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Leaders & Learners, a Sand and Shores Production

Leaders & Learners, a Sand and Shores Production

By Tonya McKenzie
Sand and Shores helps tell true stories that have a powerful impact on real lives! Our Leaders and Learners platform speaks with organizational leaders and those displaying expertise in their field. Leadership is newsworthy. True leaders are lifetime learners. Let's hear their stories and follow the lead.
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Leaders & Learners w/ Ken Jacobs, Leadership Expert
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
It is an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to chat with ken Jacobs of JACOBS CONSULTING & EXECUTIVE COACHING.  Ken shed light on the biggest differences between coaching and consulting, management and leadership, and why it's so integral that we show laser focused leadership in uncertain times. It's a conversation that you do not want to miss. If you aspire to do better as a leader in business and your personal life, this is a great start.  You can find out more about how Mr. Jacobs and how he can help you at Get his complimentary ebook, 11 Things To Do If You Want To Be An Amazingly Effective Leader.  This is brought to you by Sand and Shores PR & Leadership Firm. We help with positive PR through bold branding and leadership. If you have comments or a guest suggestion, email Stay connected on all social platforms @SandandShores. 
December 10, 2020
Leaders & Learners w/ Steven Benedict Olympic Qualifier & Author
Tap in to hear Tonya speak with Steven Benedict, the track and field star. Steven is an Olympic Qualifier and new author. He has been featured in ESPN Magazine, Men’s Fitness and Men’s Health. His path to success is all the more remarkable given his early abusive childhood, a variety of unpredictable living conditions and eventually, the Foster Care System, which precipitously ended when his adopted parents both died prematurely. Hear more of his story and how he has been leading the way. Book sales of his new book, Good Morning SuperStar: Where Intentions Set the Tone but Habits Align You to Shine, will benefit adoption and foster care charities during December. Stay Connected with Steven Benedict online at For all press inquiries, please email Deborah Griffin, Publicist at FOLLOW Leaders & Learners on  Spotify To pitch show guests, contact
December 1, 2020
Leaders & Learners w/ Bob Grant of the Retired NFL Players Congress
What does a champion, barrier-breaking NFL Player do after retirement? Of course, they give back, teach, educate, and make money grow. Meet Bob Grant, Chairman of Board at Retired NFL Players Congress. This man is dropping knowledge on startups, politics, and finances. He had me stumped just to teach me a lesson. Take the time to check this out. I promise that you will learn something.    This is brought to you by Sand & Shores, the Positive PR People #Leaders #Learns #ContentMatters #PositivePR #GoodNewGuru #Leadership is Newsworthy! | Follow us on Twitter & Instagram @SandAndShores  Ladies, join #LadyBoss on FB ( ) and LinkedIn ( )  Follow Tonya on Twitter & Instagram @TonyaMcKenziePR
September 22, 2020
Leaders & Learners w/ Mayor Kevin Romick
We are thrilled to have the opportunity to speak with the Oakley, CA Mayor, and incredible civil servant, Kevin Romick.  Listen to how his transformative leadership style has helped to shape a city, improve his own health and wellness while taking on additional leadership positions and growing an incredible family.    You can find out more about Mayor Romick at .   Follow him on Twitter @KevinRomick   Don't forget to leave comments and SUBSCRIBE!    This is brought to you by Sand & Shores, the Positive PR People #Leaders #Learns #ContentMatters #PositivePR #GoodNewGuru  #Leadership is Newsworthy! |  Follow us on Twitter & Instagram @SandAndShores  Follow Tonya on Twitter & Instagram @TonyaMcKenziePR
September 2, 2020
Leaders & Learners w/ City Councilman Christian Horvath
We had the distinct opportunity to chat with one of Redondo Beach's incredible public servants. Christian Anthony Horvath has held various leadership positions in the city prior to being elected a City Councilman. What does real leadership look like and require? How do you make good decisions for a whole city or district and keep personal feelings out of the equation? #Leadership requires so much more than those on the sidelines may understand. Take a listen. It will motivate you to get involved or convince you to support those that do. We discuss entrepreneurship, family, and setting priorities.   For more on Councilman Christian Horvath, you can follow him on   Twitter @horvathrbd3  | Instagram @horvath.rbd3   This is brought to you by Sand & Shores, the Positive PR People #Leaders #Learns #ContentMatters #PositivePR #GoodNewGuru #Leadership is Newsworthy! |  Follow us on Twitter & Instagram @SandAndShores  Follow Tonya on Twitter & Instagram @TonyaMcKenziePR
August 18, 2020
Leaders & Learners w/ Ms. Pat Hunter, Solano County's Community Activist
It can be the census, voter registration, criminal justice reform, education, mentoring, or simply spreading love. Ms. Pat Hunter is always at the forefront of leadership and advocacy in Solano County. We talk about leadership, mentorship, voter education, and what it takes to lead. 
