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Sapulpa Times Weekly

Sapulpa Times Weekly

By Sapulpa Times
A weekly rundown of what's happening in and around Sapulpa, Oklahoma, brought to you by Sapulpa Times.
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Why the Census is so important
The time for the 2020 Census is almost over, and State Representative Mark Lawson sat down with us to discuss the importance of what it means for Oklahomans, and how to make sure that we get counted!
September 3, 2020
A note from heaven: Averie's story
When Averie Hight met Katelyn Hanafin, the two girls became fast friends and remained inseparable. Then suddenly, Katelyn passed away, leaving Averie, who has down syndrome, perplexed and wondering why she wasn't going to see her friend again. A tribute to Katelyn by the school she attended would, against all odds, leave a lasting impression on Averie. Listen now to hear Averie's dad Richard recount the story of how Averie got "a note from heaven."
June 16, 2020
Doing Church Inside Out: A conversation with Mike Lehew of Mobile Missions Network
During a week of protests and riots, a small crowd began to gather at the parking lot of Reasors in Sapulpa. Rumors and messages of concern began going out: was our small town suburb about to get a taste of what was happening in nearby Tulsa? But then the worship music began playing. Small groups of just a few people dotted the space in the parking lot, where people would pray with you if you needed, or just chat if you wanted. It wasn't a protest—it was a ministry, and one of the group is Mike Lehew of Mobile Missions, and we're talking to him today about what church is beginning to look like after COVID-19 and how his ministry is embracing the idea of going beyond the church walls to reach a community that sorely needs to hear their message. 
June 7, 2020
"Find out what makes you different, and then amplify it." - A conversation with artist Richard Hight
A local artist goes from magazine illustrator to traveling the world, not only showing others his craft, but spreading a message of hope and making opportunities out of impossibilities. Learn about how Richard sharpens his skills in public speaking as much as he does in the arts in order to "make the biggest impact."
June 1, 2020
What's so special about the Booker T. Washington Rec. Center?
In today's episode, we sit down with City Councilwoman Carla Gunn to talk about the Booker T. Washington Recreation Center, which, thanks to the newly-passed 2020 GO Bond, will be getting a completely new building from scratch. Listen to Carla talk about how the needs for the building have changed with each generation, and why this new facility will be a standout achievement for the community. Keep up with us at all the places!
January 18, 2020
It’s go time for the GO Bond
Still on the fence about how to vote on the GO Bond Election happening on Tuesday? We sat down with city councilor John Suggs to talk about what this $40 million bond would mean for the city.
January 11, 2020
Introducing The Sapulpa Times Podcast!
It's finally here! Welcome to the new Sapulpa Times Podcast! the idea behind the Sapulpa Times Podcast is not to just give you the same news in another format. We're using the podcast as a chance to connect with people on another level with stories that are dedicated to big things that are happening in the local community. That brings us to the actual launch of this podcast, which will officially be launching on Saturday, January 11th, and it will be covering the biggest thing to happen to Sapulpa in a few years: A $40 million General Obligation Bond package that covers everything from streets to downtown Sapulpa to economic development to the Booker T. Washington Rec Center and more. The thing is, that election is just a week and a half away, on January 14th.
January 5, 2020