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Selling U

Selling U

By Sarah Dickinson
Selling U is a podcast for the sales newbie! Whether you own your own business and need a boost or just want to learn some skills to help you at your job.. we’re here to help! Join Sales Coach Sarah Mae Dickinson and friends for tips, interviews and stories to help you learn how to sell your products and yourself better! WARNING: We talk like big people here. Be warned.. We don't limit people and we don't cut out swearing. This is a place for real chat, not limitations.
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Episode 9 | Selling U As a Leader First
Up to this point, I've only interviewed women and today we have my friend and client, Pierre. Pierre Quinn is not only an incredible speaker and incredible mentor, but he has focused his business on leading. And I wanted him here today because he has quite a fascinating story from a gentleman who started life as a pastor and then transitioned to a professional speaker and leadership mentor. He kind of went through the wringer as far as how to present himself to the world. He had to understand who he was and how to come to terms with the fact that he wanted to make money in this world. He talks to us a lot about the challenges that you can face when you move from ministry in a church to ministry in business. Enjoy Pierre!
November 18, 2021
Episode 8 | Selling U Through Customer Experience
Today on the Selling U Podcast, we have Ms. Monique Brown, who is here to talk about all things customer service. She's not only an expert in the field, but she is a coach that helps entrepreneurs like yourself, improve their customer service journey. I think before having her on that I thought customer service was just something that happened after the sale but that is not the case. Customer service is not only what helps you get and bring people in the door, but it also helps you close those sales. It helps keep people happy and it helps them come back again. So I want you to start thinking of customer service as an overlay over your entire business. Monique is not only going to be able to tell you a lot of good information about that, but she has real applicable things that you can start putting into your business now to improve that process.  Enjoy!  About Monique: Monique Brown is a Customer Experience Strategist Coach and the Owner of Believing & Achieving Customer Service Consulting based in Atlanta, Georgia. Monique is a dedicated customer service professional trainer with over 20 years of experience teaching elite customer service/experience for one of the largest insurance companies in the U.S. She studied Communications and Marketing at Ursuline College which lead to her expertise and passion in teaching entrepreneurs and small business owners how to think outside the box and use elite customer service as a leverage to grow their business like the large companies have implemented already and succeeded with. She has perfected a "retention" strategy that will enable small businesses to build sustainable relationships with their customers which will lead to revenue growth, good reviews, and happy loyal customers. Monique teaches the philosophy "treat people the way that you want to be treated" to ensure that customers will have a positive, memorable, elite customer experience.
October 21, 2021
Episode 7 | Selling U to Increase Your Profits with Melissa Houston
Today's guest, Melissa Houston, is a professional financial strategist. So she not only understands sales, but most importantly, she is coaching CEOs on how to increase profits within theirs. This is something I want everyone to pay very close attention to because sales are very important, but if you are not paying close attention to your profit as well, you're not going to take as much money home. I want you to be taking as much money back to your family as possible. She's here today to kind of tell the truth of her own story that brought her to this world, and you are going to be shocked and amazed by her own journey. She's also here to give us some really, really, really great tips on how to better increase our profits and kind of stay focused on the goal. And she even has a free roadmap for you guys that you can download at the link in our information. So I want you guys to pay attention to Melissa because not only is she just lovely and really, really informative, but she has a great story to connect to as well. So I hope you guys love and find her as fascinating as I did. Listen to Melissa. ABOUT MELISSA: Melissa Houston is a Certified Professional Accountant, a Financial Strategist for CEOs, a columnist at Forbes and the host of The Business Society podcast.  Melissa helps successful business owners increase their profit margins so they can keep more money in their pockets and increase their net worth.
