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Ask the Right Questions, The Sales and Marketing Podcast

Ask the Right Questions, The Sales and Marketing Podcast

By Fab Calando & Paul Lafleur
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Welcome to Ask the Right Questions, The Sales and Marketing Podcast with Paul Lafleur and Fab Calando!

This show is for B2B salespeople, marketers, executives and business owners who want to learn the real tactics and strategies that the best in the business are using to grow their businesses today. We share some behind the scenes experience, offer up exclusive conversations with world-class sales professionals, marketers and business owners -- and bring you real lessons from the people changing the game in current sales and marketing today.
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How to Structure your Sales and Marketing Teams
In this episode, Paul and Fab discuss and share advice on how to structure your revenue teams. We discuss some of the main ways to structure teams, which to choose and why. But, most importantly, we discuss what core question you need to ask yourself when looking to structure or restructure sales and marketing.
April 9, 2021
How to Build Your First Sales Department
In this episode, we'll talk about how to build and scale your first sales department. We'll talk about: Understanding your DNA when you're a founder/business owner and why it's super important to understand before you start scaling. Why you need to have a clear idea of what you're looking for in a rep and what's worked for you so far BEFORE you hire someone Why the interview process is so tricky The three pillars of sales success Why coaching is the most important thing a founder/owner can do with the sales team How to use marketing to increase chances salespeople will want to work for you
April 2, 2021
Sales & Marketing Rapid-Fire Q&A | Episode 002
In this episode, Paul and Fab go back and forth on some of the hottest topics in sales and marketing. No fuss, just value. If you want to learn about: Is prospecting a quantity or quality game? Do sales departments hate CRMs? Are sales scripts relevant? Call scripts, demo scripts, etc. What's the role of sales collateral (case studies, blog posts, one-pagers)? What Paul & Fab wish every marketer knew ...and so much more. Listen today to get highly tactical advice to help you get better.
March 26, 2021
The Ultimate Sales Mind Shift? How to Go From Selling to Helping
Sales targets, call targets, email targets, deal-stage conversion ratios. You name it. Salespeople are measured. Sales leaders track every action (or lack thereof). The goal is to help. It might not be obvious. But everything is tracked to optimize results to help reps have success (i.e., earn more commission) and, therefore, help the company gain more clients. But can that also lead to failure? With all that emphasis on sales results, are reps forgetting one of the keys to success is helping their customers?   In this episode, Paul and Fab discuss how (if) reps can change their mindset from selling to helping.
March 19, 2021
How to Connect and Partner With Media, Bloggers and Influencers
How to make sales "easier?" Marketing is the answer. But beyond lead generation, nurturing and scoring, there's branding. Getting your brand known and talked about is crucial - for both B2C and B2B brands.  In this episode, Paul and Fab sit down to talk to Manon Lapierre, ex-P&G Communications Director and IBM marketer, to talk about marketing in 2021 and how to get people to talk about you.
March 12, 2021
Sales & Marketing Rapid-Fire Q&A | Episode 001
In this episode, Paul and Fab go back and forth on some of the hottest topics in sales and marketing. No fuss, just value. Learn about: When should you consider marketing? Video prospecting. What percentage of revenue should be spent on marketing? What's the one sales question you need to ask? Is marketing an extension of sales? What does the company revenue growth stack look like? What's the role of social media in sales? Do you need marketing when you aren't trying to achieve hypergrowth? Can everyone be a good salesperson? What is inbound marketing? What is outbound marketing? Can sales have success without marketing?   Listen today to get highly tactical advice to help you get better.
February 26, 2021
Understanding Sales and Marketing in Finance & Insurance | A conversation with Eric Tremblay of Coaching Financier Trek
Selling looks different in every industry. Where the leads come from, what the sales process looks like, even who the salespeople are.   But something looks the same.   In this episode, Paul and Fab talk to Eric Tremblay of Coaching Financier Trek to understand sales and marketing in the financal & insurance space.
February 19, 2021
Why Are Marketing Leads So Sh*tty
You heard it. You probably lived it. Marketers send leads over to sales... and salespeople complain. "These leads are sh*t!!" It's probably the most pervasive point of friction in enterprise sales and marketing. And today, Paul and Fab will explain why this happens and how to address it.
February 12, 2021
Stop Dropping the Ball on Sales Leads
You've prospected. You have new marketing leads.   A client just referred someone new.   You send an email. You call.   You message them on LinkedIn.   Then nothing. No initial interest, no more sales effort.   Why is that?   In this episode, Paul and Fab advise on stopping dropping the ball and following up with sales leads more effectively.
