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By Decade Later
Sales, marketing, breaking the rules, life lessons, and poetry inspired by me making mistakes and living abroad, but not in that order
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E7 (im)migrant mentality


E7 (im)migrant mentality


S2E5 Marketing to live with Sathish Bala
A life long hustler, Sathish has done it all and he's not slowing down, he's making smarter choices. By way of India and Singapore, life hasn't always been a cakewalk for him and we'll explore his life and entrepreneurial journey, the birth and evolution for Desifest, and what's next for Sathish!
July 8, 2019
Stories I Tell with Mark O'Brien S2E4
Founder & Principal of the O'Brien Communications Group, Mark O'Brien is a story teller, author, and a master wordsmith. The first time ever performing poetry publicly, Mark and I explore the writing process, story telling, and the journey of a creator.
May 28, 2019
S2E3: Damn, Damn....Damn! with Governor Wildstar
Entrepreneur, MC, former California gubernatorial candidate, Nickolas Wildstar aka Qball aka Governor Wildstar doesn't pull any punches. A libertarian in California, he stands up to injustice, fights for individual rights, and sits down with me to talk.  From the injustice that is the Stephon Clark case, his 2018 run, and the parallels of political life and entrepreneurial ventures, this is Sales & Stanzas.
April 25, 2019
S2E2: Rolling with the punctuation with Nelly Jebran
Jiu-jitsu, grammar, Lebanese cuisine, and more... Nelly Jebran is a super woman who has a softer side when she let's her guard down. A professional editor and mother of two, she and I will be sitting down to talk sentence fragments, rubber guards, and her new venture, Broken Glace. 
March 24, 2019
S2E1: Travelin' Man with Travis Thomas
Poetry, words, and travel with Paradox and Poetry founder and host Travis Thomas. We dive deep into influences, cultural exchange, and the emotional power of poetry and writing.
March 4, 2019
E8: Maria, Mariaa ... You remind me of...
I sit down with my dear friend and fellow poet Maria Rosa to speak about poetry, her company Spanish 5 Stars, and a very special guest performance of a poem she recently scribed.
December 6, 2018
E7 (im)migrant mentality
A special Halloween episode, I discuss the "immigrant" mentality, the migrant caravan, and my personal immigrant experience.
October 31, 2018
E6 - how do you say that? - Jacob Bennett of Speculo Language Company
I sit down with Speculo Language Company founder and CEO, Jacob Bennett and talk about his journey to Colombia, starting Speculo, their methodology and his advice for any entrepreneur, especially LGBT entrepreneurs. Sponsors: (use codeword "anthony conrad" for 5% off your entire order) Contact and booking info:
October 18, 2018
E5: Hodlfast for the Revolution
I talk shop with R. L. Bryer about his new book Blockchain : Project Renaissance, economics, and what it really takes to breakout in the market. You can grab a copy of the book or find out more from him at: steemit: pittsburghhodlr And the documentary about the Crypto revolution in Venezuela :
October 11, 2018
E4: Wax up, Catalina?! - Catalina Perez
I sit down with Catalina Perez, founder of Waxup Candles and talk music, business, and finding yourself, even are starting a career. Also, I read a poem I wrote about the recent murder of 3 engineers by FARC remnants and the response to it. Check out and use code word "anthony conrad" for 5% off your order. Waxup Candles IG: waxup_candles
October 9, 2018
E3: Beats and Deals with DJ Ganem
We give my partner in business and crime, DJ Ganem, to talk about her start in sales and marketing, being a DJ, and her passion for music. Also, the last piece from my newly completed 30 photos, 30 poems, 30 days project
October 3, 2018
E2: Designing, but for who?
I discuss design methods, lessons for business when receiving feedback and read a tribute to Bobbi Humphrey I wrote this month in my 30 for 30 challenge.
September 26, 2018
E1: Foundations and Inspirations
I explore what led me to truly becoming a hustler, always on the grind, seeking to sell but not sell short, and who inspired me. Also, one of my latest poems, Chains of Modernity, part of my 30 days, 30 poems, 30 photos project
September 20, 2018