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San Antonio Podcast Network

San Antonio Podcast Network

By Zachary Espericueta
San Antonio's favorite and award-winning podcast.

The "Searching For San Antonio" series showcases our local community by putting a spotlight on all of the wonderful small businesses, non-profits, and people that San Antonio has to offer. New episodes are available bi-weekly on Mondays.

The "SA Talk" series provides the listeners with candid conversations that are relevant to the Alamo City. Guests from around San Antonio are invited to share their insight into whatever matter is being discussed. New episodes are available weekly on Fridays.
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SA Talk #21 | Dr. Chawanna Chambers (AKA Dr. Chae)
On this week’s episode of SA Talk, we sit down with Dr. Chawanna Chambers to discuss the strategy surrounding curriculum, why it's necessary, and how Dr. Chae is helping educators (and even families) learn about it. We also get to chat about how we treat children in our community and why it's paramount that we give them the respect, dignity and attention they deserve. By doing so, we can create a more compassionate, and ultimately better, society in the future. - Where to Find/Follow Dr. Chawanna Chambers / Dr. Chae Ed, LLC: Website: Linktree: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: - Local Recommendation Of The Week: Bunz Handcrafted Burgers - Located at 122 E Houston St, San Antonio, TX 78205 - @BunzHandcrafted - Question of the Week: Do you believe that we should raise our children to be compassionate and caring or hardened and tough?
October 16, 2021
Searching For SA | Felíz Modern/Rancho Diaz (Feat. Ginger & Mario Diaz)
On this episode of Searching For San Antonio, we sit down with the founders and owners of Felíz Modern and Rancho Diaz - Ginger and Mario Diaz. We get to learn about how they got started and how their background in the arts led them to where they are now. They also discuss the obstacles they've overcome as well as some of the changes they've made along the way. Tune in to learn more about these two great local businesses and the entrepreneurial couple behind them. About the guests: Mario & Ginger Diaz, San Antonio natives and co-owners of Feliz Modern, came to retail from arts backgrounds and wanted to bring artists & makers’ works to a wider audience. What started as one brick & mortar shop in Olmos Park has expanded to online and a second physical location at the Historic Pearl in San Antonio. This year the duo added another retail shop to the Pearl called Rancho Diaz, which has a desert modern vibe for kitchen & home goods from around the world. - Where To Find/Follow Felíz Modern: Instagram: Facebook: Website: - Where To Find/Follow Rancho Diaz: Instagram: Facebook: Website: - This episode is brought to you by Spectrum Reach & Live From The Southside. Thank you to our sponsors for supporting the podcast.
October 11, 2021
SA Talk #20 | Kim Beechner
On this week’s episode of SA Talk, Kim Beechner joins the podcast to discuss her experience in the marketing industry; specifically marketing in the food/beverage industry. Kim spent many years in the service industry and brings a wealth of knowledge to her marketing service.  She discusses the different trends over the years, how the industry handled COVID-19, and what the outlook is for the future of the food/beverage industry. Tune in to learn more about why it's important for small businesses to have a marketing strategy. - Where to Find/Follow Kim Beechner / Embark Marketing: Embark Marketing Website: Embark Instagram: Embark Twitter: Embark Facebook: - Local Recommendation Of The Week (Brought to you by @SanAntonioMomma): El Rafas Cafe, located at 1535 W Hildebrand Ave., San Antonio, TX 78201. - Question of the Week: What restaurant trends have you liked over the years?
October 1, 2021
Searching For SA | Southbound Coffee (Feat. Adriana Ruiz)
On this episode of Searching For San Antonio, we speak with the founder and owner of Southbound Coffee - Adriana Ruiz. Southbound Coffee, which opened in April of 2019, is a pink coffee truck/trailer that is located at the Corner Lot On Carle. The Address to Southbound Coffee is 103 Carle Ave., San Antonio, TX 78204. About the guest: Adriana Ruiz was originally born in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico but raised here in San Antonio. She graduated from Texas State in San Marcos with a journalism and communications degree, but later realized that entrepreneurship, along with coffee brewing, was her true calling. - Where To Find/Follow Southbound Coffee: Instagram: Facebook: Website: - This episode is brought to you by Spectrum Reach & Live From The Southside. Thank you to our sponsors for supporting the podcast.
September 27, 2021
Searching For SA | Child Advocates San Antonio (Feat. Angela White)
On this episode of Searching For San Antonio, we speak with the President and CEO of CASA (Child Advocates San Antonio), Angela White. Angela talks about the stigma surrounding the foster care system and some misconceptions that often circulate among the general public. She also explains how the foster care system is currently in crisis and how CASA aims to help those children in-need. The mission of Child Advocates San Antonio (CASA) is to recruit, train, and supervise court-appointed volunteer Advocates who provide constancy for abused and neglected children and youth while advocating for services and placement in safe and permanent homes. - Where To Find/Follow Child Advocates San Antonio (CASA): Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: - This episode is brought to you by Spectrum Reach & Live From The Southside. Thank you to our sponsors for supporting the podcast.
September 20, 2021
SA Talk #19 | Cora Lonning
On this week’s episode of SA Talk, Cora Lonning AKA Coach Cora joins the podcast to discuss self-leadership, how to view your employer as a client instead of “your boss”, and being more confident in your career. Cora Lonning is an executive coach and OD Consultant, specializing in value-driven culture and purpose-driven behaviors. Cora has brought her unique, creative, and interactive approach to learning at many well-known companies in South Texas - including Holt Cat, Spurs Sports and Entertainment, Frost Bank, City of San Antonio, Alamo Colleges, Credit Human, Christus Health Systems, Southwest Research Institute, and Whataburger. - Where to Find/Follow Cora Lonning: Website: Cora's new book - #1 Amazon New Release, TRAPPED: - Question of the Week: Do you think personality or communication style assessments are generally good for organizations?