February 5, 2021
How to Collect Payments and Maintain Client Relationships
From time-to-time, it's up to reps to collect payments. When clients don't pay, some reps are on the hook to collect. It's not the most comfortable situation - how do you maintain your relationships while act like the "bad cop?" Is it even that detrimental? In this episode, Paul and Fab riff on how to collect payments from delinquent clients.
January 29, 2021
Do You Understand You're Customer's Journey?
It doesn’t need to be said out loud. But the world’s changing. And every time we turn a corner, it seems to change again. The customer has taken control of the sales cycle and the brand. That supply has or will exceed demand. To adapt, companies must reinvent how they connect with their customers, prospects, employees, and communities. Mapping the customer journey, understanding how and why your customer buys from you is critical to solidifying a brand’s positioning and adapting to the digital age. In this episode, Paul and Fab speak with Elke Steinwender, Founder and President of Maïeutyk, to understand how companies need to adapt to changing customer behaviours and expectations.
January 22, 2021
What Sales and Marketing can Expect from 2021
You know it. We know it. It almost isn't worth repeating, but 2020 has been crazy.   A lot has changed, but is it a sign of a new reality or changes all still temporary? Is remote selling here to stay? Is content changing? Will consumer needs for socializing change the way we sell and market? How should you set your sales and marketing goals for the new year?   In this episode, Paul and Fab riff on what salespeople and marketers can expect from the year to come.
January 15, 2021
Good Sales & Marketing Habits to Pick-up in 2021
2021 - get it right. We don't need to say 2020's been special.  We aren't living the most straightforward moment in history right now.  But that doesn't mean you can't try your best to get it started properly.   In this episode, Paul and Fab discuss what you can do today to get the most out of the new year.
December 26, 2020
What Reports should Sales and Marketing Managers Have?
Can you answer these questions? How much revenue will you generate next month? How many qualified leads will you get? How active are your salespeople? Data-driven sales and marketing are, ultimately, the key to success. Without it, decisions are political and personality-driven. With the right data, you can make educated decisions and run critical tests. In this episode, Paul and Fab talk about the B2B sales and marketing data you need to follow religiously.
December 18, 2020
Which Sales & Marketing Software to Use and Why?
What technology should you use to power your sales and marketing efforts? The first question to ask is, what's the tech's role? Technology alone won't get you more revenue. Your software is a tool. But with the right tool in hand, you can expand your results. That's why, in this episode, Fab and Paul talk about different sales and marketing technology available.
December 11, 2020
Understanding the Sales Engineer's Role
Sales engineering is a hybrid role. Somewhere between Engineering and Sales. The role tends to exist in industrial and commercial markets where decisions are more complex and based on more technical information and rational analysis, and less on emotion. But is that truly the case?   In this episode, Paul and Fab explore the role of Sales Engineering with their guest André Sauvé: What does a Sales Engineer do? How do you become one? What skills do you need to become a Sales Engineer?
December 4, 2020
The Ultimate Sales & Marketing Process
You have sales. You have marketing. But how do you tie them together? Two strong groups are good, but with two strong groups that work together with standard definitions and a process that blends into one another, you're almost unstoppable. How do you make that happen? In this episode, Paul and Fab share their thoughts on building your sales and marketing process.
November 27, 2020
How to Start a Podcasts for Your Business
Podcasts are an excellent way for businesses to create content. For most, it's easier to speak about a topic than to write about it. The content is also a lot more flexible - a lot easier to share and adapt. While they've been around for a long time, their popularity has exploded.  And the problem for many is still understanding how they fit in their overall sales and marketing process. So in this episode, Paul and Fab share their experience and advice on how to use them strategically.   Specifically, they look to explain: How to launch a podcast How to promote a podcast  How to generate leads and revenue
November 20, 2020
How to Map Your B2B Marketing Process
Marketers often struggle to show their value. The reason is that they don't tie their efforts back to revenue. So they become whatever the owner believes marketing is. Don't get me wrong. Branding efforts are crucial to financial success. The problem is it isn't always clear how. So marketers need both types of efforts - revenue and brand. When revenue efforts produce results, brand efforts are accepted and even encouraged. In this episode, Paul and Fab explain how to set-up a marketing process that will help you tie your marketing efforts back to revenue.
November 13, 2020
The Ideal Composition of Your Sales and Marketing Teams
How should your marketing team look? What about your sales team? What makes a winning sales team? How do you organize your sales team? What is the sale structure? How do you build a successful sales organization? What makes a good marketing team? How do you structure a content team? How is the marketing department organized?  What are the different elements of the marketing mix, and what is their importance in marketing? Whether your planning for next year or not, your team's size and composition are on every manager and business leader's mind. In this episode, Paul and Fab share their experience to help you structure your sales and marketing teams.
