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Relationships; the good & the messy - Sally Kalan

Relationships; the good & the messy - Sally Kalan

By Sally Kalan
Teaching you how to consciously heal and transform your relationships.

My mission is to show you that you can end toxic cycles now, that you do not need to settle or allow another person to decide how you are going to feel. You are allowed to have healthy beautiful love.

We tend to experience toxic relationships because we have our own deep-down unconscious beliefs and our conditioning dictates our choices in relationships so in this space as a certified coach for over 10 years I will help you heal, wake up, and creating a new version of you. You are so worth it!
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#257 3 core steps in finding healthy love
Hey lovelies, are you someone that seems to spears attract the wrong relationship, are you tired of going around in circles as you watch all your friends settle down ? Well there are 3 things you need to do to get you on a new relationship path! Change is not easy but it’s so worth it & these 3 steps require you to do different but will completely transform your life ! I am here as your 1.1 coach so if you are ready to make HUGE changes then book a call with me 💗my 1.1 wide awake chapter coaching may be just what you are looking for ! Link on my Instagram and please reach out if you have questions ! Ps! You are amazing
September 19, 2022
#256 here’s how your beliefs are creating unhappiness or happiness
My loves sharing here scenarios of how we create beliefs around relationships & how they can be sabotaging our future with a great love ! I can help you ! If you want to work with me VIP coaching please book a free call to discuss how I can help you ! I hope you find this episode helpful because you really can have great love ! Here for you 😍
September 07, 2022
#255 here’s how to have a great relationship
My loves sharing here today why finding a good person can feel uncomfortable if we are used to the struggle in love ! I want you to listen to this if you want real love someone who is going to treat you so amazing and you wtf going to find them to be more than you could have imagined ‘ listen and book a FREE CALL link in my Instagram bio! Limited time only ❤️you deserve the best kind of love so let us get this happening
August 22, 2022
My loves welcome back ! Here are my best tips on getting over s break up and I have an opportunity for you to find & work with me 1.1 so please head over to Instagram book that initial FREE CALL ! Let me know how you find these tips and a big hug & thank you for all the love & support you guys bring me ❤️
July 27, 2022
#253 you CANT HEAL in a weekend
Hey beautiful souls I have seen a few relationship accounts growing on Instagram ( using bots and all sorts for growth ) 20k extra followers in less than a week etc and also promising to heal your relationships in a super quick time, please please do your homework lovely humans ! Have a listen here as to why you can’t heal in a weekend but how you can ! Ps you are amazing ❤️
July 25, 2022
#252 listen to this ! How much are you worth ?
Love love love this quick message to you all ! We can spend years trying to convince people if our worth but they will never see it and with others they see it without us doing nothing ! Go where the love is and csn you relate ti the analogy I share ! I’m here for you ! Book a free call with me to discuss my 1.1 program ! You ring regret it as I can pretty much tell you in the first 10 minutes why you are struggling in your relationships and what you can do to change it.. follow me @sallykalan on IG booking in my bio ❤️ps I see you
July 11, 2022
#251 are you ready for change ? I got you
My darlings is there ever a right time to invest in yourself ? Probably not because we hope things will just work out but often we can then spend years going around & around ! I love helping people make changes, I love seeing someone go from feeling like they will never find love to not only finding love but being in the best place of their life prior ! It’s a journey ! Please book a feee call with me today & I can share with you what my program offers ! I’m the meantime I hope you feel inspired to take action & put YOU first ! Time waits for noone ! With love ❤️
June 27, 2022
#250 how I can help you save years of your life
Morning lovelies ! I have lined the path and I know how much time I wasted in my life trying to figure things out on my own until I invested in my healing ‘ with what I know now I want to save you years of your life and give you what you need to go from unhealthy to healthy love ! Book a FREE call to discuss with me how I can help you booking at my bio on Instagram @sallykalan or via website
June 10, 2022
#249 REMINDER to keep going forwards!
Beautiful people ! A super quick reminder that change isn’t going to happen just because you understand why, change happens when you ACTUALLY DO different ! I’m here cheering you on for change in your life and to hook a free call with me over on Instagram in my bio if you are looking to totally makeover your relationships ! With over 12 years coaching experience & decades of life experience I know how you do it ! Let’s create the change together ❤️@sallykalan IG
May 30, 2022
#248 why you CANT leave a toxic relationship
Hey my loves, this is why you can’t leave a toxic relationship ! The good news is I can help you and not only that break toxic patterns and help you get over an ex in the healthiest way. Listen all the way & reach out to book your call with me @sallykalan on IG , let me know how you found my podcast today ! With love, always here for you
May 23, 2022
#247 YOUR TOXIC RELATIONSHIP will cost you ! A must listen
This is for you my loves my passionate self giving you the low down on what happens when you keep opting back with an ex or repeating toxic patterns ! Please listen and book a FREE CALL today @sallykalan Instagram
May 15, 2022
I wasn’t going to chime in but as a trauma survivor and coach I thought I would share my own thoughts ! So many of us can relate to the situation ! Let me know what you think ? PS DM via Instagram for a free call for June intake for 1.1 coaching heal & evolve program ❤️ love you to share these episodes too guys with love
May 13, 2022
#245 what you must do to change the past and create a new future
My loves change isn’t easy as we face resistance from our own minds which is what Lu most people stay stuck repeating the same patterns over & over and time waits for no one, before you know it 1, 3, 5 years have passed and hit much has changed inspite of you having the info you need ! Action is a must to mark changes ! Consistent action! These 5 musts will change your life, even just one of them will but you gotta commit to the change ! You have to imagine the life you truly want and DO different ! If you would like the opportunity to work 1.1 with me please DM your free initial 1.1 call to see if this is a good fit for you ! We go deep ! We do the work ! Please come follow me on Instagram, sallykalan and I look forward to hearing from you
May 03, 2022
#244 interview with my ex partner ~ cheating why I did
Ok guys sorry about the poor sound but we didn’t want to redo it as this was authentic and to the point ! I feel so grateful to be in a place of deep peace and healed over the years that I csn even have this type of conversation and grateful rob agreed to share as it’s not easy but I hope this brings some light to what can be going on with our partners ! At the end of the day it wasn’t ok but we are all struggling in different ways and inner trauma manifests so many ways ! Please feel free to comment reach out on my Instagram and let us know if you want more duo podcasts ! Pa the audio quality will be better lol ! Ps ! If you ate interested in healing, getting over an ex , breaking toxic patterns then please Dm to book your free call about my 1.1 coaching program ! It’s a deep dive of epic healing ❤️you are not alone
April 25, 2022
# 243 intro interview with ex cheating
Just a quick framework around the next episode with my ex partner ! So grateful he wanted to sit and chat please let me know your feedback $ and apologies in advance for the poor quality recording but the message is there ! I feel it’s super important for us all to be able to heal and share stories ( if we feel comfortable to do so ) because so many of us have trauma and it manifests in so many different ways ! So have a quick listen snd head to the next episode for the interview ❤️🙏
April 25, 2022
#243 love isn’t enough , comparability is key
Hello lovely humans, todays show I’m sharing the signs that you are a compatible match with your partner or for future partner ! Tell me your thoughts ? Whilst chemistry is a must being compatible predicts the success of the relationship ! Let me know how you find this podcast and tell me what you would like me to discuss on here ! Come work with me 1.1 on an epic healing journey do you never opt in to toxic again DM @sallykalan IG
April 11, 2022
#242 should I stay or go
Hey my lovelies ! I have been in this situation more than once and I feel sometimes just hearing some alternative questions to ask ourself can give us clarity ! Here are 5 of done of the questions that helped me make my own decisions ! If you are wanting to uplevel your life and re write a new story then my programs are for you ! Please go to Instagram and bio and reach out to book your call ❤️with love
April 05, 2022
#241 my 5 step brilliant manifesting process
Ok lovers I’m sharing with you my absolute best manifesting process !! I have seen incredible miracles occur in my life using this ! I wasn’t even aware of the process itself that I had unconsciously been using until recently reflecting on how much amazing has occurred in my life ! I hope you use it and love it ! Would you like to work with me and create loving healthy relationship or heal after a break up, end toxic cycles then please DM Instagram for details ! I’m all for life changes & seeing people transform ! Love you
March 23, 2022
#why you keep settling & going back & forth with ex
My loves, listen to all of this very valuable message! If you are someone that finds themselves settling for less, opting back to your toxic ex for 5th time or willing to accept crumbs then you need to listen to why you do this & what to do ! If you are ready for bug change I got you ! My 1:1 coaching has helped 1000s people transform & heal if you want a new path & heal from this pattern then this is for you ! Book your free initial call DM Instagram free call ! Ps . I love you ! You can change your future today ! ❤️
March 21, 2022
#239 don’t contact your ex
Hi lovely humans ! Sharing today why the no contact rule works & wvat I want for you so listen to the end ‘ let me know if this is helpful and please share & reach out to ask about my 1.1 coaching programs ! Healing after a break up & ending all toxic cycles ~ I’ve got you ❤️spots limited & book your initial free call to discuss where you are at & the program❤️
March 15, 2022
#238 My Tinder Experience
Hey beautiful souls ! Having recently gone onto tinder I wanted to share some of my own experiences and what I’ve learned ! Let me know yours ! Love to hear .. if you have recently gone through a break up or struggling to find healthy love then my 1:1 program heal & evolve maybe what you are needing ! So far I’ve helped 100s woman transform their lives & relationships please DM FOR your initial FREE 1.1 consult ! @sallykalan on IG.. Sending you all love ❤️
March 07, 2022
#237 3 minute reminder ~ breathe
In case you have forgotten too my loves ……..
February 17, 2022
#236 The mistake I kept making in my relationships
Hey lovelies! This is for you if you keep going back to a toxic ex ! I share here an important message for you and to let you know I see you! I also know that you deserve someone that never lets you go and treats you like a goddess ! Nothing less ! My expertise is helping people like you get over their ex but more importantly heal toxic emotional addictions, so far I’ve helped 1000s people heal and transform their relationships ! I do this through my 1.1 coaching program heal & evolve! If you would like to onboard and heal your relationships let’s schedule a FREE call to discuss how I can help ! Dm for details @sallykalan on Instagram ❤️ ps. Nothing changes IF nothing changes
February 16, 2022
#235 4 musts when a new relationship starts up
I was listening to a Mathew Hussein podcast and he was talking about the important foundations of a relationship and I totally agree with them so I thought I would share them here today my loves… let me know what you think & remember time waits for no one ! If you are ready to take your life to a whole new level my expertise is that I help people get over their ex and find the love they want ! I do this through my 1.1 coaching program and so far helped 1000s people through ! If this speaks to you dm mr for an initial free call to get you started ! @sallykalan on Instagram or website ❤️you are so worth it
February 10, 2022
#235 manifest love like this ❤️😆
My loves let’s talk happy today ! Your life after toxic can be brilliant I know mine is ! You csn literally begin creating a life on your terms & step into the version of yourself that IS you ! Enjoy todays episode & let me know how you go ! Let’s do this ! 1.1 coaching with me available ! I am also bringing back my 90 minute 1 off intensive calls ! Please dm over on IG for details @sallykalan ! Ps. You are amazing
February 02, 2022
#234 STOP chasing & let go what’s meant for you will find you
My loves this is for you if you eye hoping to snag that guy that you think is the one but it’s for anyone who is attached to outcomes ! There is an art to letting go & this message will help you ! If you would like to work with me & radically transform your life then DM so I can send you details! Clients currently slaying life & healing from the inside out! Love to have you on board ❤️sally
January 23, 2022
#233 why you feel so BAD in your toxic relationship
Are you more reactive my loves or your anxiety out of control more than ever ? Living in a toxic situation over a period of time begins to change us ‘ I’m sharing today 3 reasons why you feel bad and some things you can do to help ! Truth is you can not live like this indefinitely ! Decisions will need to be made and one thing I know is having someone there for you is so important so you are supported so please ask about my 1.1 coaching as I help hundred of women each year heal & transform through my coaching ! Let me know how you find the podcast and please reach out if I can help you 💕sally
January 14, 2022
#232 A question for you ! Must listen
My loves going into 2022 I want you to have the greatest love ! I want you to know yourself better then ever and choose well ! This question is for you ❤️
January 05, 2022
#231 An inspirational message for you 2022
My loves I have one wish for you all ! Listen to my words today ! I am here for you ❤️let’s make 2022 freaking spectacular
January 01, 2022
#230 2022 Is your year, channeled message you need to hear
Last day of the year wow hey ! Thank you for all the love and support the past year lovely humans ! Please Listen to the end as this is a channeled message for you ❤️ if you want to create a new you and have a new incredible life that’s better then ever & heal I take you on that inner journey of embodying the future you Are you ready ? Please reach out and ask about my 1.1 program.. 2022 is going to be everything and more than know it! Start here 😀Happy new year BeAutuful souls .. limited spots as always so jump in ❤️
December 30, 2021
#229 go where the love is
Lovely humans stop being around people who don’t see you or value you ! Go where you are seen heard validated, you are so loved and the right people want to be there for you, friendships partners family, aren’t always what you need ! Choose wisely 💝
December 29, 2021
#228 leave NOW! A message you need to hear
My loves this recording suddenly ends as it was connected to my phone still as I had not muted it but I’m uploading it still as it’s short and to the point and I had said what you need to hear if you are in a toxic situation ! I am here for you ! Please scroll back over the other 226 episodes and if you are ready to work with me transform your life and your relationship DM for details !
