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CDO Battlescars

CDO Battlescars

By Sandeep Uttamchandani
"While it is wise to learn from experiences, it is wiser to learn from the experience of others." -- Rick Warren

Welcome to CDO battlescars — a podcast series where we talk to data leaders across data engineering, analytics, data science on the challenges they encountered in their journey of transforming raw data into insights!

I am your host Sandeep Uttamchandani. The motivation of this podcast series is to give back to the data community the hard-learned lessons that I and my peer data leaders have gathered over the years! We appreciate your comments and feedback!
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Applying Data Science to traditional market data analysis at PFM
In this episode, I talk to Manish Chitnis,  CDO at Partner Fund Management (PFM).  Manish has 20+ years of diverse multi-disciplinary experience across a wide range of analytics: architecting the data warehouses from scratch, building risk/data apps, introducing new data architectures, instituting data governance/stewardship, data-hygiene and cleanup, improved data collection, and much more. We cover his battle scars in applying Data Science to traditional market data analysis domain.
October 11, 2020
Developing data literacy and standardized business metrics at Tailored Brands
In this podcast, I talk to Meenal Iyer from Tailored Brands. Meenal brings in 20+ years of data analytics experience across multiple domains namely retail, travel, financial services. Meenal has been transforming enterprises to become data driven, and shares interesting domain agnostic lessons from her experience. We cover two areas of battescars in this podcast: 1) Growing data literacy and a data-driven culture; 2) Standardization of business metrics.
October 5, 2020
Creating a Data strategy & Self-service data platform in FinTech
In this episode, I talk to Keyur Desai the former CDO of TD Ameritrade. We discuss battlescars in two areas: Building a Data Strategy & Pervasive Self-service analytics platform. Keyur shares some really valuable lessons based on his extensive experience.  Keyur is a data executive with over 30 years of experience managing and monetizing data and analytics.  He has created data driven organizations and driven enterprise wide data strategies, data literacy, modern data governance, machine learning & data science, pervasive self-service analytics, and several other initiatives. He has experience across multiple industries including Insurance, Technology, Healthcare, Retail.
September 28, 2020
Standardizing business metrics & democratizing experimentation at Intuit
In this episode, I talk to Anil Madan at Intuit on battlescars in two areas: Standardization of business metrics and Democratization of Experimentation within the enterprise. Anil is the VP of Data and Analytics for Intuit’s Small Business and Self Employed group. He has over 25 years of experience in the data space across Intuit, PayPal,eBay — a poineer in building data infrastructure and value creation in the form of products, experimentation, data advertising, digital marketing, payments, and many more.
September 20, 2020