August 14, 2020
Leaders & Learners w/ D.J. Moultrie, Founder of Black Equity Network
Join us as we speak with D.J. Moultrie, founder of Black Equity Network. We talk about Black founders, VC's, networking, and building generational wealth. Find out more about his podcast and how their movement is changing the game. In order to be a true leader, you must commit to being a lifetime learner. Listen in to this enlightening conversation.  Check them out at Stay connected to Sand & Shores, the Positive PR People.   Visit us at  Twitter | Instagram | Facebook - @sandandshores
July 31, 2020
Leaders & Learners w/ Tandra Price of Conversations Over Coffee
Hear how this amazing woman has built a 6-location networking platform for women looking to level up in business. For women entrepreneurs, business owners, CEO, and any women looking to connect with other professional women, this transformative, Tandra Price has engaged in a transformative leadership style to help you take your passion and profits to the next level.  Learn about the 10-before-10. You can learn more at    For more "Positive PR" with Sand and Shores, visit us at or follow us on Twitter  @sandandshores and Instagram @sandandshores
July 29, 2020
Leaders & Learners w/ Francie Jain, Founder of Terawatt
She decided that when she died, she wanted to look back on her life and feel that she had really lived a life of fearlessness. As the Founder of Terawatt, Francie Jain has made a unique space for coaches and professionals to meet, connect, and be amazing. Listen to her enlightened thought process and how she has managed to help people in the most unique way . You can get more Francie Jain at Follow her on Twitter at @Francie51 and on Instagram at @FrancieJain For more Leaders & Learners or more information about Sand & Shores, the positive PR people, visit us at   Stay connected on social media at  Twitter & Instagram @sandandshores
July 20, 2020
Leaders & Learners w/ The Sexanista, Tiffany Yelverton of Enticeme
Check out the Sexanista, Tiffany Yelverton of Enticeme. Hear about her transformational and situational leadership style to help singles and couples realize and actualize their sexual pleasure and fulfillment. She teaches, coaches, educates, and trains you to be your sexual best and increase your profitability through orgasm. YES! She said that. Listen in as she explains.    Read more on Tiffany and Enticeme.  Website:  Get connected.  Follow on Twitter and Instagram at @enticemesoirees  For more Leaders & Learners, head over to or email Stay connected on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @SandAndShores
July 7, 2020
Content is Queen presents #LeadersAndLearners with Terrence Evans of Terreva Investments
Join us as we speak to the brilliant engineer turned Mortgage Note Investor and paving the way for others to get educated and financially empowered with this alternative way of making money in the real estate industry. From Atlanta to L.A., Terrence is paving the way. You can find more information at At Sand & Shores, we believe that real leaders are lifetime learners. We are the Positive PR People #Leaders #Learns #ContentMatters #PositivePR #GoodNewGuru or
June 2, 2020
Content is Queen with Latanza Price of Priceless Moments
Listen in as we speak with Latanza Price. Based in Los Angeles, Priceless Moments creates an atmosphere that is innovative, sophisticated, and elegant for all special occasions ranging from intimate celebratory gatherings to large branded corporate events. Latanza's attention to detail is top-of-class. She is a graduate of California State University Northridge and a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. She has produced some of the most phenomenal events in Southern California and beyond. Meet the maven behind the magic and hear how she leads the way in event planning.  #ContentIsQueen #LeadTheWay #SandAndShores
May 25, 2020
Content is Queen w/ Founder of S.W.A.M. Challenge, Walter Watts IV
His father was a 3 Sport Pro Athlete and he was a successful college football player. How did Walter Watts IV find himself needing to restart his fitness journey and reset his mind? Meet the founder of S.W.A.M. Challenge. Hear about his own personal challenges and how he has started a movement in Central California that is transforming lives. #ContentMatters here on Content is Queen.  For more stories like this, visit Sand & Shores.  To tell your story, let us know. 
March 19, 2020
Legacy & Leadership - A Child's Memories of Cartoons & Murder
A Child's Memories of Cartoons and Murder reveal so much about the life of a child growing up in Northern California, surviving gun violence, sexual assault, and homelessness. This episode, Tonya, the author, talks legacy and leadership with the revelation of why some people never rise to the occasion and take the lead when they have inherited a position that would infer leadership. The truth is, not everybody is able or equipped to lead. Follow on Instagram for the IGTV version.  
February 19, 2020
Simple Treasures with Author, Poet, Journalist, & Entrepreneur Quanda R. Graves
Quanda is a contributing writer to California Crusader Newspaper articles and Until's Book of the Week. She writes, designs, paints, draws and is an author. Meet Quanda R Graves and hear about her journey to becoming an author, her new book and how she finds her motivation and creativity for all of her projects. Listen to her entrepreneurial journey and become enlightened with her knowledge of creating multiple streams of income. "To never let go of your dreams, pursue and accomplish no matter the circumstance. Everywhere. Life is poetry and poetry is life. Living life is an inspiration, " Quanda says!  Hear how Quanda's CONTENT IS QUEEN with Sand & Shores.  You can follow her on IG @qssimpletreasures & @untilnomore or TWITTER @QgravesUntil
October 21, 2019
Sleeping with My Shoes On
Ms. L.J. JACKSON talks about life-changing moments in her book and how she came to pen these nuggets of knowledge. The passage that she reads and that moment that she thought she was about to breath her last breath are so powerful. “Get up, the house is on fire!” my mom yelled. What? How could I have not smelled the smoke…
May 27, 2018
Life After the Down Low
Get to know Ingrid M. Ellis and her jaw-dropping story. The author of The Life After the Down Low takes you for a ride that you believe will end happily ever after but takes a turn to the worst place possible. The passage that she reads in the episode, about the moments walking down the aisle and the tears that he shed, later acknowledging that those tears were his farewell to the secret life of pedophilia and desire to be with men instead of this one woman came to life. I would love your comments after this episode. Ingrid is truly a woman of resilience.
May 27, 2018
The Last Prince of Atlantis - Leonard Clifton
It was mind-blowing to speak with and get to know this author, Mr. Leonard Clifton. His passion for the arts is beyond words. “I wanted the reality on top of the fantasy,” Leonard speaks on his real-life adventures in African and other travels that he blends well with the story that he has captured in his book.
May 27, 2018
Why Are Church Folk Poor? Speaking with Raykel Tolson
Author Raykel Tolson and I discuss why people who love God, believe in the Bible, and attend church regularly are poor. Why are non-believers prospering using Biblical principles? We delve into this subject, how it has effected her church life, her personal life and financial decisions.
May 27, 2018