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SAP Community Report

SAP Community Report

By Craig Cmehil
This is a SAP Community Report designed to capture the thoughts and ideas of community members from around the world. Crossing multiple topics, groups and realms.
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Spotlight Interview with Christian Drumm
In the latest Spotlight Interview, Jerry Janda from SAP's Community & Influencers team talks to Christian Drumm, a Professor for Information Systems at the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen, about moving from the world of consulting to academia -- and moving from SAP Mentor to SAP Champion. They also talk about how Christian is using SAP Community to help educate his students, what it means to be an SAP Champion, why members should blog on SAP Community, and what SAP Stammtisch events offer to members looking to make connections. Links: Follow Christian Drumm at  Learn more about the SAP influencer programs (SAP Champions, SAP Mentors) at Follow Gregor Wolf at Read the blog posts from Christian's students at, Learn more about SAP Stammtisch events at Follow Jerry Janda at
March 11, 2021
Spotlight Interview with Nabheet Madan
Shortly after SAP TechEd (near the end of 2020), Jerry Janda of SAP's Community & Influencers team conducted the last Spotlight Interview of the year with SAP Champion Nabheet Madan. Listen to their conversation to learn about Nabheet's evolving community contributions -- efforts that culminated with the launch of his YouTube channel and Technology Enthusiast podcast -- and discover how you can make the most of your own community involvement. Links: Follow Nabheet Madan at Check out Nabheet's YouTube channel at Listen to Nabheet's podcast at Check out previous Spotlight Interviews at Learn more about SAP Champions at Connect with other SAP Champions at Get to know the people Nabheet mentioned during the interview: DJ Adams (, Craig Cmehil (, Maximilian Streifeneder (, Kati Nonhebel (
January 14, 2021
Spotlight Interview with Andrew Lunde
In this Spotlight Interview edition of the podcast, Jerry Janda from SAP's Community & Influencers team chats with SAP Champion (and SAP colleague) Andrew Lunde. Andrew talks about his career (and how he came to join SAP), his involvement with SAP Community, advice for new community members, how he became an SAP Champion, and why he enjoys helping people by contributing code samples.  Links: Follow Andrew Lunde at Read Andrew's blog post "Getting your head into Cloud Application Programming model multitenancy" (as discussed in the podcast): Access Andrew's code samples (as discussed in the podcast) at Check out previous Spotlight Interviews at Learn more about SAP Champions at Connect with other SAP Champions at
December 15, 2020
Spotlight Interview with Phil Cooley
Jerry Janda from SAP's Community & Influencers team is back with another Spotlight Interview with an SAP Champion. In this episode, Jerry chats with Phil Cooley, who talks about how he went from a new member who was uncertain about his community contributions to an SAP Champion whose blogging, social involvement, event participation, and other activities inspire anyone looking to become a community rock star. Phil offers plenty of advice for members looking to get more involved in SAP Community -- and leave their own mark. Links: Follow Phil Cooley at Connect with other SAP Champions at Check out previous Spotlight Interviews at Join the Coffee Corner conversations at
November 20, 2020
Spotlight Interview with John Astill
With this episode, Jerry Janda of SAP's Community & Influencers team brings the Spotlight Interview with SAP Champions series to the SAP Community Report. In this podcast, Jerry talks to SAP Champion John Astill about his career, his work educating youngsters about technology, how robots might keep us safe from COVID-19, and much more!  Links: Spotlight Interviews: SAP Champions program:  TechGirlz:
October 21, 2020
April 2020 - Live Community Chat
Our  "monthly" open call for everyone to join. Tune in to hear your fellow community members. For a chat transcript visit the blog post.
April 27, 2020
February 2020 - Live Community Chat
Our  "monthly" open call for everyone to join. Tune in to hear your fellow community members. For a chat transcript visit the blog post.