November 6, 2020
How Do You Know When You've Asked Enough Sales Questions
In sales, we talk a lot about asking questions. Because when you ask questions, you get a better understanding of your prospect's reality, what their real problem is, when they'd like to solve it and why... That's all good in theory. But in reality, what does that mean? You know, when the prospect is busy, determined and confident that they know their problem and how much they want to spend. When do you, as a salesperson, know when you've asked enough questions? When can you finally present something? In today's episode, Fab challenges Paul to explain how a rep can decide if they've asked enough questions. Enjoy the show!
October 30, 2020
A Day in the Life of Sales and Marketing Managers
What does your marketing manager do daily? What does your sales manager do every day? What do sales managers even do? What are the duties and responsibilities of a marketing manager? Is marketing management stressful? How many hours does a sales manager work? What skills do you need to be a marketing manager? What should a sales manager know?   What the leading duo responsible for revenue and growth do every day is often a mystery. But as a sales or marketing manager, you must understand if you're useful so you can know when there are problems early on - before it's "too late." In this episode, Paul and Fab share advice on making sure you're doing what they need to do.
October 23, 2020
What Every Business Leader Needs to Know About SEO
The reason SEO is still important today because it's great for lead generation or B2B sales. When you're in B2B marketing, you have so many opportunities to market online or to market across digital channels - on Facebook, on LinkedIn, and other social networks. You can target so many demographics, you know, hit any gender age, group professional you want. One thing that other channels don't do for you is it doesn't really let you reach that consumer or that lead or that user when they're actively looking to purchase your products or your services with search, whether it's an organic search on the SEO side or paid search. So, you're engaging users who are already actively looking for what you're offering. They're typing it into a search bar in this, in that kind of sense. They're one step down the conversion funnel already. So for that reason, despite the different traffic sources online, SEO traffic remains some of the highest value traffic on a transactional level and some of the highest converting traffic when it's targeted of course.
October 16, 2020
How to Handle the Top Sales Objections
They go hand-in-hand. Peanut butter and jelly. Canadians and hockey. Selling and objections. When you're in sales, your prospects will object. They'll push back, both overtly and not. It's not about you. It's about the clients - they have fear. Fear of getting fired, making the wrong decision, looking weak, not sure of their place, and unsure what they need. In this episode, Paul and Fab will talk about handling those objections with your selling chops and marketing efforts.
October 9, 2020
Dive Deeper With Your Sales Questions
Here's the problem salespeople face. Sales is about asking questions...   But they stop asking questions the second they hit an answer they know they can solve.  What's the problem with that?  Often, those questions are surface questions.  To increase your chances of "closing," you need to dive deeper. Like Simon Sinek says - you need to find the "why."  When you understand why something's a problem for a client (as opposed to only the "what"), you can talk to the real issues and look to solve those.  Everyone can solve the "what," only a few work on the "why."   How do you do it? Paul and Fab talk about it in this episode.
October 2, 2020
How to Respond When Someone Asks How Much Something Costs
You know the drill... At some point or another during the conversations, your prospect will ask you about your cost. It could be early on, or it could late in the sales process.  Regardless, it's going to happen. In this episode, Paul and Fab are going to show you how to answer the price question... Enjoy!
September 25, 2020
An Example of a Sales Process
In this episode, Paul leverages learnings from previous episodes to review and critique Fab's own sales process. In this episode, you'll see what a sales process looks like in HubSpot, as well as the questions you should ask your self about your sales process.   ⭐⭐ Want to be part of a secret group of sales & marketing folks. Text us at (438) 601-1595 for exclusive content and personalized answers to your questions. ⭐⭐
September 18, 2020
What Are the Steps of a Sales Process?
Building a robust sales process is the key to success in sales. It's not a set of things to do or a project management tool. Each step has a particular reason for being and should act as a go/no-go for the following action. In the end, it should accurately predict revenue and allow sales and marketing to close more deals. In this episode, Paul helps Fab build his own sales process. ⭐⭐Join our free, exclusive sales & marketing community. Text us at (438) 601-1595 ⭐⭐
September 11, 2020
The Sales & Marketing Recruitment and Hiring Episode
If hiring were a science there would be no mistakes.   But it's not.   It isn't easy.   Is the candidate good? Will the be good after we hire them? Will they fit? Will I like working with them?  Those are only a few of the questions recruiters have when they're hiring.   In this episode, Paul and Fab take the time to break down the important things to consider when hiring sales and marketing people.
September 4, 2020
When Do I Demo My SaaS Product?
The demo isn't the end-all, be-all of SaaS sales process.   Asking good and great questions are the best way to close deals.   That doesn't necessarily mean that demos are useless. It's more a question of how you demo your SaaS product demo that's critical.
