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SALT with Anne

SALT with Anne

By Anne Awofisayo
SALT with Anne (Salvation Talk with Anne) is a platform where we collect testimonies! People with a dark history share their redemption stories, those who have fought battles and overcome share their victory stories, those who have had major God encounters share their stories and so on, all by the grace of God to the Glory of God. Basically, The goal of this is to inspire hope and faith in others especially the unsaved.
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EP 3 - Dipo Olatunji's Story

SALT with Anne

E7- Sayo Paul's Salvation Story
A story of redemption from lust, masturbation and more. God helped today's guest conquer addictions and find Purpose in Him
August 22, 2020
E6 - An Anonymous Story
In this episode, our anonymous guest shares her journey from being a devote Muslim to a sold-out child of Jesus Christ.   Like to share your story? Send a mail to
July 12, 2020
EP 5 - Ezinne Zara's Story
Growing up catholic, Ezinne struggled with identifying Grace. She paraded herself as good according to her own standards. She was a people pleaser and also tried to impress God with her "sinless self". Ezinne did everything right yet something wasn't adding up, she knew God was far from her. It took her falling into sin to actually encounter the grace of God by which she is now saved. This particular podcast is filled with so much wisdom and humor. I bet you'll be blessed. IG @orangewriter & @saltwithanne
June 8, 2020
EP 4 - Amaka Asiegbunam's Story
The central theme of this story is mental health. Today's guest found herself struggling with self-worth, a misplaced identity, toxic competitiveness, serial dating, and even suicide! All of this changed when Jesus walked into her life. It's such a beautiful story I promise. IG: @bellae34 & @anne.ointed
May 22, 2020
EP 3 - Dipo Olatunji's Story
Today's guest grew up in a Muslim family. He encountered Jesus in an unexpected way and hasn't looked back ever since. You'd be blessed by this one!
May 13, 2020
EP 2 - Seye Falujo's Story
We had our first guest and it was a beautiful experience listening to her story. God saved her from sexual sins, masturbation, petty theft, and more. Now, she's fulfilling purpose in Ministry and also as a Physiotherapist.  IG: @seyefalujo and @anne.ointed
May 3, 2020
EP 1 - Why Share Your Salvation Story?
Why SALT?  In this brief episode, I talk about why we should share salvation stories. I think it's important for you to understand the point of all this before we actually dive in to the series.
April 13, 2020
April 3, 2020
April 3, 2020