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Sandwich Parenting

Sandwich Parenting

By Sandwich Parenting
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Produced by William Hunter
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Healing from CPTSD with Linda Meredith
A Sandwich Parent who saved herself from a complete loss of cognitive functions to being Australia’s first Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, Linda Meredith truly knows what suffering from CPTSD is like.  Based out of Brisbane, Linda makes her trauma recovery expertise available globally through her YouTube channel, Healing CPTSD website, and Facebook community.  She wants you to believe in yourself and have hope.  She did it and she wants you to know you can too.  I had the immense honour of interviewing Linda and here is our conversation.  (Side note: Bill forgot he was editing as he got caught up listening to her thoughtful, passionate, and wise advice.)
November 26, 2020
Joline Lim: A Chin-dian Learning Parent!
Joline Lim comes from a Chin-dian background (Chinese/Indian). Living in Singapore, a very competitive environment with a huge focus on academic achievement, Joline embraced Gentle Parenting, feeling there is much to learn from a variety of experts and approaches. Listen to our fun chat to learn about the journey to The Learning Parent SG where she advocates for respectful parenting with a Singaporean twist!
November 3, 2020
Iris Chen: From Tiger Mom to Consent Based Unschooling
Iris Chen played by the rules of society and was a great success by society's standards, but felt that those achievements didn't mean anything at the end of the day.  She is now on a journey of Untigering: which she defines as Gentle Parenting and Unschooling.  She is a deconstructing Tiger Mom, and in the process, brings us along to question our own upbringing and how we parent our own children. Listen to our podcast as we talk about interesting parenting topics such as obedience, past trauma, achievement, and consent-based living.
September 17, 2020
Su Family: From "Perfect Chinese Son" to "Backpacking Bum"
Jonathan and Annie Su have learned to preserve values they learned from their parents and to evolve new ones as parents themselves.  Breaking from traditional immigrant Chinese expectations, they live their lives defined by their own meaning and passion.  I interviewed Jonathan and Annie Su on the last day of their quarantine in Hong Kong, right before they left for their third family Gap Year. Find out why they are the epitome of Sandwich Parenting in our inaugural podcast episode!  Visit their website Su Family Adventures!
August 8, 2020