August 28, 2020
Understanding Your Buyer's Journey
A buyer... Your buyers go through a particular journey before they decide to buy something. So it's essential to understand those steps. Why? So you can create content for each stage to help and encourage your prospect along the way. Understanding your customer's journey can help reduce costs, increase leads. In this episode, Paul and Fab riff on how your customer's journey impacts your sales and marketing efforts.
August 21, 2020
Do You Have the Right B2B SaaS Sales Process?
Is the way most B2B SaaS salespeople sell is: Demo, proposal, follow-up, close.   But is that the right way to do it? Could you be winning more business with a better sales process? Are you being consultative? Is there a better way? In this episode, Paul and Fab review the current way most B2B SaaS sell to help them improve sales results.
August 7, 2020
What Does a CRM System Do?
How most sales and marketing teams think about CRMs is wrong. Most people think a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system helps manage customer data. OK. The definition isn't wrong, but it isn't complete either. Ultimately your CRM helps you generate more revenue. If your tool doesn't allow you to make more money, it's not a worthy investment. Your CRM should help: your salespeople close more deals by getting them to follow an optimized sales process your sales leaders coach their sales reps on specific weaknesses they have based on what they see in the system your marketing team build better emails, nurturing processes, and even improve your overall communications based on the info they can pull. This episode is part 1 of our CRM series. Today, we cover the what, how and why of an excellent CRM tool. Enjoy the show!
July 31, 2020
Maximize your Online Efforts to Generate More Leads
Generating leads for your sales team is critical. Inbound leads tend to convert better than outbound ones. But they're also easier to work with because you can ask for permission to email them to share more value. The challenge? A lot of brands struggle with lead generation. Especially more traditional companies who haven't fully embraced the web and social media In this episode, Fab shares with Paul a few things you need to increase the number of leads you generate for your business. Enjoy the show!
July 24, 2020
Finding Your Buyers Motivation
You know this. Right? People buy with their emotions. Even those B2B buyers you're selling to right now. Emotions come from something you genuinely care about. Your core motivations like: Getting promoted Being the best Doing meaningful work Buying a house Going on vacation... The list goes on. The thing is, it's not always clear what their driving motivation is. Your job as a salesperson and marketer is to get to that core motivation - the one that drives emotion. It's OK to figure out your prospect needs accounting software because they're having a hard time keeping track of AR. It's a different ballgame if you figure out they need to keep better track of AR because the person who fixes the problem has a good chance of getting promoted to CFO. And being CFO has been their dream since college, and they'd be the first in their class to get that position. In this episode, Paul explains how to get to that driving motivation.
July 17, 2020
How to Get Out of a Sales Funk
You can do everything right. You're making your calls, sending your emails, connecting on LinkedIn, sharing content, but sometimes, things just don't click. No one is answering, calling back, answering... no matter what you do, it just doesn't work. It's tough and demotivating. Enter Paul Lafleur. In today's episode, Paul explains how you can get out of the funk. Fab explains how marketers can adapt those lessons for their day-to-day.
July 10, 2020
Here's How to Handle Sales Objection to Close More Deals
They happen all the time. They can happen anytime. And they aren't always obvious. Objections can throw off the best reps for many reasons: Not sure how to deal with them Not aware that there's an objection Too excited Too emotionally invested in the deal... In this episode, Paul explains to Fab how a rep should go about handling sales objections.
July 3, 2020
How Squash Your Insecurities to Create More Content
Creating content... We've been talking about creating content for 10+ years now. Content helps you sell and market. With it, you grow and become an expert. It helps build trust. It's a win-win option. So why don't people do it more? In this episode Fab and Paul help you build trust with your clients and potential customers
June 26, 2020
How & When To Close A Deal
What's the goal of every salesperson?  Close the deal.  Sure, closing deals is the job. But it also means one step closer to being a top rep and getting a commission.  But how do you close a deal? People paint it as the ultimate step, but Paul explains how it's much more organic than that. If executed properly, closing should end up being the logical conclusion of your sales process.  Enjoy the show!
June 19, 2020
Sale meetings: How to start your sales team's day off with a 💥
We won't hide it...   Sales meetings can be brutal.   But they can also be great. They can motivate, inspire, push and bring the team to the next level.   If you're struggling with your sales meetings, this episode is for you.
June 12, 2020
How to Handle Sales Resistance to Close More Deals
Don't you ❤ it when you work a prospect hard only for them to tell you, "let me think about it" or "it's too expensive"? Does it make you angry? Nervous? Anxious or stressed? Those are examples of resistance, and most salespeople aren't aware that's what it is. It's not that the prospect is going to go back to their desk and ponder the question. Your potential clients are delaying; they're afraid to pull the trigger. And that's normal. It's nothing against you. There are a lot of different types of objections, and they can all impede your sales success if you don't know how to handle it well. In this episode, Paul and Fab discuss how to lower resistance to close more deals.
