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Choose Strong

Choose Strong

By Choose Strong with Sally McRae
Choose Strong is about choosing strength over fear in every situation in life. The podcast is filled with candid insight and interviews from host Sally McRae. As a pro athlete, wife, mother, and biz owner, Sally seeks to encourage others to live a strong and courageous life. She covers a variety of life focused topics including running, total wellness, mindset, parenting, life balance, the impact of social media, and staying motivated while working toward goals.
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#5 Shalane Flanagan: “One Who Leads”

Choose Strong

#10 Start Strong, Fall Apart, Finish Strong
You have a plan; you prepared relentlessly; and when you set out on your journey everything seems to be going just as planned; and then, when you least expect it; everything falls apart. How do you keep going when what you worked so hard for slips through your fingers? And how do you keep going when everything just plain hurts? In this episode Sally talks about her recent race at Angeles Crest 100 in Wrightwood, California; one of the toughest 100 mile races in the nation. Run entirely in altitude with big climbs, intense heat; and everything in between; these are the trails where Sally became a mountain runner over a decade ago. Sally breaks down the race; offers invaluable insight into tackling tough challenges; and how she kept going after her quads "blew out" with 30 miles/50km left to go.  Sally also talks about the importance of this race as number two in the Choose Strong Project and hits hard on the topic of DNFs, Caring for your one body; and Never quitting. Joined by co-host and husband, Eddie McRae; this balanced episode of laughter, real-talk...and singing (yes Singing!) marks their 10th episode! Happy Double Digits Choose Strong Podcast! Please consider supporting the podcast by downloading Sally's Strength App: and be a part of the Sally McRae Strength Community on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to follow all our social channels: @choosestrongproject @choosestrongpodcast @yellowrunner
August 18, 2022
#9 Finding Strength in Weakness at Badwater 135
The World's Toughest Footrace starts at Badwater Basin in California, 282 feet below sea level and travels 135 miles, over 3 mountain passes; ending at Mount Whitney Portal (the entrance to the tallest mountain in the lower 48 States). The race is known for it's extreme heat and harsh conditions with temperatures reaching close to 130F. Over a decade ago, Sally crafted a goal for herself to win the race, which she did after her second attempt in 2021. In 2018 and 2021, Sally endured constant challenges and setbacks throughout the race, which she often describes as "lessons in strength training." Having achieved her goal in 2021, Sally decided to head back to the race with a goal greater than a podium finish. In this podcast, Sally and I sit down to break down her reason for returning to Badwater; the role the race played in the Choose Strong Project; and how after 3 finishes, the race continues to not only humble her as an athlete but reveal to her what she is capable of accomplishing despite discomfort and setbacks. We dive into the lead up to the race; her training; goals; and the glimmer of hope she held after the first 50 miles of the race to run the course faster than her two previous attempts. We talk about the surprising, unique challenge that popped up in the race and how she handled it and we discuss the overwhelming realization of walking the final 70 miles to get to the Finish line in 35 hours. We want to thank YOU our listener for taking the time to hang out with us, please consider supporting our work by downloading Sally's Strength and Running app which we discuss at the beginning of the podcast:  You can also contact us directly about the podcast or speaking inquires at or by visiting the website:  You can follow and get to know Sally's Badwater Crew at: Colin Cooley @runwicked David Daley @daviddaley74 Sarah Attar @sarahattar Eddie McRae @mobampin  Choose Strong Project @choosestrongproject  TO WATCH THIS PODCAST ON OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL, Check out the CHOOSESTRONGPODCAST CHANNEL and Subscribe!
July 19, 2022
#8 The Choose Strong Project Announcement
In this episode Sally shares about a challenging project she has been quietly working toward and how YOU can join! +Intro to the Choose Strong Project +The 6 races totaling 500+ miles that Sally will be racing in the next 5 months +The reason why 2022 is the year Sally has been anticipating for more than half her life. +How the community and how people have already been sharing their Choose Strong stories. +Run, Hike, Ride, or Lift on July 11th as Sally tackles her 3rd Badwater 135. Do 135 miles, km, minutes, reps, etc. You pick your challenge and join Sally. Take a pic and share your story. Use hashtag #choosestrongproject #choosestrong22 Show links and Sponsors Sally's Run and Strength App is the sponsor of this podcast. You can sign up for the first month for only $1 and gain access to 100s of Sally's workouts; her Strength Community and much more ! Download her app here: Follow our Social Media accounts: CHOOSE STRONG PODCAST: @choosestrongpodcast on IG and  CHOOSE STRONG PROJECT: @choosestrongproject on IG YELLOWRUNNER: @yellowrunner on IG SALLY'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Sally McRae 
July 10, 2022
#7 How to Train and Execute a Successful 200 Mile Race | Deb Hamberlin
The sport of ultras is seeing an increase in the number of 200+ mile races, yet we are still learning about what it takes to train and execute a successful attempt at these monster races; which in many ways, is exciting! The human body is capable of so much more than we often give it credit for and the most basic way of discovering our capabilities is by simply trying.  In this episode I sit down with Deb Hamberlin, who executed a powerful race day to finish 19th woman at the recent COCODONA 250 MILE RACE.  I have coached Deb for 4 years and this was my first time carving out a training plan for this distance. Deb is one of the kindest and most helpful runners in the ultra community and so to see her accomplish this incredible feat brought me great joy! During our conversation we discuss: +Deb's background as an athlete and her humble start in sports in school and how the single decision of just "choosing to try" running and different distances led her to believe she could run a 250 mile race. +Training, workouts, and preparation to make her body strong and injury free for race day. +What she did outside of training to ensure she would be ready for any scenario during the several days she was on the course. +How Deb managed to overcome everything from nausea, a brush with Rhabdo; nerve pain; blisters; sleep deprivation and much more. If you're considering one of these 200+ mile races you will find a wealth of knowledge and insight to help you in your journey; but even if you're not training for an ultra, the lessons discussed in this podcast will undoubtedly encourage you to Keep Choosing Strong in all you do! Links and Sponsors: You can follow Deb Hamberlin on Instagram & Twitter @debrunsfar You can follow the podcast on YouTube & Instagram @choosestrongpodcast To help support the podcast and Sally's work in both speaking and coaching, please consider downloading her app at this link: and gain access to hundreds of Sally's customized strength, running, and mobility workouts!