December 27, 2021
#228 why you can’t let go of a toxic ex / relationship
My loves breaking it down here why you struggle to let go of someone who is clearly bad for you ! I know they have their good points but that is not enough ! Instead choose amazing but first understand why it’s so hard ❤️let me know if this podcast resonates my loves ! My new 1.1 coaching program for 2022 is open for bookings. If you are ready to rewrite your entire relationship patterns and call in healthy love DM for details ! Ps this isn’t just a relationship coaching program it’s a life coaching in-depth spiritual awakening program ! Can’t wait to work with you ❤️
December 27, 2021
#3 tips on FINDING LOVE 😍
My darlings let these 3 tips be a must for you ! You absolutely can have a healthy loving relationship that’s not anchored on chaos uncertainty ambivalence ‘ it starts with you 😍listen to the end and please share ! Do you want to work 1.1 with me in 2022 DM for details it’s going to be amazing ! Follow on Instagram @sallykalan … happy Christmas eve everyone
December 24, 2021
#227 you need to know this about your EX
Lovely human, it’s hard after a break up we start thinking the ex has moved on and this new person has this new improved “ him “… listen to the truth of what is really the truth ! Don’t start thinking about him remind yourself if the TRUTH !! With love Sally … I am taking bookings for 2022 ! Would you like to work with me and transform your entire life please DM for details ! Change your life now ! No more repeating & looking back … @sallykalan on IG ❤️
December 22, 2021
#226 4 reasons why you are still single
Welcome back my loves ! There are more than 4 reasons but here 4 reasons I see a lot with clients and I saw in my own life ! The great news you can totally change these and find the greatest love ! If you are interested in working with me 1.1 in 2022 please drop me your name in my DM on Instagram & I can get back to you with details ! I have a big year planned for clients next year ~ 10 years in 1 ~ much love ! Please share these podcasts and if you find them helpful please leave a review it means so much ❤️🙏❤️
December 21, 2021
#225 4 best things to let go and move on
My loves I’ve got you here ! Moving on is HARD even if you wanted it! There is a healthy way to move on and an unhealthy way and I’m sharing here the best things you can do today to move on ! Please share these podcasts and let me know how they are helping you. I’d there something you would like me to talk about send me a DM on Instagram @sallykalan ! My 1.1 coaching is no open for next year 2022 please let me know if you would like to transform your life next year & work with me & I can send you details ! All my love ❤️
December 20, 2021
#224 4 spiritual signs your ex is thinking about you
Hello lovely humans.. are they missing us? Are they thinking of us ? A question we often ask right. Well here I share the 4 signs they are missing and thinking of you! 🤔I am working with selected clients next year on my quantum manifesting program 10 years in 1 please enquire for details if you are wanting to achieve what would not normally take 10 years we will be doing in 1 .. it’s going to be amazing .. DM ON IG ( or website ) my new website will be ready 2022 where you will find everything too ! Pa .. please share my podcasts or leave review as it reaches more people & means so much ❤️
December 19, 2021
#222 Save yourself YEARS! Don’t date right after a break up here’s why
Hey my loves. Listen to theend if you really want to hear truth about why it’s so important to stay single for a while after a toxic break up ‘ I share here why to do it & the huge life changing benefits of why it will save you YEARS! Yes years ……my 1.1 coaching & group coaching programs available please DM Sally kalan Instagram or visit my website ! My 10 years in one program launching January are you in? What would take you 10 years to accomplish let’s do in 1 year ❤️DM for DETAILS! ❤️❤️ a spiritual revelation relationships / health / wealth
December 05, 2021
A MUST LISTEN ..My loves this is for you if you feel you are going crazy in your relationship from their inconsistencies ! I lived many years like this & it mentally soulfully crushed me but when I began to realise what was really happening ( trauma bonding ) it freed me as I began doing the work .. you can heal and get through this ! I am here for you ! Come over to Instagram @sallykalan … work with me 1.1 worldwide DM for details ..
November 04, 2021
#220 Stop thinking your ex has changed for his new love / hook up
My loves it’s so easy to think that our exes move on and somehow they get the better version of him or that’s what we tell ourself ! We imagine he is showing up for her better than he ever did for us and we question our worth and feelings of grief and sadness linger ! But let me tell you the truth of what his next one experiences ❤️follow me in IG and please DM for 1.1 coaching details
October 25, 2021
#219 Does my ex miss me ?
Are you Wondering if your ex is even missing you ? Maybe he has moved on, or is shagging someone new and you find yourself completely devastated that he can be so cold ! Let me tell you the truth ! I’m here for you ❤️
October 25, 2021
#218 signs you are dating a REBOUND GUY
Ok listen my lines in this podcast 8 signs you are dating a rebound ! Sometimes we have no clue that the person we are seeing is still getting over his ex and even sleeping with her still ! It can be devastating so I’m sharing what you need to look for if you suspect something doesn’t feel right ! Dm me if you are ready to transform your life & relationships ‘ I take you in an inward journey of complete self discovery & healing ! I’m here for you ! IG@ Sally Kalan ! Please share these podcasts if you love them
October 25, 2021
#216 already sleeping with another before you leave ( cheating / toxic love
My loves a deeply personal share in the effects of being in a relationship with someone who has cheated on you and decides to create all the same pain as the relationship comes to an end … You must listen ! This was my life *affects if bring chested on *holding on * getting help * dealing with your intense emotions plus more …please share if this resonates my loves
October 19, 2021
#215 the no.1 reason MEN move on so fast after a break up
Lovely humans ! It hurts I know but take comfort from this message today ! Also mr next podcast is - the signs you are dating a rebound guy! You are not alone so please reach out ! I also have my 1.1 international coaching program! I am here for you ! Please share this podcast leave s review it helps reach more & more people. Thank you for making this too 5% podcasts in the world ❤️🙏❤️
October 01, 2021
#213 what is abuse
Let’s clear something up lovelies what is abuse ! This is a very short succinct message and I plan on taking more In depth on this in the future I also have other episodes around this subject ! Tell me how this lands with you, can you tenets ? Come follow me on IG @sallykalan & check out my website …. Better days are coming beautiful souls
September 15, 2021
#212 why is it so hard to let go when he doesn’t want me ?
Hello lovely humans ! Breaking it down here .. 5 reasons why it feels so hard to let go of a relationship & what you can do to help yourself through it ! Breaking up sucks but there are things you can do to make it easier on your heart… please take this info in my loves ! I am here cheering you on ! Great things are coming ! Dm for my 1.1 coaching offers if you are ready to heal your relationship patterns, trauma & create a new future ❤️I hope this message lands well with you ! Please share and reach out to me
September 06, 2021
#211 I can’t talk right now ! Crazy times
Just a quick check in my loves as so much happening in my own life right now that I will share more when I’m on the other side of it ! Please listen to this quick check in and what to do if you are living in a toxic situation ! Love you guys ! Reach out @salkykalan Instagram
August 26, 2021
#209 10 signs your relationship is over
I’m back !! Hello beautiful soul ! It’s not easy to know when a relationship has done it’s course sometimes ! The fear of starting over can keep us locked into an unhealthy unfulfilling existence ! Today I share 10 signs your relationship is over & I invite you to dm for a FREE initial Call with me to assist you on your relationship journey❤️Instagram @sallykalan ! Grab your free meditation aswell ! Let’s clear the patterns & heal your inner trauma together ❤️
July 08, 2021
#208 it’s not a man you need it’s a purpose & financial Independence
My loves ! You must have your own passion purpose & MONEY! Sharing today why this is key to setting a strong foundation to your life. I see many people struggling to find love hoping a man will be the answer to their life but usually this can mean they are lacking purpose & often financial freedom aswell, have a listen to what I mean by this … If you are ready to dive deep and learn more about yourself so you can end toxic cycles/ anxiety/ codependency or radically awaken spiritually dm for your free initial call and so you can learn about my premium 1.1 program, that is designed to radically heal your internal trauma and help you create a new you ! Please come over to ! Instagram@sallykalan ! Pa pleas Tell me if this podcast resonates ❤️love hearing from you
June 07, 2021
#207 Domestic violence ~ the reality of it
Hello lovely ones ! As a victim of domestic violence I needed to clear up some of the myths of what it is ! Many of us believe unless we are being physically hit then it isn’t DV! The reality is emotional & psychological abuse IS as debilitating and can create long term mental confusion and chip away at your sense of self causing long term psychological damage ! Please share this podcast if you know someone who is possibly living in a situation that is detrimental to their well being ! Reach out to me if you need help and please come follow me on IG ! @sallykalan for daily messages to help you heal & evolve 🌹You are not alone
June 04, 2021
#206 Jlo & Ben Afleck back together thoughts ?
Hello lovelies ! A few people have asked me what I think about the jlo Ben Afleck reuniting so I thought in good spirits to share my thoughts here as I know a few people that are re connecting to exes ! Tell me your thoughts too ! Love to hear …also If you have not already grabbed your FREE meditation by me do it now do it can re wire your mind for love ! Head to Instagram bio @sallykalan or my website ... let me know what your thoughts are around re connecting to your EX
June 01, 2021
#205 why you must meditate 🧘‍♀️
Beautiful people! A supper quick REMINDER 🧘‍♀️ I can not say enough about meditating ! After 15 years I know it saved me in so many ways 💕I have a free guided meditation that helps you dissolve unconscious patterns so grab it now & listen for 21 days ! This is why meditating works, it’s a tool that changes your neurological hardware😝& so much more ..Reach out and ask about my 1.1 programs as I have taken 100s people on a journey of deep healing💛please come follow on IG for more at Sallykalan.Let me know if this was helpful & if you have any questions l am here 🥰
May 19, 2021
#204 The signs you are with the wrong person !
Hey beautiful tribe ! Please share my podcasts! I would love that.. so Let’s be honest we can waste years in the wrong relationship, I don’t want that for you ! Listen up to these signs and tell me if this is you ! Come see me on IG ! My 1.1 is filling up again so if you are ready to work with me please DM on IG @sallykalan OR GO TO MY website !