June 5, 2020
Does everyone in the organization need sales skills?
Salespeople need selling skills. OK. That's obvious. But what about your marketers? It's not a far stretch to think that they need to understand sales. OK, but what about your accountants, HR specialists, and developers? The truth is that everyone, at every organization, from time to time, needs to sell their ideas internally: we need new accounting software, we need to rewrite the code, etc. There are two ways to go about it: the way that might get you what you want, and the way that will probably end in frustration. You see, what most don't realize (👈 even most salespeople and sales leaders) is that most sales skills are listening and communication skills. Learn how to sell your ideas internally today. Enjoy the show!
May 29, 2020
How To Run Effective Sales and Marketing Meetings
Most sales and marketing meetings are a waste of time. A good meeting has value, and to setup a good meeting you need to start with on critical question... Enjoy the show!
May 8, 2020
What if I need to hire sales and marketing people? - Sales & Marketing "What If" with Paul & Fab #5
Don't stop hiring because you're not used to remote work. If you're not used to remote work, it can be daunting to recruit someone these days.  How will they build a relationship with the team?  How will you onboard them?  How will you get to "read" them during the interview?   I shared a few tips on the subject with Paul yesterday.   Enjoy the show!
April 21, 2020
What if my marketing formula doesn't work during the COVID-19 era? - Sales & Marketing "What If" with Paul & Fab #4
What happens if your marketing just doesn't work anymore? We live through a unique and challenging time. That can mean that what you did only a few weeks ago is no longer relevant. If that's the case, what should you do? Paul and Fab answer that question today. Enjoy the show!
April 20, 2020
How to Improve the Sales Process
If you're unhappy with your sales results, this episode is for you. A sales process is one of the critical parts of sales. A good sales process will help your reps close more deals. That said, it's still one of the misunderstood concepts in the field. Paul and Fab dive deep on the topic and cover all the core elements of a good sales process and what reps (and marketers too!) should do at each stage. Enjoy the show, and if you enjoyed it, please leave us a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating!
April 17, 2020
What if I have to shut my company down temporarily - Sales & Marketing "What If" with Paul & Fab #3
Closing down your company isn't an easy choice.  Paul and Fab, share a few quick tips that could help you as a business owner and your employees. Hope this helps!
April 15, 2020
What if my sales and marketing teams need to maintain their quotas - Sales & Marketing "What if" with Fab & Paul #2
How can sales and marketing teams maintain their quotas during a crisis? Maybe you aren't asking the right question. Hoping a sales team can close the same amount of deals and marketing can generate the same amount of leads isn't realistic, but there are things you can and must do... Enjoy!
April 14, 2020
What if you have to lay sales & marketing staff off - Sales & Marketing "What if" with Fab & Paul #1
What if you need to let go of some of your sales and marketing staff? Saying goodbye to teammates is never easy, but sometimes you have to do it. In this short episode, we share a few tips on how you can go about doing that.
April 13, 2020
Starting a business can change your life forever w/ Fred Lucas
In this episode, Paul and Fab sit down (virtually!) with Frederic Lucas - founder of Prima Resource, a successful sales consulting firm.  Fred outlines in detail what he did to become the successful entrepreneur he is today. We dive deep into tactical and psychological elements as well as the frame of mind you need to get through difficult economic and social times. Enjoy the show! As always, if you like what you hear, please take a few seconds to give us ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
April 10, 2020
How to Make Cold Calls During a Crisis
Keeping your sales activities up during a crisis isn't easy. What do you say? Should you even call? Maybe an email/LinkedIn message instead? If your business is running, you have to continue selling. That's why Paul and Fab do four role-play sessions to illustrate how to do your cold calls, and how not to. Enjoy the episode. Leave a comment below. 👇
March 30, 2020
How to Do Sales & Marketing in Times Like These?
When significant events hit, it's not always clear what you should do with your sales and marketing efforts. Do you stop everything? But what about the business Is it business as usual? But is it really Do you increase efforts? Decrease efforts? Fab and Paul share some thoughts on the topic.
March 24, 2020
How to Build a Massive Online Audience and Grow Your Business W/ Corrine Stephanie
The economy is shifting, and businesses that invest in marketing can thrive. Of course, sales are also a must. That's why we sat down with Corrine to talk about how she gained 29,000 followers on LinkedIn and how that impacted her business - CAM Inc., a talent acquisition firm. In this episode, we explore how to balance sales and marketing to build a thriving business.
March 12, 2020
How to Deal With a Tough Day at Work
Tough days happen. If rough times get you down, there's a good chance it means that you aren't controlling your emotions - you're not able to stay in the moment. How we deal with our emotions (positive ones too!) can further impact our performance. In this episode, we talk about why emotions affect your performance and share a few tips on how to stay in the moment. Enjoy the show!