June 02, 2022
#6 Fear and Danger on the Run
You'll want to save and share this episode because it's FULL of real-life experiences Sally has had in her 20 years as an endurance runner. In this episode, Sally is joined by Eddie as she discusses some of her biggest fears when she first started running, especially on the trails and how she overcame them. She offers advice, tips, and a good dose of FIRM responses that women can used when being harassed while out on a run or when threatened.  Topics Covered: -Being stalked and followed on road and trails. -Being harassed in remote areas. -Encounters with coyotes, bears, rattlesnakes, and bobcats. -Making a terrible rookie mistake in the mountains as a pro.  -Important gear and safety measures before heading out on the roads or trails alone. -The importance of understanding the difference between the fear that paralyzes you and the fear that keeps you safe. -Choosing the Strong Mindset We want to thank you in advance for giving a rating and a review and for all your support of the podcast and the app! It is our goal to continue putting out content more frequently and we appreciate your belief in us! Thank you!  To download Sally's Run and Strength app, visit:
April 27, 2022
#5 Shalane Flanagan: “One Who Leads”
When you know your purpose in life and you choose to give it your 100% best effort every day of your life; this is what it looks like! Meet the legendary Shalane Flanagan and hear her inspiring story from childhood to present day and what she’s planning to do this year! Shalane is an American distance runner, Olympic medalist, and winner of the NY City Marathon, to name just a few! Listen and be inspired; you don’t want to miss this episode!
March 04, 2022
#4 Training your Body & Mind
In the final episode of The Body Series, I address the questions YOU sent me- which are some of the most popular I receive on a weekly basis. We discuss food, strength training while running, motivation, and how to approach running with a healthy mindset. I am joined in this episode by the ever patient Eddie McRae; my best friend and husband. For the links I discuss in the episode, you can check out: My Strength Training and Running app: My favorite training and racing fuel, SPRING ENERGY:  If you have any questions or comments, please contact us directly at we LOVE hearing from our audience. If you are interested in supporting my podcast so I can begin putting out episodes more frequently, please consider becoming a monthly subscriber. Thank you to all who have signed up! Follow my training, racing, and life adventures and thoughts on my Instagram: @yellowrunner and be sure to follow the podcast profile too @choosestrongpodcast 
February 16, 2022
#3 The Body Part II
This episode is brought to you by the Sally McRae App:  Finally an app that helps you understand how to incorporate strength training into your running program PLUS so much more! Check it out and thank you in advance for your support. Show Notes: -Joined by my husband as well as being my best friend since I was 18 years old, Eddie shares some stories and insight about his journey with body image and how it affected him as an athlete. -I also share a brief story about how every sport I did as a child, I was told I was too small or too big. -The overall takeaway is treat your body well and do what you love regardless of what society thinks of your image. If you love it, then go after it and continue showing the world that our lives are best lived when we focus on the doing and not what we look like. -Keep Choosing Strong You can follow Sally McRae on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and her Website: IG: @yellowrunner FB: YELLOWRUNNER YouTube: CoachSallyMcRae Website:
January 31, 2022
#2 The BODY
In this 3 part Body series, I answer questions from listeners about issues surrounding body image and address some of the common comments I have gotten over the years regarding my own body. My desire is to encourage others to focus on what the body can DO rather than focusing on criticisms or beliefs that we need to change our bodies in order to do what we love. This is one of my favorite topics to talk about so I am breaking it up into 3 parts.  I am joined by my husband Eddie McRae, who kindly reads through the questions with me; and YES, we will hear more from him in the future. Spring Energy is my favorite source of fuel for training and racing because it's REAL food and it's worked for me for over 5 years! Check it out here: And a special thanks to my NEW supporters. Your donations allow me to continue to produce content- which I am most passionate about. For those of you interested in supporting my work, you can do so here or by downloading my Sally McRae Strength App at
November 19, 2021
#1 Welcome to the Choose Strong Podcast
In this episode: *Intro and Welcome to the first episode *The launch of CHOOSE STRONG and what to expect from future episodes *Call to action: Tell me what YOU hope to hear on my podcast by sending an email to *Closing Encouragement: Be Courageous/ See IG post from October 20, 2021 Choose Strong is a podcast focused on encouraging others to live a strong and purposeful life. You can expect to hear life stories from your host Sally McRae and her guests that focus on information and insight to encourage YOU in your journey. As a pro athlete, wife, mother, and business owner, Sally aims to share candid conversations about the highs and lows of life and the wild adventure that has helped her get to where she is today. Topics include: running, mindset, total wellness, parenting, goal setting, life balance and much more!
October 23, 2021