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Self Discovery Media Community

Self Discovery Media Community

By Sara Troy
Here at Self Discovery Community Media Hub, we bring you illuminating stories that change and empower lives. These stories of inspiration are an invitation to us to journey forward in our own lives, filled with wisdom from those that have gone before us.
You will see the many diverse shows on many topics, but each one is foundered in a core value of self-love and meaningful purpose that serves mankind. You can hear these illuminators by Podcast across 4 sites and 11 audio platforms and on youtube.
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IG 19-16 Joy Resor “How You Can Learn To Be At Peace With Yourself”

Self Discovery Media Community

IG19-22 Ego verses Leadership and Being True to YOU
Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guests Christina Hill and Temple Hayes, Sara says “EGO, we all have one, it is a very human thing to have, but letting it have control over us is very destructive and can destroy any leadership you may have. Being a leader in your own life is where it starts and let your soul, heart, and spirit guide you will never let you down and will keep you humble. Pride over who you are what you do is great, believing you’re better than others is not”
May 17, 2021
CA 18-21 Channeling Our Meditation with Michel Pascal
Meditation, there are so many styles and none are wrong, we just need to learn to channel our divine knowingness and energy in order to find our equilibrium. Learning to trust the beauty of the silence, to embrace the truth of our inner selves and know how to hear the wondrous knowledge of God and our incredible universe, is what meditation will bring you.
May 16, 2021
C17-14a Daily Meditations for Stress with Michel Pascal
Michel Pascal, an inspiring meditation teacher whose programs are in Fortune 500 companies, in prisons, and in his recent multimedia meditation performance at Carnegie Hall, comes a new book with revolutionary and simple one-minute meditations to change our lives.
May 16, 2021
C18-20 Bill Ferguson’s “Penicillin of Psychology approach.”
What keeps life from working – The problem areas of life are never the problem. They are the symptom of an underlying condition that creates fear and upset. It destroys our ability to find solutions and forces destructive behaviour.
May 16, 2021
CA 18-20 Channeling Our Faith with Rev Charles Eduardos
What is true faith and how do we channel our divine Faith into being. I say OUR as faith is something personal, it is our direct connection to God, or as Charles calls it G.U.S, God, Universe, Spirit.  How do we channel our divine presence and know which is our truth that we live by? Our Faith, not a dictation but a liberation.
May 16, 2021
TSM16-42 The 5C Clairvoyant Janie Boisclair. prt 2
Janie is a rare 5C Clairvoyant Healer, meaning that all five of her senses- sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell- are “clear” (Clair) channels to the spirit world. She assists clients by communicating with their loved ones passed, connecting with their angels and receiving messages from their Spiritual Guides through her 5 sense abilities.  She has had the pleasure of gifting people with the beautiful journey of enlightenment through one-on-one coaching sessions, teaching individuals how to build a connection with their intuitive selves.
May 15, 2021
TSM16/41 The Clairvoyant Gourmet, Janie Boisclair.
Food is the ultimate connector for humans and spirits alike, it seems. Families and friends bond when they break bread together, and traditional family recipes connect us with our roots. The spirit world uses food to connect, as well. For years, readings I’ve given as a 5C Clairvoyant have had some type of food element.  Relatives show up with a food story or recipe and give me the taste or smell of something specific in order to remind their loved one of a certain memory.  For instance, when an overwhelming taste and smell of lemon pervaded the room as the image of an elderly woman appeared to me, it was my client’s deceased grandmother trying to remind her of all the times they had made lemon meringue pie together.
May 15, 2021
IG18-20 Being a Joy Keeper with Joyful living- Halina Goldstein
Halina’s mission is to support spiritual seekers in living their life purpose, opening to joy and freedom in every area of their life, and shining their light more fully. In our troubled world, there is a tremendous need for a joyful, peaceful, balancing presence from as many people as possible!
May 15, 2021
C21-19 Laila Tarraf, Strong Like Water.
Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Laila Tarraf, on air from May 11th Laila Tarraf, author of Strong Like Water: How I Found the Courage to Lead with Love in Business and in Life. As women increasingly claim leadership roles in business and politics, and at a time in our nation when people are seeking authentic leaders, Laila Tarraf offers insights and inspiration for finding a natural balance and leading as a whole person—with compassion and courage, intellect and empathy.