May 17, 2021
#203 calling you names / yelling / ignoring
Lovely humans listen up guys too ! Anyone that Is loosing their shit at you regularly is not good ! It is not ok to live like this or accept this ever ! A quick 6 minutes of what you need to hear if this is your life! I’m here for you
May 05, 2021
#202 why your break up is a gift✨
Welcome back lovelies, yes you heard me correct 💯Your break up is a gift and I share 5 reasons why that is so …When I went through the hardest saddest break up I used it to grow and I see it now as the greatest time in my life because without it I would not have discovered my truth and who I really am ! See the silver lining my friends Enjoy💎Let me know if this resonates & please share ! Follow me on IG TIKTOK & check out my website for course details and 1.1 coaching details ! I see you ❤️
May 02, 2021
#201 how can I end my toxic cycles & have a great love
Welcome my loves🌈iI get asked all the time will I ever find great love? I’ve only had crappy relationships so I wonder if I will ?.. well Today I share with you what the answer is to this question & what you must do🌸Sit back with a note pad and listen up closely ok? This is a must listen if you want to stop the toxic cycles ❤️ ps! Grab your FREE meditation on my Instagram bio at Sallykalan ! You will love it 😍
April 29, 2021
#200 emotional safety ! This is a must listen ❤️
Welcome lovelies ! Ok this message is a must listen. I can’t tell you enough how important it is to feel this & why ! Take a listen & let me know your thoughts ! I’m here for you ! Guiding you into your best relationship ever! Please share follow IG TIKTOK @sallykalan
April 24, 2021
#199 the number 1 mistake you are making after a break up
Welcome gorgeous people ! Are you enjoying these podcasts ? Would love you to leave a review if you are finding them helpful ! So today I share the number one mistake people make after a relationship ends ! Take a listen as I tell you why not to do this ! I’m here for you ! Limited spots for next month for my 1.1 coaching So Jump in now . Dm for details my loves ! Enjoy ! And do as I say ! Lol! But seriously I got you covered ❤️
April 19, 2021
#198 The 3 fastest ways to get over a break up 💕must listen
My loves as a coach for over 15 years I know what works & what doesn’t ! Today I share the 3 things that will help you move through a break up faster and healthier ! Grab your feee guided meditation on my Instagram @sallykalan ! My 1.1 program has a couple more spots available, this is for you if you want to move through your break up with ease & create a new you big time! We go deep so it’s a full commitment for radical change ! DM @sallykalan ! My website temporarily unavailable ! Please share this podcast ! Love you guys
April 16, 2021
#197 What happens when you plan to leave a narcissist
Hello I’m back my loves ! Leaving a narcissistic relationship is never easy but a must if you want to feel alive and healthy again! Today I share the 6 things a narcissist does when he knows you want out !🙃Be prepared my loves! Don’t opt back in or fall for it ! 1.1 coaching is here for you, helping you end toxic cycles & heal inner trauma🌸! DM for details and grab your free meditation over on my IG @sallykalan! Sending you love
April 12, 2021
#196 How to escape a narcissistic relationship
Welcome back lovely people 💕Today’s subject is a heavier topic and One I know all too well. I am sharing with you what steps you need to take to exit a narcissist relationship. I’ve been there my loves I understand and I also know the healing that needs to happen after ! You are not alone🤍let me know if this is helpful & come and say hi on my Instagram @sallykalan .... the good news you CAN break this cycle ! I am here for you 💕
March 25, 2021
#195 6 signs He is NOT committed so move on ! ❤️
Welcome back loves ... in this episode I am sharing 6 signs he is NOT for you or committed to you & to save your energy ! We too often look at what we like in someone and ignore the signs he doesn’t feel the same way.. we want to believe in the happy ever after but we have to also face truths early on to avoid the pain that comes from wishing & hoping and being constantly disappointed Listen to my passionate message today because you deserve way better ! Know your worth lovelies. 1.1 coaching available worldwide please go to my website or my Instagram @sallykalan ! Please share these podcasts if you feel others will benefit ❤️
March 17, 2021
#194 The green flags to look for / the good stuff when dating
Welcome back lovely humans ! Today’s podcast is he / she the one ? Well we never really know in the beginning but thrre are definite red flags to look for but also green ones ( the good signs ) .. so here are 7 signs it’s looking good for you ... 😃
March 04, 2021
#193 Trapped in a toxic relationship due to financial dependence ?
Hello my loves ! In today’s chat I’m really just getting honest with you about why you MUST be independent & not reliant on another person financially ! I stayed stuck in a toxic situation due to needing financial security and it is the most draining trapped feelings, can you relate ? Not any more ! I want you to be empowered & free ! It starts now !!! Tell me what you take away from today’s episode! Listen to the end ! Grab your free guided meditation aswell ! Big love to you ❤️sally
March 02, 2021
#192 abusive ex’s, child support & what to do
Welcome back lovelies ! I don’t usually share this talk in podcasts but it’s for you if you are dealing with ex’s that are still controlling putting kids in the middle & not taking responsibility ! I share it more as a general message saying you are not alone & what you can do for yourself to keep yourself strong ! I share some of my own story of what I’ve dealt with, please have a listen and let me know if you can relate ? If you haven’t grabbed your FREE meditation that I have put together for your please grab it ! Come follow me on Instagram @sallykalan and let me know if you love these podcasts ! Much love sally ❤️
February 23, 2021
#191 how to manage your emotional triggers ⭐️
Ok my loves welcome everyone !! You are here yes !!!! I have 4 tips here for you so that you don’t get all caught up in your anger your hurt your sadness when triggered ! One way to take your power back & feel empowered is by mastering your emotions ! These are 4 steps you can begin today ! I love these steps I live this way ! Let mr know how you find them ! Please leave a review if you found this podcast helpful ! I am here for you ! If you are ready to heal after a break up re write a new future please check out my programs ! We go deep ! You will never see your relationships the same way again ❤️Back soon love sally
February 18, 2021
#190 5 signs he is highly invested in you ❤️
Hello my loves welcome back ! Ok we all want to have a partner who is INVESTED IN US right ? Here’s the 5 signs he is !! You deserve high level outstanding love, the same as you give ! Remember it works both ways❤️We have to be what we all desire too ! Let me know if this podcast resonates ! Please share ! Come say hi on my IG! I have 1.1 coaching programs in break up recovery & healing toxic cycles lots more ! If you would like to coach personally with me please go to my website or on my IG! My programs take you deep into healing & transforming! As a coach for over 10 years I get to see huge transformations in my clients so please reach out and ask more about my programs .! Big hugs ❤️Sally
February 15, 2021
#189 Must listen if you truly want change
My loves listen to this heart filled message for you ! Take it in❤️I love you I’m here for you
January 24, 2021
#188 clear your energy today for a new YOU
Hello welcome back beautiful people ! Ok this is a quick 8 minute podcast but you need to listen to it if you want change, if you get stuck, if you procrastinate, if you need BIG CHANGE ! sharing what you must begin to do right now ! Come over to IG join me ! Let me know how you are doing ! I want to hear from you ❤️
January 21, 2021
#187 signs your are ready TO WALK AWAY from a toxic relationship
Hello beautiful people ! I know the feeling of being in a toxic relationship I know it grates away piece by piece BUT I also know freedom I also know when enough is enough ! Sharing today 10 signs you are done! That you are close to making a life change ! Grab my FREE guided meditation if you are want change go to my Instagram bio & snatch it up today ! Please share these podcasts & subscribe if you rant value from these ! Warmest hugs 1.1 coaching still open head over to my website or IG
January 20, 2021
#187 why emotional connection is everything
Welcome back beautiful people ! here is your list of Why emotional connection is the foundation of a great relationship! A must or you will starve emotionally in your relationship! Sharing 10 points ! Tell me if this podcast resonates and please leave a review if you found it helpful ! Please join me on Instagram and join my fb support group as mentioned ! ❤️big love sally
January 11, 2021
#186 signs you are living in a toxic mess relationship
Hello Beautiful souls the signs of what it feels like living in a toxic messy relationship. What I forgot to add was you do not need to stay stuck reach out and ask me !love to see you on my IG and grab your FREE MEDITATION TODAY to dissolve unconscious patterns and create a nee you ! Super Powerful❤️link on my Instagram @sallykalan or website !
January 07, 2021
#185 The power of your choices will impact your life
Hello beautiful souls ! FIRST GRAB YOUR FREE GUIDED MEDITATION TO DISSOLVE OLD CONDITIONING ( bio in Instagram or on my website ) ❤️ you will love it ........ok so today’s quick powerful reminder is that your choices are affecting your life what choices are you choosing today that will benefit your future you? It’s time to plan ! Your decisions create a chain of events so intend WhAt it is you want to see for your life my loves ! This I your reminder to start thinking about YOUR decisions ! Love you ! Please share this podcast & remember to grab your free meditation and join the movement to be your free authentic self ❤️❤️
December 29, 2020
#184 Confused about his /her intentions listen up
Welcome my loves ! A super quick but must listen ! Never settle, stop trying to prove your worth, cut your losses ! Hers why ? Many of you been saying the same thing Lately, mixed messages basically abd this is my response to someone who is not all in and ambivalent ! 1.1 coaching for February is ready for bookings, January filled ! Please contact ❤️let’s create a new you now !!
December 18, 2020
#183 your life after a narcissist
This is a 2 part so please be sure to listen to both ! I wanted to sheet how my live was when I lived in a toxic situation to my life now ! If you question whether you can really heal or have it all you csn ! I’m living proof ! Listen up and let me know if you can relate ! You are not alone ! I could have spoken for hours about this subject but I want you to know the difference between your life now ( if you are suffering or struggling ) to your life when you make the changes ! These episodes are for you ! 1.1 coaching is available if you know yea time ! Much love ❤️ @sellykalan IG
December 14, 2020
#182 5 things to say to a narcissist to disarm them & take back your power
Welcome back my loves ! Following on from my last episode I am sharing here 5 things to say to a narcissist so you take back your power ! These powerful statements became my go to when dealing with an ex narcissist partner ! Let me know how you go ! If you are ready to invest in healing & dissolving your unconscious patterns that keep you stuck in unhealthy cycles please dm ! Bookings for next year are under way ❤️your life will never be the same when you unlearn ❤️
December 02, 2020
#181 living with a narcissist
Ok this is a big one lovely people ! Sharing with you solid gold information if you are struggling living with a narcissist! You will learn what they say to you regularly how you feel and what you must do ! Reach out to me and ask about my 1.1 program ! I am here for you ❤️
November 22, 2020
#180 does he really care or not ?
Hello lovelies welcome back ! Well there’s only one thing you can rely on to tell you whether he/ she cares / loves you or not ! Forget words ! Have a listen and let mr know if this resonated! Let me know how I can help you move forward/ dissolve toxic cycles ! My 4 programs are in my website and You can find me on Instagram @sallykalan or my website ! What did you take away listening to this ? ❤️I am here for you Sally 🌹
November 14, 2020
#179 3 steps you must do to clear toxic patterns ! POWERFUL
Hello welcome back my lovely ones ! These 3 steps are what I teach my clients and I wanted to give you them today as they are key in making changes ! There are no shortcuts in creating life long change ! Let me know how you found this! How can I help? Come follow me on IG @sallykalan remember you are not stuck you can be whoever you CHOOSE to be & clear your patterns to a new YOU 💕
October 30, 2020
#178 Why is my life not changing ? I’m doing the work ! Help
Hello lovelies . Today I wanted to share why it can feel as though things are not changing in our lives and what to do ! There is one necessary ingredient to change and that is ENERGY! The way you feel, your emotional blue print! I’m sharing how to begin to make those energetic shifts so you can create a life that is anchored in your truest authentic self ! If you want to take this further & totally dissolve your old programming please visit my website for details to work with me or come over to IG and say hi ! Nothing changes IF NOTHING CHANGES! We must do the work ! Let me know what you think of this episode ❤️doung
October 15, 2020
#177 SIGNS that you are a love addict
Welcome back lovely people can you relate ? I was a love addict for years and being a love addict isn’t pretty as it comes from our wounding our inner trauma patterns ! Sharing today the signs you are a love addict and how to begin to dismantle this pattern ! Remember we attract where we are at as well do as we heal we attract more healed to us aswell ! Let me know if you have resonance ! What is your takeaways ! To work with me 1.1 go to my website or DM over at Instagram @sallykalan
October 07, 2020
#176 Why do people I care about let me down
Welcome back to a new episode beautiful people ! This is more a general sharing of my own recent experience Of being let down by someone I trusted but I am also sharing why we do keep allowing people that are unreliable or inconsistent on our life ! Whilst it ultimately ties into our conditioning and inner child wounding I share today the 2 main reasons why it happens ! Let me know if this podcast has resonance with you and let he know if you share it in your IG stories & I can tag you ! If you are ready to heal & evolve and transform your relationships go check out my website for details about my programs ! Thank you fir listening ! Have any questions ? Please ask & I will get back to you
September 28, 2020
#175 why are my manifestations not working ?
