caused Brian to become negative, did not have that kind of an impact. Brian decided to make the most out of his life and ended up going to law school, getting married, raise children, write books, create a nonprofit to help others who are paralyzed and run a successful business. In this episode, we speak about overcoming the negative self-talk. Brian, not only has learned to deal with his own occasional negative self-talk, he has been in sales and sales leadership for many years. Listen in to what Brian says about 9 Before 9 and ideas to help improve your sales. Where to find more about Brian P. Swift Amazon best selling author.  Amazon author page, Positive Perspective Podcast: Inspiration, Coaching, Overcome your Limiting Beliefs and Leadership Training. The Quadfather Youtube Channel: Keep Fit while You Sit  & Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs.
January 04, 2022
To Succeed in Sales Be You
Curtis Ziemba, a Professional Sales Educator at Cox Communications, is our guest. Curtis comes from a successful sales background and wanted to serve others. This he did by becoming a Sales Educator for Cox Communications. Curtis is not only a sales pro, but he is also a deep thinker. He is all about being the real you and finding your voice without trying to impersonate someone else. For more on Curtis, he can be found on Linkedin here :
December 28, 2021
The Road From Driving a Truck to Driving Sales and Leadership with Jeff Hancher
Jeff Hancher, a US Army veteran shares his story in this episode of The Sales made Easy podcast. In The Road from Driving a Truck to Driving Sales and Leadership, Jeff explains history of coming out of the Army to getting a job as a truck driver. He recognized that some people in the company seemed to have nicer clothes and cars and he inquired about them. Finding out that these individuals were in Sales, Jeff soon began to inquire about how he too could work in the sales department. Eventually Jeff got the break he needed but it was through hard work. Jeff rose from humble beginnings as a truck driver through ten promotions over 24 years to be a Director of Sales for Cintas Corporation. Throughout his tenure with Cintas, Jeff developed over 50 employees into leadership roles and discovered his passions for public speaking, coaching, and training leaders to reach their fullest potential. Today Jeff is the founder of Jeff Hancher Enterprises and can be reached and Linkedin
December 21, 2021
From Fighting Cancer to Finding Greater Purpose
After overcoming her own health challenges, Karen Sammer became a certified health and nutrition coach who is also a WomenHeart Champion Community Educator. She primarily works with women who are struggling with weight management, sugar addiction, lack of energy, stress and who want to take steps to adopt a healthier lifestyle but don’t know where to start. Karen provides advice about keeping people, including entrepreneurs healthy. Sleep, exercise, water intake, healthier foods, are a few areas that small changes can lead to better outcomes. We also discuss the importance of selling. If people don’t hear the message, how can we help them? So a person who has been an accountant for most of her adult life is learning about sales so she can reach more people on her mission. For more about Karen, perhaps taking her up on her offer for a friendly guiding conversation, find her at   and US: CAN: UK: AU:
December 09, 2021
Creating a Mind for Success With Tanya Pluckrose
Creating a Mind for Success With Tanya Pluckrose What is holding you back in sales or in business? Are you holding onto beliefs that are self-limiting? Our environments and upbringing can affect our thinking and our confidence. We can create our own success. It is a mindset. In this episode, Tanya Pluckrose shares how she helps others by changing the paradigm. Isn’t it interesting how we typically earn right around the same amount each year? Why is that? Is it because we set up ourselves to reach a certain amount but then can’t seem to break through that figure? We can break through ceilings that we think are over us, but really, they don’t need to be there. Tanya is a student of Bob Proctor and she drops some valuable gems in this conversation. Its time to make a paradigm shift. Leave the old thinking behind us and start creating a better self. Tanya Pluckrose can be found on Linkedin here We appreciate your downloads and reviews too! In addition check out
December 02, 2021
Plan for a Great Year with Chris Michel
In this podcast Harry and guest Chris Michel breakdown the plan for a great year in sales. As the title of the podcast implies Sales Made Simple, we break things down very straightforward and simple. What is the revenue target? What was done in past years? What were the percentages for new business, renewals and cross selling or add on business for clients who already work with you to some degree. Looking at the revenue for the year, then dividing it by 12 and then by 4 gives a pretty good idea of weekly targets. It is far better to have some kind of target to pursue than no target whatsoever. By breaking down the revenue number, one can see areas of strength and areas where improvement might make for an even better year. Imagine that your clients could possibly buy other services or products from you. What would that do for your target if you could get a percentage of that business added to your total number? You may think that planning is boring and you don’t have the patience for it. But taking the time, even a few hours to do this exercise will help with your vision. Please feel free to leave a review and download the episode if you like it. It really helps us in getting the message out to others. Chris Michel can be reached here on Linkedin    and   Harry Spaight   Selling With Dignity is available on Amazon
November 28, 2021
Even Complex Sales Can Be Made Easy
In this conversation, Tim Kubiak brings more than 20 years of sales experience to the table. His sales career goes all the way back to 6th grade when he was selling candy to his schoolmates. Tim has been involved with very high dollar sales and complex sales too. The higher the ticket item and the more people involved, the more complex things can be. Tim breaks this down though to the simple. Ultimately sales is about people and treating them well. The conversation is fun and educational for all who want to be better in sales. Tim can be found here on Linkedin and his own podcast show Bowties and Business found on all of the podcast channels
November 16, 2021
Sales Made Easy Podcast 1 on the Neil Haley Show- Helping the Buyers Alleviate Concerns
Sales does not need to be so complicated. Being a good person and treating others well will go a long way in sales. In this conversation we speak about what are commonly referred to as sales objections. We bring up the idea that “objections” are really concerns. We all have concerns when we are making larger buying decisions. This helps the seller to be relatable in helping a prospect with buying concerns. Putting ourselves in the buyer’s position, will help us to see the situation from their eyes. When we do this, we are becoming more of an ally with the buyer. The goal is to be sitting figuratively speaking, on the same side of the table with the buyer compared to the me against them mentality.
October 22, 2021