May 10, 2021
Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Andrew Gruel. Andrew Gruel, is an American chef and television personality, who appeared as a judge on Food Network’s Food Truck Face Off and is the founder, CEO, and executive chef of Slapfish, a seafood restaurant franchise based out of Huntington Beach, California.
May 10, 2021
RG21-19 Dr. Shemmassian achieves your educational and career goals.
For nearly 20 years, our group of super smart admissions nerds has helped thousands of students get accepted to America’s top colleges, medical schools, and law schools at unprecedented rates using my exclusive approach. Now, we’d love to do whatever it takes to help you achieve your educational and career goals.
May 10, 2021
MH21-19 Cindy Shaw Your Brain Trainer
Mental Health Awareness with Sara Troy and her guest Cindy Shaw Cindy Shaw is the founder of the Better Brain Academy.  As a brain health coach and mental performance trainer, she helps people improve their lives by blending leading-edge neuroscience, brain health, and self-improvement strategies that help individuals naturally overcome mental health disorders, supercharge their energy and focus, and optimize their well-being.
May 10, 2021
C21-19 Jacquelyn M Vasquez. Pursuit of Happiness
Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Jacquelyn M Vasquez Finding true love for self through affirmations. Affirming one’s greatness is the first step to being your most amazing self daily. When we operate from a point of going after what it is we want we start in the mirror with a conversation with self.
May 10, 2021
21-19 Our Global Village
Let us celebrate our global village and support and collaborate together. That has always been the way to secure and strengthen a community, the coming togetherness. First, we need to know ourselves, who are we from our very core? what do we stand for, what is our passion that leads to our mission and meaningful purpose? Then in that self abundant light, shine yourself on others in your village, your community.
May 10, 2021
RG21-18 Marie Delanote, “Acorns to Great Oaks”
Raising our gifted children with Sara Troy and her guest Marie Delanote Meditation and awareness training allows us to find the place in our hearts and minds where we feel happy and trusting so that we can feel good again, in any situation, wherever we are, and as quickly as possible. Knowing how to regulate your emotions is a life skill and should be taught to all children.
May 4, 2021
C21-18 Understand Your True Longing with Dr. Dravon James
Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Dr Dravon James Shorten the Journey from Here to Your Goals Understand Your True Longing We all want something out of life. Some people want a big house and a yard. Some want money. Some want fame. Some want beautiful clothes or flashy cars. Others want a log cabin in the woods. No matter what the goal, there is a true, underlying longing that drives our desire for it. Ironically, however, that desire can never be satisfied by the goal itself.
May 3, 2021
C21-18 Augustus Vaugn Wisdom Library
We are discussing Augustus Wisdom Library and his featured book within the library; “the Bad Boy” (based on relationships) Augustus V. (1992-Current) was born in Watts, California, to Los Angeles native parents, in the midst of the “92” Watts Riots, and he was sent to live with his uncle in Rome, Italy by the age of 4 for a better environment, and returned to America in 2003. For seven years he taught poetry and spirituality to fellow students and students of neighboring schools in the Los Angeles area. Months before his 18th birthday, he moved to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma to attend a Bible School in hopes of becoming a minister to excel in his work, but “someone” had different plans for him. Instead of starting a ministry behind the pulpit, Augustus would visit people in need of assistance and did what he could to help (mostly advice) As time went by, Augustus started to notice the results people gained, so this inspired Augustus to write once more.
May 3, 2021
QS21-18 Mark Boldizar’s Unleash Your Future
My Work: I teach people how the Law of Attraction really works and how just like me, they can use it to create the success of their dreams. My new book launching on April 30, 2021 is Unleash Your Future, The Powerful 5 Step Formula to Transform Your Dreams into Reality Through The Law of Attraction.
May 3, 2021
C21-18 Dawna Campbell, Returning to Happiness.
Social conditioning would have us believe that money is happiness.   The problem is money is outside of us, without feeling.   When we return to our own happiness, we have an awareness and an awakening that brings us back to a natural state of being.  We only seek what is outside of us when we feel a lack inside.
May 3, 2021
BB21-18 Terry Boyle McDougall “Successful but not Satisfied”
Building your business with Sara Troy and her guest Terry Boyle McDougall Many high-achieving business owners and professionals are “successful but not satisfied” within their careers, meaning that they are paying a high price for their “success” in terms of stress, burnout, health, and relationship problems. It is possible to balance professional achievement with personal happiness in order to arrive at true success by shifting to a mindset that is more positive and solutions-oriented AND by beginning to recognize how to best invest one’s time and energy to get the bigger return on investment.
