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Sarah Explains It All

Sarah Explains It All

By Sarah Byrne
A funny and educational podcast talking about menstrual cycle awareness as well as all other subjects women talk about OR want to talk about.
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Autumn Meditation
Sarah Byrne Wellness Sarah's Instagram
September 13, 2021
My Journey with Hormone Yoga Therapy-Interview with Corrine McNally
Corinne McNally is a Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT) Teacher, lover of women's wellness, mama to four, and grandma to one. As an HYT teacher, she teaches and guides women on how to balance their hormones, with a unique yoga technique. Hormone imbalances are highly prevalent in our society. In this episode, Sarah is joined by Corinne from Lotus Moon Yoga to discuss her practice of Hormone Yoga Therapy and the transformation she guides other women through using these teachings. Corinne is offering a 20% discount off the Hormone Yoga Therapy online course for Sarah Explains it All listeners. Use Promo Code - hyt21 HERE!  Corrine's Website Instagram Facebook
August 30, 2021
My Journey with Endometriosis-The Kelly Merydith Interview
Kelly Merydith is an entrepreneur, fiancé, and dog mom living in Chicago, IL. She owns Ahimsa Yoga Studio, which has 3 locations in Chicago's suburbs of Oak Park, Berwyn, and Elmhurst, and just recently celebrated 10 years in business. She loves yoga, meditation, running her businesses, reading, traveling, and spending time outdoors. She's had endometriosis since she was a teenager and went through laparoscopic surgery to remove a 10cm cyst from one of her ovaries in 2019. Ahimsa Yoga Studios Website Ahimsa Yoga Studios Instagram  Sarah Byrne Wellness  Sarah on Instagram
August 16, 2021
Yoga Nidra
Enjoy this Yoga Nidra!  Yoga Nidra Radiant Rest Exploration of Rest  Sarah Byrne Wellness Sarah's Instagram 
August 14, 2021
Margaret James-Exploration of Rest Tracee Stanley Daring to Rest For your FREE cycle tracker and journal prompts
August 3, 2021
Self-Care in Your Summer Season For your FREE cycle tracker and journal prompts
August 2, 2021
Summer 101 For your FREE cycle tracker and journal prompts
July 5, 2021
Summer Meditation
Sit back, relax, and enjoy this Summer Meditation!  Thankfully, I got this recorded before Mercury Retrograde stole my voice AND my laptop...Summer 101 to come. For your FREE cycle tracker and journal prompts
June 21, 2021
Period Blood Colour-What Should I Know?! AND a Massive Thank You!
Gosh, it is the end of Season 1! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of those who have listened and shared the podcast or single episodes. I hope you have enjoyed what you have heard and have learned something! Click here for the blog post I wrote on this topic (basically the show notes!) For your FREE cycle tracker and journal prompts
June 7, 2021
Goals Alive-The Jacki Carr Interview
Jacki Carr is a goal coach, motivational speaker, and mama. As a leader in transformation, she works with people to amplify their voices and expand their vision and goals to better the future of the World.  She is a Senior Lightyear Leadership Coach and has worked with companies like lululemon, MINDBODY, Patagonia, and The North Face and truly values companies who care for their people and the Earth.  Contact:  Jacki Carr’s Core Values: Community / Service / Growth / Respect / Leadership / Boldness  Click here to read the show notes. Goal School The12 ********* For your FREE cycle tracker and journal prompts
May 24, 2021
Spring Season Boundaries
Show notes to come! For your FREE cycle tracker and journal prompts
May 10, 2021
Spring Meditation
Find a comfortable place, either seated or lying down. Close your eyes and allow yourself to be guided through this beautiful meditation for your Spring Season. For your FREE cycle tracker and journal prompts
May 3, 2021
Self-Care in Your Spring Season
The main takeaways-Self-care is JUST activities that fill YOUR cup up, to the point of OVERFLOW (thanks @DopeMomLife). Spring is characterised by an increase in estrogen which gives us increased energy, freshness, renewal-think about Spring that is going on outside! I definitely feel these qualities, I always feel more energy during those few moments of Spring. Let's refocus our creativity.  I really like cleaning. I know, odd. I like having a cleaner house so my mind is clear. Self-care, at the end of the day, is something you truly enjoy and makes your soul sing. That is YOUR self-care. I will also batch cook with my extra energy. I love a Madeline Moves Weekly Workout or a Barre Blend class. Pampering is big for me, as well. Getting my nails done and eyebrows threaded. If I want to start something new, I will start that now. I look back at my Core Values to help me pinpoint some self-care activities. Boundaries is a huge act of self-care for me. Seeing friends (if allowed!).  Your body has its own way of letting you know that you are burning yourself out. How?! You learn. You listen to your body and you learn your cues. We miss the cues sometimes, it is work every single day. We have to actively pay attention to what our body is saying. We will have times where we disregard our boundaries and this is ok because we are human but we are more able to discern our cues when we pay attention. B.U.S.Y. But You Said Yes. Another Jacki Carr special.  You are busy because you have said yes to too many things-I incorporate boundary work.  I ask myself 3 questions-Am I doing this out of guilt? Am I doing this because I don't want to let anyone down? OR Am I doing this because I really want to?  If it is the first 2-I try to say no. More/Less List (Claire Baker) Draw a line down the middle of the page and label one side More and the other Less What could you spend less time doing? What is making you feel more overwhelmed? Write that down in the Less side What could you spend more time doing? What lights you up? What are you craving more of? Write that down in the More side Circle 2-3 things on each list and try to incorporate more from the More list and less from the Less list! 50 Things You Need to Know About Periods-Claire Baker Enjoy the rise in energy and the excitement, creativity, momentum, motivation. Pay attention and be aware of our boundaries. For your FREE cycle tracker and journal prompts