September 17, 2021
SA Talk #18 | Catie White
On this week’s episode of SA Talk, Catie White (VP of Development at Family Service) joins the podcast to talk about volunteerism, community support, fundraising and how San Antonio can be better at all three. Throughout the conversation, Zach and Catie talk about some of their experiences, as well as what may lead to some people not volunteering or knowing how to give back to the community. About Catie: Catie is a musician turned nonprofit fundraiser. A native of Birmingham, Alabama, she proudly calls San Antonio home. Catie has more than twelve years of professional nonprofit experience. She is an expert in nonprofit fundraising, donor cultivation, donor portfolio management, grant writing, event management, strategic planning, and marketing. Catie is devoted to creating a San Antonio that is strong for everyone, and towards that end, is highly engaged in the nonprofit community as a board member, volunteer, and community advocate. - Local Recommendation Of The Week (Brought to you by @SALunchador): Shiro Japanese Bistro - Question of the Week: What are your favorite volunteer opportunities in San Antonio?
September 10, 2021
Searching For SA | San Antonio River Authority (Feat. Derek Boese)
On this episode, we speak with the general manager at the San Antonio River Authority (SARA) - Derek Boese. Derek explains how important of a role the organization has in maintaining a safe environment here in the Alamo City. He talks about their mission to create/maintain safe, clean, and enjoyable creeks and rivers. The San Antonio River Authority was created in 1937, and is one of many active river authorities in Texas. Though San Antonio is in the name, their jurisdiction covers 3,658 square miles, and includes all of Bexar, Wilson, Karnes and Goliad Counties. - Where To Find/Follow the San Antonio River Authority: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: - This episode is brought to you by Spectrum Reach & Live From The Southside. Thank you to our sponsors for supporting the podcast.
September 6, 2021
SA Talk #17 | Jared Kalmus + Adrian Bermudez (Alamodome Audible Podcast)
On this week’s episode of SA Talk, the hosts of the Alamodome Audible Podcast, Jared Kalmus & Adrian Bermudez, join the show. The Alamodome Audible is the longest tenured podcast covering Roadrunners Football and UTSA. We get to have a great conversation about what led to the creation of the podcast, the impact of Roadrunner football on the University, how far the program has come since 2011, and a 2021 season outlook. Tune in to learn more about the growth of the UTSA football program, some hot takes (of course), and their favorite spots around San Antonio. - Where to Find/Follow the Alamodome Audible Podcast: Patreon: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: - Where to Find/Follow Jared & Adrian: Jared: @JaredUTSA Adrian: @BermudezAudible - Question of the Week: What are some of your favorite moments from the last decade of UTSA football?
September 3, 2021
SA Talk #16 | San Antonio IG Foodies (Feat. The Masked Foodie & Reona Sasaki)
On this week’s episode of SA Talk, local IG foodie accounts @SALunchador (The Masked Foodie) & @S.A.Bites (Reona Sasaki) join the show to talk about the food scene here in San Antonio. Tune in to hear about how they got started, their thoughts on where our food scene stands in comparison to other cities, and of course their hot takes on different spots around town. - Where to Find/Follow SA Lunchador: Instagram: TikTok: - Where to Find/Follow S.A. Bites: Instagram: - Question of the Week: What are some of your favorite influencer accounts here in San Antonio?
August 27, 2021
Searching For SA | SATX-Rated (Feat. Donovan Thomson)
On this episode, Donovan Thomson joins the podcast to talk about his local Instagram influencer account - SATX-Rated. We get to learn how he got started, how much he has learned since then, and what it really takes to maintain and manage an influencer account; HINT: It’s hard to do it alone, and it requires a lot of work! SATX-Rated was founded in 2018 and while Donovan is the principal manager, the page is also run by co-founder and managing partner - Angela Gonzales. They are one of the top influencer accounts in San Antonio and focus on sharing pictures from all over the Alamo City. Their slogan is "Eat. Drink. Do. We've Got You." - Where To Find/Follow SATX-Rated: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: - This episode is brought to you by Spectrum Reach & Live From The Southside. Thank you to our sponsors for supporting the podcast.
August 23, 2021
SA Talk #15 | April Monterrosa
On this week’s episode of SA Talk, April Monterrosa of Live From The Southside joins the podcast. After almost one year since his initial interview with her, host Zachary Espericueta catches up with The Southside San Antonio expert. The two discuss the 1-year anniversary of the Live From The Southside magazine as well as some new partnerships that have been formed. April also shares some insight into what might be next in her career. - Where to Find/Follow April Monterrosa: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Live From The Southside: - Local Rec. of the Week: B&B Smokehouse IG: FB: Question of the Week: What are some of your favorite Southside San Antonio hangouts?
August 20, 2021
Searching For SA | Brooster's Backyard Ice House (Feat. Norm Velez)
Norm Velez, owner & operator of Brooster's Backyard Ice House joins the podcast to talk about how his indoor-outdoor bar is one of a kind on the Southside of San Antonio. During the interview, Norm explains how he got to this point in his career and why community is so important to him.  Broosters Backyard Ice House (815 Pleasanton Rd, San Antonio, TX 78214) has been in operation since 2020. The establishment offers a family-friendly and pet-friendly environment for patrons. They have a ton of games for adults and kids to play in the outdoor area as well as TVs inside for watching sports. Brooster's also hosts many events for families, including children and pets. - Where To Find/Follow Brooster's Backyard Ice House: Facebook: Instagram: - This episode is brought to you by Spectrum Reach & Live From The Southside. Thank you to our sponsors for supporting the podcast.
August 9, 2021
SA Talk #14 | Thea Setterbo
Thea Setterbo joins the podcast to discuss her career journey and what San Antonio means to her. Both Zach and Thea talk about the unique opportunity San Antonio has in comparison to other large cities around the country. Additionally, you get to hear about their thoughts on what makes the Alamo City special, how the city has grown, and where we go from here. - Where to Find/Follow Thea Setterbo: Instagram: Twitter: Hemisfair: - Local Rec. of the Week (Brought to you by @salunchador): La Mojarra Culichi IG: FB: Question of the Week: What has been the biggest change in San Antonio over the last decade?