Hello welcome back ! I love creating and I love that we literally are the creators of our life based on our beliefs and internal stories but what if you have been intentionally manifesting & nothing is happening ! Well I dm sharing today why that is and what you can do to speed up your dream life ❤️if you are not already following me come on over to Instagram say hello and please share these podcasts if you feel called ! I really do appreciate you all and am grateful for such a wonderful tribe of listeners ❤️
September 23, 2020
#174 don’t mess up your relationships like this ....
Welcome back beautiful people to my latest podcast ! Getting real with you Today😝Are you sabotaging your relationships ? I know I USED to . Well I am sharing here very openly ways how I would mess up my healthy relationships, but also how I would stay in toxic ones & why, maybe you will have resonance ... Sometimes we are so unaware of how we are showing up right ? .. Listen all the way to the end as it’s all super helpful if this if you too! Let me know If you relate to these behaviors The good news Is in all this is no matter what, you can CHANGE it! I can help you do that with my 4 coaching options on my website if you are interested in creating epic change in your life ! Ps. would love your feedback re my episodes so please leave a review or a dm ! Talk to you all soon Much love Sally ❤️
September 18, 2020
#173 How you know you have found the one ❤️
Hello beautiful souls, welcome back to a new episode ! I talk a lot about the toxic people and red flags and healing right but today I wanted to talk about something positive and uplifting😀 and that is, when you know you have found the one ! Sharing here some of the signs that you are with the ONE! Let me know if this resonates IG@sallykalan ! Make sure you listen to the end as all of these qualities are such a sign ! See you all soon ! Ps! I’m thinking of creating a fb group around the healing work let me know if you would be interested in joining ❤️ps! You are allowed to have a Healthy beautiful relationship ! Are you ready ?
September 11, 2020
#172 the 5 signs you are being used !
Hello lovely ones ! Welcome back to the podcast today ! This one today is for you if you have recently started dating someone and your getting mixed signals and questioning if he is serious about you or not or just using you ! Well I can tell you now these 5 signs are close something is not right but I would always suggest asking them too, are you serious about getting to know me or not? Gotta just say it as it is sometimes ! But here are the 5 signs that it might not be going anywhere ! I love you guys and want you to experience only deeply satisfying connections so I hope this podcast is helpful ! If you are ready to heal & transform I have my coaching options for you just dm me at my email or instagram DM@sallykalan ❤️please share these podcasts whenever you feel others can benefit ! Warmest sally 💛
September 01, 2020
#171 Why you keep settling for crumbs in your relationships and how to stop
Welcome back lovely souls Todays episode is one i know all too well. I spent years accpeting really poor relationships. Todays episode is for you if you keep allowing poor behaviour in your relationship.The reality is many people experiece great love, ehy shouldnt you? well our own beleifs often play into why we do accpet less than we know we deserve, so today I wanted to share with you some of the reasons YOU ARE SETTLING for crumbs and what you can begin to do today to change all of that. Listen to the end as its packed full of juicy information you need to here, Yes im Passionate about this because when you can experience great love you will realise that there are people out there that would give anything to be with you. None of this second guessing and barely there behaviour. If you are keen to heal and evolve, break toxic cycles , and transform your life please contact me via my website or DM AT Instagram account and rememeber you are allowed high level love in every way. Warmest Sally
August 26, 2020
#170 How to attract and create a loving relationship
Welcome back lovely ones ! Today’s podcast is one of my favs because it’s all about manifesting ! Calling in a great love ! These tips are gold! Take notes and let me know how you go with this ! If you have any questing please reach out ! Please come join my tribe over @instagram and if you are ready to heal toxic cycles I have 4 programs to choose from DM @instagram or via website !
August 17, 2020
#169 Creating a new version of YOU!
Welcome to a new podcast episode lovely people ! Today I share why when we are creating changes we have to 1. Be prepared to get uncomfortable as the mind will resist 2. Have a clear vision of the new you 3. Every day create routines around that new you so those neurons in your brain begin firing and wiring together ❤️🤗You gotta create a new mind in order to leave the past behind ! If you would Like to be part of my community head over to my website and sign up for free stuff and enquiries about my 1.1 coaching please email me & please share this podcast if you found it helpful I totally appreciate it lovely ones
August 13, 2020
#168 3 things you MUST never do after a toxic relationship ends 💜
Welcome back beautiful people , to a new episode ! Today’s episode is a short and straight to the point reminder of what NOT to do After a toxic relationship ends ! If you do these 3 things it will make your life so much easier and you will move through the break up easier and more quickly ! Whilst not always easy you can do this and great things await you as you begin breaking those old patterns ! If you find this podcast helpful please share the link & if you would like to work with me 1.1 or be part of my community please head over to my website Or instagram and lets connect ! @sallykalan IG @sallykalancoach FB
August 07, 2020
#167 Father Issues is this you ?
Welcome to another podcast lovelies! Today’s episode is around father issues and I am sharing today why we tend to have these issues and how they manifest in your relationships and what you can begin to do to break this pattern ! If you would like to be part of my community in helping you heal & evolve into healthy relationships head over to my website and I can send you regular tips & info in healing and transforming ❤️please share this link if you have found it helpful and my 1.1 coaching is now available❤️warmest sally
August 02, 2020
#166 Signs your inner child needs healing
Welcome lovelies to a new episode Healing your inner child will transform your relationship & it’s why I am so passionate in sharing anything around the inner child ! We are often unconsciously holding onto experiences we have forgotten that deeply impact our connections in relationships ! The reality is help is available and this help can totally shift your life into a whole new world! If you are ready to heal and transform & you are tired with the same patterns then let’s connect and I can let you know about my 1.1 program ! Dm me at IG@sallykalan or You are allowed to have a healthy loving relationship & sometimes we need to take care of our younger self first ! Please share if you feel this podcast was helpful ❤️
July 29, 2020
#165 Best relationship advice ❤️
Welcome lovelies! Want done straight up good advice ? Here it is ! As a coach for over 10 years and a healed emotional love addict I can tell you now these tipsi share here are super important to the success of a relationship ! Have a listen. Tell me What you think ? If you are ready to totally break your toxic relationship cycles I have a rad program for you that will totally shift you into a new reality ! DM for details and love you to follow me on Instagram so we can connect! Let me know if this was helpful and remember love YOU first ! Much love Sally @sallykalan IG
July 22, 2020
#164 Are you desperate for a relationship ?
Welcome my lovely people ... this is a passionate share because I know many of you will relate.. Feeling emotionally drained frustrated upset annoyed because you are tired of shitty relationships Yet you always want to be in one ! Hmmm... Sharing my story and how I went from desperate and needy to whole and deeply happy from the inside out ! You gotta break the need, the pattern ! Dm me if you are ready to work with me ! Please go follow at Instagram ! You don’t have to live this way ! More episodes on this coming 💜 ps ! I’m here for you
July 17, 2020
#163 5 ways to empower yourself if you are in a toxic relationship
Hello beautiful people ! So glad you are tuning in .. what do I have for you today ? Well .... Our own narratives / beliefs can be very disempowering ! I stayed way to long in a toxic relationship due to my beliefs that i was a victim, meaning I felt helpless, I could not break free , that was until i began doing these 5 things ! Take a listen and if you are interested in working with me 1:1 to heal & evolve after a break up or my other 2 programs please DM or! Life is precious don’t wait around hoping something will change ! Take action my love
July 15, 2020
#162 What is a toxic relationship and am i in one ?
Welcome back lovely people! Tnis is a quick reminder ~ if you aren’t sure if you are in a toxic relationship or not then I give you the “ what defines toxic “ there is nothing more debilitating then being in an unhealthy relationship and sometimes we are just not a match ! Check it out and come follow me on Instagram! @sallykalan My 1.1 international coaching program is now open so reach out and ask about working with me ! Please share these podcasts and I would love to hear if these podcasts are helping you much love sally❤️
July 07, 2020
#161 Managing your emotional triggers
Welling back beautiful souls ! A new episode which I know many of us struggle with ... What are your emotional triggers ? It can be exhausting when we are feeling a sense of anxiety stress from being triggered right ? Here I am today sharing what your emotional triggers are & how to manage them, because managing your responses is freedom .. You can feel a whole sense of peace when you learn to stay anchored in the now and not get activated ! Let me know if you found this helpful ! I am here for you! My 1.1 coaching program is available again at this time please enquire to receive my coaching options ! With love sally ✨💕
June 17, 2020
#160 TRAITS you must have in the person you marry
Sharing here my top traits I believe you need in a partner for life! There will be many more but I feel these are a stand out ‘ let me know what you think & let me know if you are interested in coaching with me ! As a coach for over 10 years I teach people how to create a new version of themselves & consciously heal their relationships so if you are ready we dive deep ! My goal is for my clients to totally shift their old paradigm and step fully into their power & truth ❤️
June 12, 2020
#159 How to change !
Apologies for the Speed chatting Here a little as I was in between clients and needed to share this message ASAP LOL ❤️change can not happen unless you are consistent lovely people ! Breaking it down a bit here so you understand why you must start With one step forward and stay consistent darlings ❤️reach out to me if you are ready to transform & heal ❤️✨
June 10, 2020
#158 IT IS NEVER OK for someone to yell & scream at you
Ok lovely ones I wanted you to hear this message today to let you know ITS NOT YOUR FAULT ! When someone uses anger & aggression towards you it is a way to control and it also shows you how that person can not regulate their own emotions or chooses not to ! Take a listen to today’s show and let me know if this resonates ! Please remember you do not have to live like this ! Reach out if you are interested in working with me with my 1.1 coaching program 💙ps. You are not alone ! Please share this podcast if you found it helpful I really appreciate you !! Thank you 🙏 big love sally 💕
June 04, 2020
#157 The 4 signs your relationship is over ✨
Hello beautiful people ! I know you know these signs if you are totally fed up and living in a situation that is draining you ! It’s never easy making a decision that affects more than just us but not making a decision or staying in a deeply unhappy environment hurts our soul over time ! Sharing these 4 signs and if you need help and ready to transform please reach out and ask me about my 1.1 coaching program 💙
June 02, 2020
#156 Stop thinking a relationship is the answer ~ it isn’t !
Gorgeous ones, A relationship is not the answer except the one with yourself !when we are in NEED of a relationship it is conning from our inner traumas that we have left unattended to ! Choosing love is different to needing ! Today I’m sharing why looking for a relationship or never having time for yourself in between relationships won’t heal or make you happy ! I work with clients that are not only ready to consciously heal their inner trauma patterns permanently but find truth passion& purpose along the way ! Are you ready for real change ? DM if you would like info on my coaching options 😍I am here for you ✨🙏
May 29, 2020
#155 The no.1 thing you need in a relationship
What do you think it is ? The number 1 thing we all need in our relationship .. I know it can vary a little but I think this one thing covers a lot of things in 1! If you are ready to break the patterns of toxic relationships & create a new emotional internal blueprint so you can live a full happy healthy life then DM at Instagram or email to ask about my coaching options ! We go on a wide awake journey together & I get to see you transform !
