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Salish Wolf

Salish Wolf

By Todd Howard
Incredible stories of extraordinary endeavors that capture the magic of the human spirit.

The inspiration for this podcast is a wolf named Takaya who gained global fame for living alone for nearly a decade on a tiny archipelago in the Salish Sea, showing us even the most unlikely is possible.
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#15 Wil on Music, Loss, and Love

Salish Wolf

#15 Wil on Music, Loss, and Love

Salish Wolf

#47 Mark Wolynn on Inherited Trauma, Family Constellations, and the Impacts of a Pandemic
Mark Wolynn is an expert on inherited family trauma and the author of the book, It Didn’t Start With You. His research and perspectives on trauma provide immense opportunities for healing, not just for the individual, but for generations to come. By understanding where we come from and the baggage that we carry, we can live with fewer emotional burdens today and break cycles that might sabotage our future and that of our offspring. I cannot more strongly recommend Mark’s book, and we explore many of its concepts in this interview. We begin with the notion of inherited trauma and the direct biological link of at least three family generations, and energetically of many more. Another major topic is attachment trauma, and we discuss how a break in the mother bond at any stage of childhood development can have massive reverberations in adulthood and potentially through the family lineage. In his book and clinical practice, Mark explores core language and how it can serve as a map through our family history to the root of traumas. Mark also takes us along his personal journey into a debilitating condition that catalyzed his global travel in search of healers and healing. What he eventually discovered shocked him and sent him back to his childhood home to renegotiate his relationship with his parents. There a hug from his mom helped not only to initiate his healing but also to shape his clinical practice, and we talk about the power of hugs in therapy. We also talk about his work with Family Constellations and assess the global traumas of the pandemic that are affecting all of us. Through his work and writing, Mark elegantly lays out possible paths to recovery and has helped countless break the cycle of suffering. This is a practical, eye opening, and inspirational interview that has the potential to serve all of humanity. Please enjoy this episode of Salish Wolf with Mark Wolynn. Episode Links: Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions Men’s Group at Anchor Point Expeditions
October 30, 2021
#46 Paula Reid on Adventure Psychology, Human Capacity, and the Power of Choice
Paula Reid is a courageous adventurer who is forging a career in applying Positive Psychology to help other adventurers and leaders optimize their performance. As someone who has experienced extremes of skiing to the South Pole with a debilitating leg injury, paddling the Mekong in a dugout canoe, and yacht racing around the world for ten months, she is no stranger to adversity and how it can impact outcomes. In this episode Paula shares many exciting stories of her global exploits, including getting arrested in Cambodia and narrowly escaping war in West Papua. She takes us inside the mind of the adventurer to better understand how adversities can plague the psyche and quickly turn a quest for triumph into a battle to merely survive. And we also talk about the post-adventure blues that can haunt people when they return to the world of routine. The believed limits of human capacity is often challenged and expanded in times of our greatest duress. With a Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology, Paula has dubbed the term Adventure Psychology to help people thrive during change, challenge, and uncertainty. Through exploring the extremes, Paula has learned so much about herself and her own capacity and is able to translate that into assisting leaders of all sorts, from athletes to CEOs, in their own expansion. Please enjoy this episode of Salish Wolf with Paula Reid. Episode Links: Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions Men’s Group at Anchor Point Expeditions
October 07, 2021
#45 Mikki Willis on the Antidote to Plandemonium, Darkest Hour Healing, and Standing for Truth
Mikki Willis earned overnight fame (and notoriety) in 2020 when he released his short film "Plandemic", which ironically went more viral than the virus it is about. Somehow, what amounted to an interview between Mikki and scientist Judy Mikovits ended up setting society into a whirl as "haters" and "debunkers" sprang forth more quickly than thistles in a field to bury every shred of this film before it could "contaminate" fertile minds. A billion views later would suggest that they failed. Truth is hard to quell. Despite death threats and many dark days and nights, which he openly shares in this interview, Mikki and his team went on to produce the feature-length "Plandemic: Indoctornation" that demonstrates how deeply the programming – by governments, media, and corporations – really runs. Despite all that he knows, and all the vitriol that has been aimed toward him and others who stand for their truth, Mikki navigates this global crisis, and life, with uplifting energy and poise that are truly contagious. His mission is not to cut down the naysayers but instead to spread empowerment and love. We talk about the homeschool coop that Mikki and his wife launched in 2020 and how that is growing today into a template that could be a compelling alternative to government-based schooling. He shares inspiration from Dr. Judy Mikovits; his new book, Plandemic: 100% Censored. 0% Debunked; and the forthcoming 3rd Plandemic film. And we explore some very sinister and likely scenarios plaguing the world and how truth stands to be the antidote. Mikki has faced more scorn than most, and yet with the love and support of his family, he remains firmly loyal to humanity, meaning both a compassionate, sympathetic, and generous disposition, and the human race. Mikki knows no other way than to live life with honour, and his selfless acts in support of our freedom demonstrate a courage without limits. Please enjoy this episode of Salish Wolf with Mikki Willis. Episode Links: Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions Men’s Group at Anchor Point Expeditions
September 19, 2021
#44 Jon Turk on Myth, Magic, and Love
Jon Turk returns to Salish Wolf for another episode, this one on his new book Tracking Lions, Myth and Wilderness in Samburu. In this discussion, and in his book, Jon demonstrates how myth has shaped humanity, catalyzing the formation of tribes, creating power dynamics, and eroding the concepts of unity. Today, the world over, humans are immersed in myth-based societies where narratives are sparked by both well-intentioned and perverse igniters, fueled by our digitally-connected global ecosystem, and often fanned by fear. While on a lion tracking expedition in Kenya, Jon experienced firsthand the power of tribal lore and the wild narratives that we run through our heads. While literally on the trail of a nearby lion and armed only with a wooden club, Jon filled first with anger, then surrender, and finally peace. We explore many topics in this conversation, including the imminent danger Jon was constantly in due to warring tribes and corrupt officials, cultural myths that have shaped history, and the dividing factions of present-day narratives related to topics such as climate change and covid. Although myth has historically caused great division, including religious wars and ‘us against them’ attitudes, Jon and I demonstrate that two people do not have to share the same beliefs to have mutual respect and an admiration for that which connects us. Healthy debate has been the source of great transformation and intellectual advancement, yet today we run the risk of possibly irreparable divisions as cancel culture eliminates even the most basic human decencies. Yet there is another way forward, and love is at the heart of it. Please enjoy this episode of Salish Wolf with Jon Turk. Episode Links: Tracking Lions, Myth, and Wilderness in Samburu by Jon Turk Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions Men’s Group at Anchor Point Expeditions
September 15, 2021
#43 Kim Barta on Shadows, the Perpetuation of Trauma, and Shamanism
In this episode, Kim Barta casts light on some of our most hidden aspects, our shadows. Kim is an internationally-recognized psychotherapist, coach, and spiritual guide with extensive experience in shadow work and spectacular results in his psychotherapy practice. During this conversation, Kim defines what shadows are and indicates that the risk of not recognizing and integrating them is not fully fulfilling our destiny. He supports this concept with clear examples of how shadows can continually sabotage our journey through life. Meanwhile, they also provide beautiful opportunities for growth and healing when we choose to steer our journey through them. Kim highlights how shadows impact society and cultures, especially our projection onto others of our own inborn shadows. We see the ill effects of projection in all areas of life including politics, media, and right at home in our families. The collective familial trauma that we choose to carry forward by not assimilating our shadows perpetuates those traumas and sadly breeds new ones. When we align our identities with the darkness in our cultural history, we block out the light and cast the next generation in shadows. Kim’s unique background has deep spiritual roots, including a reverence for shamanism. He not only lived with a Native American shaman, but he also did his master’s thesis on shamanism in modern psychotherapy and continues to use aspects of it in his clinical practice. Alongside his sister, Dr. Terri O’Fallon, Kim presents workshops and trainings at STAGES International, the platform they co-created to offer training and resources informed by the STAGES Model of human development developed by Dr. O’Fallon. Be prepared to explore deeply the potential light hidden in the dark in this episode of Salish Wolf with Kim Barta. Episode Links: Stages International Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions Men’s Group at Anchor Point Expeditions Grief Recovery Program with Brea Segger
August 29, 2021
#42 Benjamin Fox on Astrology, Fulfilling Destiny, and Interconnectivity
Benjamin Fox is back on Salish Wolf with an enriching and fascinating conversation about astrology. This is an area where I have very little knowledge and experience, and Benjamin expertly guides my skeptical and curious mind through the universe of astrology – and what a complex and telling universe it is. Benjamin cover topics such as his path to now, mapping out the fundamentals of astrology, the ever-deepening lessons he gains from revisiting his own chart, the interconnectivity of all things, and astrology as a tool for fulfilling our unique destiny. To put a rocket booster to this astral journey, Benjamin came equipped with my chart and we put the telescope to where I am living up to my potential and to where imbalances are presenting opportunities for growth. As thought-provoking as this interview was in real-time, in the vortex of post-interview analysis, which can often endure, I am learning that there are stories I tell myself and others that reflect not so much where I currently am, but where I hope to pass through and beyond. In other words, when my ego gets too big for my space boots, gravity has a way of reminding me that I have not yet learned to moonwalk. Benjamin is co-founder of A New Possibility, a learning and healing community that helps people develop a conscious relationship to their inner life. He is also co-author of the new book The Alchemy of Inner Work. Whether you are a seasoned traveller of your astrological chart or considering new ways to explore your inner space, I hope this episode constellates for you in a way that bring about greater alignment. As captain of this starship, Benjamin guides with deep compassion and an obvious conviction to help others navigate this incarnation in a configuration that best allows destiny to unfold. Please enjoy this episode of Salish Wolf with Benjamin Fox. Episode Links: A New Possibility Instagram: @anewpossibility Facebook: @anewpossibility  The Alchemy of Inner Work by Lorie Eve Dechar and Benjamin Fox The Alchemy of Inner Work book review Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions Men’s Group at Anchor Point Expeditions