August 6, 2021
SA Talk #13 | Irma Iris Duran
This episode invites Irma Iris Duran on to the show to discuss how San Antonio, as a whole, can improve the lines of communication between schools and households. Irma is the Community Initiatives Administrator with the City of San Marcos, but is still a resident of San Antonio and has been for many years. She is very involved with local school districts, non-profits, boards and even campaigned recently for an NISD board of trustees role. During the episode, you will hear host Zach Espericueta and Irma talk about the challenges that San Antonio has faced in the past and what the school districts in the city still face. From the digital divide to the pandemic, many families have taken a step back in 2020 and even into 2021. The two talk about some of the ways San Antonio can improve and overcome those obstacles. - Show/Guest Links:  Texas Grandparents Raising Grandchildren FB Group: Digital Inclusion Alliance of SA: Volunteer Match SA: Senior Planet SA: Mindshift: Where to Find/Follow Irma Duran: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Email: - Local Rec. of the Week (Brought to you by @salunchador): Al Carbon Pollos Asados IG: FB: Question of the Week: How are you involved with your local neighborhood or community?
July 30, 2021
Searching For SA | Once In A Wild (Feat. Amanda Winter)
On this episode of Searching For San Antonio, Amanda Winter joins the podcast to talk about her business, Once In A Wild. Once In A Wild is a mobile zoo, among many other things. Not only do they bring the zoo to you, they also provide programming on YouTube and through Zoom. Their focus is on educating the community about the animals, insects, reptiles and amphibians that they care for. Amanda Winter and Ricky Möller are the founders and owners of Once In A Wild. - Where To Find/Follow Once In A Wild: Website: YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: - This episode is brought to you by Spectrum Reach & Live From The Southside. Thank you to our sponsors for supporting the podcast.
July 26, 2021
SA Talk #12 | Jennifer Navarrete
On this episode of SA Talk, the podcast continues on to part two of the two-part series highlighting and speaking with San Antonio podcasters on different ends of the experience spectrum. This week, you get to hear from Jennifer Navarrete. Jennifer, native Texan and long-time San Antonian, has been podcasting for 15+ years and was at the forefront of the podcasting boom here in town.  She has founded, co-founded and helped organize numerous groups, conferences and camps for people in the audio blogging space as well as the social media world. Jennifer has experience creating and hosting a ton of podcasts of her own - including two different ones this year. On top of all of her podcasting experience and accomplishments, she is also a social media, podcast, virtual event & livestream consultant for entrepreneurs, businesses and enterprises. This is done through her company - Brewing Media: - Where To Find/Follow Jennifer Navarrete: Website: Twitter: Instagram: - Local Rec. of the Week (Brought to you by @salunchador): Chicago Hot Dogs IG: FB: Question of the Week: Have you hosted or joined a Twitter Space, Clubhouse Room, or Greenroom? 
July 23, 2021
SA Talk #11 | Julian Trevino & Marisabel Jimenez (Live With J&M Podcast)
This episode is part one of a two-episode series that invites San Antonio podcasters with different levels of experience on the show. The purpose of this two-part series is to explore the world of podcasting, especially here in the Alamo City. The listeners will get to hear from podcasters that are newer to the space (SA Talk #11), and then from a podcaster who has been doing it for 15+ years (SA Talk #12). This week, we invite the hosts of Live With J&M - Julian Trevino & Marisabel Jimenez. Along with host, Zachary Espericueta, they discuss how they got started and what they talk about on their show. They also talk about their experiences with podcasting and how their generation is listening to podcasts at a younger age. They also have a conversation about what podcasting is doing to other forms of media and how large media companies may disrupt that in the future. - Where to Find/Follow Live With J&M: Instagram: Twitter: Landing Page: - Local Rec. of the Week: VIVA Beer IG: FB: Question of the Week: What kind of podcast would you want to start?
July 16, 2021
Searching For SA | Fahrenheit 209º Coffee (Feat. Amanda Meszaros)
On this episode of Searching for San Antonio, Amanda Meszaros joins the show to talk about her coffee shop, Fahrenheit 209º Coffee. Fahrenheit 209º is located inside Wong’s Bodega in Southtown at 1502 S. Flores, San Antonio, TX 78204. The new coffee shop opened in December of 2020. Tune in to hear about what got Amanda started in the coffee business and what her vision is for her coffee shop. You’ll also get to hear the struggles she went through and the learning curve to expect when starting a small business. - Where to Follow Fahrenheit 209º Coffee: Facebook: Instagram: - This episode is brought to you by Spectrum Reach & Live From The Southside. Thank you to our sponsors for supporting the podcast.
July 12, 2021
SA Talk #10 | Demonte Alexander
On this week's episode of SA Talk, Demonte Alexander is invited on the show to discuss a wide range of topics that are relevant today in San Antonio. Demonte is the Director of Public Affairs at Bexar Facts & the Political Director for the Black Equity PAC. We get to hear about his role with Bexar Facts and why data matters for our community. Demonte and Zach also discuss Demonte's role in creating the Black Equity PAC - including their plans to build support for black candidates in future state/federal elections. Lastly, the two have a conversation about police accountability in San Antonio. Tune in to this episode and be sure to check out Demonte Alexander, Bexar Facts & the Black Equity PAC on social media. - Where to Find/Follow Demonte Alexander, Bexar Facts, & The Black Equity PAC: Bexar Facts |  Black Equity PAC |  Twitter | @dalexander_210 / @BexarFacts / @BlackEquityPAC - Local Rec. of the Week (Brought to you by @salunchador): The Taco Place IG: FB: Question of the Week: What does it take, as a community, to help reduce & eventually eliminate racial inequity?