April 19, 2021
Spring 101
This episode is all about your spring! No, I don't mean the spring going on outside, I mean the one going on in your body-just keeping track of notes so that I am not too long-winded! Spring 101! What do you need to know about your Spring? This is the time in your cycle, you'll have had your Bleed (your winter), you will feel your energy rising (hormones are rising!) you'll feel more energetic, feel much more vibrant and not as sluggish or tired as you had in your Winter. This will last about 7-10 days and is called the Follicular phase (not that I talk about what is going on in that way!). Imagine what is happening in Spring outside? In the wild? Things are blossoming, growing, more energy-you are excited to tackle new projects, you feel more optimistic. Spring is a great time to: *Start a new healthy eating kick *Exercise regime *New project You have so much energy to do this now. Start small and find accountability. You feel more confident and more like you can get things done-estrogen is rising and our Follicle Stimulating Hormone is on the rise here. You will feel like you are moving more towards being out-you are a sleepy flower blossoming. Schedule busy weeks during this time as well as Summer-tapping into your natural energy stores. Momentum and motivation are SUPER high right now. If you are working on a business, you have: *More clarity *Mental focus is high *Much more independent *Physical stamina Think big bold action, working longer hours. If you don't work for yourself but can arrange projects to fall during this time-I highly recommend it! Look at your calender-SCHEDULE IT OUT. Grounding into our body and noticing your patterns, you will start to notice higher energy and lower energy. Be mindful of our inner critic and overdoing it! If you have a surge of energy be mindful of not using it all and burning out. Slow and steady wins the race! You don't have to push so much just because you can. Contemplate new ideas and don't jump the gun too quickly. Let them percolate like a good cup of coffee. Spring is a great time to start to shrug off the fog and this helps us to get those projects off the ground. To help me shrug off that fog, I take walks in the morning (especially during the actual spring!). It allows me to get some movement in my day and to contemplate my schedule. The Spring allows you to understand your limits, to keep the tenderness, playfulness, it is precious, this learning of our boundaries. The next episode is all about Self-Care in Our Spring! For your FREE cycle tracker and journal prompts
April 5, 2021
How To Track Your Cycle
Show Notes: It is NOT just one week a month, it is every day once you start your menarche (menstrual cycle) Alisa Vitti books Woman Code In the Flo Embrace your cyclicality! Lean into this. Using the seasons to distinguish the different times of the months is an easy way to understand what our bodies are doing because we can relate it to nature. Cycle Syncing-bringing awareness to our bodies own natural hormone cycle-it changes SO it is important to understand what is normal to you. One of the main reasons it is such a big deal is that it allows us to use this knowledge to inform our actions-it is like our own crystal ball! If you aren't menstruating because of a hysterectomy (there's the word!) or you've gone through Menopause, you can still track your cycle using the New Moon-more on that later! It supports your health and energy while optimising your energy. Taps you back into what really matters to you (think VALUES, people!). It is a mini life coach and allows you to heal fatigue and heal burnout. Allows you the opportunity to know when you have more energy and can burn both ends of a candle or when you need to slow it down. Being friends with your body is SUPER important as opposed to being at odds and enemies. Now onto tracking! You START your tracking on day 1 of your bleed-your actual bleed, not spotting. Everyone is different, again, which is why it is important to understand YOUR body. The foods, drinks, stressors we put in and our body through will all have an effect on our bleed and cycle. THE 4 "SEASONS" Winter - Menstrual Phase (approx 5-7 days) Spring - Follicular Phase (approx 7-10 days) Summer - Ovulatory Phase (approx 3-4 days) Autumn - Luteal Phase (approx 10-14 days) I ALWAYS like to ask myself these questions every day before I get out of bed-takes 5 minutes! WRITE IT DOWN! Helps you to integrate what you are feeling :) *How do I feel physically? *How do I feel emotionally? *How do I feel mentally? Journal Prompts: *What is my body saying I need today? *What is my inner critic saying today? *What do I need to do for self-care today? Get my cycle tracker below! After checking in every day for a couple of months, you will start to notice a pattern and similarities. It is a great way to take 5 minutes to pay attention to you and just you. Once our days start, it is more challenging. The point of this practice is that it allows YOU to pay attention to YOU. Self-care at its best. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Asking for help is a sign of strength. 'You fill your cup so much that you fill others from the overflow.' We should be looking inside ourselves and not outside of ourselves for the answers-it is a work in progress. Not a 1 and done, y'all. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Befriend your cycle, befriend your body.  For your FREE cycle tracker and journal prompts
April 5, 2021
Hello! Welcome to the Podcast
In this episode, I tell you my story about who I am and how I got into Menstrual Cycle Awareness as well as the purpose of this podcast.   For your FREE cycle tracker and journal prompts
April 5, 2021