May 28, 2020
#154 The 6 things a narcissist will say to you 😝
I know how painful it is living with a narcissistic person it can be a head trip and you think you are going crazy but here’s the deal you are not ! I’m sharing 8 things here that you will hear a narcissist say because they believe it’s never them right ? Not !! Please reach out to me if you would like details on my 1.1 coaching program the wide awake chapter ~ healing & transforming your relationships ☀️🤗dm @sallykalan Instagram or email 😊
May 25, 2020
#153 When a partner Is ABSENT when you need them the most
Sharing a quick message on what’is happening if you have a partner not available to you when you need him! Esp when you are unwell ! Does he avoid you ? Questions to ask yourself “ is he good in other ways or is this not being there how he is most of the time and you simply Notice it more when you are sick ! Sometimes we have to make a decision to walk away right? and other times the good outweighs! How is your partner ? ✨DM for all 1.1 coaching enquiries ✨❤️remember you are allowed to have loving caring partners!
May 21, 2020
#152 The number one reason relationships fail ✨
Hey lovely ones ! Now here’s the thing there are many factors that make your relationships work or fail ! But this one key point I feel is one of the main ones ! It’s showing up with your own unresolved traumas ( either you are aware of this or not) but wanting this person to fix you save you love you ! Tney have a job to do basically as soon as they arrive in your life ! It’s not that you are consciously thinking this though ! But What we need to do Instead is show up with an attitude of what can I give here ?let me know if there is resonance when you listen here and if you are ready to end the suffering in your own relationship please enquire for information on my 1.1 coaching program 💛 or via my Instagram ! I’m here to help you radically heal and transform your relationships! Certified coach ( LCI) 2008
May 21, 2020
#151 The signs you are living in your inner child
Sharing the signs here that you are living through your younger self! This was me for years and it’s why things can not change. Once we are aware we can make the changes ! Do you recognize these signs within you ? What emotion is evident in your relationships ! Reach out & ask about my limited spots for my 1.1 coaching ! If you are ready to transform I got it here for you ❤️Instagram come see me there
May 18, 2020
#150 10 signs he is just not that into you
A quick look at the signs that this new person in your life may not be as into you as you hoped ! I have another podcast around red flags if you scroll back lovely ones ! Don’t waste time with the wrong people is my message today! You are worthy of great love ! Are these signs something you are experiencing ? Message me or dm if you are ready to transform your relationship story ! I mean totally for life! My program takes you on the inward journey of radical transformation ! @sallykalan on Instagram! ❤️
May 13, 2020
#149 Your child & sub personalities could be sabotaging your relationships
I am sharing info here lovely once around your sub personalities, and what they are ! They are aspects of us and they can be sabotaging your life in a variety of ways as well as keeping you stuck .Getting to know your sub personalities and having an awareness around therm can be a game changer in transforming your relationships ! You are not of course your personalities you have them! What ones are working for you in your life ? What ones aren’t ? The inner child the critic the analyst the teenager the pleaser the joker are all examples of these different selves ! See them as single individuals with their own set of ideas beliefs thoughts feelings that live within you ! Who are you playing ? Message me for more info or on working with me ! You can DM me on IG or❤️warm hugs as always ~ Sally
May 07, 2020
# 148 How to STOP opting back in with a toxic person
Gorgeous ones .. welcome ! Today’s episode is how to stop going back into a toxic relationship and I am sharing Why you keep going back into it or the same situation and 4 strategies to help you break this cycle for good ! Reach out to me lovely ones if you are all in for big change & ready to coach 1.1 ❤️it’s a game Changer if you are ready to wake up and break the cycle reach me on IG ~ all into there
April 30, 2020
#147 How to manage your emotional triggers
We all have them ! Sometimes however we can live in a place of permanently reacting and not responding ! This is due to unhealed or suppressed wounds in our psyche! You can heal and dissolve these! But for today I am sharing how you can manage your emotions as you are triggered in 3 Steps..1. Breathe 2. Observe the feelings as they arise 3. Acceptance ! Have a listen and recognize you are not your triggers ! You have them but not them! Learning to separate out from the trigger is going to be super helpful in healing your relationship story ! My 1.1 coaching program we cover all this and more ! Reach out for info @sallykalan on my IG or at hello@sallykalan .com ! I eouid love you to leave a review if you find my podcasts helpful !! ❤️🙏🙏🙏
April 27, 2020
#146 The power of NOW! This is how you truly heal !
A reminder of why becoming present transforms your life ! There are many ways to dissolve suffering in our relationships and live a more awakened life but learning to live in presence IS it ! I teach people all over the world how to live this way and I see people transforming their lives daily because if this ! Reach out to me if you are ready to let go of toxic cycles, neediness, unhappiness, stress and live awake and experience deep peace daily ❤️you can find me on Instagram @sallykalan! Please leave a review if you found this helpful l😀so much gratitude lovely humans ! Ps! You are not alone and remember nothing changes If nothing changes 💜❤️
April 19, 2020
#145 How to transform your relationships❤️
It starts with you my love ! You carry within you, your conditioning, your beliefs and unconsciously play out your wounds that are looking and wanting to be healed ! Your relationships don’t create your trauma they reveal to you what’s already within you ! I am going to do a few similar episodes so you can break things down for you in digestible segments ! If you want to transform your relationships today’s show I share where to begin !! Dm me if you are interested in coaching with me in my Instagram @sallykalan and let me know if I can help you 💛✨💕
April 07, 2020
#144 The signs your partner is toxic for you 💔
It’s so hard being in a situation that is unhealthy ! Sometimes you second guess yourself & wonder if it’s you right ? Sharing here some BIG signs your partner is toxic ! If you want to end the cycle of unhealthy relationships & heal or find healthy love please message me ! My programs are designed to help you awaken and will transform your life ! My Instagram @sallykalan DM me there or go to my bio ! Please leave a review if you found this helpful lovely ones ❤️🙏🙏🙏
March 28, 2020
#143 How to use isolation time to reflect & heal
We are in strange times darlings with the covid virus but this is when we can reflect and decide in how we move forward in our relationships ! I rambled a little here but hope you take something away ! I know it’s so very difficult for many of us let’s look for a silver lining in all of this❤️message me on IG @sallykalan for a free chat in this isolation time ! Let me help you step into your power ❤️❤️❤️
March 26, 2020
# 142 Chemistry v compatibility 💕
This is an important one beautiful tribe ! Don’t let chemistry blur your life choices ! Sharing here the importance of both of these but Why being compatible is SO everything ❤️don’t waste years with the wrong person. Listen to the end and I am sharing about my program I offer to help you dig deep & clear ! Reach out @sallykalan in Instagram .... guests coming soon to my podcast 😀❤️
March 10, 2020
#141 The ONE way to heal your toxic relationship
Gorgeous ones ! This is one of my most important messages I’ve ever delivered ! There is only one way to truly heal !It is Now! In this episode I talk about the importance of being in the now and why it heals ! If you want to end the struggle the suffering it starts with you getting out of your mind & into your body ~ embodying presence ! If you are wanting to explore deeper & do the inner work I have a 6 week or 3 month program designed to rapidly shift and heal your relationship story ! Dm me my Instagram @sallykalan or message me!!!the only program you will ever need if you are totally ready to heal for life!!💯❤️
February 28, 2020
#140 How to heal NOW
Today I share with you the truth on how to heal ! It’s simple not always easy as we are so identified with our own mind ! Sharing a quick technique as well to assist you in gaining thr present moment ! Your suffering is in your mind ! ! Learn how to stop suffering in your relationships with working with my direct I offer my 1.1 coaching program that focuses on the radical internal re programming stepping into presence and breaking the cycles .! Whether you are healing after a break up or struggling with relationships in general ! DM me @ sallykalan in instagram ! Check out stories and highlights there for testimonials ! Email ❤️love your feedback
February 13, 2020
#139 Wake up! Take away the chemistry what’s left ?
Ooops my loves Sorry this episode cut short but the message is there.a must listen if you are addicted to the chemistry but can see it’s toxic !! Please reach out get Help and break & dissolve the cycle !!! It never gets better !! Don’t delude yourself darlings ! The reality is YOU CAN HEAL & deserve a great love Reach me at or dm me instagram about my programs that wiii change your life ! Love you 😍
January 30, 2020
#138 - Why you are attracting emotionally unavailable men!
You don’t have to keep attracting these types but awareness around why you do is the first step!  Here are some of the reasons you are calling in these relationships1. Lack of self worth.  Your story around relationships 3.abandonment issues 4. You yourself aren’t available and knowing your own emotional boundaries!  Have a listen and ask me about my new program launching soon!  How to create a new mind & leave the past behind!  Healing for life ~ the wide awake chapter! contact my via website / Instagram or email ... the waitlist for my program offers a 30% discount prior to launch so reach out lovelies 💕
January 30, 2020
#137 How to know if a guy/girl is into you 💗
Super quick message darlings ! How do you know ~ it’s very simple my loves ! Have a listen to this very succinct response to this question ! If you have any questions please reach out and ask about my 1.1 coaching programs 💗🦋 and come over into IG see you there ! Introduce yourself I love connecting 🧘‍♀️🦋
January 22, 2020
#136 5 things you must do to break toxic relationships
Wow this is such a powerful message lovely ones ! 5 things that you must do to break your toxic cycles ! Reach out to me for info around my 1.1 coaching programs ! You are going to love this one if you are ready !!
January 21, 2020
#135 My diagnosis ~ toxic relationships made me seriously sick
I had a recent diagnosis that has shocked me ! Here I share why you must be so acutely aware of How toxic relationships can literally make you sick ! The stress the anxiety that I experienced for years I feel has directly affected my liver and now I await results ! Please listen to this and a reminder of why toxic doesn’t just affect you mentally it can literally create dis~ease in the body ! I will crack this no matter what ~ but I see it as the back lash to all I have gone through ! I don’t want this to be you! Reach out to me for 1.1 coaching or IG sallykalan ❤️
January 15, 2020
#134 Red flags in the beginning is what will end your relationship
This is a powerful succinct message for you my lovelies. Why do we ignore the signs ? What happens when we do ? This is for you if you find yourself dating the wrong men / and need a reminder of who you really are ! If you are interested in 1.1 coaching please reach out to me I am also asking for interest in appearing as a guest on my show so listen to the end lovely people 💛💛💛
January 08, 2020
#133 How to create & manifest your best life ever ! A must listen💕
This is one of my favorite shares!! I want you to heal thrive and live an awake life so you can have it all ! Listen to the end because tnis is how you make changes ❤️reach out to me I am taking new clients and have some spots available ! If you are ready for epic healing & change please reach out! It’s going to be amazing
January 01, 2020
#132 How to transform your relationships! 4 musts ❤️
How do I make my relationship better ? Or how can I have a healthy relationship ? Is questions I get asked all the time so here are your musts lovely people! These tips will bring the change you need ! Reach out to me if you are interested in working with me. I have different coaching programs and options that bring radical changes ❤️ Love you to write a review if you found this helpful or dm me ! 💛💛💛💛
December 20, 2019
#131 Never settle for a relationship! You are allowed great love
Big message darlings !! Listen to why we need to never settle and make sure our relationships are bringing out our light and align to our truest values ... Always follow your heart ... ❤️ you know that feeling inside your gut that’s telling you the truth ~ listen to it !!! enquiries for my 1.1 coaching love you to follow me over on IG @sallykalan ~ make sure you say hi
December 16, 2019
#130 Do this to make 2020 everything & more
As I started this podcast I felt so called to share all that was channeling through me! If you listen to this podcast you are meant for huge things ! No coincidence ! So exciting to be in this time 💛reach out ask about my 1.1 international coaching
December 14, 2019
#129 Manifest a relationship like this 😊super empowering
This is my motivation Friday rant on everything manifesting love !! Super passionate here because you absolutely can call in a great relationship my loves ! Here’s how ! Let’s work together in 2020 come follow me on IG I am so excited for you all to reach your goals and dreams !! Yes
December 13, 2019
#128 How the narcissist gets you !!