July 9, 2021
SA Talk #9 | Cleto Rodriguez
On this week's episode, host Zachary Espericueta sits down with Cleto Rodriguez to catch up and find out the famous question: "Where's Cleto?" The two discuss Cleto's career thus far and some of his new endeavors - including podcasting. Tune in to hear a multitude of funny stories and hilarious run-ins Cleto has had with fans.  - Where to Find/Follow Cleto: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: - Local Rec. of the Week (Brought to you by @salunchador): La Generala IG: FB: Question of the Week: When it comes to comedy, do you prefer dirty comedy or clean comedy?
July 2, 2021
Searching For SA | Any Baby Can Of San Antonio (Feat. Elyse Bernal)
In this episode, President/CEO Elyse Bernal joins the show to discuss her role with Any Baby Can and the role the organization plays here in San Antonio.  About The Organization: Any Baby Can has been a safety net for families in need since 1982 and provides services, regardless of income, to families who have a child with any medical diagnosis, chronic illness, disability, developmental delay or health risk. They assist children from child birth all the way up to age 17. The services they provide include case management, community support and family support. - Where To Find/Follow Any Baby Can: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: - This episode is brought to you by Spectrum Reach & Live From The Southside. Thank you to our sponsors for supporting the podcast.
June 28, 2021
SA Talk #8 | Morgan Hoogvelt
In this episode of SA Talk, Zachary is joined by Morgan Hoogvelt - an executive search leader, talent acquisition specialist and entrepreneur. Zach gets to speak with Morgan about his new venture, Gohfr. Gohfr is an on-demand delivery platform that connects businesses with people in order to deliver their goods and services quickly. Later on in the conversation, Zachary and Morgan talk about how large companies are beginning to be "scored" based on certain factors like environmental impact, societal awareness, culture, etc. They discuss how important it can be for a company to brand themselves in order to attract top talent. - Local Rec. of the Week (Brought to you by @salunchador): Kung Fu Noodle FB: Question of the Week: What should people look for in a company when job searching?
June 25, 2021
SA Talk #7 | Father's Day Special Episode
For Father's Day this year, we bring you a Father's Day special episode featuring Zach's dad - Roland Espericueta. The two discuss how Roland got here to San Antonio, some of their fondest sports memories together, what it takes to be a dad and, of course, places around San Antonio that he enjoys. Be sure to tune in to this special Father's Day episode! - Local Rec. of the Week (Brought to you by @s.a.bites & @salunchador): Hero's Ramen & Sushi IG: FB: Question of the Week: What do you think makes up a great father?
June 18, 2021
Searching For SA | Hemisfair (Feat. Andres Andujar)
This episode of Searching For San Antonio features Andres Andujar, CEO - Hemisfair Park Area Redevelopment Corporation (HPARC). In this interview with Andres, you will hear about what has been going on at Hemisfair the last few years and what's planned for the future. You also get to hear why it is so important for San Antonio to have a great urban park like Hemisfair. The HPARC was created by City Council in 2009 to redevelop the former site of the 1968 World’s Fair in San Antonio, Texas. The HPARC is dedicated to the transformation of Hemisfair into a sustainable, self-funded urban district with residences, local businesses, unique programming and three parks—Yanaguana Garden, Civic Park (Phase II) and Tower Park (Phase III). Hemisfair is where San Antonio meets: it is a vibrant gathering place for a day with friends and the city’s biggest celebrations. HPARC is a 501(c)3 local government corporation, supported in part by the Hemisfair Conservancy, an independent 501(c)3. - Where to Find/Follow Hemisfair: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: - This episode is brought to you by Spectrum Reach & Live From The Southside. Thank you to our sponsors for supporting the podcast.
June 14, 2021
SA Talk #6 | Olga Moucoulis
In this week's episode, Olga Moucoulis joins the show to discuss the different resources, programs and partnerships Edgewood ISD has as well as how they're tackling the digital divide here in San Antonio. Guest Info: Olga Moucoulis is the executive director of industry and community partnerships in Edgewood ISD. She is a San Antonio native and second generation American. Olga obtained her Bachelors in Communication Arts at UIW and her masters degree in education from Our Lady of The Lake. - Local Rec. of the Week: Acadiana Cafe IG: FB: Question of the Week: What Fiesta event are you looking forward to?
June 11, 2021
SA Talk #5 | Lizzy Perez
On this week’s episode of the SA Talk series, Lizzy Perez joins host Zachary Espericueta to discuss the work she does here in the community with school districts and non-profit organizations. The discussion includes everything from inclusion/diversity in schools to topics like cancel culture and psychological safety in the workplace. - Where to Find/Follow Lizzy Perez:  Website:  Instagram:  Twitter:  - Local recommendation of the week: Con Huevos Tacos  IG: FB: Question of the week: How do you feel about “cancel culture”?
June 4, 2021
Searching For SA | Palo Alto College (Feat. Dr. Robert Garza)
This episode of Searching For San Antonio features Dr. Robert Garza, President at Palo Alto College on the city’s Southside. You get to hear about all of the amazing activities and initiatives that Palo Alto currently has as well as the driving factor behind them. About The Organization: Palo Alto College, part of the Alamo Colleges District, has been a pillar of the south San Antonio community since it began offering classes in 1985. For more than 35 years, Palo Alto College has been dedicated to providing a high-quality education accessible to all. - Where to Find/Follow Palo Alto College Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Youtube: - This episode is brought to you by Spectrum Reach & Live From The Southside. Thank you to our sponsors for supporting the podcast.
May 31, 2021
SA Talk #4 | San Antonio Update
This week, we get some great news about a local favorite - Jerk Shack is opening its third brick-and-mortar location at Hemisfair in the summer of 2022. This is in addition to their second location, which is opening this summer on the city's far west side. We also get word that a new unfiltered wedding blog is coming soon. Past guest of the Searching For San Antonio series, Erika Perez, is beginning a new wedding blog on She'll be writing her honest thoughts on the wedding industry, episodes of her podcast as well as everything that you need to hear as a bride, groom, and engaged couple. - Local recommendation of the week: Fat Tummy Empanadas IG: FB: Question of the week: If/when you are fully vaccinated, will you wear a mask IF given the option?