February 28, 2020
January 2020 - Live Community Chat
As announced here. This was our second now "monthly" open call for everyone to join. Tune in to hear your fellow community members.   Chat: 15:29:44 From Bärbel Winkler : Hi everybody!15:30:07 From Sue Keohan : Hello! Is there a dial in number?15:30:20 From Bärbel Winkler : No video from me from my office laptop15:32:05 From Bärbel Winkler : Should the poll be visible somewhere? I don't see a link in the obvious places like at the bottom menu15:34:56 From Sue Keohan : I have no microphone so if I had thoughts, I'd have to type them.15:36:20 From Matt Fraser : Sue without a voice!15:36:32 From Sue Keohan : I have a VOICE I have no mic15:36:41 From Sue Keohan : Pick away Craig, I can take it15:36:53 From Bärbel Winkler : Could the question of the poll be also posted in chat?15:37:13 From Sue Keohan : I love those rings. Craig is hard at work making me one, I'm sure15:39:06 From Sue Keohan : Ooooh I see that!15:39:34 From Sue Keohan : Craig, I saw that someone wished we had chat on the SAP Community. Has this been thought about?15:40:15 From Sue Keohan : LOL15:41:50 From greg m : hello everyone, in listening and chat mode only today15:42:25 From Sue Keohan : Hi @greg15:44:10 From Sue Keohan : For a break, I recommend the #Blogitforward series, it's an interesting way to learn about your fellow members.15:44:34 From Matt Fraser : Yes, and I know I am woefully late in getting my own BiF out there. It’s mostly written! I just need to add some photos.15:44:44 From Sue Keohan : So I better watch what I say in the comments now, heh?15:44:47 From greg m : i like the wiki after the latest facelift onto confluence15:45:25 From Sue Keohan : @matt funny that you're procrastinating on writing ;-)15:45:44 From Matt Fraser : Oh, I’m a champion procrastinator15:46:29 From Tammy's iPad : Some great SAP Support content on the wiki; shows up in search results15:46:31 From Marina : hello everyone :)15:46:42 From Tammy's iPad : Especially for those of us in Utilities15:46:58 From Tammy's iPad : Wiki for collaboration?15:47:35 From Tammy's iPad : Hi Marina15:47:48 From Tammy's iPad : Need to spend more time on the topic pages :) I forget about them.15:47:58 From Tammy's iPad : Jim taught me all I know about the wikis15:47:58 From Matthias Wild : Still somehow the best place to organize an Inside Track15:51:14 From Matt Fraser : That’s a good point, Florian. I keep lots of Word docs as my own personal cheat sheets, but perhaps doing those as wikis would be better?15:52:02 From Matt Fraser : Old school15:53:03 From Sue Keohan : Status updates15:53:17 From Tammy's iPad : status updates on community, like we had in Jive15:53:27 From Sue Keohan : It was always fun to see what people were working on 15:53:43 From Sue Keohan : Personal updates, so on15:54:06 From Annetta Miller : is there a posted schedule of upcoming user conferences?15:54:06 From Tammy's iPad : Micro status updates sound cool; timeframe?15:55:10 From Craig Cmehil : From Matthias Wild : Could be confusing on the other side to have all DSAG AG sessions there as well15:56:00 From Tammy's iPad : would love to show my ASUG chapter meeting on the events page...15:56:23 From Matthias Wild : yes, filters would be great. does not work sufficiently today15:56:26 From Sue Keohan : @tammy that would be great15:57:27 From Hans Senden : notifications. for instance when Craig Cmehil writes a blogpost ;-)15:58:08 From Matt Fraser : I like that method of determine how much of old farts we are…. “What do you call the community still to this day?”15:58:09 From Sue Keohan : Guessing there are a lot of 'old-timers' ;-)15:58:11 From Tammy's iPad : Current S-user was BPX :)15:58:19 From Hans Senden : i also have a 1000points tshirt of SDN (orange i believe)15:58:32 From Tammy's iPad : @Hans - congrats15:58:41 From Tammy's iPad : @Craig - would love to get old swag :)15:58:41 From Mahesh : I think I joined in 2012 but I am active only in the current sap community15:58:42
January 24, 2020
December 2019 - Live Community Chat
