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The Sanskaari Sass Podcast

The Sanskaari Sass Podcast

By Sanskaari Sass
Join an urban Indian women and a lot of sassy guests for intimate conversations about feminism, living with the patriarchy, dealing with the patriarchy, unlearning patriarchy, fighting patriarchy all while keeping it sassy.
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Feminism and Chill: Disability In Media With Virali Modi
Diverse representation is a large conversation in the media that expands over a multitude of bodies. For this episode of Feminism and Chill, disability rights activist and model Virali Modi helps us understand the unfair and stereotyped portrayal of disabled characters in Bollywood.  You can follow Virali on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with her, and let us know in what ways you might have become more aware about disability and accessibility in every day life over on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  Music composed by Saanjh.  
May 15, 2019
Feminism 101: Empathy with Mahima Kukreja
Any social movement is based on empathy. It’s what makes us human. Still, we tend to throw it at the back of our closets. For this week’s episode of Feminism 101, we are joined by Mahima Kukreja who helps us breakdown what empathy is, and why its at the very core of feminism. As a copywriter, poet, comedian and activist, Mahima makes this episode insightful and hilarious, and leaves us with a lot of food for thought.  You can find Mahima on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube to keep up with her incredibly important work as an activist, her general badassery and her poetry. Let us know what role empathy plays in your life on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  Music composed by Saanjh.  
May 8, 2019
Women at Work: Anjana Bapat – Belly Dancer, Plus Size Model, Statistical Programmer
In this episode of Women at Work, our guest Anjana Bapat proves that women are multitasking goddesses who genuinely run the world. As a belly dancer, plus size model and statistical programmer, Anjana tells us all about her life in the professional spaces she occupies.  Listen to her talk about how her work intersects with the body positivity movement, the world’s unrealistic beauty standards that come in the way, and why we should all belly dance.  Hit up Anjana on Instagram to see her killing it at belly dancing and life! And you know, we’re over at Sanskaari Sass on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  Music composed by Saanjh.  
May 1, 2019
IRL: Elections with Japleen Pasricha
IT'S ELECTION SEASON IN INDIA! The entire country is waiting and watching with fear, maybe hope on what this election will bring to the future of all its people. For this IRL segment, we get on a call with Japleen Pasricha, founder (we accidentally say co-founder on the podcast!) of Feminism In India, to chat elections, diversity in government, voter participation by gender and more. Follow Japleen on Twitter, and Feminism In India for their coverage on the elections and everything feminism in the Indian context on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you are eligible to vote, tell us what your main concerns are during this election on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  Music composed by Saanjh.  
April 17, 2019
Feminism and Chill: Game of Thrones with Nuriyah Johar
Dragon riders, queens, assassins and knights are just a handful of badass ladies we love from Westeros. In this episode of Feminism and Chill, we do a feminist take on Game of Thrones, as the final season of this word-wide phenomenon is upon us.  To discuss the female characters, their story arcs and the plot devices used by the show, we are joined by Nuriyah Johar, a pop-culture enthusiast who’s got a lot to say about GoT.  Let us know who your favourite female character from GoT is and why over at Sanskaari Sass on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  Music composed by Saanjh.  
April 10, 2019
Feminism 101: Internalised Misogyny with Tanvi Ghadge
In our Feminist 101 episodes, we breakdown feminist theory and make it easy to understand and digest. This week, we are joined by the incredible Tanvi Ghadge, as we discuss internalised misogyny. We go through what it means and how it affects us in every thing we do, the behaviours we have painstakingly unlearned over the years, and the ones we’re still working on. You can hit Tanvi up on Instagram, and let us know what are some of the harmful behaviours that you have been able to unlearn over at Sanskaari Sass on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  Music composed by Saanjh.  
April 3, 2019
Feminism and Chill: Captain Marvel (& other female superheroes) with Kejal Shah
We are joined by Marvel fan and all round queen Kejal as we delve into this month’s edition of Feminism and Chill to talk about Captain Marvel, the use of female superheroes in action movies, and their trolls.  Follow Kejal on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with her work as an educator and her funny takes on pop culture. Tell us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Follow us and let us know who your favourite female superhero is and why! Music composed by Saanjh.  
March 27, 2019
Women at Work: Eshika Fyzee of Pangea Films
In this month’s edition of Women at Work, we sit to chat with wildlife filmmaker and founder of Pangea Films Eshika Fyzee and learn about her experience of leading a film crew as a woman in a male-dominated work place, her life on field in extreme climates, her wild and hilarious interactions in the jungles, and her in-general badass-ery.  Keep up with Eshika, and get a glimpse of the stunning work by her very own wildlife film production house – Pangea Films on Instagram. If you have had any exciting times in the wild, or have any stories about working in a male dominated industry, tell us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Music composed by Saanjh.
March 20, 2019
Feminism 101: Privilege with Badass Brown Activist
Recognising, acknowledging and correctly using privilege is something that is essential to being a feminist. We all carry some amount of privilege, yet it gets left behind in the daily feminist conversations for most of us. This week on the podcast, we're joined by Badass Brown Activist who helps us breakdown the concept and understand what privilege means, how to recognise and use it, how it ties into allyship, and how checking and spending our privilege is the bare minimum we can do. Follow Badass Brown Activist on on Instagram and Twitter for daily feminist content that everyone needs. Let us know you thought of this episode on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Music composed by Saanjh.