May 3, 2021
CA 18-18 Channeling the Gifts of Performing with Cliff Simon
Performing, it is an art, a gift, a skill, but it is also a thing of courage. Putting yourself out there for all to see is something that requires a great deal of faith in who we are and in our gift and what we stand for. How much channelling is done in order to bring such artistry to the stage and is that we call channelling our gift into being? Sara Troy
May 3, 2021
PVR 17-22 Education of our Children’s Spirit
Positive Vibrations Roundtable with Sara Troy and her guest Alison Elsberry and Dawattie Basdeo, It's their mission to empower and nurture young minds, whilst also using its resources to fundraising to protect our beautiful planet the home of our future generations.
April 28, 2021
RG 18-41 Reconnect with inner child and get the Smiles back.
Sara says, ” Smile and the WHOLE world smiles with you, Laughter is the best medicine, but if you cry, you cry alone” A smile begets a smile as does a laugh, but why do tears make us alone when those tears are a cry for help? We must be there for those with tears, and through love and joy, show them how to laugh at life and smile for that is so beautifully contagious.
April 28, 2021
C15/41 An African-American girl Lori Leak Travels To Paris
This project is so close to my heart. In fact, Lori Leak is my heart. She is me. The story we tell ourselves about anything is the reality we manifest in our lives. The effect of that story can be seen in our lives in the reality we create for ourselves. With Lori Leak, I am able to tell a story from the heart about a father-daughter bond, a family, and exploring the world.
April 28, 2021
My 5,000 Closest Friends on Facebook!
With the miracle of modern science and the internet, the world has changed and will continue to change.  Is this GOOD or BAD? I highlight the many ways that I currently leverage Facebook as a research tool, a posturing tool, a communication tool, a learning tool, a sharing tool, an advertising tool, plus more! By no means am I an “expert” in everything Facebook, but I am an avid fan, user and cheerleader. It will be interesting to share a few stories with you and see if you have had some of the same experiences.  So tune in and let’s compare notes and continue to help each other climb the ladders of the technological revolution in the information age. MORE ON JEFF AND HIS SHOWS GO TO This and many more shows  FROM SELF DISCOVERY RADIO 
April 27, 2021
LIVING HOPE – with Lynne Cockrum-Murphy
The only reason she survived the house fire is her father carried her out first before running back in for her sisters where they all perished. Lynne Cockrum-Murphy was three years old and living in an idyllic family in Northern California. Raised by a mother whose life was shattered by the tragedy, Lynne’s childhood was jolted again when her stepfather died in a logging accident a few years later and culminates in the murder of her mother years later. That could have been the end of any hope of happiness, but it wasn’t. Living Hope follows her life from those tragedies forward to today.
April 27, 2021
C 17-18a David Gouthro on Conversations in Organizations
Imagine a meeting that inspires honest conversation and transformative change on both personal and organizational levels. A meeting where everyone’s input is genuinely valued and appreciated—one that leads to deeper, more meaningful conversations among colleagues and across organizational levels.
April 27, 2021
C21-17 E. A. Csolkovits. Givers University definesTakers
GIVERS University to teach others worldwide about GIVERS and Takers.
April 26, 2021
SE21-17 DR. THOMAS JORDAN. Learn To Love.
The divorce rate had held steady, at 50%, for decades in America. Of those who remain married, a significant percentage are unhappy, dissatisfied, or unfulfilled. More people are delaying or forgoing marriage. Is there a way for Americans to find love and to remain happy in a committed relationship? A new book unequivocally says YES – but only if we examine our past relationships and learn to take a new approach to love.
April 26, 2021
YH21-17 Barby Ingle going From Wheels to Heals
My why is going From Wheels to Heals. I have a rare disease and chronic pain story of Hope, Help and Understanding. I am an Amazon bestselling author, reality television personality, and president of International Pain Foundation (iPain) sharing my powerful story about life-changing events that forced life reflection, purpose, and my journey from wheels to heals.
April 26, 2021
IG21-17 Stephen Snyder Authentic, Buddhist Heart.
Stephen’s mission is to foster awakening and its embodiment in worldly life, through the application of authentic, rigorous Buddhist and modern practices.