May 28, 2021
SA Talk #3 | Natalia Sabrina Ortiz
For this week's episode, Sabrina Ortiz joins the show to discuss what commercial and mixed-use development has looked like here in San Antonio, and the effect it can have on the nearby communities. Sabrina Ortiz is a local architectural designer at Overland Partners, so her expertise and insight really shines through the conversation. Additionally, Zach and Sabrina share their opinions on what it would take to improve mass transportation here in town and how that goes hand-in-hand with better development around the city. - Local Rec. of the Week: Kimura Ramen IG: FB: Question of the Week: Do you like seeing commercial development in lower income neighborhoods? OR do you think it's bad for the community?
May 21, 2021
Searching For SA | World Affairs Council Of San Antonio (Feat. Armen Babajanian)
This episode of Searching For San Antonio features Armen Babajanian, CEO at the World Affairs Council of San Antonio. Check out the episode to learn about Armen's organization, how he got into this role, and why he is dedicated to bettering the public's understanding of world affairs. About The Organization: The mission of the World Affairs Council of San Antonio is to promote public understanding of world affairs and United States foreign policy. Their goal is to enhance the ability of citizens and future leaders to participate in a global community. - Where to Find/Follow WACofSA: Website Facebook Instagram Twitter - This episode is brought to you by Spectrum Reach. Thank you to our sponsors for supporting the podcast.
May 17, 2021
SA Talk #2 | Eric Olivarez
This week, Eric Olivarez joins the show to provide insight into the San Antonio Missions Baseball club. Eric is the Director of Finance/Controller for the San Antonio Missions. We get to discuss what the upcoming season will be like for fans attending the games at Wolff Stadium as well as what the outlook is on a new stadium for the squad. Additionally, Zachary talks about what the new CDC guidelines might mean for San Antonio businesses and residents. - Local Rec. of the Week: Coco Bliss IG: FB: Question of the Week: Where do you want to see a new baseball stadium built?
May 14, 2021
SA Talk #1 | Mother's Day Special Episode
Happy Mother's Day! For this special episode, Zach's mom, Mary Stafford-Tovar joins the show in the 2nd segment to talk about how she arrived in San Antonio, some places she would take Zach when he was a child and how her perception of the Alamo City has changed over the course of the 31 years that she has lived here. In the first segment, Zach gives some reminders about some upcoming #FriendsOfSATalk events and shares his thoughts on some upcoming Fiesta events. - Local Rec. of the Week: Little Em's Oyster Bar IG: FB: Question of the Week: What do you get your mom for Mother's Day?
May 9, 2021
Searching For SA | Bridal Buzz Podcast (Feat. Erika Perez)
Erika Perez, host of the Bridal Buzz podcast, joins the show to share all of the amazing things going on in the wedding industry here in San Antonio. Bridal Buzz is a podcast by San Antonio Weddings and is the only wedding podcast in the Alamo City. Erika shares how she became the host of the show and all the fun topics that are discussed on her show. Tune in to this episode to hear about some of the cool venues and vendors that are available to you here in San Antonio. About the featured business: Bridal Buzz & San Antonio Weddings help local brides plan their perfect wedding. They offer weekly podcasts and even YouTube videos that give you the inside scoop on wedding venues, photographers, open houses and much more. From finding the perfect wedding and reception venue to rehearsal dinner ideas to DJs & more, you’ll find it all at San Antonio Weddings and the Bridal Buzz podcast. - Where to Find/Follow Bridal Buzz: Website YouTube Instagram Facebook Twitter San Antonio Weddings - This episode is brought to you by Spectrum Reach. Thank you to our sponsors for supporting the podcast.
May 3, 2021
[Archive]: Hustle + Socialize (feat. Christina Olivarez & Michelle Vallejo)
4/5/2021 - The founders of Hustle + Socialize join the podcast to share their stories and what they are doing to help empower women in our community. Both Michelle Vallejo and Christina Olivarez discuss their roots and what led them to this creating this amazing network of women. They give more details on the events and workshops they put on and the upcoming conference in June of 2021. Where to Find/Follow Hustle + Socialize: Website Instagram Twitter Facebook Conference
April 5, 2021
[Archive]: Boys & Girls Clubs Of San Antonio (Feat. Clara Guerrero)
3/29/2021 - Clara Guerrero joins the podcast to discuss her role at The Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio as well as her journey to this point in her career. She explains how her marketing and financial services experience helps her in her role at one of the most well-known non-profits in the country. Clara also shares some advice for people who are wanting to explore different career paths and how to network better in their own community. Where to Find/Follow the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio: Website Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube
March 29, 2021
[Archive]: Big Brothers Big Sisters Of South Texas (Feat. Hugh Farr)
3/22/2021 - The hosts invite Chief Development Officer Hugh Farr onto the podcast to discuss his role in the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization as well as what they are doing to change the trajectory of at-risk childrens' lives. Hugh shares how he got to this point and his motivation to help children. He also explains what it takes to become a "Big". Be sure to tune in to learn more about this wonderful organization and the vital role they play in the San Antonio community. Where to Find/Follow Big Brothers Big Sisters: Website YouTube Facebook Twitter Instagram
March 22, 2021
[Archive]: Juanita Sepulveda
3/15/2021 - Juanita Sepulveda joins the hosts to discuss her many ventures and what led her to this point in her life. She shares some of the obstacles she has had to face in her life that taught her valuable lessons.
