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eCommerce Scaling Strategies by SalesGenomics

eCommerce Scaling Strategies by SalesGenomics

By Matt Panek
Lessons from scaling multiple eCommerce businesses to 7 and 8 figures.

Products, Operations, Fulfilment, Marketing, Exit Strategies and more.
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How two elite eCommerce entrepreneurs secretly generated $25mln of dollars using a Market Bully Strategy - supply chain, product sourcing and close-out sales.
NEW EPISODE  How two elite eCommerce entrepreneurs secretly generated $25mln of dollars using a Market Bully Strategy - supply chain, product sourcing and close-out sales.  Most of us Shopify entrepreneurs focus on building brands or finding winning products. What if I told you that there’s a group of guys who can take any product and scale it better and make more money anyone else?  How? They know how to get this product cheaper at better quality They know how to set up their funnel in a way that gets 5%+ conversion rates They know how to trick Facebook into driving the lowest CPAs by ethically stealing the best customers from other advertisers  In this podcast, The episode with I met with Nick & Nick, founders of Stacked SCM who generated over $25mln from their own own ecommerce stores and created an ecommerce syndicate that together processes about $100 mln USD per year. These guys will teach you: How does the supply chain affect ROAS and scalability, profitability What most eCommerce owner do wrong in their sourcing & fulfilment strategy How they made $25mln using “Market Bully Strategy” Flash Sale Strategy to make 1mln in 10 days Tips for a high converting store Exact Facebook ads strategy for super fast scaling? What is an eCommerce syndicate? And more!
May 04, 2021
How to create high-performing video ads and dominate the competition | Shopify & eCommerce | 2021
It’s not a secret that in 2021, the quality of creatives and creative strategy is a no.1 element you will need to master if you want to be a few steps ahead of your competitors. This is because what would gain the attention of your target audience in 2018 will in many cases not be so relevant in 2021.  While most dropshippers create their ads by buying stock videos or putting together free stuff found on the Internet, Jon Reyes from found another way. He came up with an idea to provide high-quality, custom videos as a service.  In our latest podcast, you’ll find out what helped him build a thriving company hiring over 30 people in just two years. The topics we covered include: Why it’s key to differentiate yourself from the crowd using video  The No.1 strategy to keep yourself relevant in a dynamically changing market  The most important aspect of the creative process that if you get wrong from the get-go, the rest of your work won’t even matter What sets apart successful, attention-grabbing ad campaigns from those that don’t even stop the scroll  A counterintuitive approach to create high-performing videos even if you don’t have a large budget  Can the creative process be templated?  One of the biggest mistakes made by advertisers when they go for long-form videos  How important timing is when it comes to stopping the scroll  What to look for when hiring specialists and why formal education or degrees aren’t the most important thing to have   The team-building aspect that is crucial to creating an environment where creativity thrives  ….And much more!  Enjoy and share your thoughts below.  ⏩ Would you like to have your store’s performance analysed for free by one of our strategists? Book your free traffic & conversions session here:​  ⏩ Need help scaling your eCom store /FB ads ? Get your FREE strategy session with one of our experienced growth strategists:​ ⏩ For more eCommerce growth hacks, strategies and discussions, join our Shopify Store Owner Community:​ For more information, visit:
April 27, 2021
Charlie Bowes-Lyon, Wild - natural deodorant subscription company from 0 to $3.5mln in less than 9 months
Charlie Bowes-Lyon, co-founder of Wild Deo, natural deodorant subscription company. He took the brand from 0 to $3.5mln in less than 9 months in 2020. In this podcast he shares: ✔️ How to test innovative ideas? ✔️ How to create a market from scratch & educate customers? ✔️ How to choose a business idea & a business model for 8-9 figures business? ✔️ How to price your product? ✔️ How to choose offers for a subscription business? ✔️ How to plan a launch strategy? ✔️ What makes a product social-friendly? ✔️ What marketing channels got them to where they are? ✔️ How their tackling cross-channel attribution? ✔️ What retention & churn reduction strategies do they use? ✔️ Big strategic moves they’re taking to stay on track to 8-figures in 2021? ✔️ Their creative strategy on Facebook ✔️ Favorite book of 2020 Visit his website here: Connect with him via email here:
January 26, 2021
12 Facebook video editing tricks to improve CV rate of your video