As announced here. During the call, you might like to share your SAP Community story: why you became a member, why you keep participating, etc. Great! Or maybe you want to talk about the past, present, or what’s yet to come. That’s cool too….although if you’re planning on acting like a Scrooge during the call, you may find yourself visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come instead. Tune in to hear your fellow community members.   Chat: 15:31:43 From Bärbel Winkler : Hi Everybody15:32:01 From Jerry Janda : Hi, Baerbel!15:33:57 From Tammy's iPad : so what are the plans for the online SAP community for 2020?15:34:31 From Tammy's iPad : @Ian - hope to put a request in for Rich to come to Northern Virginia in April!15:36:20 From Tammy's iPad : or Remington Steele?15:38:34 From Ian Thain : CodeJam page updated on From Jens Gleichmann : What about updating „old“ blog posts from „old“ (linked) S-Users? Because I was asked to update my old blog posts which I have currently no longer access to (old S-User)15:42:19 From Tammy's iPad : @Ian - code jam email sent15:42:30 From Bärbel Winkler : Just an FYI: the chat can be saved before the call is ended :-)15:43:16 From Tammy's iPad : @Jens - you have written great blogs.15:43:32 From Ian Thain : Got it @Tammy! :-D15:45:41 From Jens Gleichmann : Thanks @ Tammy :)15:46:35 From Craig Cmehil : Don’t forget the poll :-)15:46:36 From Tammy's iPad : Code Talk? Are those the videos? What about interviewing Carine from ABAP Product Management?15:47:59 From Jerry Janda : Yes, those are videos. One sec...I'll share the link to the playlist. :)15:48:09 From Tammy's iPad : @Ian - Olga from Carine’s team would be great - top quality blogs on the community15:48:48 From Tammy's iPad : easy way to remove spammers15:49:32 From Jerry Janda : From Tammy's iPad : would be nice to limit the # of tags on blogs too..used to be 515:54:31 From greg m : sorry for jumping late and leaving in a few minutes, but just wanted to say Happy Friday!15:55:19 From Bärbel Winkler To Craig Cmehil(privately) : I don't see a poll in any of the obvious places on Zoom - is it enabled for anybody on the call?15:55:38 From Craig Cmehil To Bärbel Winkler(privately) : Relaunched it15:55:44 From Tammy's iPad : about 10 years ago Stephen Johannes hosted a moderators round table at TechEd that was helpful15:56:32 From Bärbel Winkler To Craig Cmehil(privately) : Still not seeing it - I'm looking at the menue at the bottom of the zoom window15:58:12 From Tammy's iPad : Many moons ago Jim Spath hosted a networking night before the conference that did what Jens is suggesting - I enjoyed it (this was at ASUG Annual Conference)15:58:16 From Craig Cmehil To Bärbel Winkler(privately) : Not sure, why, 3 people answered when I relaunched15:58:36 From Tammy's iPad : Unconference - I didn’t have time to participate; topics sounded interested15:59:42 From Tammy's iPad : John Astill also has a great Smart City demo :)16:00:53 From Bärbel Winkler : Question for all: where is the poll hiding on Zoom (I'm not seeing it in the obvious places)16:01:12 From Jens Gleichmann : Unconference session were a pretty cool idea, but in Barcelona it was so loud that not everybody could understand the spoken words :/16:02:05 From greg m : my unconference was great in LV as it was an extension to my earlier session16:06:09 From Tammy Powlas : Happy Holidays to all...16:06:29 From Jerry Janda : You too, Tammy!16:06:33 From Jerry Janda : Thanks, Craig!16:06:43 From Jens Gleichmann : Holiday time = blog time :D16:06:45 From Tammy Powlas : Thanks Craig16:06:52 From Tammy Powlas : I only know the Hustle from the 70's16:06:54 From Jerry Janda : I'm in!16:07:15 From Tammy Powlas : Wait, I do know Charleston from Dancing with the Stars :) 16:07:17 From Bärbel Winkler : Happy Holidays and a good start into year 2020!16:07:24 From Jerry Janda : You to
December 20, 2019
SAP TechEd with @Sue__Kirby
SAP TechEd Barcelona 2018, Sue Kirby from Bluefin Solutions took some time in her very busy schedule to have a chat with me about #sapteched and her thoughts around it. We do hope she made her Roadmap session!
November 09, 2018
Role Models with @yojibee
I had a chance to catch up with the amazing Anne K Petterøe and we talked about her return to the SAP Mentors, life and role models. (Image source Facebook)
October 11, 2018
A quick chat with Harald about the go live of SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment and what comes next. Check out his blog post for more details on ABAP PaaS!
September 25, 2018
Advice to newcomers
I asked Jamie if he had any parting words of wisdom to share "..Don't be afraid, it's not the sort of program where you need to sit back for 8 years and watch and learn before you contribute anything, you are there because you are ready to contribute..."  * Image source
September 24, 2018
Welcome to the SAP Community Report
This is a SAP Community Report designed to capture the thoughts and ideas of community members from around the world. Crossing multiple topics, groups and realms.
September 21, 2018