March 15, 2021
[Archive]: NSITE High School (Feat. Randy Neuenfeldt, Principal)
3/8/2021 - The hosts are joined by the principal at NSITE HS, Randy Neuenfeldt. During the interview, they get to discuss how the curriculum has changed at NSITE (previously Business Careers HS) and why that's important for the future workforce of San Antonio and the world in general. Cybersecurity, coding & other IT jobs continue to increase in terms of availability as well as importance so preparing the youth for that is vital. Tune in to hear more about NSITE and the significance of their different strands. Where to Find/Follow NSITE HS: Website Instagram Twitter YouTube
March 8, 2021
[Archive]: San Antonio Museum of Science & Technology - SAMSAT (Feat. Doug King)
3/1/2021 - In this week's episode, Doug King joins the podcast to discuss the San Antonio Museum of Science And Technology, better known as SAMSAT. In the interview, Doug talks about the different roles he previously had that led him to where he is now. He shares why he is so passionate about helping future generations be prepared for more advanced jobs that involve STEM. Lastly, he discusses how beneficial SAMSAT is to the San Antonio community and all the amazing things that are happening at Port San Antonio.  Where to Find/Follow SAMSAT: Website Facebook Instagram Twitter
March 1, 2021
[Archive]: SBG Social Media Marketing (Feat. Christina Olivarez)
2/22/2021 - On this week's episode, Christina Jovanna Olivarez joins the podcast to discuss her business - SBG Social Media Marketing. She shares how she saw the need for better social media marketing and decided to start her own business to help other organizations with theirs. Listen-in to the podcast to hear more about how she helps businesses with their social media strategies and tips/tricks for a better social media experience. Where to Follow/Find Christina Olivarez & SBG: Website Instagram Twitter Facebook LinkedIn
February 22, 2021
[Archive]: UTSA Alumni Association (Feat. Steve Woodall & Heather Green)
2/15/2021 - Two directors from the UTSA Alumni Association are invited on the podcast to discuss what the association does and how membership can benefit an alum. They share the different ways that the alumni association work with current students and graduates to ensure a successful future for both. Be sure to check out the entire episode to learn more about all the perks of being a life member! Where To Find/Follow The UTSA Alumni Association: Website Instagram Twitter Youtube LinkedIn Facebook
February 15, 2021
[Archive]: The Dating Doc (Feat. Chris Feliciano)
2/8/2021 - Happy (early) Valentine's Day! For this week's special episode, Chris Feliciano (AKA The Dating Doc) is invited on the show to discuss how he helps people improve their dating lives. Chris shares how the dating landscape has changed and what that really means for all the singles out there. He also gives pointers, for all our listeners, on improving your dating life, self-awareness, and increasing your chances of meeting your dating and relationship goals. Tune in to episode 34 to hear more! Where To Find/Follow The Dating Doc: Website Youtube Channel Podcast Facebook / Instagram / Twitter
February 8, 2021
[Archive]: San Antonio Food Bank (Feat. Eric Cooper, CEO)
2/1/2021 - The CEO of the San Antonio Food Bank, Eric Cooper, joins the podcast to share his personal story and explains why it led him to a life full of serving. Eric also discusses all that the SA Food Bank does in our city and its vision for the future. Tune in to learn more about all the different ways you can help and how the SA Food Bank has been among the best in the nation during the COVID-19 pandemic. You won't want to miss this amazing interview! Where to Find/Follow the San Antonio Food Bank: Website Facebook Instagram Twitter
February 1, 2021
[Archive]: Venture For America (Feat. Sarah Olivarez, Director of SA)
1/25/2021 - Sarah Olivarez, Director at Venture For America (San Antonio) joins the show to discuss what Venture For America does and how she became the director here in San Antonio. Sarah is a UTSA alum, has worked for Launch SA, the Alamo Colleges, and even for the city of San Antonio. She shares her journey and her "why." She also explains the importance of programs like these and how becoming a fellow can lead to success down the road. Check out episode 32 to hear more about Venture For America and Sarah Olivarez. In current events, Zachary and Amanda discuss some of the new developments that are planned in the urban core. Also, the hosts discuss their opinions on cities giving incentives and large amounts of money to big businesses when small businesses need it most during the pandemic. Where To Find/Follow Venture For America: Website Facebook Twitter Instagram
January 25, 2021
[Archive]: Selena The Series (Feat. San Antonio Native, Raymond Perez)
1/11/2021 - Zachary and Amanda are joined by one of the staff writers for the popular Netflix show, "Selena The Series". Raymond Arturo Perez shares with the hosts the journey that got him to where he is now. He also discusses what goes into the screenwriting process and his goals for his career. He also discusses how special this project was for him, being from South Texas.  Don't forget to check out the Selena series on Netflix! Find/Follow Raymond: Website Instagram Twitter
January 11, 2021
[Archive]: Wong's Bodega (Feat. Raul Salinas)
1/4/2021 - The hosts of the podcast are joined by Raul Salinas, founder & owner of Wong's Bodega in Southtown San Antonio. Raul explains the story behind his bodega and why he wants his venture to promote living a healthier lifestyle. Raul also shares how COVID-19 really showed him how he can help out in the community by providing a platform for smaller vendors.  Where To Find/Follow Wong's Bodega: Website Facebook Instagram
January 4, 2021
[Archive]: YOLO TX (Feat. Aerin Carreno & Ariel Tawil)
12/21/2020 - Aerin Carreno & Ariel Monte join the podcast to discuss their show - YOLO TX. Their TV show, which is in 20 different markets across Texas, takes the viewers all across the Lone Star State. Viewers get to explore the different businesses, entertainment, and eats that the state of Texas has to offer.  Where To Find/Follow YOLO TX: Website YouTube Instagram Twitter Facebook
December 21, 2020
[Archive]: VIVA Brewery (Feat. Bobby Jones & Michael Johnson)
12/14/2020 - The founders and owners of Viva Brewery join the podcast to discuss their beer company. Bobby Jones & Michael Johnson share how they started brewing beer in their garages here in San Antonio, and now are distributing their beer to 50+ counties around Texas. Listen to the episode to learn more about the beer brewing process and why their story embodies the true entrepreneurial journey. Where to Find/Follow Viva Brewery: Website Instagram Facebook