Sharing here lovelies a podcast I have been asked to do lots ! How do you end up with a narcissist ? Well there are stages to how they Get you ! Phases of drawing you in !! Pay attention lovelies especially the initial phases ! As someone that has experienced this type of existence I know recovery is possible and nothing feels better than breaking free from these patterns ! Yes you deserve better !! You are allowed it !! Reach out to me if I can help you !! As a side note I believe anyone can heal change including narcissists! But it involves owning your behavior and sadly many narcissists are in such denial which can make it incredibly difficult ! So always focus on yourself and your own healing 💛🙏💕
December 10, 2019
#127 Find your passion then your man
Ok relationships are the best thing that we all want right ? But your own relationship with yourself literally sets the tone with all your other relationships ! Having passion and purpose in our life is critical to the success of our relationships aswell ! If you are poking for a relationship to fix you save you complete you then you will ultimately never feel totally satisfied ! I know because that was me ! Sharing an upbeat message to go and find your purpose in life ! Fall in love with YOU FIRST! You need to hear this 💛message me for 2020 bookings❤️❤️❤️
December 09, 2019
#126 Nobody can make you happy but YOU
Super passionate message ! Your partner needs to have a life he is happy about ~ FACT!!! it’s not your job to fill that void just like it’s not his job to fill yours! I have experienced mental drain in a relationship where a person was not happy with his life ~ I was the supply of the happiness ~I realised now miserable he really was ! Lacked drive and ambition and resented me but then was also obsessive ! The imbalance of his life meant I was the supply of his happiness .. Truth is we have to each be responsible for how we FEEl each day !! It’s your job ~ no body else’s ! The irony is when you do take care of you, everyone else does too !! Have no expectations of others ~ know your boundaries and chose accordingly ! Be with people who want to grow who are positive and uplifting ! Be that for you first 💛
December 05, 2019
#125 Do this one thing to begin healing your toxic relationship story 💕
Sharing here lovely ones why we attract who we do and if you want different you have to BE different ! It starts with you ! You are going to enjoy this episode as it is about empowering yourself to take full responsibility in creating healthy loving ! relationships ! I’m taking bookings for 2020 do afl about my 1.1 coaching ! Go to my Instagram or webpage lovelies
December 03, 2019
#124 The one thing you must never do after a break up💛
I know how hard it is when a relationship ends and I also know the thing I used to do which git me nowhere ! All it did was erode myself esteem and made me vulnerable to the point of escalated anxiety and worry ! Sharing what you must not do here lovelies and why ! But also why we tend to feel we need to !! Reach out to me if I can help you on your Journey ! I have 2 spots left for this year if you are ready to heal message me and ask about my 6 week 1.1 coaching ❤️
November 18, 2019
#123 4 tips to give you clarity/ stay or go?
Toxic relationships can be exhausting ! We just go around in circles sometimes ! We need to make a decision so these 4 points I share will give you find insight and clarity as to where you go from here ! Change can’t happen unless we make change ! I sm here to guide you into your light / and help you on your journey ! Check out my website and ask for my free meditation around point 1 on here !
November 15, 2019
#122 Healing your inner child
Sharing some of my experience as someone that was super sensitive over reactive needy in my relationships ! Can you relate ? These behaviours always come from our wounded inner child and our job is to heal those wounds instead of projecting them and playing them out. ! Sharing on today’s show how to do this and how are wounds show up in our relationships .Please reach out to me if I can Help you heal❤️
November 08, 2019
#121 This technique will change your relationship story ! So powerful
Beautiful souls ! Practice this technique consistently and watch your relationships change! We have to all be accountable for how WE show up ! This is a simple technique that will re wire your internal programs ! Share with me your results ! Go to my website if you are interested in Coaching with me ! “ the wide awake chapter “ is here my darlings ! Take your power back ! Stand in your truth!! Sign up there to my newsletter sharing everything to heal awaken you into your best relationship 💛Instagram @ sallykalan
October 31, 2019
#120 The narcissist partner will do these things in your relationship ! Be aware
Does this sound familiar ? I know it can be the opposite way around too with different sexes but living a life with a narcissist is confusing and we can think we are going crazy ! Sharing insights with you today lovelies so you don’t feel so alone. Please Reach out to me if I can assist you on your journey !! Check out my website for details .. Trust me you absolutely do not and should not live this way! You are loved! You are supported ! #selfhealing #selfawareness
October 19, 2019
#119 How to NOT go back to your toxic EX! Must listen
This is one of the most important messages I’ve shared around toxic relationships and how to stop opting back in ! Listen to all of this important info I share here lovelies! Reach out please go to my Instagram @ sallykalan as my email down atm and ask about my programs if you need any help! You are not alone and I am here for you 💛💛
October 17, 2019
#118 Attracting your ideal partner ~ guided meditation
This is a beautiful guided meditation that I have put together to relax you & assist your in calling In a beautiful relationship ! I have been practicing meditation for over 10 years and it is such an amazing tool for manifesting, getting present and creating space for your ideal life existence ! Practice this for the next 21 days & watch your ideal life reveal itself !! Reach out to me to enquire about my coaching options ! ❤️please follow me on IG & grab yourself the free quiz !!
October 09, 2019
#117 Don’t text your ex part 1.
I lost the second half of this recording but will recap in the next podcast ! Wanting to share here my love you are not alone if you have the urges to contact your ex and also why not to ! It really is difficult processing emotions sometimes and texting can be like a drug a fix to avoid the inevitable healing and moving on ! Sharing an over view of this situation ! You are not alone ! I dm here jf you are interested in 1.1 coaching or any questions please send to Stay tuned to the following episode where I will recap and add more 💕
October 02, 2019
#116 Recognizing your triggers
Learning to become self aware of what Is triggering you is one of the most important things you can do for yourself ! We have to totally own our story! Here is a little example of what would trigger myself and how I began to totally reclaim my power! If you find that you get overly upset or feel insecure, not good enough or notice that you are living in a state of anxiety way more than you feel you should br then have a listen ! Our triggers come from our unhealed spaces ! Let me know if you would like more info on this subject ! Enquires for 1.1 coaching ! I am here to heal guide you into your power 💛
September 30, 2019
#115 Why you attract toxic men !!!
Sharing a quick message on WHY we attract who we do! I can’t emphases enough the importance lovelies of doing through inner work ! Is this you ? Do you recognize this when I share it ? Reach out if I can assist you on your life journey !! Awakening and healing within IS the only way !!
September 26, 2019
#114 The 7 silent killers of relationships
Often times our relationships are dying a slow death and I wanted to share with you these 7 signs that will ultimately end a relationship ! Please reach out to me if I can assist you on your journey ! I coach people on healing the cycle of toxic as well as break up recovery of any relationship in which you empower yourself for life 💛❤️
September 09, 2019
#113 How to begin healing your inner child
Your relationship struggles are so often tied into your inner child! When we begin to connect inwards and heal our younger self our life choices can shift immensely! This is such an integral part of my coaching as well as working with the subconscious programs ! So please reach out to me if I can assist you with your relationship ❤️💛
September 03, 2019
#112 Your inner child can heal your relationships 💛
This is a quick message on the importance of healing your inner child in order to have quality loving relationships. So often we seek “external” validation and things and people but to change your life experiences in regards to your relationships quite often is to reparent the inner child ! This is a quick overview of why it’s important and tomorrow’s podcast will be specific things you can do to connect to that part of yourself !! Also If you aren’t on my email like please message me so I can add you to my monthly messages ! I am about to send out a campaign and offering a FREE coaching session with me ~ as part of my giving back ! So so passionate in helping each and every one of you ❤️so if you have thought about coaching and looking for Help this is your opportunity 💛🙏I will be back tomorrow with more lovely people
September 02, 2019
#111 Breaking the cycle of toxic love
This is super important messages here lovely people ! The way to heal and chAnge is by first becoming self aware of who you truly are ! Then connecting to your inner child and beginning the reparenting process ! Reach out to me if I can help you on your journey ! You are not alone ! Healing begins within ! You don’t heal by finding someone else ❤️
August 29, 2019
#110 Red flags ~ warning signs you can’t ignore in your relationship
Sharing with you my loves the red flags you often ignore when it comes to your relationship ! Often the “adult you” knows it isn’t not ok but your inner child / younger self is looking for love and often unknowingly avoids these earning signs !! If you see the signs it’s the universe showing you !! Please listen ! Take action!! I have been there and it creates such huge anxiety when we stay in situations that is ultimately destroying our inner peace and often our hearts! Reach out to me if you are interested in working with me 1.1 .. much love ❤️sally
August 20, 2019
#109 Healing negativity !! This is powerful
This message is so life changing when applied ! When you can master your inner mind your life will take you on a whole new beginning !! This is where true change occurs !! This has been life changing for me !! Reach out to me if you need help ! I offer 1.1 coaching internationally !! Let me know how you found this !! I love hearing from you
August 15, 2019
#108 The power of NOW!!
This is a super quick message but if you do what I suggest here your life gets clearer and more peaceful ... I love this ...! I had to share this message today ! Let me know how you found this practice !! Reach me at be here NOW!! Enquire about my 1.1 coaching program or one off coaching calls !! 🙏💛🙏remember you are not alone and always supported !!
August 13, 2019
#107 Why is breaking up so painful !
Breaking up is hard! Even if we wanted it we can be bombarded with huge sadness ! In this podcast I am sharing one main reason it can feel overly painful and what to do !! You are not alone in this ! I am here for you ! This is temporary but it’s what you do NOW that matters !!
August 13, 2019
#106 Robert Downey jr. what he said on love! Love this !!
I share here a recent message Robert Downey jr shared on an interview on his 15 year marriage ! This is exactly what it needs to be in YOUR relationship !! I want you to know you deserve a beautiful healthy love someone who is as committed as you and allows you to be yourself ! Reach out to ask about my 1.1 coaching .. I coach worldwide ! Please email me for info or if you wish to be added to my email list !!!! Let me know if this had resonance !! Love it so much 😍
August 07, 2019
#105 4 reasons why you are creating your own suffering 💜
Beautiful souls .. when we take full responsibility for our life, the good the bad the messy WE CHANGE! when we understand it’s often our own stuff that’s keeping us in pain, we empower ourselves because it means we can change it ! These 4 things I share here are often why we are stuck and stay in suffering or sadness !! Can you resonate ? I am here to guide you into to your truth and your greatest healing ! Reach out to me 💛🙏you are not alone
July 29, 2019
#104 How to manifest the love of your life ❤️
Sharing some super important tips on how to Csll in the love of your life ❤️make sure you listen to the end as everything I share here is so important and truth ! I love working with the law of creation! Apply these strategies and do this and you will call in what you truly desire in a relationship ! Let me know how you go and please reach out to me if I can assist you on your journey ! I love this episode it’s got what you need ❤️
July 24, 2019
#103 3 reasons why you are not moving on from your EX💛
Grieving a relationship is necessary and yet so many people get stuck and can’t let go ! Sharing the 3 main reasons you can’t move on as you would like ! There are of course other reasons but in my years of coaching these are the main reasons ! If this is helpful please leave a review & or reach out to me if I can help you get over your ex and create an roux new spiritual existence ~ all on your terms !! Love YOU...sally
July 18, 2019
#102 Are your beliefs sabotaging you ?
