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Sanusia Unfiltered: Personal development-Spiritual growth

Sanusia Unfiltered: Personal development-Spiritual growth

By Sanusia Unfiltered
This is the home of unfiltered conversations that strive to help us uncover who we are, without an audience that demands an egotistic performance. Here, we explore the nuances around themes of love, vulnerability, spirituality, sex and sexuality- so expect to experience, love, cry, shake your head. But most important of all, feel, reflect, learn and grow.
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Love Is In The Air: Is Valentine's Day an Expression of Love or just Capitalism? What is Love to You? ft Abu B. Yillah

Sanusia Unfiltered: Personal development-Spiritual growth

HEALING WITHOUT EXTERNAL CLOSURE- When does the heartache end if you have to find closure within?
Okay ya'll today I am wrapping my arms around you from a place of compassion and immense grace. Heartbreak isn't a fun experience; particularly one without closure. Albeit the pain, the journey to giving yourself closure is one of tremendous growth and personal development so today let's have a conversation on practical steps to heal from a heartbreak. Remember we want to heal and nurture ourselves to openly give and receive love again not to rebound and reserve hate and anger. I hope this helps you on your healing journey. Intro audio by @itslennnie on TikTok
March 29, 2021
KARMIC SOUL MATES AND TWIN FLAMES- What is the spiritual theory and Have you met yours?
We have all said or heard of the word 'soul mate' and even 'twin flame' a few times. In this episode we explore the definition of these terms in spiritual theories and how these affect or influence the relationships our souls build in this lifetime. I enjoyed recording this episode because I love getting lost in the topic of soul love; I know you will enjoy listening to it too. The universe is always working in your favour, surrender and trust it.
March 22, 2021
STARTING HER SPIRITUAL JOURNEY- Spiritual Awakening with Healing Crystals and Shadow Work
In this episode we explore the first steps of her spiritual journey and the catalyst for this change; diving into healing crystals and shadow work. As we journey through this life time, we experience many people and situations that influence our spirit, mind and body. The best way to handle life is connecting to and connecting with our spirits and other spirits around us. Spirituality is how we transform ourselves and grow into the energy we were meant to represent in this lifetime. This is a beautiful journey that I am excited to bring you along on. So grab your coats but wear bikinis underneath because on this journey, there will be cold days and we will need the comfort and warmth of our coats; there will be hot and recharged days where we stand open and bare and sun kissed to the world. On y va.
March 13, 2021
We are still in the month of LOVE y'all and one of the things that influences how we date or our romantic relationships is our relationship with our parents. Abu and I discuss some of our own personal abandonment issues resulting from neglect as children. This is a reflective episode focusing on how this factor has influenced our personalities and approach to relationships. We talk about neglect, forgiveness and self reflection. Enjoy the episode!
February 21, 2021
Love Is In The Air: Is Valentine's Day an Expression of Love or just Capitalism? What is Love to You? ft Abu B. Yillah
February is the month of love so it is only right I welcome you guys back with this topic. Love is what makes the world go round and contributes greatly to our mental health and wellness. Our relationships play a major role in how we navigate life, making decisions etc so let's dive into this topic shall we? Today I have a co-host with me, Mr Abu Yillah; a Sierra Leonean creative who is a lover boy himself. Enjoy.
February 10, 2021
Prepare yourself to transition into 2021. Goodbye 2020, Happy New Year!
We are finally getting done with 2020 and we all made it to the other side! I am happy you are here! I am thankful you are here! Here is an episode packed with self care tips and mental preparation guide for you to transition your energy into a hopefully new and positive year. Happy New Year! See you on the other side
December 30, 2020
Let us reflect on the year 2020. Showing gratitude in this chaotic period.
Hey guys! In this episode we are going down memory lane and reviewing the past 300+ days that has made up the year 2020. With everything going on, it is hard to take time to think on everything we have experienced and finding the good in the days gone by, so take this time to listen and reflect with me. Gratitude is key. Gratitude is what gives us hope for another day, another week, another year.
December 27, 2020
Spending Christmas and the Holiday Season ALONE in a Pandemic
Introduction episode to the podcast. London is in Tier 4 Covid-19 restriction rules which means that most of us will be spending the holidays alone. Let’s talk about how this might affect us and how we can make it better for us and those we care about. Happy Holidays!
December 22, 2020