Redefining Caregiving -Devoted to Caregivers

My Story/Mom’s Tragedy -Part 1

An episode of Redefining Caregiving -Devoted to Caregivers

By Samantha Damm- Author, Advisor
Caregivers face challenges that drag them down on a regular basis. They need a steady dose of uplifting advice and ideas to support their specific circumstances and many people don't know where to turn for it. This podcast can help with that problem. I hope to benefit anyone looking for answers or in a rut, because I've been there. I'm passionate about helping people who want to help themselves. My topics are random, unplanned, and from the heart. My intention is to create an atmosphere of acceptance and love for caregivers everywhere. Always remember to include yourself in the care you give!
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Caregivers face challenges that drag them down on a regular basis. They need a steady dose of uplifting advice and ideas to support their specific circumstances and many people don't know where to turn for it. This podcast can help with that problem. I hope to benefit anyone looking for answers or in a rut, because I've been there. I'm passionate about helping people who want to help themselves. My topics are random, unplanned, and from the heart. My intention is to create an atmosphere of acceptance and love for caregivers everywhere. Always remember to include yourself in the care you give!

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Debating a Change
Have you ever made a choice and eventually questioned whether it was the right one? I am going through that right now and it got me thinking about how I can get better in making choices I don’t regret or need to change. In this episode I shared three warnings signs for helping you acknowledge a change might be needed Following a choice in your life. I explained how you should feel when you make a choice that’s beneficial for you. Get better at knowing when to begin debating a change and knowing when to implement one. For more information about my book and story visit Remember to include yourself in the care you give. Thank you for listening!
October 25, 2019
Inspire yourself-Be Creative
With Fall and Winter approaching I encourage you to approach these seasons intentionally. During times when people go indoors and gather with their friends and family, it can feel like a lonely time for caregivers. It’s up to you how lonely you become, because with the Internet and your ability to create you can create connections. We are all creative to some degree. When you know what you enjoy you can choose fun ways to incorporate them into your caregiving. Listening to music, watching comedy shows, cooking or creating crafts are all ways you can feel useful and create happy hormones to prevent depression and isolation. Be the inspiration you want to see and feel. Bring a spirit of happiness through creating crafts or spending time with those around you; even if it’s just one person. Two people can have a fabulous time together. Look forward to what the future holds and stop looking at other people in comparison to yourself. Getting through this season joyfully is your goal. What comes after Caregiving will introduce its self at the right time. Embrace each day with creativity for self-care because you need to feel happinessT to thrive. Reach out to me add redefining caregiving@sam, Or visit my website With over three decades of caregiving experience I can help you live a vibrant caregiving experience so don’t hesitate to contact me!
September 6, 2019
My Story/Mom’s Tragedy -Part 1
After 17 years since my mom‘s diagnosis of severe dementia at age 59, it tears me up and stirs emotions in me that I don’t think will ever go away. It’s always hard to recall painful memories, but it’s also helpful in reminding us of our progress and how far we’ve come in the healing. In my case, I’ve decided to write a book about my experience and to also guide caregivers in all areas pertaining to caregiving, There was a time I knew very little about what it was to be a caregiver even though I watched my mother as a teenager care for my stepfather. Listen and hear our unique story of how caregiving entered my life and dementia began taking my mom‘s life from her. This is part one because the story took longer than I thought it would to tell. I didn’t want to leave out important stuff, but I also wanted to keep it short, so I split it into two episodes. I hope my story helps you be guarded and aware of the possibilities that people are out there looking for opportunities to take it avantage of vulnerable people which is what happened with my mom. I began caregiving when there wasn’t much help for caregivers and it was at the worst time in my life. I was entering a divorce after 14 years of marriage with two children to raise on my own. I had no help, and mom was all the support I needed, until she needed mine. Within six-month. I divorced, underwent a total hysterectomy, went through physical therapy following a severe car auto accident, and my mother developed early onset dementia. One thing I know is that a positive attitude will take you very far, and since were all human self care is key to surviving as a caregiver. Thank you for listening to my story and hearing about mom, because she would’ve wanted me to share it with you in order to help others avoid pain. I dedicate this podcast to my mom. She was my rock and fortress and I miss her deeply. She taught me, thru her tragedy, how with determination and an empowering mindset I can overcome any circumstance. Remember to always include yourself in the care you give. Visit my website to learn more, see photos of mom and subscribe for a copy of my book at
August 30, 2019
The Caregiver Crisis-Getting it out there!