April 26, 2021
C21-17 Rick Heyland, Focusing on Your Purpose
Rick Heyland is a best-selling author and executive coach. With over 35 years of professional experience helping businesses and leaders reach their professional and personal goals, he provides my clients with the coaching and tools they need to succeed.
April 26, 2021
C21-17 Myke and Mike ask Why Do People At that way?
Myke and Mike are a dynamic duo that speaks about the importance of being mindful of one’s emotions and perceptions by discovering how we experience reality and how we can apply these concepts in the workplace as well as in any social situation.
April 26, 2021
21-17 The Pain of Not Belonging
We all long to belong, but to whom to what? Would we not be better just belonging to ourselves and loving living in our own light? I spent most of my life trying to fit in only to be left out. I was strange, I was different, I was love and reflection to which people did not want to receive.
April 26, 2021
Discovery of Self with Sara
You cannot spend hours months and years interviewing global people without it leaving its mark. With over 550 shows under my personal belt and with over 1400 + shows on Self Discovery Radio all filled with divine purposeful informative and progressive knowledge is just a show away. The answers are always near, and we get those answers from those who have walked the path and learned the knowledge through experience and action, and they now share that truth with you the listener. So now with expansion in place bringing you those who have learned and now designed the tools, the programs all from that experienced expertise, all that inspiration to get you into action, we are sharing these experts by Spotlighting their Summits, Seminars, On-line Programs and Webinars, all who show you how to propel your life’s meaningful purpose and life’s journey into positive action. come and see all the inspiration we have for you. Sara Troy
April 26, 2021
Ask Sara about the What if’s
What if we addressed the can, shall, and will do? Our vibrations are invitations to think speak and be what we want in life. Gratitude is a value we place on each other and for what we have and not for what we don’t. This week I will speak to the vibrations of our thoughts and words that can lead to positive actions and results. Take a listen to other shows on 
April 26, 2021
A Dream Long Dreamt
Over the years I have dreamt of creating certain things, now closer to a possibility of making it happen, I am looking at the collective picture to make happen, come hear my dreams and see if you want to be a part of them. I believe if we bring the business world and the wellness world together in ethical, dignified, respectful and enlightened collaboration, we would unit the good vibrations this world needs to move forward into global well-being productivity. Back in 2001 when I started The Art of Positive Living, I desired a large old house that would provide holistic services for those willing to embrace a new path to wellness. In this house was an aromatherapy room, a massage room, a yoga room, an acupuncture room, an intuitive room, an inferred sauna room, a child care room for parents, a social guidance therapy room, and a juice bar with healthy snacks room. It would have been a member and would have allowed 20% of its participants free to allow access to people like Mums, Dads, caregivers and the homeless who need it and can’t afford it. A dream not yet realized but still obtainable. More on
April 26, 2021
PVR 17-22 Education of our Children’s Spirit
The New Education of our Children’s Spirit Alison is the founder of the Temple of Mary, a spiritual and educational resource centre empowering the Spirit of women and children. She loves helping you recognize your child behaviours as clues to their most meaningful spiritual gifts and talents. Dawattie Basdeo author of Magnificent Me Magnificent You series. Children’s yoga teacher and single mother of two. Born in Guyana, moved to live in the UK as a child. Two of my great passions in life is to empower children to fully love themselves & follow their hearts and I love our natural world, its immense beauty & diversity which we must strive to conserve.
April 26, 2021
0072 Parenting a Modern Day Prophet.
What do you do as a parent if you have brought into this world a spiritually gifted child? You cannot bring the child up the traditional way as they are Divinely directed, so what does a parent do in such cases and how do you recognize a spiritually gifted child?
April 26, 2021
P14/44b The Old and Forgotten a Disposable Generation
We seem to throw away anything old today, we don’t mend repair revive or review what is old, only embrace what is new. This sadly is true of our older generation, once they do not serve society out they go into a home to hurry up and die.
April 25, 2021
IG 20-32 Lisa Barnett Questioning the Knowing Akashic Records
Lisa Barnett is the Int’l Bestselling Author of “From Questioning to Knowing – 73 Prayers to Transform Your Life” and “The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records”. She is also the Founder of Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom where she specializes in teaching you to access personal Soul wisdom and guidance to transform your life, working directly with your Akashic Record Keepers.
April 25, 2021