February 28, 2020
How to Use Your Sales Process Steps to Qualify Prospects
Properly qualifying and disqualifying prospects is a crucial part of sales success. You don't want to rely on a rep's emotions to disqualify a lead. You don't want a dead deal to stay in the pipeline "because they might close one day." Those behaviours falsify your projections and impact your business's bottom line. So how do you qualify a lead? You set up objective milestones in your sales process that your reps have to cross. In this episode, you'll learn How to set-up objective milestones What kind of milestones you need at different stages of your sales process What information marketing should aim to discover. And so much more... Enjoy the show!
February 17, 2020
How to Sell Anything on Value (Even a Low-Price Item)
In this episode, Paul and Fab discuss value selling. They took a low-price item with no apparent value to show you how to do it. Ultimately the value of a service (or product) is determined by how important what you sell is for a client. But selling on value isn't only a sales thing. Marketing plays a vital role too... Are your sales and marketing set-up to sell value?
February 12, 2020
The Two Types of Entrepreneurs
In this episode, Paul and Fab talk to Rob Geller, co-founder of Promenaid. Rob offers up a lot of advice to people just starting their business - from how to be a 🥇 seller on Amazon to the psychology of success. Enjoy the show!
February 5, 2020
How Soft Sales Skills Help You Be Remarkable
"At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel." * Most prospects won't remember ➕90% of what you say during a call... ... but when you're mindful and listen intently to what they are telling you, you'll have a great conversation with them. They'll feel comfortable enough to talk about their actual problems. After all the tricks, the tactics, the data, soft skills are what allow you to have the great conversations you need. Discover the soft sales skills that allow you to have great conversations. *Maya Angelou
January 28, 2020
How to Negotiate in Sales
In this episode, Paul and Fab talk about negotiation. Compromises are often a part of sales, but we show you how to reduce chances that you'll be that situation. But sometimes it's unavoidable, so we also show you how to negotiate. Enjoy! Don't forget to subscribe...
January 21, 2020
How to Improve Your Cold Calls
Do you need to up your cold calling game? This episode is for you. Believe it or not, cold calling is alive and well. It's not a failure to generate enough inbound leads; it's how most companies grow. When reps reach out to prospects, they encounter 3 scenarios: Easy calls - these are what sales dreams are made of. Reps land on someone who knows they have a problem, haven't solved it yet and are willing to speak with them to see if they can help Medium calls - the prospect isn't welcoming, but they aren't hostile either. They don't open up about their problems, but with a little persistence, reps can book a meeting. Difficult calls - these are the calls that make reps fear and avoid cold calls. Not every first conversation will turn into a discovery session, but everyone is a learning opportunity. In this episode, Paul coaches Fab through the three types of calls with a series of role-plays. As always, if you like what you hear, please take a few seconds to give us a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review!
January 8, 2020
How to Leverage Your Prospect's Emotions in Sales
"When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion." -- Dale Carnegie. Should salespeople leverage their prospects' underlying emotions? In short, yes. Buyers (even in B2B) buy on with emotion. How do you leverage emotions? By asking good and great questions. Early on, you need to identify with the client's emotions. Later, it would be best if you uncovered feelings. When salespeople ask the right questions, they understand what's essential for a client, and when something's important, you get emotional.  The biggest challenge to leveraging emotions?  When reps aren't comfortable asking questions, it's hard for them to uncover their client's feelings. Enjoy the episode! If you like what you heard, please take a few seconds to give us ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
December 19, 2019
How to Motivate Your Team
We misunderstand motivation. Especially entrepreneurs - they're usually motivated by building their business or what that business does for them. They can't understand why their team isn't as motivated as they are. The thing is, motivation comes from within. It's up to individuals and their managers to discover what long-term goals motivate us and what we can do to get there - not to find a motivational podcast or book. In today's episode, we explore how managers can motivate their salespeople and their marketing teams: How to help your organization determine what motivates them. What's the role of a sales commission in motivation. The role of company culture Did you like this episode? Please give us a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
December 16, 2019
How Sports Can Help You Become a Better Entrepreneur w/ Lindsay Riddell
Lindsay's a motorsports fan. He participated for 20 years and still follows the sport actively. Thinking back, he shares how his passion for the sport helped groom his entrepreneurial abilities: The commitment to success and winning, The accountability, The value of teamwork, The need for success. How to reset each day. It's the same combination of striving for success, competitiveness and teamwork that allows for success in business. As usual, if you like what you hear, please, please, please leave us a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review!