August 21, 2021
#41 Jordan Wylie on the Power of the Paddle, the Edge of Life, and Knowing Your Why
Jordan Wylie is not good at one thing in particular: being idle. This man does life-threatening adventure like most people go to the store. When Covid restrictions put a halt to his attempt to run 10 marathons in the 10 coldest places on the planet, Jordan rapidly switched plans to attempt to circumnavigate the United Kingdom on a stand up paddleboard. To add to the extreme level of difficulty in this quest, Jordan had to first learn to paddleboard, in less than 7 days. What may seem like pursuits of madness, for Jordan are in reality pursuits of purpose. He does not focus as much on how he is going to accomplish something as he does on why he is going to accomplish something. His “Why” for this sea voyage was a little boy in Africa who he had promised to build a school for. So his fundraising paddleboard expedition was to him not a choice but a duty. While England was in lockdown, Jordan took to the seas. Despite superhuman credentials, Jordan humbly makes it clear that he is not resistant to suffering and struggles. He details his harrowing experience with divorce that eventually led him to contemplate his final journey from a skyscraper in Dubai. The man who had once climbed Kilimanjaro barefoot and had fought off Somali pirates had nearly lost both his “why” and his will. With renewed determination, he is now trying to remove the stigma of mental illness and also to provide education for children who have few options. In my opinion, Jordan is superhero-like, and he is also remarkably human, in ways that enable him to change lives. His newest book, The Power of the Paddle, is an account of his world record-breaking paddleboard journey and will be released this fall. Be prepared to be deeply moved in this episode of Salish Wolf with Jordan Wylie. Episode Links: Books by Jordan Wylie FaceBook: @mrjordanwylie Instagram: @mrjordanwylie Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions Men’s Group at Anchor Point Expeditions Grief Recovery Program with Brea Segger
August 13, 2021
#40 Lorie Eve Dechar on Dreamwork, Shadows, and Integrating Archetypes
After our riveting conversation in the last episode, Lorie Eve Dechar and I are back again, this time to drop more deeply into archetypes, and into the world of dream interpretation. In a real-life dream consultation, Lorie unweaves the chaos of an hours’ old dream to help me find within the thread of my shadow archetype and stitch together a logical narrative of its message. And I am not talking about an oh-that’s-cute-but-useless message. Instead, it has me turning tricks trying to maneuver a successful landing, my head spinning with thoughts of integration and of the potential magnitude of all the other dreams I have given barely a passing notice. Dream time is not the only focal point of this conversation. We also continue with the exploration of archetypes that we began last episode, and, because of my dream interpretation, we specifically examine the concept of the Shadow archetype and those of the Trickster and Mercury. Using her alchemical healing wizardry, from the leaden material that we throw into the discussion, Lorie extracts gold. Along with her husband Benjamin, Lorie is co-founder of A New Possibility, a learning and healing community designed to help people develop a conscious relationship to their inner life. As a renowned acupuncturist and author of three books, including the recently-released The Alchemy of Inner Workthat she co-authored with Benjamin, Lorie offers insights that are priceless instruments in the quest for inner transformation. Please enjoy yet another spellbinding episode of Salish Wolf with Lorie Eve Dechar. Episode Links: A New Possibility Instagram: @anewpossibility Facebook: @anewpossibility  Books by Lorie Eve Dechar and Benjamin Fox The Alchemy of Inner Work book review Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions Men’s Group at Anchor Point Expeditions
August 03, 2021
#39 Lorie Eve Dechar and Benjamin Fox on Inner Alchemy, Archetypes, and Fulfilling Destiny
Inner Alchemy is about transforming emotional lead into gold – not just healing, but braving the darkness to find the divine purpose and light of life. This is the weighty material that Lorie Eve Dechar, Benjamin Fox and I discuss in the laboratory of this episode as we forge a kindred-like bond. Lorie and Benjamin are not just professional practitioners and teachers of inner alchemy, they also live it to their core. Alone and together they have mined their wounds for glints of gold, and their transformations have become priceless resources for their widespread teaching. In this episode we excavate heartrending childhood trauma, examine many subtleties of relationships, and begin to pick apart the role of archetypes. We also deeply explore the concepts of life purpose and destiny and how we can carry on with integrity even when we lack clarity of our mission. Benjamin and Lorie are co-founders of A New Possibility, a learning and healing community where they help people develop a conscious relationship to their inner life. Benjamin is an astrologer and community builder, while Lorie is a renowned acupuncturist and author of three books, having co-authored the third, The Alchemy of Inner Work, with Benjamin. These two have so many gems to offer, and here we only scratch the surface of astrology and dream work, areas of their expertise that we will put under the microscope in future episodes. Get ready to have your consciousness stirred in this episode of Salish Wolf with Lorie Eve Dechar and Benjamin Fox. Episode Links: A New Possibility Instagram: @anewpossibility Facebook: @anewpossibility  Books by Lorie Eve Dechar and Benjamin Fox Book Review Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions Men’s Group at Anchor Point Expeditions
July 24, 2021
#38 Dar Pan on Human Consciousness, the Power in Love, and a Vision for Now
This is the second part of a riveting interview with the remarkable and wise shamanic healer Dar Pan. We pick up in this episode right where we left off in episode 37. Dar Pan wastes no time taking us into his vision for a more harmonious future in which we pry off the shackles of guilt, shame, and fear and emerge into the freedom of the healing power of love. This isn’t just a far-fetched, kumbaya utopia that he is offering but a realistic and attainable path forward that begins with the transformation of each of us personally, and he lays out the tools and benchmarks that we can apply to our individual journeys. We explore many contentious topics in this episode, including the injurious concepts of Original Sin and Settler’s Guilt, the fear-mongering propaganda of a controversial pandemic, and the ancestral shame that society affixes so incessantly to our psyche that perhaps only love and forgiveness will allow us to shed the labels that are rendering us incompatible with fellow beings on this planet, and at times, even with ourselves. As Eckhart Tolle demonstrates, there is an undeniable healing power of living consciously in the now. Dar Pan explores the virtue of human consciousness and how conscious communities can help restore our relations, bridging chasms that have been carved by our departure from living in the moment in exchange for technology that leaves us bereft of genuine connection. This is a powerful episode that can help guide us back to small- and large-scale communities that will thrive on that which unites us: our collective humanity. Welcome to a new vision forward on this episode of Salish Wolf with Dar Pan. Episode Links: Instagram @dar_pan369 Metamorphosis on YouTube A New Vision on YouTube Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions
July 12, 2021
#37 Dar Pan on Mother Ayahuasca, Aboriginal Wisdom, and the Psychology of Theatre
If this episode had a subtitle, it could be “Everything you ever wanted to know about Ayahuasca without taking it, and then a whole bunch more.” Based in a beautiful rainforest oasis in Byron Bay, Australia, Dar Pan has been co-creating with Ayahuasca for nearly thirty years. Having mentored under some of the most renowned “psychonauts” of modern times, including Terence McKenna and Stanislav Grof, Dar Pan has held Ayahuasca ceremonies for thousands of individuals committed to a deeper connection to spirit. This is the first of two parts of a mind-blowing and heart-opening conversation, and each part is dripping with the nectar of psychoactive plants and the teachings they offer. After pursuing formal university studies in psychology, Dar Pan then went into theatre and acting for a dozen years and began his “real” psychological education in situ from the stage. What he learned about people and himself helped give him gifts that he would later use as a guide during countless plant medicine journeys. Dar Pan lays out copious information in this episode, including the history and chemistry of Ayahuasca, indigenous healing practices, variations on plant healing ceremonies, and his experimental research with the healing power of the acacia tree. He also talks about personal preparations that can be advantageous prior to ceremonies, such as a traditional diet and deep personal growth work. His careless hero’s journey one night with LSD makes for an astounding tale and carved into his psyche a deep lesson that he never forgot. Dar Pan is a beautiful man with profound connection to the healing powers of our planet, and also the healing powers that lie, sometimes dormant awaiting the right catalyst, within each of us. Please enjoy this episode of Salish Wolf with Dar Pan. Episode Links: Instagram @dar_pan369 Terence McKenna Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions
July 02, 2021
#36 Stephanie Wang on Healing with Psychedelics, Natural Herbal Confectionaries, and How Things Connect
A native of Hong Kong, Stephanie Wang spent her formative years in a traditional culture steeped in mysticism, herbal medicine, and consciousness, and, on a personal level, one rife with challenges such as family unrest and emotional suppression. Eventually settling in New York City and later leaving behind a successful career in corporate finance, Stephanie found true alignment through plant medicine. She served as the president of The Alchemist’s Kitchen, which is dedicated to plant-based wellness and personal transformation, and Director of Evolver Holdings Corp, a leading conscious lifestyle company serving the post-new age transformational market. This conversation is strongly rooted in plant-spirit medicine, and specifically Stephanie’s healing journeys with ayahuasca, and psychedelic healing in general. We also explore the new herbal line of confectionaries that Stephanie is creating, which is a nod back to traditional plant-based “candies” such as marshmallow, licorice, and ginger that promoted health rather than today’s toxic and addictive sugar-laden, synthetic versions. Explorations in consciousness, which for Stephanie have included work with mediumship and channeling in addition to plant medicines, have always reinforced for her concepts of connection, unity, and love to all beings, not just humans. She shares these explorations in her podcast, How Things Connect, where she promotes authentic empowerment and conscious transformation with incredible guests. Stephanie is travelling a powerful path of healing and is dedicated to broadly sharing her insights for the benefit of all. I think you will enjoy the “sweetness” of life that she has to offer. Please enjoy this episode of Salish Wolf with Stephanie Wang. Episode Links: How Things Connect Podcast Instagram @stephaniewang5d Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions
June 22, 2021
#35 Ian Baker on Explorations in the Himalayas, Tantra, and Psychoactive Plant Medicine
I don’t know by what criteria National Geographic Society selects its six “Explorers for the Millennium”, but I imagine standards are fairly stringent. My guest in this episode, Ian Baker, earned a spot on that list for his extraordinary explorations in Asia, in particular through the Tsangpo gorges of Tibet. He also earned the trust and friendship of the Dalai Lama, from whom he has gained much wisdom and clarity. Always the adventurer, Ian takes us on a profound journey that covers topics such as Tantric Buddhism, the Tibetan art of healing, psychoactive plant medicine, and his team’s discovery of a Himalayan waterfall that had been the source of myth for more than a century, the daring details of which he recounts in his incredible book The Heart of the World. Ian also discusses his forthcoming book that will detail his journeys with the alchemist wizards of Burma and their intimate relationship with mercury. In what I found to be extremely fascinating, Ian also takes us inside numerous Himalayan caves where he has collectively spent many months in isolated meditation, including one three-month stint doing an esoteric practice prescribed by the Dalai Lama himself. In a world where most people turn outward for distraction every few seconds, Ian turns inward for months at a time for deep introspection and growth. Ian is the author of seven critically acclaimed books on Himalayan and Tibetan cultural history, environment, art, and medicine, including his most recent release, Tibetan Yoga: Secrets from the Source. Ian also leads private expeditions in India, Tibet, and Bhutan. This episode is deeply profound and enriching and has left me wanting more exposure to the teachings and wisdom of this remarkable man. Please enjoy this episode of Salish Wolf with Ian Baker. Episode Links: Books by Ian Baker Daniel Reid Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions
June 11, 2021
#34 Daniel Reid on Plant-Spirit Medicine, Detoxing Emotions, and the Edge of Life
Dan Reid returns to Salish Wolf with another incredible interview during which we traverse the intense highs and occasional lows that have comprised the landscape of his life. Following narrative trails that he maps out in his 2-volume memoir, Shots from the Hip, we explore some of his most impactful experiences. Dan is best known as a leading author of all things related to Chinese culture, including Taoism, tea, herbal medicine, and qi gong. As I indicated in episode 25, The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity, Dan’s most popular book, greatly influenced my life and garnered legions of fans. Readers will find his memoir as expertly crafted as his other books, but likely far more entertaining, as Dan pulls no punches in telling the mind-blowing history of his life. We begin this episode with a look at the influence of drugs, namely plant medicines such as Ayahuasca and opium, on Dan finding his Tao. We explore philosophies and spiritual practices that have helped shape him such as Dzogchen, mediumship, and channelling. And we discuss how he has used much of his experiential knowledge, alongside his wife, to create a detox program that they have offered in many countries with incredible success. The valleys in his life have been quite deep, and Dan does not shy away from sharing some of the more harrowing periods, including three near-death experiences that rattled and rocked him to nearly the brink of no return, and the power of sound healing that helped to bring him back. Dan is a living testament to the magical and mighty journeys life can lead us on when we open to the spontaneity of the heart. His journey has been wild and exotic, with not even a trace of the mundane. Please enjoy this episode of Salish Wolf with my friend Daniel Reid. Episode Links: Books by Daniel Reid Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions
June 04, 2021
#33 Lonny Jarrett on Transpersonal Psychology, The Tao, and 40 Years of Writing
I first published this episode on Pacific Rim College Radio, but this conversation is too fascinating not to share with the Salish Wolf audience. My guest is Lonny Jarrett, one of the world’s most recognized practitioners, authors, and teachers in the field of Chinese Medicine. Lonny has a gift for making the esoteric seem simple, and you do not need to be an expert in Chinese Medicine, or even have any knowledge of the field, to follow along and glean wisdom from Lonny’s experiences. We also discuss many things other than Chinese Medicine, including martial arts, transpersonal psychology, Taoism, and the art of writing. Lonny holds master’s degrees in both acupuncture and neurobiology and has been published in leading scientific journals. He is an expert in pulse diagnosis, having studied intensively with Dr. Leon Hammer. Additionally, Lonny has achieved the rank of fourth degree black belt in the Korean martial art Tae Kwon Do. Lonny is the author of three distinguished texts in Chinese Medicine: Nourishing Destiny, The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine, and his newest release, Deepening Perspectives on Chinese Medicine. Nourishing Destiny is one of my favourite books, on any topic, ever, and I cannot wait to get lost in the pages of his newest book when it is released. Lonny maintains his full-time practice of acupuncture and herbal medicine in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. He moderates, an online community of 3000 practitioners dedicated to evolutionary, ecological, and integral perspectives on Chinese Medicine. This episode was pure joy for me to record, and I hope it brings many insights to you. Please enjoy this episode of Salish Wolf with Lonny Jarrett. Episode Links: Spirit Path Press Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions
May 27, 2021
#32 Richard Stuttle on Finding Purpose from Loss, Embracing the Dark, and Mediumship
Finding meaning after losing a loved one – especially someone with so much life still to live – must be one of the most challenging journeys in the human experience. For Richard Stuttle, this journey was thrust upon him when his kid sister was murdered at only 19 years of age while travelling in Australia. How we react in the face of trauma indicates the gravity of the impact; what we do next indicates the resiliency of our character. What Richard did in the wake of his sister’s death, and continues to do today 19 years later, is a powerful testament to his love for her and his desire to help others avoid painful losses. In this episode we explore the charity that Richard founded in his sister’s memory to promote safe travelling, the book that he wrote about her life and death, the demons that he has grappled with since her passing, and the unconditional love he found for others when she moved on to another realm. It is that ‘realm’ that we then explore with an intriguing discussion about spiritual communication and mediumship. Richard has been immersed in mediumship for decades and has mentored under some of the world’s best mediums. He has developed his own working methods using art, colour, and creativity to unlock potential. Our discussions of evidence of an afterlife will align and conflict with many paradigms, and to some will hopefully bring comfort and peace of mind. Richard’s dedication to bettering the lives of others is commendable, and his devotion to his sister’s legacy is heartwarming. From the depths of great tragedy he has mined the most beautiful gems of love, purpose, and gratitude. Please enjoy this episode of Salish Wolf with Richard Stuttle. Episode Links: and Instagram Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation and Facebook Chasing Rainbows: The Stolen Future of Caroline Ann Stuttle by Richard Stuttle and Instagram Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions Grief Recovery Program at
May 18, 2021
#31 Pouya Farmand on Psychedelic Therapy, Healing Emotional Trauma, and Levitee Labs
Pouya Farmand found a deeper connection to nature, including people as part of nature, during his first psylocibin experience. Since then, he has become a self-described psychonaut and is currently CEO of Levitee Labs, an emerging multidisciplinary integrative wellness and psychedelics company that is promoting evidence-based psychedelic therapy. Growing up in war-ravaged Iran, Pouya received an unenviable education in pervasive grief and fear. Concurrently, he also received from his grandmother profound exposure to plants and food as medicine, including for helping to heal emotional trauma. After personally being diagnosed with depression and ADHD as a young adult, Pouya chose to turn inward for healing instead of suppressing symptoms through pharmacotherapy. Plants and mushrooms became his portal to inner wellness and ultimately a better way to rise from depression. In this episode, Pouya takes us on a trip through his own journey with psychedelics, colourful history and legend of psychedelics, paradigm-shifting psychedelic clinical research and applications, and the genesis of his company Levitee Labs, their ethos around therapeutic freedom, and their positioning to be an industry pioneer through their mission to enhance the wellbeing of society. Pouya is on a stratospheric trajectory into the corporate world, and he remains grounded, heart-centred, and humble during the process. He understands that to deliver the most positive impact to humanity, his company needs to not just be successful based on the currencies of commerce and media, but, more importantly, on the virtues of integrity and human connection. Please enjoy this episode of Salish Wolf with Pouya Farmand. Episode Links: Levitee Labs Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions
May 04, 2021
#30 Chad Guenter on Fostering Mental Health, Healing Through Connection, and Paddling the Path
This interview with mental health champion Chad Guenter begins with a light-hearted discussion of standup paddle boarding on rivers and rapids and includes his takeaways from many years as a whitewater guide. And then, as if entering class V rapids, the intensity changes. Being most at home on the water, Chad is not afraid to go deep, and in this episode, we descend into the abyss of mental illness. Paddling has been an integral part of Chad’s life and personal healing, and to help support loved ones struggling with mental health, he started using his paddle board as a springboard to raise awareness. But Chad is not just standing up for those close to him; he incessantly fights for the well-being of anyone facing mental health challenges. Through his initiatives known as Keep Calm/Paddle On and Project All In, and in his role as a firefighter, Chad has dedicated his life to helping others both in the physical and mental/emotional realms. He is literally saving and improving the lives of people throughout Canada, and the impact of Project All in has cascaded around the globe. I know and have interviewed many amazing and driven individuals, and Chad has quickly risen to the upper ranks of that list. His dedication to his selfless path of service to others is awe-inspiring, and his unabashed vulnerability touched me in a way that very few interactions have. Even with his enormous physical stature, I have found that it is his heart that is the ultimate titan. With Chad standing up against the stigmatization of mental illness, dismantled barriers are being left in his wake. Be prepared to fall in love with this guy and feel the embrace of his compassion. Please enjoy this episode of Salish Wolf with Chad Guenter. Episode Links: Keep Calm/Paddle On Project All In River Camp at Episode 1: Norm Hann on Paddleboarding, Wild British Columbia, and Activism Whitewater Intensive Leadership Development School Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions
April 17, 2021
#29 Duff Gibson on Olympic Gold, the Power of Sport, and Fatherhood
This interview with Duff Gibson is a unique listener opportunity to go inside the head and heart of a former world class athlete and coach who is passionate about sport, competition, and fun. In 2006 Duff did the nearly impossible in the last race of his career by winning gold in the Torino Olympics in the sport of skeleton, a high velocity, headfirst, adrenaline rush down an ice track on top of a tiny sled. And yet, this was not the most impactful sport-related moment of his life. Duff takes us inside his mind to understand his race day and training philosophies, guides us through technical aspects of skeleton, including the physics of steering, and vividly demonstrates the virtue of body awareness. Today Duff is the author of the soon-to-be-released book, The Tao of Sports, in which he expertly illustrates many sports philosophies such as nurture vs. nature, a positive mindset, passion of pursuit, and the value of fun in youth sport. The book inspired me to seek closure by writing a letter to my first coach whose death many years ago only became known to me relatively recently. Sport is not the only ground we on which we tread in this episode. We also discuss lessons from fatherhood, and in particular the road to and since adoption. And that road winds us back into sport, more specifically into the realm of youth sport and Dark Horse Athletic, the organization Duff founded to promote fun, physical literacy, and a growth mindset in kids through sport. Duff is a powerful man with a heart that matches his Olympic medal. His real heroism stems not from his competitive feats but instead from his humbleness, generosity, and passion. Settle in for an epic ride with this true champion. Please enjoy this episode of Salish Wolf with Duff Gibson. Episode Links: Dark Horse Athletic Social Media @duffgibson Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions
March 31, 2021
#28 Kenneth Cohen on Qigong, the Beauty of the Tao, and Oolong Tea
Kenneth Cohen is a legendary Qigong Grandmaster, Chinese scholar, and world-renowned health educator. In this interview he delivers powerful, insightful, and inspirational narrative that spans cultures and millennia and regularly reminds listeners of our interconnectivity, not just to each other, but to all that is. Ken is the author of the internationally acclaimed book The Way of Qigong and has been a disciplined practitioner of Taiji Quan and Qigong for more than 50 years, since being introduced to the former at a talk given by Alan Watts. We talk at length about Ken’s journey with these spiritual practices and with other Chinese martial arts, and the development of his interest in Chinese language and philosophy. Ken’s recall is incredible, and he spontaneously shares with us in Mandarin passages from the Tao Te Ching and Taoist poetry, complete with his thought-provoking translations. Taoism has had a profound impact on Ken’s life, and we explore many of the philosophies that have been so meaningful to him and continue to be wholly relevant in the modern world in which we live. To conclude this episode, Ken takes us on a surreal sensorial journey to the high mountains of Taiwan via a cup of oolong tea. I assure you that if you are a tea drinker, this is one verbal excursion you will not want to miss. When I think of Ken, many virtues come to mind, including wisdom and generosity. I could listen to his wisdom for hours on end, and I am so grateful for the nearly 2 hours that he generously gave for this interview. My life has certainly been enriched by the experience, and yours is about to be also. Please enjoy this episode of Salish Wolf with Kenneth Cohen. Episode Links: Facebook The Way of Qigong by Kenneth Cohen Alan Watts Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions
March 19, 2021
#27 Lao Zhi Chang on the Tao of Ego, Growth through Suffering, and Lessons from a Kidnapping
Welcome to part 2 of my unforgettable interview with Taoist (Daoist) Abbot Lao Zhi Chang. If you have not yet listened to part 1, episode 26, I suggest starting there and then coming back to this episode. But you will still benefit from both regardless of the order you listen to them. Lao lost both of his parents to cancer at only the age of 6. He then ran feral for 2 years before meeting the Buddhist monk that would raise him and bestow upon him many extraordinary gifts for internal reflection and spiritual development. We covered a lot of ground in part 1 and continue at a sobering pace in this episode. Lao lays some foundations of understanding human behaviour, from Jungian psychology and the concept of ego to the 6 human needs and the 5 emotions of Chinese Medicine. We discuss how practicing our reactions can help us control our reactions, as nobody else controls them. We alone are responsible for our emotions. Lao takes us on an exploration of the lessons that can be learned from the mythology of Ganesha, fathering with consciousness, and his harrowing experience being kidnapped near the Caspian Sea. He also demonstrates the value of making peace with pain, using suffering as a vehicle for growth, and forging connections as service to others. There is simply so much merit in this interview that you won’t want to miss a minute of either part, and you will probably want to listen again and again, as I already have. Lao’s life wisdom is nothing short of staggering, and his ability to deliver a message is incomparable. Please enjoy this episode of Salish Wolf with Lao Zhi Chang. Episode Links: Episode 26 with Lao Zhi Chang Episode 9with Luke Gifford Episode 10 with Luke Gifford Episode 12 with Christa Black Gifford Cloe Madanes Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions
March 10, 2021
#26 Lao Zhi Chang on the Orphan Raised by a Monk, Taoing the Tao, and Deactivating Triggers
This interview with Taoist (Daoist) Abbot Lao Zhi Chang is so rich and profound, I have decided to separate it into 2 episodes. For best cohesion, I suggest listening to them in order, but regardless, there is abundance to be gleaned separately from each. Lao was orphaned at the age of 6 and ran feral for 2 years before meeting the Buddhist monk that would raise him. This benevolent monk became Lao’s first teacher, and eventually Lao would travel through more than 50 countries acquiring many more teachers of myriad philosophies. Both parts of this interview drip with wisdom, and in the collecting pot of this episode, you will find a comparative analysis of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism; sage, fatherly-like advice from a monk; an exploration of triggers as vehicles for inner inquiry; how life symbols are not what is symbolized; and the journey of forgiveness. Lao’s life has been rife with isolated incidences of horror, including being gang raped as a young boy. Yet through all the trauma, and perhaps because of it, he has found healing, love, and compassion. I could listen to Lao speak for hours and hope to continue fruitful dialogue with him to share with you. His ability to decipher the lessons of the universe and to distill them down into tools for others’ growth is extra-ordinary. His is on one hell of a journey, and our lives are now better because of it. Open up to it, and hang on. Please enjoy this episode of Salish Wolf with Lao Zhi Chang. Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions
March 03, 2021
#25 Daniel Reid on Sex, Virtue, and the Tao
More than two decades ago, The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity by Daniel Reid became a pivotal book in guiding my life journey toward natural medicine and healing philosophies. His prolific writings on Chinese Medicine, Martial Arts, Taoism, Nutrition, and Tea have likely shaped countless other personal journeys. Daniel’s life is replete with rich experiences and cultures. Growing up in East Africa and then studying in California, his early life was influenced by the free-spirited recreational drug culture of the day. While listening to the introductory university lecture in Chinese history that would shape the direction of his life and life’s work, Daniel was tripping on LSD. After earning a Master’s degree in Chinese Language and Civilization, he moved to Taiwan and spent the next 16 years luxuriating in the culture of ancient philosophy, healing, and nightlife. He eventually relocated to Byron Bay, Australia, with his wife, and they now reside in Thailand. Daniel is a scholar of many topics, and we leap into several of them here, including sexual healing arts, Taoism, Qi Gong, and high mountain oolong tea. We also talk about some of the escapades that comprise his two-part memoir, Shots from the Hip. Daniel’s life has been a constant dance with the principles of Taosim, and even today, living in a foreign country and time where his freedoms are restricted, he draws on teachings of sages to find the Way. His candor is refreshing, his humour alluring, and his wisdom well-earned. Please enjoy this episode of Salish Wolf with Daniel Reid. Episode Links: Books by Daniel Reid Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions
February 25, 2021
#24 David Smart on Founding a Paddleboard Company, Overcoming Demons, and Riding the Waves of Life
Having an intimate, first-time conversation with someone can be as unpredictable as an open ocean paddle. Fortunately, I chose well as this conversation is with the person who makes the best paddles in the world. David Smart is perhaps not the typical dude you would expect to find carving a niche in surf culture. As much as he loves the water and the thrill of exploring it on a board, he also is passionate about markets and trading. For decades he has enjoyed the intellectual challenge of trying to understand what drives markets, whether it be fundamental, emotional, or technical matters. It was actually David’s trading career that brought him to live in Southeast Asia, then to seek the tranquility of paddling on the Andaman Sea, and then to bail out a beleaguered stand up paddle manufacturer. Now, as the founder of Squamish, BC-based Blackfish Paddles, David is committed to making the best paddles available with the least environmental footprint. Alongside his professional accomplishments, David is also a family man and credits much of his successes to the support of his wife and kids. In the spirit of gritty vulnerability, in this episode David reveals many of the struggles that have shaped his life journey, from an unstable childhood home and the emergence of inner demons to entrepreneurial woes and financial calamity. His belief in the goodness of people, a pact with his sister, and his daily meditation routine have helped him serve himself and others more fully and authentically. Blackfish Paddles may be a success in the SUP industry, but what drives David is his alignment with purpose that is putting people all over the globe on the water to experience the beauty of this blue planet. Purpose. Paddle. Perfect. Please enjoy this episode of Salish Wolf with David Smart. Episode Links: Blackfish Blackfish Videos – including Norm Hann on Howe Sound Meditation App: Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions
February 18, 2021
#23 Michael Cobb on the Power of Presence, Aligning with Purpose, and Building Community
