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Quarantime: A journal of surviving the "apocalypse"

Quarantime: A journal of surviving the "apocalypse"

By Sam Barron
In this (hopefully not long) podcast series, Sam Barron goes in depth about his time at home while a virus is sweeping the nation.
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Week 2: taking a break
In this episode: a camping trip bringing a break to constant homework and growing close to friends inside social distancing. (sort of).
April 03, 2020
Quarantime #1: A boredom Vacuum
In this episode, Sam details his problems with youtube and life in the first week of online school. My parent's podcast My brother's youtube channel My youtube channel
March 25, 2020
Quarantime: Prologue
In this short prologue, Sam talks about how he found himself in such a scenario.
March 25, 2020