December 11, 2019
How to Do Small Business Marketing w/ Lindsay Riddell
In today's episode, we continue our conversation with Lindsay Riddell. When you're a small business, marketing is a contradiction. On the one hand, budgets are limited, so there's constant pressure to use every cent wisely. On the other, ROI is difficult. You'll never be able to outspend the more prominent players in the space.  Today we talk about: The changing marketing landscape The ROI of marketing vs. branding  Why SMBs need to focus on branding Why patience matters in marketing How to use client events to generate content If you enjoyed this episode, please take a few moments to give us ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
December 10, 2019
How to Build a Business w/ Lindsay Riddell
Today we talk to Lindsay Riddell - President and Founder of Luminet. This conversation is the first of three and today we talk about why you should ignore what people say. Don't worry about new shiny tactics. Pounding the pavement and getting new business is all that matters.  We get very tactical: Why focusing on your customers is critical to business success. Tactical sales tips for entrepreneurs. The importance of patience. Why you dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable. A critical daily routine. You can find Lindsay on LinkedIn at: And Luminet Solutions at: As usual, if you like what you hear, please take a few seconds to give us a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
December 5, 2019
Why You Need Patience in Marketing
Patience is a critical success factor in sales and marketing. A lot of small and medium-sized businesses put themselves in a situation where there back is against the wall, and they need results fast. Unfortunately, that often leads to bad sales and marketing behaviour. In today's episode, we talk about: Why it's OK to start your sales process over Why the marketing around marketing tech is misleading How businesses start doing bad marketing Why marketing automation is dangerous Why marketing tools don't help What to do if you need to get new revenue quickly Are you enjoying the show? Please take a few minutes and give us a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review.
December 3, 2019
How SMBs Should Create Content
Good marketing takes time. There are some quick wins, but overall, you need to be patient. That means you have to start today.  When you're small, you're never going to compete against the big players with the big budgets, so forget about generating leads. Focus on building your brand instead (which, in turn, will help generate leads). And to build a brand, you need to create content. In this episode, we: Set expectations about the role of marketing Outline the three important elements to consider when creating content Share some tips on how to create content and set time aside in your busy calendar. Share tools to help create videos, articles and social posts Thanks for listening! If you like what you hear, please take a few seconds and give us ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
November 29, 2019
How to Ask Sales Questions
In sales, asking questions is everything. When you don't ask questions, you end up with a sort of idea of what you think the prospect wants, and you have an idea of what you think you want. Whether that's what the prospect wants is pure luck. A discovery session is about trying to find out what's important to that person, what the challenges are, why they want to fix them. You're trying to find out what is going to make them happy. Great questions help you decide how we're going to work together. Thanks for listening to this episode. If you like what you hear, please give us a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
November 26, 2019
How to Quantify Your Prospect's Problem
Quantifying a problem - figuring out what your product or service is worth to your client is a significant part of knowing if you'll get the contract. Sometimes it's trickier than others, but ultimately everything had a value. You might not always be able to attach a dollar amount up-front to every problem, but you can work with the person in front of you to understand the impact of their current situation. Do you sell graphic design services? What's the impact of bad design? Do you sell accounting services? What's the impact of lousy bookkeeping? Do you sell branding services? What's the impact of not being known? Specifically, in this episode, we talk about: How do you know if a discovery call/meeting with a prospect went well How to deliver proposals How to quantify a prospect's problem Why quantifying a problem doesn't necessarily mean $ for $ The biggest blocker to quantifying a problem is telling instead of asking Like what you're hearing? Please take a few seconds to give us a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review!
November 20, 2019
Why You're Not Seeing Marketing Results
SMBs tend not to market where their clients are. They either make assumptions about what their audience does, or they mistake themselves for their audience. In this episode, Paul and Fab talk about: Why businesses don't want to market where their clients are, The ivory tower approach to marketing, Why people fail on social networks, Why you should often post on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, How to have success on different social platforms, How social media platforms evolve. Knowing your corporate values.