Michael Cobb is not your average real estate developer. He creates communities and lifestyle opportunities, and he does both with complete presence in the now and reverence for mother nature. Michael has a deep connection to spirit, which has helped him align with his greater purpose. When sudden illness threatened to take his life less than a decade ago, Michael was not faced with regret, anger, or even a crossroads. If anything, the illness served to reaffirm his confidence in the path that he had always walked. Michael seems to know no other way of living than that of radical authenticity. Michael is the founder of ECI Development, a multi-country developer with projects in Central America. He speaks regularly at international conferences about offshore real estate financing and development and creates unique opportunities for people to gain a second country of residence – an empowering option in what has become a very uncertain world. We have a great time in this episode sifting through the grains of Michael’s life journey, which, like mine, includes influences of West Virginia farm life. We talk about how he taps into his inner voice of knowing, his connection to the infinite, the value of family, his gift to fill the moment with only the moment, and his professional accomplishments that include environmentally-progressive developments. We even explore the roots of his sustainable teak forestry project and find balance in his passion for slacklining. Michael does not lead and inspire by coaching, writing, or performing. He does so through his permanent connection to his inner spirit, which allows him to serve others from an authentically heart-filled place of knowing. His actions help to create connections: to community, to earth, to self. Please enjoy this episode of Salish Wolf with Michael Cobb. Episode Links: ECI Development Free Global Property Resource Kit Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions
February 08, 2021
#22 Barefoot Ted on Running with the Tarahumara, Creating Luna Sandals, and the Beautiful Perfection of the Human Foot
Barefoot Ted McDonald sprinted into the spotlight with the publication of the bestselling book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. Barefoot Ted is one of the crazy, larger-than-life characters that springs off the pages of McDougall’s recount of their epic adventure to run a 50-mile race in the deadly Copper Canyons of Mexico with the legendary Tarahumara Indians. Growing up as a rebellious skater and surfer in sunny California, Ted was not lacking in athletic skill. But in his mid-30s, he almost gave up on the idea of ever running seriously. Despite his various endeavours to run pain free, nothing seemed to work over the long distance. Until, that is, Ted returned to his beach-based lifestyle and kicked off his running shoes for good. Only then did he really start running. And now, many, many marathons and ultramarathons later, he is not slowing down. Barefoot Ted and I explore many facets of his fascinating journey, including his love of riding penny-farthing bicycles, his ongoing adventures with the Tarahumara Indians – perhaps the greatest long distance runners on the planet, and acting as ‘El Presidente’ of Luna Sandals – an adventure and lifestyle sandal company. Barefoot Ted’s path in life is to seek and share insights that help people to come alive. His enthusiasm is infectious and his passion palpable. And through all of his seeking, some things about Ted are likely to never change: he’ll continue to surf, continue to run, and continue to follow his truth through whatever parts of himself it leads. Be sure to stay tuned in right to the end of this fascinating discussion to receive a special listener discount code for your next purchase of Luna Sandals. Please enjoy this episode of Salish Wolf with Barefoot Ted McDonald. Episode Links: Born to Run by Christopher McDougall Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions
January 30, 2021
#21 Jon Turk on Arctic Expeditions, Siberian Shamanism, and the Magic of this Moment
Jon Turk has lived an incredible life filled with enough adventures to incapacitate most, and enough hardship to extinguish the wildest passion. But Jon is no ordinary individual; he is an extraordinary human that even today, at 75-years-old, continues to live life on his terms and at the edge that only he defines. Fifty years ago, Jon earned a Ph.D. in organic chemistry, wrote the first environmental science textbook in the United States, and began wandering the globe. He has since written more than 30 textbooks and has completed some of the most grueling expeditions, including kayaking across the North Pacific, circumnavigating Ellesmere Island, mountain biking through the Gobi Desert, and world’s first climbing ascents and skiing descents. He has gained much wisdom along the way, including awareness of living in the moment, never closing his heart to love, and always reaching out to catch the magic of life. Jon and I have a profound conversation that takes us deep into his experiences with Siberian spirituality and shamanism, which he so beautifully recounts in his book The Raven’s Gift; explores the life-altering impacts of avalanches; and follows the punishing and magical courses of many of his expeditions. There is not a dull moment in this episode, nor superfluous advice. If you are interested in defining the terms by which you live your life and finding contentment and purpose in each moment, you will not be disappointed in this episode of Salish Wolf with Jon Turk. Episode Links: Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions
November 29, 2020
#20 Alan Cassels on Flawed Drug Advisories, SARS-CoV-2 PCR Test, and Vaccines
In this episode, drug policy researcher Alan Cassels and I take a deep look into some less than desirable tactics of the pharmaceutical and health care industries. Alan has been investigating and reporting on nefarious industry strategies for more than 2 decades, and his books Selling Sickness and Seeking Sickness expose the dirty underbelly that some corporations and leaders would rather you did not know about. If you have been satisfied with the mainstream Covid-19 narrative, this episode might be a bit disruptive. If you have been questioning it, then you might find some answers here, as well as more questions. We discuss the limitations of PCR testing, the predominant testing model for determining Covid cases; the new Pfizer vaccine and the misleading propaganda related to it; Covid case numbers; and so-called protective measures. I have also published this episode on Pacific Rim College Radio, but I have included my special post-interview perspective at the end of this conversation? Going beyond Covid-19, Alan and I also explore questionable pharmaceutical selling strategies; conditions such as high cholesterol, osteoporosis, and hypertension; the industry of influenza; and drug safety advisories. If episode 28 with holistic pharmacist RoseMarie Pierce opened up a few uncertainties for you about the motivations of the pharmaceutical industry, this episode is going to rip the lid right off. I hope you are stirred by this episode of Pacific Rim College Radio with Alan Cassels. Episode Links: Selling Sickness by Alan Cassels Seeking Sicknessby Alan Cassels Twitter @akecassels Pfizer CEO sells stock Article on PCR Test British Columbia Covid-19 Dashboard Order of Provincial Health Officer in BC Hospitals in BC Journal of Clinical Virology article on PCR test amplification in Canada Eurosurveillance journal article on PCR test amplification Article on infectiousness and Ct values in European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions
November 18, 2020
#19 Michael Schiesser on Divorcing with Love, the Bondage of Blame, and Family Constellations
Michael Schiesser has been a powerful force in my life, helping me to grow in ways where I was not looking for growth. This in part is due to the curriculum he has created through the Inner Journey Institute that operates trainings in both the USA and Canada, and to his passion for serving others on their journeys. German born, Michael was raised under the influence and aftermath of World War II, with a father who served in the German Army. Michael spent 5 years with the Bavarian Police Force before feeling pulled into the realms of psychology and spirituality, where he has been rooted for more than 3 decades. After becoming a father to a son with congenital brain underdevelopment, and suffering a sudden separation from his wife, Michael found himself entrenched in the hardest period of his life, one during which he completed deep personal inquiry. Through that inquiry and the adoption of total personal accountability, Michael found space to heal and went on to create a loving friendship and business partnership with his ex-wife. Their book, Divorcing with Love, is a memoir of their healing journey and a guidebook for anyone experiencing separation from an intimate partner. As a facilitator of Family Constellations, Michael is highly skilled in helping people to reconnect with disconnected parts of the familial psyche to allow for healing. In this episode, we talk about his Family Constellation work, his year at Osho’s “ranch” in Oregon in the early 80s, and the lessons he has been gifted by both his son and ex-wife. This is a heart-warming journey full of advice for anyone braving challenging times. Please enjoy this episode of Salish Wolf with Michael Schiesser. Episode Links: Divorced with Love by Michael Schiesser and Neelama Eyres Inner Journey Institute The Diamond Approachby A. H. Almaas Email Michael – Anchor Point Links: Men’s Retreats at Anchor Point Expeditions
November 06, 2020
Dear Prime Minister: Joan Morris on Surviving a Genocide, Finding Her Voice, and Wisdom of Elders
This episode, like many others, is about the power and beauty of the human spirit. Yet this episode is not like any other. Joan Morris is an elder of the Songhees Nation of the Lekwungen People on Vancouver Island in British Columbia . As with many of her people, she has suffered greatly in the name of colonialization, and now she advocates for survivors of the draconian system that included residential schools and Indian hospitals. Joan is the last surviving person to have lived on T’ches Island, known in English as Chatham Island, part of a small archipelago located a few kilometres off the southern coast of Vancouver Island, near Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia. This is the same archipelago where the namesake of this podcast, the Salish Wolf, known as Stakaya to Joan’s people, lived and thrived. This conversation with Joan is a low velocity, high intensity journey through some of the severe hardships indigenous people of Canada, and certainly other places, have faced due to European migration. This is undoubtedly the hardest episode I have recorded and will likely be challenging for you, the listener. And yet the facts are simply too brutal and omnipresent, even today, for us to simply turn a blind eye or a deaf ear. For healing, there must be forgiveness and compassion; for compassion to be widespread, so too must the stories of incomprehensible suffering. This episode contains graphic material and may not be suitable for young children. But I urge you to listen. Our collective path forward will be built on the knowledge of where we have come. Thanks for listening to this conversation with Joan Morris on Salish Wolf. Episode Links: Medicine Unbundled by Gary Geddes Nancy Turner Plants, People, and Places by Nancy Turner
October 26, 2020
#17 Bruce Kirkby on the Adventure of Life, Devotion to Purpose, and Lessons of Autism
