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Discussions with the Diaspora

Discussions with the Diaspora

By Sangre Migrante
A podcast by Sangre Migrante [migrante blood], shining light on the Latin American diaspora in so called Australia and beyond. Your host Aimee Flores is a half Colombian, half Chilean first generation Australian who is deeply passionate about sharing authentic stories from her Latin American community.⁣ Join her as she speaks with members of the Latin American diaspora about how their cultural identities have helped shaped the people they are today.
Episode 1 with Natali Caro
We welcome our first guest, Natali Caro, to talk about the layers of being a queer, first-generation Latinx Australian in the arts.  Natali Caro is a queer Colombian/ Chilean actor, comedian, DJ, drag artist, performer, producer and writer. Her solo comedy show at Giant Dwarf, Seeking Representation sold out twice and got rave reviews as well as standing ovations. Natali is also the host of King's & Queens, fBi Radio's queer culture segment. Natali is all about bringing the laughs, as well as shedding light to QTPOC issues, and advocating for intersectionality. Links Natali Caro on Instagram  FBI radio on Instagram  Get tickets for, Thanks for Having Me at which is hosted and Produced by Natali Caro.  Read Natali Caro's Pedestrian article, Australian Comedy Is Whiter Than An Influencer’s Teeth And No One Seems To Care here Credits Host, producer and editor: Aimee Flores  Guest: Natali Caro Theme music: It's Not Over 'Til The Bossa Nova by Shane Ivers 
November 16, 2021
Discussion with the Diaspora, coming soon!
Welcome to Discussions with the Diaspora. A podcast coming to your ears soon! Credits Host, producer and editor: Aimee Flores Theme music: It's Not Over 'Til The Bossa Nova by Shane Ivers
November 08, 2021