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The Influential Leader

The Influential Leader

By Samantha Louise
This is a community for ascending trailblazers. As leaders we face adversity and challenges that sometimes leave us wondering why we even attempted to embark on this quest to make a difference. But through the embodied experiences of leaders from around the world, we build kinship and dare to expand our threshold for creative change. Understanding that we can overcome cultural constraints, we boldly challenge self and others to step into a new era of humanistic leadership.
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Strength & Solitude: From Public Education Innovation to Motherhood
As a trailblazing woman in public education, Sherri Broderius has a simple yet profound message for the world to hear about student learning. Over the course of 37 years in public education, the strategies and tools developed to lead by example allowed Sherri to transform the rural communities she serves while also inspiring other leaders to create solutions suited for their own context. A few examples of success during Sherri's career include: Leading a school district out of statutory operating debt to sustained reserve funds; Reforming a school system to overcome student achievement gaps that won national recognition; and Passing referendums to design state-of-the-art learning experiences for students. As much of the world stands by to criticize and pounce on the education system in light of political reform and a global pandemic, the wisdom shared in this episode will inspire you to look at student learning, what should be the center of public education, with clarity and a new sense of hope.
August 19, 2020
Defending the Field: Girls in Sport & Women in Academia
"As females, we always feel this burden of having to work extra hard and be perfect. But it's okay to make mistakes - that's what life is about and that's where we learn our lessons." - Dr. Bonnie Reiman On the journey to earn my teaching license, Bonnie was the mentor I looked to and leaned on for moral support. She inspired a sense of ease and lightness as I prepared to enter a male dominated field of work that is overwhelmed with nasty stereotypes and labels. From quality curriculum design and instruction to advocacy and self-care, I learned in four short years how to create the best learning conditions for students while also fighting to improve the quality and standard of the Health and Physical Education teaching profession. Dr. Bonnie Reiman helped me recontextualize what it meant to be a female athlete, coach, health educator, and physical educator. Her teaching and compassion helped me build a foundation to lead change in a humanistic and empathic manner. Please enjoy these pearls of wisdom from Bonnie...
August 19, 2020