My guest in this episode is crazy, and that is just one of his many strengths. Bruce Kirkby does not take life sitting down, unless he is exploring remote coasts and waterways in a canoe or kayak. His idea of a hike is not a loop in a nearby forest but instead a trek across jungles and deserts and entire landmasses. He plans 6-month rustic, transcontinental excursions with less stress than most people plan a plush weekend getaway. I devoured Bruce’s recently-released book, Blue Sky Kingdom, which details his family’s ambitious and arduous overland and oversea journey from their home in British Columbia, all the way to a remote Buddhist village in Northern India nestled in the Himalayas between the borders of Pakistan and Tibet. Here his family lived in a monastery and slept in a room the size of a closet for many months. With journeys spanning more than 80 countries and 2000 days, Bruce’s accomplishments include the first modern crossing of Arabia’s Empty Quarter by camel, a raft descent of Ethiopia’s Blue Nile Gorge, a sea kayak traverse of Borneo’s northern coast, and a coast-to-coast Icelandic trek. Bruce is a prolific writer and photographer and is incredibly likable. His rich storytelling is valuable as both mental fodder and soul medicine. He guides us along many inspirational and shocking stories in this episode. He also vulnerably shares personal struggles and triumphs in his life, including an unhealthy relationship with his phone, a life dedicated to purpose, and fathering a son on the autism spectrum. This episode is itself a journey of many lessons of life, with wonders around every mountain switchback. Please enjoy this conversation on Salish Wolf with Bruce Kirkby. Episode Links: Blue Sky Kingdom by Bruce Kirkby “Big Crazy Family Adventure” on the Travel Channel Anchor Point Links: Bow Building Retreat at Anchor Point Expeditions
October 08, 2020
#16 Janne Robinson on Truth as Medicine, Seeking Simplicity, and the Journey of this Moment
It is always a pleasure connecting with Janne Robinson, a personal development coach, writer, surfer, mentor, and much more. This is Janne’s second time on Salish Wolf, and in her raw, vulnerable style, she again delivers a powerful message of truth and connection. Janne takes us inside her mega project of the year, a yearlong immersive program called “Your Truth is Your Medicine”, which is comprised of her life’s learnings and includes more than 20 Teachers of Truth who have served as Janne’s mentors, teachers, and inspirations. She also completes for us the storybook journey of seeking and finding her father and the relationship that she is still creating with him. On the tail end of what has been one of her busiest professional years, Janne is now focusing on embracing simplicity in life, something that many can understand but very few of us actually do. In her courageous, heart-centred style, she reveals personal struggles that have challenged her along the way and shares how those challenges have been some of her greatest teachers. Janne is a published author of poetry and plans to release two more publications in 2021. Her authenticity has emerged as a powerful tool that has helped her guide countless individuals with her coaching, retreats, and now courses. Learn more about her work and opportunities for your personal growth on her website, If you enjoyed episode 4 of Salish Wolf with Janne Robinson, I am confident that her “truth” journey will greatly inspire you. I hope you enjoy. Episode Links: Learning Links: Bow Building Retreat at Anchor Point Expeditions
September 26, 2020
#15 Wil on Music, Loss, and Love
I first heard Wil’s music around 2003 in a nightclub in Victoria, BC. With that show, I became an instant fan of this crazy bearded man who could make more noise with a guitar than anyone I had ever encountered before. With wild guitar riffs, guitar drumming, his trademark broken strings, and his mesmerizing voice, Wil became my live act of choice. Over the years I have seen him up and down Vancouver Island in pubs, jazz clubs, theatres, parks, and even in a living room. Wil delivered in every single show. Naturally, when I recently reached out to Wil’s wife Caroline to see if he would be interested in recording a podcast, I was thrilled by the response. And then Wil offered no fewer than 3 massive bonuses: he was keen to get personal, which he had never publicly done, he wanted to feature new music on the episode, and he wanted to come to my studio to record in person. I don’t think I have ever laughed so much during a podcast recording as during this one. Wil takes us on a tour of his skateboarding and punk rocker roots, shares with courageous intimacy the powerful relationship he had with his father, and explores 30 years of music making and touring supported by his love Caroline. Wil is not just a talent, but he is impossible not to like. With this we have begun an incredible adventure, and I hope you enjoy its unfolding here with the premiere of 4 new songs by the guy who is soon going to be your favourite recording artist. Episode Links: Anchor Point Links: Bow Building Retreat
September 09, 2020
#14 Joshua Hathaway on Reconciliation, Radical Personal Sovereignty, and Intimacy
Joshua Hathaway is a profound communicator with the capacity to change lives – to change your life. He changes mine with every conversation, as each shows me subtle or significant shifts that I can make to better show up in this world. This is my second podcast conversation with Joshua – you can hear the first at Pacific Rim College Radio, episode 7 – and I could not be more honoured to again have the opportunity to mine his heart and extract giant pearls of wisdom. Joshua is a leader among men, with 20 years of experience in men’s work. With his extensive background in nonviolent communication and Master’s degree in Somatic and Transpersonal Psychotherapy, he helps men dismantle their bullshit and claim radical responsibility and sovereignty. Basically, he helps us be the best men we can be – no BS. In this episode Joshua shares his perspective on current world strife. Using the concept of dissipative systems – systems operating out of equilibrium in environments in which they share energy – he informs how order and structure can occur spontaneously from living systems by allowing the guidance of innate intelligence. Through his perspectives we can glean how reconciliation is possible among humanity that has grown greatly out of equilibrium. And we learn how we can make shift universally by turning inward and claiming the energy that we often project unconsciously. I suggest you don’t miss a minute of this episode of Salish Wolf. Joshua Hathaway is a rare human to be in the presence of, and it is with great pleasure that I present him to you. Episode Links: Make Shi(f)t Happen!Webinar Joshua Hathaway on Pacific Rim College Radio, Episode 7 Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg No More Mr. Nice Guy by Robert Glover Ilya Prigogine and Dissipative Systems Anchor Point Links: Bow Building Retreat
September 01, 2020
#13 Ray Zahab on Running with Purpose, Surviving Extremes, and the Significance of Fatherhood
My guest in this episode, Ray Zahab, is such an accomplished explorer and ultra distance runner that just listing the bulleted highlights of his accomplishments would fill an entire podcast. He has won numerous awards and honours, was featured in the documentary film “Running the Sahara” produced by Matt Damon, and risks his life each time he goes out on an expedition. But Ray does not set out on seemingly impossible journeys for accolades or social media likes. Instead, he does it to inspire others. In 2008 Ray founded the organization impossible2Possible (i2P) that aims to inspire and educate youth through adventure learning, inclusion, and participation in expeditions. Youth ambassadors are selected from around the world to participate, at no cost, in amazing and educational expeditions. Since its inception, impossible2Possible has completed 14 gruelling expeditions around the globe. I have never met anyone quite like Ray. His enthusiasm for life and passion for adventure are infectious. And his tenacity and courage are incomparable. In this episode Ray shares stories of expeditions, his challenging path to overcome addiction, and his love for his daughters, for whom he would endure anything. Ray is many things: humble, inspirational, generous, likable, and compassionate, to name just a few. He regularly pushes his body, mind, and spirit to the limits to show that no obstacle is too large, that even the seemingly impossible can become possible. I hope you are inspired by this episode of Salish Wolf with Ray Zahab. Episode Links: impossible2Possible “Running the Sahara” documentary Anchor Point Links: Bow Building Retreat
August 23, 2020
#12 Christa Black Gifford on Falling Apart, Conscious Parenting, and Leading Women
I first met Christa and her husband Luke (episodes 9 and 10) at a fearless intimacy workshop in Colorado only a few weeks after they resurrected their marriage. It was also around this time when they led their first marriage intensive to much approbation from attendees. This is one of Christa’s many gifts to the world: turning her weaknesses and pain into strengths and offerings. Christa now leads several hundred women in her online teaching (currently iteration known as The Woman’s Circle), and many more in her in-person workshops. Her success as a mentor comes as no surprise. She has been a tour de force in virtually all she has endeavoured, including writing music and books, touring as a musician, podcasting, and perhaps most important of all, motherhood. The dialogue from Christa in this episode flows smoothly, candidly, and with great depth. She sees the world in ways that many do not and draws from her observations profound wisdom. Currently she is undergoing a deconstruction of self, a ‘falling apart’ as she calls it, and we explore what that looks like and means to her. We talk about conscious parenting, taking full ownership of her post in life, and loving herself right where she is. Christa uses all these life experiences plus her studies of energy medicine and movement to lead woman in personal transformation. Christa toured as a musician for over a decade with artists like The Jonas Brothers and Michael W. Smith. Her songs have sold millions of copies and have been recorded by the likes of American Idol winner Jordin Sparks. In 2012 and 2013, she had her first #1 hit as a songwriter when Passion’s version of One Thing Remains topped the radio charts. Every day Christa releases content that spans the globe, providing resources for those broken by the traumas of life, teaching practical steps to inner healing and giving support and encouragement for the journey. She has been impacted by more than her fair share of trauma: childhood sexual abuse, eating disorders, addictions, rejection, betrayal, depression, and the loss of her infant daughter. Her most popular works are her 2 books, God Loves Ugly and Heart Made Whole, while her podcast Head to Heart remains one of my favourites for its raw heart-centred power. Christa does not shy away from tough questions. In this episode, as in all content she produces, she is courageously transparent, wise, and deeply inspirational. I hope you find her generosity and experience useful. Enjoy this episode of Salish Wolf with Christa Black Gifford. Episode Links: The Woman’s Circle Head to Heart Podcast The Wild Woman’s Way by Michaela Boehm Donna Eden – Eden Energy Medicine Peter Levine Enneagram Descriptions Chicken Feather Earrings from Anchor Point Links: Bow Building Retreat
August 07, 2020
#11 Jen Segger on Adventure Racing, Endurance Coaching, and Pain as an Option