In this episode I briefly touched on the current caregiver crisis in America. Things are looking pretty bad. The more I do my research the more I see why the media isn’t talking about it much. Kind of reminds me of the big earthquake coming to Oregon that is way overdue and going to be tragic. I still meet people who haven't even heard about it. Experts say it's inevitable it's coming withing the next 30-40 years.  Bottom line is there will be devastation and the only way to get around that is the preparation.  Today I'm talking about a different crisis that will affect our country and you might have heard about it. As the baby boomers enter retirement years in the coming years, it will be also when our country will have a shortage of caregivers like never before in history. Do a search on Google to learn more, or buy my book to learn more about what they are predicting.  You won't see a lot of news about it, but the predictions look very grim.   When you first hear news something terrible is going to happen, panic can set in and we tend to focus on how bad it will be. I'm just the messenger, and I'm not delighted to share this with you, but it's crucial we all begin working on what we can to prepare others and ourselves. The crisis will affect people differently, but the majority of folks will be caught off-guard and their lives may be ruined.  By listening to this podcast, you can do your part to share it with others and give them the heads up.  There isn't a lot of news online about it, but if you visit my website at, I have a resource page you can use to learn more. Send me a message if you want me to provide you with more information.  Let's not focus on the worse things that can happen, but on what we can do to help change the impact it will have on our nation.  Stressing out only makes you feel worse. Work on finding solutions to lessen the damage in the lives of your loved ones and yourself, is really all we can do. We are all aging and will need each other for care.   If you’re already a caregiver and need help, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask. Caregiving has been a part of my life for over 25 years, In my book redefining caregiving I offer help to caregivers and their families. I touch on a broad range of topics commonly affecting caregivers. I provide one on one consultations for caregivers who want to transform their caregiving journey.  Why wait for answers when so many people have already been where you are and can help?  I have created some easy strategies for making life easier and putting your mind at ease. Remember, to include yourself in the care you give every day.  Email me at  and on my Facebook Redefining Caregiving Page. 
August 30, 2019
Keeping Balance -We’re All Users
Hey everyone, I got a text reminder saying I used 50% of my usage for the month on my Internet bill. I was like what? How do I slow it down? What am I using? I need to figure out how to cut my usage down. Where do I start? As these questions flu around in my mind, I went on the Internet to investigate and saw the word BALANCE. There’s a lot of words thrown around on social media and there’s a few I really embrace. Today this one brought me revelation. 50% usage is not balanced if I’m only halfway through the month. I live a pretty controlled and balanced life so this bothered me. The fact I couldn’t recall what I was using or where my usage was allocated, made me feel like a user. We are all users, but we need to balance it out with giving. If we don’t we’re just users. My Internet usage reminder caused me to question the other areas of my life. We are responsible for how much we take and how much we gift. Listen to the people around you when you ask them if they feel like you’re using or giving more in the relationship. Ask yourself if what they say is true and then provide the opposite of what they’re complaining about. This is how you bring balance. Caregivers are used a lot without resources to take from, so they need to be creative in finding ways to get. Want to learn more about how to live a balanced life? contact me at Sign up for my book remember to always include yourself in the care you give!
August 30, 2019
Don’t be that cherry tomato!