Please listen to all this podcast lots of info ! Your beliefs are crucial in what you allow for yourself ! You must look at what yours are and the stories around them if you want change !! You are worthy of amazing love ! So check in on your beliefs NOW! This message is so important it is what got me from toxic into real love experiences !! Please Message me to learn about my 1.1 coaching program all around soul awakening after a break up ! The 5 keys 🔑 thank you for all your love and support with these podcasts ! I love you ❤️
July 16, 2019
#101 Why you can’t get over your ex but how to ~ a must listen
This is such a crucial part in letting go and moving on .. it’s also important for creating any kind of change! It’s all to do with the subconscious programming ! Sharing what you need to do to create a new future and to finally let go !! Please reach out to me if I can assist you ! I offer 1.- coaching internationally! You can reach me on my website or ❤️🙏💛🧚🏻‍♂️
July 09, 2019
#100 How to find love using the LOA & what you could be doing wrong
Sharing what you need to do to call in that right healthy relationship ! I’m also sharing why it isn’t happening for you and how to change it !! This is a must listen as a I give some very important insight to the subconscious program we carry !! Reach out to me if you are interested in 1.1 coaching with me !! ❤️💛
July 04, 2019
#99 Why do I attract bad relationships
In this episode giving you the overall reason why we end up in bad relationships and some practical tips in changing that ! The truth is you can change that story ~ you have to do things different though in order to make those changes here are some things you can to today to begin to Csll in healthy love ❤️ reach out to me if you are interested in coaching with me~ my new program is everything soul work and recreating a new self !!so powerful ❤️❤️❤️
July 02, 2019
#98 Why it is important to live from your heart space !
Sharing this quick message my loves about the importance of living from your heart Centre ! Your heart knows ! By relying into your heart you are going to experience a shift in reality !do this little exercise daily and begin to awaken more deeply to yourself ❤️reach out to me to enquire about coaching with me
July 01, 2019
#97 YOUR BELIEFS are creating your reality ! What story are you playing ?
Passionately sharing why your beliefs are the reason you may be settling or suffering or just keeping you stuck ! Giving you a task to do in this episode to help bring light to your current story! You have to own your story to this pound to make changes ! This is a powerful must listen episode my loves ! It’s foundational in creating what you truly want !! Reach out to me if I can help ! Sorry for a little interference haha way but it should be ok !! Please leave a review or let me know how my podcasts are helping you ! Planning on guests and other things in the near future ... or instagram ❤️💕😘
June 21, 2019
#96 The signs your are moving on from your ex
Sharing these signs that are letting you know you are moving forward after a break up! When a beak up initially occurs it can feel as though we are never going to get through it but of course we do ! These signs definitely are confirmation you are moving through it all !! Please reach out lovely people if you need help! Offering 1.1 coaching internationally ! My testimonials and info on my Instagram @sallykalan 💕
June 19, 2019
#95 Stress & anxiety what you can do about it 💛
Sharing a little of my own struggle with anxiety and how I turned it around ! This is a message letting you know you are not alone and some tips on what I did that changed my life ! Reach out to me if I can help you ! Hello@!! 💛❤️
June 13, 2019
#94 You must do this if you feel stuck in a toxic relationship
Another heartfelt message of what tot must first do if you are unhappy or living in a toxic relationship ! It requires this very important acknowledgement and step! Please let me know how these podcasts are helping ! Please reach out if you are interested in 1.1 coaching with me ! You are not alone and I know this path and I know you can absolutely have the life and the love you truly desire ! You can ! And more than that you get to re invent yourself & live in your truest awakened state 💕🥰
June 10, 2019
#93 Change is never easy but you will get through it
Passionate heartfelt message about going through change !! What you can do, acknowledging it’s ok to feel your feelings and knowing you are so supported on a soul level !! Reach out to me if I can help you my darling !! I hope you find this message a source of comfort for changing times ❤️love sally
June 06, 2019
#93 You are enough ! Heartfelt message to you 💛
Does this podcast resonate ? Is this you ?? My message today is make a decision ! Know you are allowed to have a beautiful healthy relationship on your terms ! Please reach out to me !
May 31, 2019
#92 Moody unpredictable partners!!! ❌
This podcast is just giving you insight on the effects of living with a moody unpredictable partner ! Truth is being in a relationship that feels unsafe hurts our hearts and can totally suck the life out of you ! Reach out to me if I can help you get clarity or take you on your own spiritual journey !! Remember their behavior has nothing to do with you ever !! It’s their shit!!! Sending you all much love reach me on IG sally Kalan or via my website darlings
May 30, 2019
#91 The signs you are with someone who is NOT good for you !!
Covering these signs that ultimately wear you down in a relationship ! You my darlings deserve exceptional love ! We can second guess ourself in these type of relationships ! That is not how healthy love feels ! Reach out to me for 1.1 coaching ! I am all about bringing people into their absolute light ! .... IG Sally Kalan ❤️
May 23, 2019
#90 The power of consistency 💕a must listen
I say this word consistency a lot in this podcast !! Lol!! Why ? Because it’s everything for results you seek !!explaining here why you need to be consistent to get the results you need! Please reach out to me if I can help you in your relationship ⭐️ps.. sorry about parts of this podcast being a little noisy ! ⭐️
May 21, 2019
#89 Are you loosing YOU in your toxic relationship & why you stay
Sharing here why we stay in Toxic relationships and how it can impact you you and what you can do ! You are allowed to have a healthy loving kind respectful relationship !! Nothing less ! I will do a follow up to this podcast as I feel I needed to dive in deeper to ramifications of staying 💛reach out to me for help I offer 1.1 coaching internationally 💛much love sally
May 16, 2019
#88 3 qualities you must have in your partner !
Guys it is is so important to have a partner that compliments you that adds to your world ! So many people settle into sup par relationships trying to make it work and exhausting themselves in the mean time ! Love isn’t hard work ! These 3 qualities I feel is a must when it comes to a great solid foundation 💛💛reach out to me if I can help you details at the end of the podcast ! Ps you are so worth great love 💕
May 07, 2019
#87 4 reasons why you are feeling insecure in your relationship
Sharing 4 main reasons why you may be feeling insecure ! It’s important to realise you my darling can heal and thrive and re write your relationship story ! You do not need to ever feel this way ! Message me @ if you would like to chat and learn more about my coaching program 💛❤️I am here for you
May 01, 2019
#86 Love or attachment know the difference 💛
Mistaking attachment for love is a common situation many people find themselves in !! So how do you know the difference ! Have a listen to my thoughts and let me Know your thoughts ! Please reach out to me if I can help you on your relationship journey ! You are not alone !! 💛 or my IG sallykalan
April 28, 2019
#85 Why is it so hard to let go after a break up ?
It can be difficult to let go but here I’m sharing why that is and what you can do about it !! Listen to the end as lots of tips and please reach out to me if I can help you on your journey ! You can email me and follow me on Instagram @sallykalan ! You are not alone & you can totally transform your life 💕💕
April 23, 2019
#84 Don’t let your relationship story consume you 💛
Do often we let our whole mind be consumed with our relationship story and it literally created massive anxiety and we loose ourself in it ! You have a life outside any relationship and it’s important to have balance ! Sharing here why it’s important to put YOU first no matter where you are at with your relationship! If you need help and would like to contact me or please follow on my IG Sally Kalan 💛
April 17, 2019
#83 10 qualities that he is a good man ❤️
It’s so important to know what we want right ? Here is my list of the qualities I feel makes for a great partner ? What are yours ? We all deserve amazing healthy love ! So have a listen do you agree with these ? If you are stuck in your relationship please reach out to me ! or go to my website ! I help people heal and manifest a life on their terms 💛💕
April 07, 2019
#82 Why fear can stop you leaving a bad relationship & what to do
Fear can literally keep us in a toxic unhappy relationship for months even years so I want to share what the fear really is & how to over come it ! For more help or enquires please check out my website or reach me at
March 31, 2019
#81 Do this quick breathing technique to relax & sleep
This classic simple Breathing technique is so good for relaxing and helping you get to sleep ! Calms the nervous system ! Start incorporating this into your daily ! Only need to do a couple of rounds 3/4 and you should feel a lot more peaceful !💕reach out to me if you have questions for an upcoming podcast around your relationship
March 28, 2019
#80 Your toxic relationship WILL make you sick !!
Sharing a quick message on why a toxic relationship will eventually make you sick ! Why you must make a decision to heal as Affects can ravage your body ! Reach out to me if you need help with your relationship !!you are not alone 😀
March 27, 2019
#79 You have the power to heal ! Do this 💛
Letting go and moving forward IS a choice ! This little motivational rant is saying just that ! Reach out for more info darlings ! It’s not enough to just get over an ex ! It’s about re programming your mind for a new life !! if you have any questions 💛
March 20, 2019
#78 Can a toxic person ever really change ?
We all know the cycle right ? And I’m sharing with you my thoughts on what needs to happen in order for a person to change but sadly why most don’t !please reach out to me if you are needing help in your relationship💛big love darlings
March 14, 2019
#76 A message of hope & love if you are stuck in a toxic relationship
A simple message to let you know you are so deserving of great love ! You are here to shine your light to be authentically you ! Sometimes we need to get real and honest with our life situation ! I am here to support you and guide you into your truth.. my website is for all enquires ! Know that YOU can create change
March 07, 2019
#75 The obvious signs your relationship is over ☺️
We are here to love and be loved ! Sometimes we need to hear the obvious about our relationship we know is over ! Here are some obvious signs darlings !please reach out to me via my website if you would like to coach with me 💛👧
February 21, 2019
#74 Dealing with your feelings after being cheated on
Passionately sharing some of my tips in dealing with our feelings after a relationship ends because of cheating ! These tips are a must ! I know this time of pain and how alone it can feel ! I want you to know you aren’t alone !! Just some rambling here like I’m siting with you sharing !! 🙏🙏pm me if you are in need of coaching on my website
February 15, 2019
#73 Cheated on? Should you forgive & stay 😙🙃
For anyone who is already living in a hot cold/ on off / or ambivalent relationship !some questions to ask yourself around if you find yourself in this situation! Remember it’s NEVER your fault your partner cheated ! It’s all about getting real & honest ! Will do another more in depth podcast around this in a few weeks ! Please dm me for enquires if you are needing help !
February 11, 2019
#72 Tips on staying sane healthy & well when living with a toxic partner & or leaving a toxic ex
Sharing tips on how to stay sane and healthy if you are wanting to leave your toxic relationship or have recently left one ! We need to self care in this time as it’ can be over whelming ! These tips are definite wins when implemented ! They definitely helped me! Please DM me via my website if you would like a free initial chat about where you are at ! You are not alone 🙏
February 07, 2019
#71 How’s your day ? Does your Partner even ask or how you are feeling
A super quick rant ~ We all need someone we can lean on and that loves and listens to us right ! Sharing why when your partner comes home from work and doesn’t ask this why it’s going to end up causing great unhappiness !
January 30, 2019
#70 Stuck in a toxic relationship because of finances
This is so common lovely ones ! Sharing my passionate response about what to do if you are feeling stuck in a toxic relationship and some Steps to get you free ! You can always build on money but your mental health can take a hammering if you stay! Take control of your life and get yourself financially independent 💛
January 23, 2019
#69 Abuse~ are his family aware ?
I felt so alone and reached out to his extended family but I realised after a while they weren’t going to be supportive ! Go to the right people for help lovely ones ! It amazes me how families ignore clear trouble but blood is thicker than water ! Don’t doubt what you are living just because people are turning a blind eye ! Reach out to me if you need help💛🙏
January 19, 2019
#68 Important ~ know what you want in your relationship
It’s important to know what you want & don’t want in a relationship ! So you can say NO to what isn’t soul serving ! Emotional boundaries are critical & knowing yourself IS key ! You deserve amazing love & where you are free to be yourself ! Get clear on what you want as you are manifesting as we speak by the way you are FEELing right now ! Listen up 💛
January 11, 2019
#67 Miracles & manifesting ~ how to do it
Sharing a mini miracle I just experienced ! I want you to know you can have the life the love you want on Yes your terms! You can create a NEW YOU! Let 2019 be YOUR YEAR! How to do it ? Sharing a bit here and I want to thank you for all the love & support ! Love you guys !!