⏩ Book FREE strategy session for our help in scaling your eCom bizz/FB ads: ⏩ For more eCommerce growth hacks, join our Shopify Store Owner Community: You may want to have a look at EVA - [CHEAT SHEET] 50+ SCROLL STOPPERS & HOOKS here: Creatives play an important role in every ad campaign, and they don’t always have to be images.  Videos are a great option if you’re looking for something more dynamic and eye-catching. If you edit them well, videos can significantly boost your click-through rate and improve conversions.  In this video, Aloizio Soares, Creative Director at SalesGenomics shares his proven tricks to edit videos and make them more attractive for the audience.  He talks about: ✔️ Editing tricks,  ✔️ Examples of videos he has created for various clients,  ✔️ Explanation of why these ads worked,  ✔️ Principles you can use in sales and communication with the video editor,  ✔️ Ways to make effective creatives with limited resources.  Why should you watch this video? Because Aloizio has a lot of experience in his area and shows multiple real-life examples. He shows what works and how to make it. For sure, you’ll find a lot of inspiration here. If you want to approach your creatives in a new, original way, this knowledge is definitely going to help you! ⏩ Would you like to have your store’s performance analysed for free by one of our strategists? Book your free traffic & conversions session here:  ⏩ Need help scaling your eCom store /FB ads ? Get your FREE strategy session with one of our experienced growth strategists: ⏩ For more eCommerce growth hacks, strategies and discussions, join our Shopify Store Owner Community: For more information, visit:
December 08, 2020
Recart: Scaling Shopify eCommerce with Facebook Messenger
➡️Book FREE strategy session for our help in scaling your eCom bizz/FB ads:  ➡️For more eCommerce growth hacks, join our Shopify Store Owner Community: If you’re an eCommerce owner and you want to unlock insane value of messenger marketing everyone has been raving about, join us for this webinar!  Whether you’ve been a victim to:   👉Rising CPMs   👉Increasing shift to mobile leading to drop in your website conversions   👉GenZ customers not using email or if you’re simply looking to tap into a new high-converting funnel and boost your conversion rates, in this Facebook live webinar, we’ll show you:  ✅What is FB Messenger marketing and why it’s not just another new fad for those with the “shiny object syndrome”.  ✅How to drastically increase the value of your FB ads despite rising CPMs using Click-to-messenger campaigns  ✅How conversational marketing can evolve your brands image and increase conversion rates ✅How 8-figure brands such as Blendjet are using messenger marketing to scale their ads BIG TIME.  Speakers:  Matt Panek, Co-founder of SalesGenomics  Nicholas Romaya, Head of Partnerships at Recart
December 02, 2020
How to increase Jewellery Store Conversion Rate 2020
➡️Book FREE strategy session for our help in scaling your eCom bizz/FB ads:    ➡️For more eCommerce growth hacks, join our Shopify Store Owner Community: In this video Conversion Rate Optimisation experts from SalesGenomics analyse a Jewellery Shopify store and tear down the key conversion mistakes its owner made that are most likely killing their sales.  They walk you through how to increase your Shopify conversion rate so you can get more customers and sales without spending any more money on ads!  In this video we talk about:  - What product categories to showcase on your home page  - Key mistakes jewellery stores make that are killing their conversion rates  - How to increase perception of value of your jewellery store - How to optimise images on your site to make visitors buy more  - How to create shoppable instagram feeds to boost conversions  - How to build credibility and increase trust of your Shopify store - How to optimise product pages for higher conversion rate  - What details to put on product pages to give visitors all information they need before buying  - How to use wishlists to unlock the most natural user journey & an unusual boiling-hot retargeting segment  - How to use payment plans to minimise fear of purchase and increase conversions Apps mentioned:  - Reviews app specialised in showing and requesting image reviews: - A good app for Shoppable Instagram feed: - A great Wislist app:
November 30, 2020
How to manage Ecommerce during COVID-19.
➡️Book FREE strategy session for our help in scaling your eCom bizz/FB ads: ➡️For more eCommerce growth hacks, join our Shopify Store Owner Community:  With the sudden outbreak of the Coronavirus the market situation has changed drastically. Everything has been affected, from the shipping and logistics of an eCommerce business to consumer behavior and the cost of advertising. This creates a challenge for eCommerce businesses that need to adapt to the new situation. Depending on the actions taken, some businesses will fall while others will thrive and in the near future they may take over market space freed up by their fallen competitors. How to prevent your business from going bankrupt? How to capitalize on a sudden change in market conditions? Finally, how to ensure you have a contingent long-term plan to increase your market share and company value? We’ve prepared a webinar to answer all of those 3 questions with the Q&A session at the end.