October 14, 2021
Episode 6 | Selling U Uniquely with Cillia Marion
We want you to be able to be empowered and excited and know what you are doing because sales are what will change your business. Today on the podcast, I have a good friend and client Ms. Cillia Marion, who owns Marion Matrimony Events in Texas. She is amazing and has really crafted a business on being unique. She focuses on loving brides who are unique and different, and really showcasing their personality and style. We all know that a wedding day can be very, very expensive, and the choices you are making are most likely some of the most expensive purchases you've made in your whole life. There's absolutely no reason to feel like an ordinary person on that day. And I think Cillia really shows us how to make our clients feel comfortable, feel special, and feel unique, because they are. They deserve to have that feeling, particularly when the product or service that they are buying is not cheap. Listen to the way Cillia talks about her clients. Listen to the way that she talks about how she positions herself, because she has an incredibly unique perspective on what it's like to sell. Enjoy! Where to Find Sarah Mae:
October 07, 2021
Episode 5 | Selling U Before They Even Meet You with Jessica Baker
I wanted to bring on a friend of mine today so that you guys could learn a little bit more about what it's like to create the correct impression to make the sale. We met when we were freshmen in high school, in the little town outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that we grew up in.  Jess is just a power. She is one of the top-producing real estate agents in the Pittsburgh area and has been in real estate for quite a long time. She's going to tell her story, but she is incredible. She's a mom, she's basically a designer because they just renovated their beautiful, beautiful home in Pittsburgh that there are photos of, but most importantly, she has become an Instagram Queen. I tell you, I've been watching her over the last year grow her audience and really create a great presence online. A lot of us really, really struggle with that understanding our brand on social media. So I asked her where she learned how to craft her brand through her Instagram so that people know who she is before she even walks in the door.  So many of you tell me that you're nervous in person, right, because you don't know how to sell yourself or you don't know what to say. Quite frankly, if done correctly, you can sell yourself before you even get there because you've become a trusted expert. They know your background. They know you know what to do. They know your services, they know your products, they know your pricing because you've shown it all to them on social media. Jess is an incredibly wonderful example of that. She's kind, she's smart. She's funny. She's someone that you're going to fall in love with, so please, please, please enjoy Ms. Jessica Baker. LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE!  About Jessica: Jessica is proud to be recognized in the top 2% of Pittsburgh real estate agents. She is an award-winning agent with an impressive track record of more than 250 transactions and over $50 million sold in her 9 years as a full time agent. Her average list price to sale price ratio is 98%--significantly higher than the West Penn Multi-list average. Before getting her license and becoming an agent, Jessica worked at PNC Bank as a financial consultant. She has her bachelor’s degree in both Communication Studies and English Literature from Grove City College Jessica lives in Brighton Heights with her husband, their two children, and their dog, where she is an active part of the community. She is a Five Star Agent on Zillow, and the Judge of Elections for her voting precinct. She's a member of the following organizations: Junior League of Pittsburgh, Western PA Women's Paddle Tennis Association, Acorn Hill Garden Club, Pittsburgh Women’s Literary Guild, and Realtor's Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh. Where to Find Jessica: IG: @jessica.pgh Facebook: Where to Find Sarah Mae:
September 30, 2021
Episode 4 | Selling U Through Words with Rachel Eubanks
Today we have Rachel Eubanks the owner and operator of Inspire to Engage. She is an amazing copywriter and is an educator by nature and trade. Today she is here to talk about her journey to becoming a copywriter and is offering us tips on how we can improve our own copy, so we can sell ourselves better through the words we use. Enjoy! Like, Share, Subscribe, Comment!
September 23, 2021
Episode 3 | The Journey of Creating a Business with Amy Boyle
This episode with Amy Boyle is so inspiring! She transitioned from just making extra money for Christmas to creating a business. She went from making jewelry in her spare time because she loved it to being in 59 and counting stores! This journey is one we often don't hear about because most people act like it just happened quickly, but most of the time creating a business is a journey - an often long one. Let this episode inspire you and go check out what Amy is creating!  Like, share, subscribe, comment!
September 16, 2021
Episode 2 | Marketing to the Right Demographic with Melody Tholstrup
Welcome to the Selling U Podcast! I am Sarah Mae Dickinson, your host, friend, mentor. I have been in sales for 15 years and I want to share what I have learned and been taught about sales through this podcast. Today, I am interviewing Melody Tholstrup, a friend of mine and the owner/operator of My Size Marketing. She is a marketing expert who has been in sales for years. We are going to talk today about the difference between marketing and sales. She offers many actionable tips about social media marketing and finding your right target demographic. Enjoy!
September 09, 2021
Episode 1 | From Corporate Sales to MLM: A Discussion with Rachel Polk
Welcome to Selling U! Today, I (Sarah Mae Dickinson) and Rachel Polk are coming together to talk about sales. I wanted to bring all the perspectives I have learned in a 15-year sales career to you, the podcast listener, in a way that will give you actionable steps you can take to be more successful.  Rachel and I went to school together and she went into corporate sales. A few years ago she had an awakening on what she wanted to do and began selling Arbonne. From never speaking to a client in corporate sales to working in an MLM, we talk all about that and how it can change your family and allow you to make money.  Listen to all of her revelations on being a mother and in sales. You are sure to get a lot from this episode!
September 02, 2021