December 14, 2020
[Archive]: Haven For Hope (Feat. Celeste Eggert)
12/7/2020 - The hosts are joined by the VP & Chief Development Officer of Haven For Hope - Celeste Eggert. Celeste discusses how San Antonio's homeless population has increased, why that may be and, more importantly, what Haven For Hope is doing to help change that. Check out this episode to learn more about their mission and how they are much more than "just another shelter." Where To Find/Follow Haven For Hope: Website Facebook Instagram Twitter
December 7, 2020
[Archive]: A Teacher's Perspective 2: Two Local Educators Discuss How COVID-19 Has Impacted Their Students
11/30/2020 - The hosts follow up an earlier episode that interviewed two local educators. This time, two different educators are interviewed to give their perspectives on how the school year has gone so far. One is an administrator and the other is a special education teacher; you may know him as James Espinosa AKA @SirEdwardJames, South Texas podcaster & HS football sports broadcaster. James even gives us his take on the recent top draft pick of the San Antonio Spurs. Both educators provide different angles on how the coronavirus has affected their districts, yet show us that we can still be positive throughout all the challenges. Also, they discuss how the virtual learning environment probably won't be leaving any time soon. Where To Find/Follow James Espinosa: Personal Twitter: Podcast Twitter: Apple: Spotify:
November 30, 2020
[Archive]: Scooby Van Of San Antonio (Feat. Linda Pearson)
11/23/2020 - In this week's episode, the hosts are joined by the founder of the Scooby Van of San Antonio, Linda Pearson. Linda explains all the work that went into launching her non-profit and how the idea came about. Linda also discusses how her organization promotes literacy around the community. Listen in to hear more about the Scooby Van and all they plan to do in San Antonio. Where To Find/Follow The Scooby Van Of SA Website: Facebook: Instagram:
November 23, 2020
[Archive]: Leading You To & Through Retirement (feat. Zachary Espericueta, Independent Advisor)
11/16/2020 - Zachary Espericueta discusses how he got into financial consulting and explains what to expect during the initial consultation. He also talks about how simple it really is to meet and how important it is to start saving for retirement as early as possible. Zachary serves the San Antonio and surrounding areas. Zachary Espericueta can assist with 403(b), IRA and 457(b) retirement accounts as well as life insurance. Where to Find/Follow Zachary Espericueta: Meeting Schedule: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn:
November 16, 2020
[Archive]: Pabst Blue Ribbon (Feat. Matt Bruhn, GM)
11/9/2020 - In this week's episode, the GM of Pabst Blue Ribbon joins the podcast. As a native of Australia and GM of a large brewing company, Matt Bruhn has been all over but is now finding himself in San Antonio. He discusses why Pabst is moving their HQ to San Antonio as well as the potential he and Pabst Blue Ribbon see in the Alamo City. Tune in to learn how he has warmed up to San Antonio and what we might see in the near future.  Where To Find/Follow Pabst Blue Ribbon: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube:
November 9, 2020
[Archive]: Padilla Law PLLC (Feat. Jose Padilla)
11/2/2020 - In this episode, the hosts are joined by attorney Jose M. Padilla - a local corporate lawyer who specializes in assisting startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses in San Antonio as well as all over the country. Jose shares his knowledge of the industry and what you should be thinking about when starting a company. He also shares why he chose San Antonio as the place to raise his family and grow his business.  Where To Find/Follow Jose Padilla: Website: Facebook: Business LinkedIn: Personal LinkedIn:
November 2, 2020
[Archive]: Amor Eterno (feat. Aaron Pena & Brian Correa)
10/26/2020 - This episode brings together two prominent bar owners from the urban core of San Antonio who are collaborating to open a new craft cocktail bar. Both Aaron Pena & Brian Correa share how they got into the bar industry and what this new venture, Amor Eterno, means to them. They give us insight into the world of bar owners and discuss the challenges they've faced during the pandemic. Listen in to hear more about what Amor Eterno will bring to Southtown and why it might be your new favorite craft cocktail bar.  Aaron Pena is a local DJ and owner of The Squeezebox SA on the St. Mary's Strip. Brian Correa is the owner of Bar America in Southtown San Antonio.  Where to Find/Follow Amor Eterno Instagram: Where to Find/Follow Bar America Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Where to Find/Follow The Squeezebox Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
October 26, 2020
[Archive]: Some Elbow Room (feat. Erin & Patrick Callahan)
10/19/2020 - In this week's episode, the hosts are joined by Erin & Patrick Callahan - founders and owners of Some Elbow Room. In the age of virtual learning and working from home, these innovative spaces provide just what we need - a designated space. Whether it's a home gym or a tiny classroom for e-learning, Some Elbow Room gives customers an opportunity to customize their structure however they please. Check out the episode to learn more about how this couple got started and just how you can get started with your very own backyard space.  Where to find and follow Some Elbow Room Website: Facebook: Instagram:
October 19, 2020
[Archive]: Pre-K 4 SA (Feat. Sarah Baray & Elaine Mendoza)
10/12/2020 - In this week's episode, the hosts are joined by the CEO of Pre-K 4 SA, Dr. Sarah Baray, as well as board chair Elaine Mendoza (CEO Conceptual Mindworks Inc.). The guests discuss the progress, success, and importance of Pre-K 4 SA and why voters should elect to keep the program for another 8 years. Check out the episode to hear how the program was started and how Pre-K 4 SA prepares the future of San Antonio's workforce.  Where To Find & Follow Pre-K 4 SA: Website: & Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube:
October 12, 2020
[Archive]: Junior League Of San Antonio (Feat. Courtney Ringelstein)
10/5/2020 - The hosts are joined by Courtney Ringelstein - the current President of Junior League of San Antonio. Courtney shares what led her to join the league and how she became President. She also discusses what the organization does around San Antonio, including their Centennial Signature Project. Listen-in to hear more about all JLSA does for San Antonio. Where To Follow & Find Junior League Of San Antonio Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