November 28, 2020
Tyler Donahue - 8-figure eCommerce customer service - FB Customer Feedback Score
Most eCommerce entrepreneurs consider customer service as a mere necessity to avoid refunds. However, with the right structure and culture, it can be a powerful revenue-generating part of your business! On top of this, many eCommerce owners and drop shippers struggle with Facebook Customer Feedback score. Low scores can lead to banned ad accounts and lower ROAS. Customer Service, done right, can get your customer feedback score back on track for good! How to do it to make the best out of it? We invited Tyler Donahue to answer this and a few other questions on the live webinar. Tyler Donahue - featured in Foundr, Co-Founder of DIDIN Chat, a customer service agency built to service the needs of fast-growing online stores. Tyler’s agency transforms customer service into a powerful revenue driver that improves customer feedback scores, boosts conversions, and word-of-mouth. We've covered: ✔️Customer service: outsource or keep in house? ✔️What are some common customer support mistakes eCom stores make? ✔️How to fix Facebook Customer Feedback Score (and never get your Facebook ad account banned again) by fixing your customer experience (and how this will increase your ROAS) ✔️How to build lasting customer loyalty & increase lifetime value through customer support. ✔️Creative customer support strategies to boost conversions, AOV, and turn buyers into brand advocates! ✔️How does customer support need to change when transitioning from 5-6 to 7-8 figures? ✔️How to structure the customer support team? ✔️How to train your customer service staff to speak in your brand voice? ✔️Best app for customer support ✔️How to structure FAQs & escalation flowcharts to minimise refunds and create WOW-factor customer experiences You can access all lives by joining the group here:
June 12, 2020
Matt Panek - Facebook Ads account structure for scaling & creative testing process | Shopify & Dropshipping
Facebook Ads changes so fast that any advice older than a year is most likely already outdated. Facebook algorithm changes, ad testing and scaling methods no longer work, new superior structures get discovered. It’s important to stay on top of the latest strategies and trusted information sources.    In this webinar Matt from SalesGenomics reveals his lessons from spending over 6 mln USD on ads in 2019 and 2020. He shares:   How to structure your Facebook ads account: campaign, ad sets and ads to test fast, scale fast, maximise ROAS and profit.   How to properly test ad creatives to get fast & reliable results How to use CBO (Campaign Budget Optimisation) properly  Why laser targeted audiences can kill your ads  How you account structure should evolve as you spend more money   Some common structure mistakes that can kill your ROAS and make you unable to scale & how to solve them  Proprietary HYBRID SCALING FUNNEL CAMPAIGN structure that gives you the most stable performance, maximises ROAS and allows you to scale your ads fast Watch the webinar: SalesGenomics - eCommerce Scaling Strategies Join the group for more webinars: eCommerce Scaling Strategies by SalesGenomics
May 25, 2020
Alex Wyatt: International expansion, compliance & VAT
Alex Wyatt - Global Project Manager at SimplyVAT. SimplyVAT specializes in international taxes obligations for eCommerce businesses. Whether registering for VAT abroad, managing VAT returns, or submitting Intrastat reports, their team knows all the ins and outs of international tax. In this episode, Alex addressed the following points: Is the international expansion process really that complicated? Do you have to a local company in your business destination country? What are fiscal representatives? What are the consequences of not registering? Which european countries are the easiest to get into? What are the best knowledge sources when it comes to taxes? P.S. For more actionable tips for eCommerce growth, join our Facebook Group: eCommerce Scaling Strategies by SalesGenomics
May 18, 2020
Stacy Morris - How to use TikTok for your eCommerce store
Stacy Morris is the Co-Founder of Pink Salad Ldn, an independent beauty eCommerce business that currently makes six figures with zero ad spend! What’s the secret of their success? In less than a year, Stacy has built over 800,000followers on TikTok - which has brought huge traffic and sales to their store. In this episode, Stacy reveals: How she started her own business What’s so special about TikTok The difference between TikTok and other Social Media platforms What type of content works on TikTok (and how it’s different from other platforms) How to get started on TikTok as an eCom brand with minimum effort & no investment How to use TikTok to boost  sales P.S. For more actionable tips for eCommerce growth, join our Facebook Group: eCommerce Scaling Strategies by SalesGenomics
May 08, 2020
Damiano Raveenthiran, StartupSlang - How to build a high-converting Shopify Store
Damiano Raveenthiran, founder and CEO of web development and Shopify ecommerce agency StartupSlang with 10 years of experience working on eCommerce and Retail businesses. Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. Have you ever wondered why? Damiano explains the benefits of Shopify & how to make your Shopify store a conversion beast! He also reveals: What are some common conversion mistakes Shopify stores make & how to solve them?  What are some useful tools & apps to use with Shopify to boost conversions & revenue? What are the common reasons why Amazon sellers move to Shopify? How to turn your Shopify store into a mobile app for less than $100 in minutes to boost lifetime value of your customers?  Latest secrets of Shopify website design. What is headless Shopify & why ecommerce owners are raving about it?  To get in touch with Damiano, visit StartupSlang  website -> P.S. For more actionable tips for eCommerce growth join our Facebook Group: eCommerce Scaling Strategies by SalesGenomics
April 10, 2020
Omar Sinbawy, The Present Pixel - Brand Strategy vs Performance Marketing
Omar Sinbawy - brand strategist and the founder of The Present Pixel - a company helping small and medium brands position themselves.Branding - some eCommerce owners neglect it and focus on pure direct-response marketing. Others spend way too much time perfecting their brand voice, which makes then less and less agile.In today’s podcast Omar reveals: What is branding? Why is it important for an eCommerce business? How does branding influence business’ bottom line? How does a business know they’ve got a problem with their branding? What are the symptoms? How to solve all branding problems? What is a good balance between branding and marketing? To get in touch with Omar, visit The Present Pixel website -> P.S. For more actionable tips for eCommerce growth join our Facebook Group: eCommerce Scaling Strategies by SalesGenomics
April 03, 2020
Chris Guzowski, Polipo Ventures - How to find an investor for your eCommerce business?
