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Just Me By Saltafa

Just Me By Saltafa

By Saltafa
I call this the Just Me Podcast aswell becauSe, its just me, chilling and bakwasing.
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#19 Let’s Catchup -Trying Something New
brr got a cohost for the 'just me' podcast
January 13, 2022
#18 advice for 15 y/o me
I'm 20 now, this is advice for 15 y/o me along with alot of thoughts i had about personal development today and a few other thoughts esp about how hard the past 2 years have been, my struggle with weight gain, finding your own identity or 'discovering' it
December 21, 2021
advice session #2 - exams, girls and other stuff I have forgotten
yes. I read your questions / problems and tell you what I think about them!
December 12, 2021
#16 a decision I make everyday and how it’s changed my life
So i was watching an olivia rodrigo video, and i had a realisation that led to this 30 minute podcast enjoy cheers
December 07, 2021
#15 You Need To Stop Waiting For It.
Talk about, procastination, overplanning, fear of failure, The importance of being wrong, something I feel is wrong w society and Dave Chappelle 
October 31, 2021
#14 - Drugz
I ramble about why i think drugs are bad
October 22, 2021
#13 Study Hacks for O/A Levels - How I got 8As & A*s
I talked about how waking up early adds value to my life.[5:11] we also talked about O/A levels, the best way to study for them and then the weirdest segway into Parenting techniques
September 25, 2021
advice session #1 - Anxiety, Making Friends and feeling like nothings going your way in life
Talked about anxiety, how to make friends, feeling lost and defeated in life. I would like to say this very very zor se that I am no expert, or have no proper experience to be doing this, all of these advices are merely opinions, the decision is yours, I can be wrong, I am merely giving my outlook on the problem.
September 19, 2021
#11 The Most Important Kind Of Love.
Self Love, How does one love themselves? Why is it so important? I talk about my self love journey and how I learned to love myself and how important it is to love oneself
August 05, 2021
#10 Turning 20
I talk about turning 20, how scared it has me, my goals for the future, my regrets about the past.
July 30, 2021
#9 Hi!! I’m okay, I promise
Hi just a little update❤️
June 28, 2021
#8 Losing Saltafa.
I recorded this as a way to let out what I was feeling, as a form of expression. I really don’t want to post this, but after episode 1 and how I’ve seen how it may have helped people deal with their personal grief, and just due to the sheer love I’ve received from you lot, I felt it would be ok to let you guys hear this. I may not be coherent throughout it; or maybe even make sense, it’s a pointless bit of audio honestly because idk I wasn’t in a good state of mind, so here’s that raw audio
June 27, 2021
#7 A lighthearted podcast
Talked about some thoughts I had about life and it’s vulnerability and the culture we have of virtue signalling and not doing good with the intention to do good but with the intention to show people we are ‘good’
May 20, 2021
#6 Crypto, Covid aur Girls
jk girls ke baaray mein nahi aaj koi baat ki leikin kehnay ka dil chah raha tha. Just Me Podcast / One With Wun Podcast
May 08, 2021
#5 Loug Kya Kaheinge
Pakistani Taboo.
April 07, 2021
#4 What is Love
What is love, Why do we love? My thoughts on teenage love, and how we are instilled with the feeling on wanting someone to complete us. But aren't we complete on our own?
April 07, 2021
#3 How to maximize productivity
ProDuctivity techniques I’ve learnt over years of multi tasking, reading books all put into one podcast
March 16, 2021
#2 Why do I hide my face? When will I reveal it?
When will I face reveal?| Just me Ep.2 | One with Wun | I talk about why i havent face revealed yet, why i hide my face and when i will potentially take the mask off.
March 01, 2021
My Journey With Depression
This is a podcast that I recorded just to be able to get these thoughts and emotions out, but a number of my friends convinced me to upload it since other people may draw inspiration / motivation from it. I talk about my journey through depression caused by a sports injury I suffered through which I tore my ACL. It was a tough journey, one it took me  very long to overcome and come to terms with, honestly I'm still not over it. I hope it helps you. It was a tough decision posting this, but the response from people who related to it or found it to be motivational for them made it feel worthwhile. If you know me, don't confront me about this, Thanks. 
February 28, 2021