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Project You

Project You

By Salman Ansari
We all work so hard on so many different projects in our careers. Often, we forget to focus on the most important project of all -- ourselves.

This podcast is about experimenting and learning about ways to better ourselves, our wellness, and our overall happiness.
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In this episode, I talk with my good friend Dave Gorum about meditation. It's an introductory conversation, and we cover a few topics including: - Why should you meditate?  - How do you get started?  - My journey into meditation, and what I learned from meditating an hour a day for 30 days  - Best practices when meditating  Hope you enjoy the discussion, and feel free to leave comments here or hit me up on Twitter @daretorant. Thanks!  Show Links:  - 10% Happier (  -  -  - Mind Illuminated ( Credits:  - Co-hosted by Dave Gorum (@davegorum on Twitter)  - Intro music by Jahzzar ( CC BY-SA
November 04, 2018