Chris Guzowski is a Principal at Polipo Ventures. He is an active angel and early-stage investor, in a wide range of industries. Their Venture Capital company invested in businesses like Koh, Booksy, F4s and Sundose.  In this episode he answers various questions around investments in eCommerce businesses, such as: Why would someone consider taking an investment in an eCom business? How much money can an eCom business get? What are the benefits for both sides? What are investors looking for in eCom businesses? What are some red flags that investors look out for? What is the process of taking on investments like? If you are considering taking on some interest-free capital to use for working capital or cashflow needs of your eCommerce business, you cannot miss this episode!  Visit Polipo Ventures website - >
March 18, 2020
Bostjan Belingar, Hustler Marketing - 8-figure email marketing strategies from Klaviyo's inner circle
Bostjan -  the leader of Hustler Marketing, who is never afraid to get his hands dirty. He’s a badass copywriter himself, with an enviable knowledge of e-commerce sales, marketing and deliverability. Personal growth hacking is his obsession and he’s known to organize each minute of his day. He’s the ship-captain who leads by example and blasts away icebergs. Hustler Marketing is Golden Klaviyo Partner within Klaviyo inner circle. They helped Shopify stores create more than $18 million in new revenue with advanced email marketing techniques.  In this episode we asked: What’s his story with ecom and email marketing?  Why would anyone focus on email marketing?  What is a good benchmark for how much % of revenue should be coming from email marketing?  How does that break down between sequences and newsletters? Best email platform and why it’s Klaviyo? What are some of the most common mistakes ecom entrepreneurs make?  What are some basic and advanced email sequences with biggest leverage for eCom?  How to grow an email list? When is a good time to focus on email marketing?  How does he do Quality Assurance to avoid mistakes in sending emails?  Why would someone get an email agency instead of doing it themselves?  What synergies between ad campaigns and email can ecom guys exploit?  Favourite book/course on email? What’s his favourite email subject line?  What can our audience contact him about? Check out our Facebook Group -> Visit Hustle Marketing ->
March 12, 2020
Branden Yamada, eCom Exchange- How much is my online store worth & how to sell it?
Branden Yamada for almost 4 years has been helping e-commerce business owners as the mediator when selling their stores.  This time he explains: Why sell and others buy e-commerce stores instead of opening the new ones  What makes some stores not sellable  How much is your Shopify store worth? What factors influence store valuation?  Best tactics and strategies to make the e-commerce business more sellable  Insights of the e-commerce business selling process
February 24, 2020
Martin - 27x EBITDA multiplier!? How to sell an eCommerce business
Martin is a successful dropshipping eCommerce entrepreneur who sold his men’s fashion online store for a very significant multiplier. In this podcast episode he will reveal: Why he decided to sell his business Which broker sites to avoid and which ones he recommends What the process of selling a business is like How to set up an eCommerce business to be sellable What are the buyers looking for in an eCommerce business How to increase the valuation of an eCommerce business Join our Facebook Group for more eCommerce scaling strategies:
February 05, 2020
Emmanuel Friedrich - From 0 to multiple 7-figures in eCommerce. The importance of market research, product validation & subscriptions
Emmanuel Friedrich: Serial Entrepreneur with over 8 figures in sales generated online, professional copywriter & media buyer will reveal: How he built a successful multiple 7-figures supplement business from scratch How do choose a business model How to do a rock-solid market research How to find a product and guarantee it will sell BEFORE investing a dollar into manufacturing How to plan a budget to start a supplement business eCommerce vs Service business Why recurring subscription is the best business model What is merchant processing and how to set it up for subscription business How to choose the ad network perfect for your product type 2 costly mistakes eCommerce entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them How to set up fulfillment operations when scaling Why advertising is only a part of the equation for explosive eCommerce growth 2 books that influenced him as a business owner What supplements to take for optimal health as an entrepreneur Join our Facebook Group for more eCommerce scaling strategies:
January 31, 2020