Jen Segger has traveled the globe competing as a world-class adventure racing athlete. She has, year after year, for nearly 2 decades, pushed her body to the extremes of what the human body is capable of enduring. And now, on the brink of 40, she is showing little sign of slowing down or becoming sedentary. Jen is my sister-in-law and partner to paddleboarder Norm Hann who I interviewed in episode 1. I interviewed her in my recording studio shortly after she and Norm paddled 250 km in 6 days from near their home north of Vancouver to my hometown of Victoria. Even in what was meant to be a getaway and chance to unplug, Jen still managed to push her body, and at some points her mind, to the edge – an edge that is far more remote than most people have ever dared to push near. Although Jen now focuses a great deal of her time on coaching others to explore their physical extremes, when she races, she still strives to cross the finish line first, as was her goal heading into last year’s Eco-Challenge in Fiji, dubbed the “World’s Toughest Race” and the race that originally inspired Jen nearly 20 years ago.  Her racing resume boasts a staggering list of accomplishments that date back to 2003 with only a single year of downtime to give birth to her son Kiel. Through a remarkable visioning technique, Jen manages to delay her awareness of pain until a more opportune time, i.e. after the race has ended. Jen’s feats are extraordinary, and her story is full of life lessons and sheer awe. You probably want to listen to this one with your headphones while pushing toward your physical limits.  Episode Links: Jen’s Instagram Mind Over Mountain Adventure Race Norm Han Expeditions Sunova Norm Hann Eco Expedition Board Salish Sea Marine Trail Anchor Point Links: Bow Building Retreat
July 02, 2020
#10 Luke Gifford on Losing God, Finding Father, and Radical Personal Responsibility
For this second installment with Luke Gifford, we continue with the conversation we began in the previous episode. If you have not listened to that conversation, you should not have too much trouble following along, but listening to Episode 9 first will give you greater context for what we discuss here. Luke is a dear friend who has come into my life to be a confidante and guide. In this episode he guides me through his excruciating experience of losing his first daughter and then losing what had been his only construct of God. His life fell apart, piece by piece, to the point that his loved ones worried that he might not make it through. But in the darkest hour, Luke managed to find the willpower and spirit to gather and rebuild. Through a position of radical responsibility, he took control of his life and found new love and commitment for his wife. Luke is a leader and teacher of men and an innovator of masterful, heart-centred curriculum. By leading retreats for men (and couples along with his wife Christa), online programs, and 1-on-1 coaching, Luke guides men to into emotional shadows and pain to unlock the pathway to personal growth. Luke’s brilliant intellectual and intuitive gifts, fierce work ethic, and passion to help others grow make him an incomparable ally for men. Hope you enjoy this episode with Luke Gifford. Episode Links: Head to Heart Podcast Anchor Point Links: Bow Building Retreat
June 21, 2020
#9 Luke Gifford on the Hero’s Journey, Shadow Work, and Childhood Trauma
Occasionally a person enters my life who I know almost instantly is going to have a profound impact on my personal journey. My guest in this episode, Luke Gifford, is one of those people. From our ‘non-chance’ encounter almost 2 years ago at a personal growth event, we immediately began a relationship of mutual support and challenge in which we settle for nothing but the best that each of us has to give. I firmly believe that every man would benefit by having a Luke-type friend to nudge, or bludgeon, him back on the track of integrity when circumstances derail him. This episode is only the beginning of the conversation that Luke and I intend to have, and yet we already reached such depth. Together we explore the concept of shadow and how some of Luke’s shadows sabotaged his marriage and threatened to undermine his entire life as he knew it. We also discuss a near-fatal childhood trauma that led him along an 8-year journey as a man to process the resultant psychological scars. In that journey he went blind, lost a daughter, and shattered his wife’s trust in him. Luke is a leader and teacher of men and an innovator of masterful, heart-centred curriculum. By leading retreats for men (and couples along with his wife Christa), online programs, and 1-on-1 coaching, Luke guides men to into emotional shadows and pain to unlock the stairway to personal growth. Luke’s brilliant intellectual and intuitive gifts, fierce work ethic, and passion to help others grow make him an incomparable ally for men. This conversation with Luke was thoroughly enjoyable and inspirational for me to take part in, and I hope you enjoy the beginning of this ever-evolving dialogue. Episode Links: Head to Heart Podcast Dr. John Amaral Micaela Boehm Robert Bly Braving the Void by Dr. Michael Greenwood
June 08, 2020
#8 Peter Conway on Plant-Spirit Medicine, Love in the Time of a Pandemic, and the Punk Rocker Ethos
I first sat down with my guest in this episode, Pacific Rim College faculty member and herbalist Peter Conway, to record for my other podcast, Pacific Rim College Radio. However, I knew once the interview was over that I also needed to publish it here as, among other assets, Peter is freakishly intelligent and deeply committed to his purpose. He has lived in a van and a teepee, has fought for the preservation and dissemination of herbal medicine knowledge, and generally follows in life a punk rocker ethos. Listening to him talk about plant-spirit medicine is like listening to a living mystic – I actually think Peter is a living mystic – and his knowledge extends vastly beyond the bounds of herbal medicine. We touch base with myriad topics including chaos theory, inner reflection during Covid, punk rock, spirituality, and nature. Here are some more commonly known bits about Peter. He graduated from the College of Phytotherapy in the UK in 1995. Prior to joining Pacific Rim College in 2015, Peter taught for many institutions and co-wrote the BSc Degree course in Herbal Medicine at Napier University in. He served as president of the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy for 12 years and is a former director of the European Herbal and Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association. Peter is the author of “The Consultation in Phytotherapy” textbook that he is now revising for its second edition. Peter currently lives in Victoria, is one of 9 distinguished faculty members of Pacific Rim College Online’s renowned Home Herbalist and Community Herbalist programs, and is working on an online project that will address “deep herbalism". Speaking of deep…that’s Peter. This guy has so much wisdom that you might want to listen to this episode more than once. Episode Links: School of Western Herbal Medicine at Pacific Rim College Online Community Herbalist Program at Pacific Rim College Online Online Home Herbalist Program at Pacific Rim College Online Touch the Earth by TC McLuhan The Complete Herbal Handbook for Farm and Stable by Juliette de Bairacli Levy Green Pharmacy by Barbara Griggs Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy by Simon Mills and Kerry Bone Medical Nemesis by Ivan Illich Spell of the Sensuous by David Abram Thus Spoke the Plant by Monica Gagliano Plants as Persons: A Philosophical Botanyby Matthew Hall Plant-Thinking: A Philosophy of Vegetal Life by Michael Marder The Enchantment of Western Herbal Medicine by Guy Waddell
May 31, 2020
#7 Cory Hastings on Martial Arts, the Pursuit of Purpose, and Head Traumas
I first showed up at the dojo of Hastings Martial Arts looking for a Karate class. A beginner one was not available at that moment, but Sensei Cory Hastings invited me to join a Jujitsu class that was starting in 15 minutes. So I did. Both Jujitsu and Sensei Cory were exactly what I needed in my life at that time, and now Cory also teaches karate to me and my 2 children. In this episode, Cory and I peel back the layers of his knowledge of martial arts: from Karate and Jujitsu to Muay Thai and Japanese archery. We talk about his persistent drive to perfect his craft, and how that drive led him to give up a lucrative job in pursuit of his heart’s yearning. Cory also shares many of the life lessons that he has gleaned from his teachers and martial arts and how he carries forward in his dojo the legacy of the respectful, holistic martial artists. Cory began his martial arts training 30 years ago in the same dojo that he only recently left to create his own dojo. He currently holds the rank of 4th degree Black Belt in both Shotokan Karate and Daiwa Ryu Aiki Jujitsu. Cory has also trained Muay Thai Kickboxing in Thailand and won the Canadian Muay Thai Association Super Middleweight British Columbia Title in 2011. Cory likely could have gone on to win other championships, but, as he shares, both he and his sensei were cognizant of the head injuries he had already sustained and how future fighting could have precipitated more injuries. As a husband and father of 2 children, the steward of his family farm in North Saanich on Vancouver Island, and a sensei who is benefitting his community, this is a risk Cory could not justify. It is true that Sensei Cory is the only sensei my kids and I have ever had, yet experience and intuition tells me we could not have found a better teacher for us. I hope you enjoy this episode with Cory Hastings. Episode Links: Hastings Martial Arts YouTube Learning Links: Surf Retreat through Anchor Point Expeditions Online Qi Gong courses at Pacific Rim College Online
May 23, 2020
#6 Zat Baraka on Men’s Leadership, Perseverance, and Fatherhood
If you take only one thing from this episode, hopefully it is powerful enough to keep you moving forward, even when it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. My guest in this episode, Zat Baraka, has carried that weight, even through the most painful times when he had considered giving up. It was through that pain that he discovered his own inner strength and greatness. He also discovered that, as people, we never really put down the weight. We just grow stronger and better equipped mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to turn the burden into opportunity. Our greatest gifts, says Zat, come from our deepest wounds. Zat is a leader and teacher of men. He has been and continues to be one of my teachers. He understands that, like me, and probably you, he will never reach the so-called place of arrival, but he will always journey with the intention of keeping his heart wide open to what the universe presents him. In this episode, Zat sheds light on the burden he has carried – from divorce and bankruptcy to deep loss and self-sabotaging – and how he has used these life traumas to hone his craft and help men. Zat Baraka is a renowned teacher, coach, and speaker in the men’s personal growth and spiritual development movement. His radical approach empowers men to live high performance lives, improving the quality of their sex lives, careers, relationships, and parenting. He coaches men into their deepest experience of integrity, helping them to understand the mature masculine, not as an abstract philosophy, but as an embodied knowledge. Zat’s training includes more than 25 years of spiritual growth work with an emphasis on intimacy and relationships, comprehensive Tantric Buddhist training, and a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology. He has more than 20 years of intensive men’s group work, cathartic therapy, men’s rite of passage, and men’s personal development work. Despite Zat’s expertise in men’s work, this episode is not just for men. Rather, it is for any human who has ever faced adversity and wondered if there is daylight on the other side. Episode Links: Podcast with Allan Isbell of Men’s Wisdom Work – Episode 13 of Pacific Rim College Radio Learning Links: Surf Retreat through Anchor Point Expeditions