March 13, 2019
IRL: #MeTooIndia with Divya Kandukuri
This week for our IRL segment, we bring in journalist and ultimate sass queen Divya Kandukuri to talk about the #MeToo movement, specifically in the Indian context. In the episode, Divya shines light on how we must approach #MeToo for it to be inclusive, and how intersectionality is at the very core of feminism itself.  Follow Divya on on Instagram and Twitter to learn and unlearn some important truths about the feminist movement and casteism in India with her #EverydayCasteism series. Let us know what you think #MeTooIndia is lacking, and how it can be made more intersectional over on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Music composed by Saanjh.
March 6, 2019
Feminism 101: PRIDE
This month of love, we've been talking about all things romance, dating and sex, and we're closing with the happiest Feminism 101 term: PRIDE.  We are joined by Sakshi, co-founder of Gaysi, to talk about what PRIDE means, her experience of attending every single Mumbai PRIDE since it's conception, LGBTQiA representation in the media, the future of the LGBTQiA+ community in India, and even Ekta Kapoor.  Catch the details of all of the events organised by Gaysi and more LGBTQiA+ content on their Instagram. Tell us your PRIDE experiences on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Music composed by Saanjh.
February 27, 2019
IRL: Aziz effing Ansari
In this month’s IRL episode, we discuss Az*z Ans*ri’s attempt to re-enter mainstream media after the sexual assault allegations that came out against him one year ago. We breakdown rape culture, fake woke boys, consent and non-apologies, separating the art from the artist - conversations we are currently surrounded by in our personal and online lives and how they affect how we date. We also talk about three men we would drop on an island without any internet or way to escape, and NGL, that was a lot of fun to do. Let us know which three men you'd like to ship off to an abandoned island at Sanskaari Sass on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Music composed by Saanjh.
February 20, 2019
Feminism and Chill: RomComs
Valentine's month obviously called for a feminist breakdown of our favourite rom-coms and romance movies! In this Feminism and Chill episode of the podcast we dive into our favourite feminist rom-coms and all the problematic icons, too.  We want to know which are your fave romantic comedies, and which sexist tropes used in rom-comes infuriate you the most at Sanskaari Sass on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Music composed by Saanjh.
February 13, 2019
Women At Work: Indraja Saroha aka Womnsplainer
It’s February, and you best believe that we’re rolling out episodes through this month with love on our minds!  So, for this month’s Women at Work, we sit with Indraja Saroha, the creator behind Liberating Sexuality, an online platform dedicated to sex education and sex positivity in the Indian context to talk about her work and why it's important to talk about what she talks about despite the challenges she faces. Follow Indraja at Liberating Sexuality on Instagram and Youtube, where she puts out some important content in fun formats. Tell us about your sexual liberation/sexual exploration story at Sanskaari Sass on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Music composed by Saanjh.
February 6, 2019
Feminism and Chill: Feminist Music Videos
Who run the world? Sassy feminist queens making badass music, and even more badass videos to smash everything patriarchal. In this episode of Feminism and Chill (a monthly episode where we talk about pop culture in the feminist context) we talk about some of the music videos that have made a huge impact on us and how we see ourselves. What are some badass, sassy music videos we have missed? Share them with us at Sanskaari Sass on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Music composed by Saanjh.
January 30, 2019
IRL: Gillette, Hardik Pandya and Bumble
Under our IRL segment, we discuss real-life events under the feminist context. Up until 2019, Gillette, Hardik Pandya and Bumble India didn't seem to have much in common. But in the first 3 weeks of the year, all three have tied themselves to the feminist conversation in India, especially when it comes to gender roles and boundaries. Listen as we sit with Amrin Talib, content writer at Sanskaari Sass, to discuss how they got it right or got it wrong, and what we think of the reactions to these scenarios in our first IRL episode. If you have any non-hateful opinions and insights we have missed in the episode, share them with us at Sanskaari Sass on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Music composed by Saanjh.
January 23, 2019
Women At Work: Tanika Godbole aka Missfit Comics
Under Women At Work, we highlight a woman and well, her work! In this episode we sit to chat with journalist and comic artist Tanika Godbole of Missfit Comics about the succinctness of comics, the importance of humour, Tanika's love for Harry Potter, and her haters! Go say hi to Tanika @missfitcomics. Or better yet, make her comics go viral on Whatsapp. And let us know who are some of your favourite comic artists online at Sanskaari Sass on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Music composed by Saanjh.
January 16, 2019
Feminism 101: Self-care
Under Feminism 101, we discuss feminist theory in lay man's terms, one important goal of The Sanskaari Sass Podcast. In this episode, we talk about what makes self-care a political act, why feminists need self-care, where did the concept of self-care come from and more. Tell us about your self-care rituals, follow Sanskaari Sass on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Music composed by Saanjh.
January 9, 2019
Feminism and Female Friendships
The co-hosts of The Sanskaari Sass Podcast were having a lot of feminist conversations with each other. And in true narcissistic millennial fashion (we don't want to be responsible for killing the podcast industry too!), we decided to plug in a mic and place it in front of us just to share our thoughts, concerns, complaints with the world. It only seemed fitting to discuss feminism and female friendships for our first episode to introduce your co-hosts Ruchika and Mallika. We talk everything from unrealistic representation of female friendships in pop-culture to the badass sass queens we want to be stranded on an island with! Tell us about your feminist (or not-so-feminist) friendships, follow Sanskaari Sass on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Music composed by Saanjh.
December 28, 2018