November 13, 2019
Redefining the Sales and Marketing Funnel
The words we use to describe the people sales and marketing speak and engage with everyday dehumanize those we seek out. Not all software is flexible enough to accommodate a change in vocabulary. Still, it's time for you to scratch words like Suspect, Prospect, Lead, MQL and Opportunity from your sales and marketing vocabulary. In this short episode, we talk about: What you need to understand about all your leads, prospects and hot prospects The beauty of social media + sales Why change the way you refer to leads and prospects How simple words like lead or opportunity confuse salespeople and marketers Did you like this episode? Please, please, please take a few seconds to give us a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
November 8, 2019
How to Transfer Leads to Sales
At some point, Marketing needs to transfer their leads over to the Sales Team. How much information needs to be collected before they're sent over? How much is too much? Do salespeople actually care about all the collected data? In this episode, we discuss what information Salespeople need when they get a new lead from Marketing. Specifically, we talk about: What a good salesperson should be able to do with every lead Is marketing spending too much money on collecting useless data? Timing is everything
November 6, 2019
How to do lead nurturing
Nurturing new leads that engage with your content helps your sales team speak with those who are most ready to buy. But lead nurturing isn't for everyone. If you don't generate enough leads, you don't need to nurture them. Think of a different approach instead: post-sales conversation nurturing for example. If you do generate enough leads, think about whether you should set-up sequences to increase lead scores or encourage leads to speak with a salesperson. The possibilities are endless - don't copy/paste whatever you find online. Think about what your business needs. In this episode, Paul and Fab talk about: What is lead nurturing (0:33) When to set-up a lead nurturing process (1:49) The benefit of lead nurturing (3:20) A trap digital marketers fall in (4:02) Different types of lead nurturing (4:41) How to do lead nurturing (8:01)
October 31, 2019
Why Cold Calling Is Important
Fab had a major epiphany!  He's a marketing person. The core of his career is email and social media, and he came to realize that... Cold calls > Cold emails Why Cold Calling Is Important? Live conversation encourage action. Emails aren't a conversational tool. LinkedIn Messages either. You send, you wait. When things slow down, it's easier for them to breakdown. Specifically in this episode, we talk about: Why cold calls are better than cold emails (0:53) The challenge with emails and LinkedIn Messages (1:52) The cold call's big opportunity (3:00) What you need to understand about emails (4:30) How to make cold calling a little easier if you're nervous (6:16) Enjoy and thanks for listening!  If you like what you hear, please give us a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
October 30, 2019
When to disqualify a lead?
Disqualifying leads is difficult for both salespeople and marketers. There are leads who clearly don't qualify, but even when they're the right fit on paper, you sometimes need to walk away. People don't disqualify leads for a ton of reasons, but the two big ones are: Because they have bosses who prefer full pipelines than accurate pipelines Because they aren't asking the right questions, so they don't realize the fit isn't there. In this episode, Paul and Fab talk about: Why marketers don't disqualify leads (1:03) Why salespeople keep working bad leads (2:42) The other reason sales and marketing folks don't disqualify (9:13) Enjoy and thanks for listening! If you like what you hear, please give us a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
October 23, 2019
What is Empathy in Marketing & Sales?
In this episode, Paul and Fab talk about empathy and how it affects the relationship with leads and clients, both on the sales and the marketing side. Specifically: Why most reps don't take the time to listen (1:00) Why features and benefits aren't the endpoints (3:31) What is empathy in sales and marketing (6:18) Why marketers have a hard time using empathy (7:33) One way to develop empathy in marketers (8:46) How to develop empathy in salespeople (11:56) How marketers should reframe their interactions with leads (13:06) Why salespeople and marketers are so afraid to disqualify bad leads (15:51) Enjoy and thanks for listening! If you like what you hear, please give us a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
October 16, 2019
How to use cold emails when prospecting
In this episode, Fab tries to cold call a VP on the air. We also talk about gatekeepers, emails and their role when prospecting. How to get past gatekeepers (1:05) What to keep in mind when you're nervous making cold calls (2:25) Live cold call! (4:50) What type of voicemail to leave (6:16) What's the role of email when you're prospecting (8:07) What's the best time to make cold calls (9:59) What's the best time to send a cold email (10:11) Why cold calls are still better than cold emails (11:09) More on how to handle gatekeepers (16:15) The greatest danger with emails (18:35) How to manage @gmail addresses when you're a B2B marketer (22:57) If you're going to send a cold email, this is how to do it (25:19) Enjoy and thanks for listening! If you like what you hear, please give us a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
October 10, 2019
How CRMs help in sales
CRMs! Wrong or incomplete data in the CRM impacts every facet of the business. It affects your ability to reach out to leads, nurture them, target them with ads. It also influences revenue prediction and pipeline analysis. Above all, CRM is a tool to help your salespeople. If salespeople aren't using the CRM, it's usually a sign that something else is wrong. In this episode we cover: How a marketing department should use the CRM (0:37)  Why CRMs aren't always good for salespeople (1:44) How can CRMs help salespeople (3:29) How to switch CRMs (5:41) What's the primary job of a CRM? (6:53) What happens when you pick the wrong CRM (10:57) Enjoy and thanks for listening! If you like what you hear, please give us a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
October 10, 2019
How to create an elevator pitch
The elevator pitch is your opening statement. When you meet someone, and you want to tell them what you do, but you want to have it resonate with them - that's what we call the elevator pitch.  In this episode, we talk about: Why most elevator pitches fail (1:05) Why emotions are a critical component of elevator pitches (3:28) How to create your elevator pitch (6:48) What marketing should do with your elevator pitch (11:33)
October 10, 2019