May 16, 2020
#5 Fritzi Horstman on Healing Childhood Trauma, Activism Through Film, and Uplifting Humanity
Fritzi Horstman is a rare, beautiful individual with a selfless passion to transform lives. As a Grammy-award winning producer for her work on the “The Defiant Ones”, Fritzi is not resting on her laurels. Nor is she coasting through Hollywood, lapping up the limelight. Instead, she is focusing on spending as much time as possible in prison, supporting incarcerated men and women. Fritzi believes wholeheartedly in an urgency to bring humanity and compassion to prisoners to transform their lives and ultimately society. I invited Fritzi onto the podcast after seeing a 7-minute clip of her forthcoming documentary “Step Inside the Circle”, a riveting examination of the role that childhood trauma plays in the lives of the incarcerated. Within the first minute, I knew I wanted to help share Fritzi’s story and work. I felt chills throughout my whole body and still do each time I watch it. If you have not seen this powerful video, I urge you go to the link for “Step Inside the Circle” in the show notes, watch the video, and then listen to this podcast. It will give you greater context for the dialogue that Fritzi and I share. It is remarkable, in a sense, that Fritzi escaped a life of crime and addiction. Many who suffer the degree of adverse childhood experiences that she did do not rise above a life of shame, blame, and fear. With courageous transparency, Fritzi shares with us some of her most intimate childhood experiences and how they still impact her today. With her message “There is no shame,” she wears her heart on her sleeve, which helps those around her find inner strength and forgiveness. Until there is forgiveness, there can be no healing. Until there is healing, as a race we will continue to perpetrate acts of violence against all life. Fritzi is the founder and Executive Director of the Compassion Prison Project, which, through compassion, childhood trauma awareness, and creative and educational programs to uplift humanity, aims to catalyze prison reform and end recidivism. Fritzi knows firsthand the trauma that many incarcerated men and women have experienced in life. Having found her path, she is now helping many who are most lost to find theirs. Episode Links: “Step Inside the Circle” video The Body Keep the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk Russel Brand Dr. Gabor Mate Charles Eisenstein Wim Hof Lynne Twist Nadine Burke Harris– California Surgeon General Learning Links: Surf Retreat through Anchor Point Expeditions Episode 3– Shea Boland on Overcoming Addictions, Finding Purpose, and Serving Others
May 09, 2020
#4 Janne Robinson on Finding Truth, Seeking Her Father, and Self-Reliance in the Age of a Pandemic
I had a blast recording this episode with Janne Robinson. Janne is a 21st-century feminist beat poet, a personal development coach, a surfer, a beacon of inspiration, and so much more. With her raw, unabashed style, Janne takes us on a journey of her pursuit of personal truth. This journey weaves through recalcitrant body shame, the lightness and heaviness of impacting legions of women, and her passion for empowering others. Janne is a master of heart-centered connection, and she has built a career around her gift. Through her writing, she shares her heart with immense vulnerability and intimacy. Her first book of poetry, entitled This is for the Women Who Don’t Give a Fuck, is soon to be followed by an equally provocative second release. Janne’s self-care routine includes writing and other loves: surfing and nature. Through each she can disconnect from the daily grind and connect directly to spirit. She yearns to be more self-reliant, especially in this uncertain time. Whether that means hunting for food, growing a garden, crafting natural medicine, or living off the grid, each conscious step can lead to greater resiliency. (Listen all the way through to the end of the interview for a special discount code for Pacific Rim College’s incredible online herbal programs to help increase your resiliency!) Janne’s authenticity has emerged as a powerful tool that has helped her guide countless individuals through her coaching and retreats. Learn more about her work and opportunities for your personal growth on her website, To conclude this episode, Janne begins the beautiful account of searching for her father, whom she had never met or heard from and knew nothing of his whereabouts. It is a moving tale that involves global travels, letters, journals, and so much more, and one that will be further explored and concluded in an upcoming episode with Janne. Grab a hot drink and relax while Janne brings you into to the extraordinary world that is her life and helps you find the value in your personal truth. Episode Links: Esther Hicks The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer Heart Berries by Terese Marie Mailhot Boyd Varty, Life Coach, Lion Tracker Learning Links: Surf Retreat through Anchor Point Expeditions Online Herbal Programs at Pacific Rim College Online
April 30, 2020
#3 Shea Boland on Overcoming Addictions, Finding Purpose, and Serving Others
Have you ever been overwhelmed by seemingly insurmountable hardship? My guest on this episode could have been the poster child for falling in the face of adversity. He could have checked out figuratively and literally countless times. The odds were certainly stacked against him. But he didn’t stay down or give up. Instead, he rose and continues to rise – not despite each challenge, but because of each challenge – and he has become a role model for anyone fortunate enough to hear his story or to be in his presence. Shea Boland has taken the turmoil of his life, cracked open his heart to the collective pain of it, and has healed from the inside out. After so many years of struggling to simply survive, he is now forging a new life path of being of service to others. Whether Shea is modelling how addicts can get clean and find purpose, helping a client release emotional trauma, or mentoring a man to tap into his masculine essence, he does so with the deepest presence and greatest integrity. During this episode Shea guides us along his life’s journey, from his kid sister’s struggle with chronic illness and his escape into heroin, opiates, and sex, to his tangled relationship with his parents and ultimately the overdose death of his sister. Shea’s willpower to be something greater jockeyed tirelessly with his imprisonment to his addictions. It was not until his own overdose that he reached his own tipping point, sought help, and ultimately found his duty to serve others. Shea is a personal growth coach and the creator of the Inner Blueprint, a presence-based coaching program that helps clients manifest their highest version to live a more purposeful life. His raw vulnerability is a strength that draws people to him. Alongside his deep presence, willpower, and passion, he is true tour de force. And perhaps the best part of Shea is that his strength is infectious; we all benefit by being in his company. Episode Links: Getting the Love You Want by Harvel Hendrix and Helen Hunt Learning Links: Surf Retreat through Anchor Point Expeditions
April 26, 2020
#2 Paul Underhill on Founding a Functional Beverage Company, Defying Cystic Fibrosis, and Kiteboarding
Have you ever met someone who earned your respect and devotion within seconds? For me, Paul Underhill is one of these people. I have actually known Paul for about a decade, but this interview is only the second time I have had a conversation with him – the first time having also been in an interview. In my opinion, there is nothing to not like about Paul. Through his five-decade-long battle with cystic fibrosis, Paul has not only defied survival odds, but he has and continues to show the inspirational power of the human spirit. While his health deteriorated with each passing day, Paul launched a social impact beverage company while hoping to stay alive long enough to receive a double lung transplant. Nearly ten years later, Paul is thriving, and so is his functional beverage known as Rumble that is not only delicious and healthy, but as has been the case with Paul, serves as a vital nutritional component for so many chronic health sufferers. Certainly, for Paul the last decade has not been easy, and he and I discuss many of his losses and near defeats along the way, including a tumultuous period where it seemed his world was literally unraveling while his company hung by a thread. But Paul and Rumble are tenacious, and both have rumbled back, emerging stronger than ever. Alongside his physical struggles, Paul talks about his ongoing spiritual development and how he has been impacted by meditation, Qi Gong, and his relationship with his own mortality. Perhaps few of his successes would have been possible without the ongoing support of his friends, family, and business partners, and Paul’s inherent drive to drive for social impact through his actions and his brand. Rumble is not yet a titan in the beverage industry, but it was built on the shoulders and with the heart of a titan in life. This is Paul’s story, compressed into 90 minutes of raw and humbling dialogue. It does not matter who you are or what interests you have, if you listen to this episode, you will walk away a richer soul. And you will likely find yourself cheering for Paul, just as I do. Episode Links: (For BC) (for Ontario) The Heart’s Code by Paul Pearsall The Corporation film Raising the Bar by Garry Erickson Natures Path Learning Links: Surf Retreat through Anchor Point Expeditions Meditation Podcast with Steve James on Pacific Rim College Radio Qi Gong online courses through Pacific Rim College Online
April 20, 2020
#1 Norm Hann on Paddleboarding, Wild British Columbia, and Activism
For this inaugural episode of Salish Wolf, I sat down with internationally renowned paddleboarder and activist Norm Hann. I recorded this episode in March 2019, one full year ago. Since that time, a lot has happened for Norm, including turning 50, earning the number 1 and number 3 spots on Lonely Planet's "9 Best Long-Distance SUP Adventures" globally, and together we traveled to a BC coastal destination for an incredible 4-day bow building and personal growth retreat that I hosted through Anchor Point Expeditions. As Norm shares in this episode, he is always looking to grow as an individual and to impact others. His activism, expeditions, and films in the Great Bear Rainforest demonstrate this so beautifully. Even at 50, Norm continues to win paddleboarding races and to lead global excursions. He is a man with a clear purpose that he follows with the utmost integrity. In 2006 Norm was adopted into the Raven Clan in the community of Hartley Bay, British Columbia, where he had been coaching basketball. He was given the name T’aam Laan meaning “Steersman of the Canoe.” It was two years later that paddleboarding came into Norm’s life, and he immediately knew he was on the right path. Since then he has paddled all over the world and has been featured in countless magazines and in the breathtaking documentary "Stand". Norm also happens to be a husband, father, and struggling with a heart condition that has recently impacted his life in profound ways. Through it all, he continues to deepen his connection and seek new ways to give back even more. Episode Links: Belize Paddleboard Expeditions "Stand" Film Lonely Planet Best Destination Long-Distance SUP Adventures "Great Bear Rainforest" IMAX Paddle Canada Untethered Soul by Michael Singer The Golden Spruce by John Vaillant Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss Great Bear Rainforest by Ian McAllister Books by Joseph Boyden  Learning Links: Surf Retreat through Anchor Point Expeditions, Co-Taught by Norm Hann
April 02, 2020