October 5, 2020
[Archive]: Jaime's Place (Feat. Jaime Macias)
9/28/2020 - Jaime Macias joins the podcast to discuss his new bar Jaime’s Place - an outdoor community bar opening up on the westside of Downtown San Antonio. Jaime shares how the idea came about and how he hopes his Westside establishment will bring new life to the surrounding community. He also discusses the need for conscientious development in the area. Where to Find/Follow Jaime's Place: Website Facebook Instagram
September 28, 2020
[Archive]: Startups San Antonio (feat. Iris Gonzalez)
9/21/2020 - features Iris Gonzalez, local award-winning journalist and founder of Startups San Antonio. Her company and website provide countless resources for entrepreneurs and startups. From finding funding to locating office space for your company, it can all be found on She also reports on local startups and entrepreneurs around the city. Lastly, Iris educates us on her "cocktail tidbits" that prove just how special San Antonio really is and gives us her outlook on the future of SA.   Where to find & follow Startups San Antonio: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
September 21, 2020
[Archive]: Coffeecionado (Feat. Patricia Butler)
9/14/2020 - In this week's episode, Amanda and Zachary are joined by Patricia Butler from Coffeecionado - a Southside coffee shop that provides San Antonio specialty coffee while promoting female-owned business. Tune in to episode 14 to learn more about all the different types of coffee at Coffeecionado and Patricia's female empowerment mission. Where to find Coffeecionado: Website: Where to follow Coffeecionado: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
September 14, 2020
[Archive]: Buying A Home In San Antonio (Feat. Amanda Grothues)
8/31/2020 - In this week's episode, we get to explore the home-buying process and ask Amanda Grothues, the common questions we want to be answered. Many people don't even know where to begin when they are in the market for a home, so we make it easier by providing that information. If you're looking to buy a home in San Antonio, you won't want to miss this episode! Where to find Amanda Grothues: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
August 31, 2020
[Archive]: Live From The Southside (feat. April Monterrosa)
8/24/2020 - The hosts are joined by April Monterrosa (April Mae Media) as she shares her story and how she created Live From The Southside - a local media outlet that gives visitors and residents a look into local eateries, businesses and wonderful people in the Southside community. One of her main goals is to shed a more positive light on the Southside of San Antonio and highlight what makes it so great. April is also happy to announce her new magazine and what readers can expect as they flip through the pages. Listen in to hear about how much her community means and how we can all get involved in our local communities to make San Antonio a better place. Where to Find/Follow Live From The Southside: Website Magazine Facebook Twitter Instagram Where to Find/Follow April Monterrosa: Instagram Twitter Facebook
August 24, 2020
[Archive]: Mission To Education (feat. Ashley Faz)
8/17/2020 - In this week’s episode, guest Ashley Faz from Mission To Education joins the podcast. Ashley shares her story and discusses how her non-profit organization helps teachers by providing them with classroom supplies. Teachers can spend upwards of $500+ out of their own pocket on classroom items every year. Ashley's organization helps alleviate some of their stress by raising money to provide our local teachers with the supplies they need.
August 17, 2020
[Archive]: Active Capital (feat. Cat Dizon)
8/10/2020 - Hosts Zachary and Amanda are joined by Co-Founder & COO of Active Capital, Cat Dizon. Cat discusses what led her and her co-founders to start Active Capital and how starting at Rackspace really "jump-started" (no pun intended) her passion for helping start-ups. Join in to hear more about venture capital and the work that goes into investing in start-ups. Where to find Active Capital: Website Twitter
August 10, 2020
[Archive]: A Teacher's Perspective - An Interview With Two Educators About COVID-19
8/3/2020 - In this week's episode, the hosts are joined by two teachers from different school districts in San Antonio. They provide insight into how the Coronavirus affected them last spring and what to expect this upcoming school year. Listen in to hear some of the changes that schools will be implementing this fall. You won't want to miss this episode, as these teachers share with us their first-hand experiences. 
August 3, 2020
[Archive]: 7to7 Dental & Orthodontics (feat. Travis Dezuba)
7/27/20 - This episode includes Travis Dezuba, the Marketing Director at 7-to-7 Dental & Orthodontics. Listen in as he discusses his unique approach to dentist & orthodontist office marketing. He also shares the many different programs 7-to-7 puts on for the local community. 7-to-7 Dental & Orthodontics has 7 locations around San Antonio Where to Find 7 to 7: Where to follow 7 to 7: Facebook: Instagram: Youtube:
July 27, 2020
[Archive]: In The Weeds Natural Skin Care (feat. Lika Torline)
7/13/20 - Lika Torline, founder & owner of In The Weeds Natural Skin Care, joins the show to share her story. Lika explains how she overcame the many obstacles that stood in the way of her business and how she kept a positive mindset through it all. Listen in to learn how In The Weeds got its start and what led to the business winning multiple local awards.  You can find In The Weeds Natural Skin Care products here: You can follow In The Weeds Natural Skin Care here: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Youtube -
July 13, 2020
[Archive]: Ohana Academy (feat. Jason Yerrington)
7/6/20 - This week, the owner of Ohana Academy, Jason Yerrington joins the podcast. He shares his story of perseverance with us and how his business began. We also discuss his #EndBullying initiative and how to instill confidence in ourselves. Ohana Academy offers the best in Jiu Jitsu, MMA and children's martial arts. Ohana has 4 locations around San Antonio You can find Ohana Academy here: You can follow Ohana Academy here: Facebook -
July 6, 2020
[Archive]: Quick Sip Coffee (Feat. Jacob Hurrell-Zitelman)
6/15/20 - Jacob Hurrell-Zitelman, co-founder of Quick Sip Coffee joins the podcast for the first-ever SA Talk Podcast interview. He shares his journey, including selling coffee out of his backpack at Trinity University, as well as some big news for his young business. Don't miss this amazing San Antonio startup story. You can find Quick Sip here: You can follow Quick Sip here: Facebook - Instagram - Twitter -
June 15, 2020