December 30, 2018
#66 It’s ok to feel “ not ok”
We don’t always need to be in a high vibe state ! Sharing a quick podcast on accepting that some days we don’t feel good and to honor that not push it away .It’s ok to do nothing & feel tired and fed up!! just breathe through it !! Sharing a bit of my own feelings on this as i am going through my own big changes atm!! This too shall pass ❤️
December 14, 2018
#65 Abusive partners ~ continued
This is a follow on from my last podcast about the signs of abusive partners ! I wanted to let you know that they deny the abuse they project back on to you so they don’t have to take responsibility or look at themselves !! You are not going crazy ! Abuse is abuse ! They down play it but don’t let that make you doubt what you are living in !! Please share to anyone who can benefit from these podcasts ! Reach out to me if you need ! 💛
December 13, 2018
#64 The signs of an abusive partner you can’t ignore !!
Sharing passionately the stand out points of emotional abuse ! It has to stop! Many people don’t even realise that IT IS abuse !! So these signs are super important in recognizing !!
December 09, 2018
#63 Abuse is never ok
Abuse can be anything from verbal to physical to emotional and it’s all wrong and it can make you so sick !! For me it was the worse experiences and my body couldn’t recover as it once could !my message get Help!! Please !!!! Reach out to me 💛
December 04, 2018
#62 When it’s only sex
Great sex doesn’t always mean a great relationship 💛here I discuss a couple of important things to consider when you staying in a relationship just because of the chemistry / sex !! If you are missing the emotional aspect it will eventually leave you feeling so deeply unsatisfied 💛
December 03, 2018
#61 Do you really want change or is it easier being unhappy in the familiar
If you Ate unhappy you MUST apply changes to your life everyday !! If you don’t you will be where you are now in years to come ! Learn and apply ! You can totally manifest a beautiful life but first you have to take action !
November 27, 2018
#60 Take responsibility for your happiness
When you are in a relationship and someone blames you for how they feel , ignore it!! They are projecting !!!! Yesterday. We are all responsible for how WE show up each day ! Sharing some tips on how to begin to feel totally in the driving seat of your life !!
November 26, 2018
#59 Not communicating /blaming / seeing the problem but they see it different
Me rambling today about toxic relationships and when a person refuses to communicate blames you doesn’t own their story ~ it really means it is time to start thinking about your future ! More on communication in future podcasts !!
November 25, 2018
#58 Bohemian rhapsody ~ a love we all want
After watching the recent movie Bohemian Rhapsody I am so moves by the way Freddie Mercury had the deepest love for Mary .~ who he was engaged to for 6 years before he told her he was bisexual ! Their love carried on ! She married had kids ! He loved her until he died and this is the kind of unconditional love I feel we all crave!!oh my heart ❤️
November 17, 2018
#57 3 big signs you are living in a toxic relationship
Just a super quick reminder of signs your relationship is toxic ! Please don’t suffer in silence reach out if I can help ! I offer 1.1 coaching and workshops for groups !! We all deserve a love in which we sleep happily at night ! Love doesn’t drain us !! Love expands us !
November 16, 2018
#56 Their over reaction is not your problem
Just a super quick message that if you are in a situation dealing with someone’s moods anger name calling IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT💛
November 13, 2018
#55 Relax for 5 minutes guided meditation
Here is a quick guided meditation to help remove stress at the end of the day ! Please message me at if you would like longer more intimate ones ! Love feedback ❤️thank you for listening
November 05, 2018
#54 Men ~ what women really want
Listen to the end guys ! This is so about what we as women want & need on our relationships! Talking real !! If you want to have a healthy relationship these points need to be a given !! Please reach out for more information ! ❤️
November 04, 2018
#53 Emotionally unavailable men !!! You don’t want one
Sharing signs that you have an emotionally unavailable partner !having lived this way for many years I was emotionally are signs that you don’t want to be having in your relationship !! My next episode will be about what to do if you are in this situation ! Listen to the end as I get super passionate about why we all need an emotionally available partner ❤️💕💖
November 02, 2018
#52 Focus on what YOU want 💛
We can get really caught up in our own pain ! It is important to acknowledge feelings for sure but then we have s choice of how we show up and the future we will create ! Understanding the power Of getting present so you can create a life on your terms is not only healing but empowering ! Do this technique every day to master the present moment ! Part of healing is knowing we have the power to change things ❤️
October 31, 2018
#51 Tips how to leave a toxic relationship
I get asked a lot how do I leave ? Sharing some important tips so you can take steps to leave a toxic relationship !!it starts with a decision then a commitment some epic self love, a realization that you are not responsible for his feelings and finding your joy in what you love to do !!! It’s not ever easy but you deserve a beautiful healthy life
October 29, 2018
#50 Fatherless daughters ~ looking for a relationship to heal the wound
Sharing a snippet of my own experience growing up without an emotionally available male ~ father~ and how it affected my choices !! Also how to work through it if you can relate 💛
October 25, 2018
#49 Fatherless daughters
Just an intro for upcoming podcasts this week around daughters growing up without emotionally available fathers or absent fathers & the impact that has and how you can begin to heal the inner child & recognize the patterns within youself so you can empower your own life regardless of the past experiences
October 21, 2018
#48 You are enough a relationship is not the answer
I used to believe I needed a relationship in order to feel enough ! That I would br complete but it only led me into toxic situations ! I’m here to say you are beautiful you are enough & the relationship you really are looking for is with yourself 💕💕
October 19, 2018
#47 Dealing with anxiety and stress
Whether your stress & anxiety is from being in a unhealthy relationship or something you just feel with daily I want to share my best tips in minimizing snd managing stress ! I was once a highly strung anxious mess but after a break down I began the work from the inside out! I hope you find these tips helpful
October 15, 2018
#45 Your thoughts are creating your reality
Your inner dialogue your beliefs and stories can hold you back ! I want to share what you can do to begin to understand your own mind and those thoughts that may be keeping you stuck !!
October 04, 2018
#44 How I overcame love addiction
So many of us can’t be alone back to back relationships, staying in unhealthy ones & believing finding love will make everything ok~ nope., I share how I healed my need for love and how it was myself I needed not someone else ! Relying on someone else for our happiness means we give our power away ! The person you seek is really YOU
October 02, 2018
#43 Real signs of love addiction
When wr just need someone in our life right ? We convince ourself they are what we want ! Back to back relationships, thinking another person is the missing piece ~ just some of the signs of love addiction !
September 27, 2018
#42 Amazing tips on dating yourself
These tips on dating YOU will make you feel so good
September 26, 2018
#41 When your ex calls & says sorry again
What to do when your ex calls to say sorry again but it’s toxic and it’s a cycle & you need to remind yourself of the very real unhappy relationship you are letting go
September 25, 2018
#40 Dating tips & take notice of their behavior
It’s important to pay attention to those signs ! Know what is good for you ! Don’t let chemistry mask real potential issues
September 23, 2018
#39 YOU must do this to get over painful relationships
The only person that can change things is you ✨some tough love but this is what you need to do to get over the hurt and pain
September 21, 2018
#38 The signs you can’t ignore ~ is it time to let go
Love should feel good not be making us feel unwell . We can’t keep ignoring the signs ~ do you have these signs
September 19, 2018
#37 ( replay ) changing those internal programs
This podcast from 30.8.18 and I deleted it accidentally so I have uploaded again ! Your mind is key to change💖
September 15, 2018
#36 How to move forward
It’s not easy letting go of any thing that’s had a hold on us ! Sharing the most important information on how to push through
September 14, 2018
#35 e ok with being uncomfortable as you go through change
Lean into the unknown as you make changes it’s ok to feel uncomfortable and this is where great things happen from the unknown
September 12, 2018
#34 Narcissistic relationships ARE lonely
The narcissist will never change ! Your loneliness is real ! Sharing a little of my own experience here
September 12, 2018
#33 Nurture first sex later
Why women don’t want sex and what to do about it guys !!
September 05, 2018
#32 Inspiring message when starting over
It can feel overwhelming but this can be a time of your greatest transformation
September 04, 2018
#31 4 qualities you need for a healthy relationship
There’s a difference between healthy love and toxic! Make sure you have these with your partner
September 04, 2018
#30 Take 5 minutes to breathe
This is your life now in this moment ! Become present lovelies & breathe
August 31, 2018
#28 Pay attention to the signs that something isn’t ok
Your intuition is your gift ! Guiding you listen on when it says something about this relationship doesn’t feel right !
August 29, 2018
#27 2 things you can do to create EPIC change
I can not emphasis the importance of the power of your own mind lovelies !! You CAN totally transform it starts by being aware of your own power
August 28, 2018
#26 Their anger
How your partner behaves is HIS story ! Not your fault ever !!! Do not take On his/ her anger
August 27, 2018
#25 Lean on others .~ you are not alone
The importance of having our close support system ! You are not alone
August 23, 2018
#24 What are you waiting for ?
The time is now !fear can stop us taking action but here’s why you need to just do it !!!
August 22, 2018
#23 Dont sit on the fence !! make a decision! You must !
Its all about taking action beautiful souls !! Nothing changes IF nothing changes 💕
August 21, 2018
#22 Coping with stress
Tips on dealing with stress 💛😁
August 18, 2018
#21 Stress can make you sick in your relationship
Decide to find a way to deal with stress!! Toxic relationships will make you sick !!
August 18, 2018
#20 Why you can’t heal your relationship issues
There is only one way to make real changes t
August 17, 2018
#18 3 powerful questions
Ask these 3 questions to get more clarity around your relationship
August 11, 2018
#17 3 mistakes you are making in your relationships
You can rewrite your story anytime ! How do you show up in your relationship ? 3 mistakes you are possibly making !!!
August 10, 2018
#16 How your mind can transform your life
Don’t be a Slave to your patterns ! You can change your life ! Listen to how to begin
July 30, 2018
#15 Why you are still stuck
Your mind can change your life ! Understanding the programs and creating a new YOU is key ! Tip number 1 today
July 23, 2018
#14 Raise your standards ~ make a change
My passionate message on Making a decision to raise your standards
July 20, 2018
#13 Those bad decisions~ let them go
Sharing ways to let go of regret and those bad decisions we have made ! Accepting and surrendering
July 18, 2018
#12 Little decisions creating your big life outcomes
The importance of being mindful of the consequences of all those seemingly small decisions 💕
July 17, 2018
#11 Trust your intuition ~ toxic love
A story about how I knew this guy was going to be bad news ~ but I ignored my intuition
July 11, 2018
#10 3 signs you are involved with a covert narcissist
3 signs you are with a covert narcissist
July 03, 2018
#9 Letting go of your EX~ guided meditation
Meditation in letting your ex go
June 28, 2018
#8 Self love tips after a break up
3 things you can do to bring up your meh mood
June 22, 2018
#7 Self esteem healing
3 tips on increasing your self esteem after a break up
June 19, 2018
#6 Toxic abuse ( financial )
When you feel stuck in a toxic relationship because of financial struggle
June 18, 2018
#5 Toxic abuse ( financial issues )
When you are staying in a toxic relationship because of financial struggle
June 18, 2018
#4 Meditation can heal your toxic relationship
How to begin to heal toxic relationships
June 14, 2018
#3 Over reacting in your relationships
Today I am talking about how it’s not ok to keep accepting over reacting/ anger in your relationship
June 13, 2018
#2 Speak up
Speak up
June 04, 2018