I was making a pot of soup this morning and it triggered this podcast. I decided to blanch some cherry tomatoes but there is this one tomato that was working against me. It refused to crack and shed its skin no matter how long I boiled it. As long as it was exposed to that heat it should’ve cracked but it didn’t.That’s when I said out loud “You remind me of myself.” I found myself talking to a tomato and realized I better share the analogy in a podcast instead. Sometimes we leaders or entrepreneurs don’t want to shed our skin and become exposed or conform to a situation. We stand there on the outside while everyone else is working towards whatever it is at that time.No wonder people can’t connect with us, if we don’t shed our skin and let allow them in. This podcast encourages you to question why you don’t want to conform and if it’s for the wrong reasons you should try to conform a little in order for others to understand what’s inside of you. You decide but remember keeping a tight skin doesn’t allow others to enjoy what you have to offer. You can’t enjoy them unless you allow them in to your life. Sometimes it’s a good thing to not conform and sometimes it is. I believe in moderation. If conforming means to support something you stand strongly against then you should not. If it’s to serve a better purpose other than yourself and for the greater good I think it’s a nice thing to do. I went years being rigid and standing outside the arena of everyone else. Now I have one small open slit in my outer skin that I allow only select people to enter and it’s working out pretty good for me. The more I open up the better feels. Take care of yourself and do what’s best for you.
June 7, 2019
Loss Grows Gratitude
Hi everyone. Recently I cut my hair very short and after it grew back a month later, I was so grateful. This episode is about how no matter what your loss is, eventually you will have the opportunity to experience gratefulness for your loss. Sometimes what you’re grateful for is how the loss affected you in a positive way or changed your life for the better. Loss can create some negative feelings for us, but we can choose to be grateful for what it does offer that is positive. Pain and loss are inevitable. We should do our best to keep balance in our life and hold on to moments when we feel grateful for feeling good about something. Sometimes you’re not grateful for a long time after having been through a loss because you’re actually lost in the pain. One way out of the pain is to look for something you can be grateful for. Thank you so much for your time today.
May 29, 2019
When You Don’t Have a Choice
When we face the decision to be a caregiver for, it can feel like we have no choice because if we don’t, it could have devastating consequences for them. How can we move forward with helping and feel positive about it? Our attitude affects our outcomes so if we try focusing on ways to incorporate fun and humor, it can make a huge difference. Believe that Caregiving has huge benefits for you too. I explain in this podcast that we must do things we don’t enjoy in life, but there’s always something good that can comes from it. Caregiving offers us a chance to impact someone’s life like no other. They look to you everyday for more than just daily help, but for hope and companionship. If you don’t enjoy Caregiving you shouldn’t take on the job, unless you do it temporarily and find someone who does. Everything you do in life can be celebrated because your capable of choosing to see it that way.
May 16, 2019
Caregivers Pace, Plan and Prepare
This episode is about the most an important aspect of caregiving that affects everyone, because caregivers affect society. They manage lives of those who can’t do for themselves and care for their own families while holding down jobs. That means they touch many lives so it’s important they are as healthy as can be. Caregivers are the first to jump in and help when someone needs it and that’s great, but they need to know when to stop and take care of themselves. Having a plan for caregiving is the best way to prevent caregiver burnout. You can create a plan at any moment. It should include include how you’ll get help, managing daily self-care and knowing your limits. A situation where someone needs care may be urgent but it doesn’t always remain that way, so transitional caregiving is essential. It’s important to listen to other people who care about you and not be defensive about your caregiving. Your care recipient will listen to you when you set an example for them. It’s admirable to be a caregiver but your life is just as important as theirs and by devaluing your life and not taking care of yourself you’re setting a poor example for your family and placing a burden of guilt on the care recipient. It’s the truth and we like to make it sound different because it’s difficult to admit that we don’t care enough about ourselves to put our lives ahead of our care recipient. I have two daughters and When my mother developed early onset dementia at age 59, she had no one else to care for her. I speak from experience when I say There’s a way to incorporate your own well-being within the realms of caregiving for someone else but it takes effort and conscious determination to place yourself at a higher priority. It begins with ignoring others opinions about the type of care you should provide or the person you should be. You can move forward taking care of yourself without guilt when you do this. You can even decide not to take care of someone if it’s not good for you. There will always be someone who disagrees but it’s not their life. It’s yours. I pray you will value the life that’s yours before anyone else’s, so you can shine and be good for all those you care for. Http://
April 26, 2019
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