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By Sarah Thomas
Health and wellness through nutrition, yoga & meditation
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Award Winning Chef Jeff Henderson


Mariah Gibson
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With a passion for helping others achieve their highest potential through the connection of breath and movement, Mariah has had a strong movement practice starting at the age of 3 with dance and an emphasis in vinyasa yoga over the past four years. Teaching strong and juicy vinyasa flows that allow you to move with confidence is a high priority for her. She loves to help open her students to the possibilities that come with movement and challenge them as they shine and find their inner strength. Let Mariah be your guide through your asana practice! Your growth is awaiting!
September 06, 2021
On The Mat with Nikki Martin
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Nikki is a Yoga Teacher and Writer living on the east coast of Canada. Drawn by the power and magic of the ocean, she's lived there half her life, and though she enjoys escaping the cold and dark of winter, she's happiest at home. She teaches yoga full time, loves to lead retreats both at home and while travelling, and is passionate about helping her students find their own peace and presence; gifts yoga has given her over and over again. She's best known as a powerful teacher, guiding movement based classes with lots of breath where you'll have a chance to meet yourself in stillness, sometimes through struggle, sometimes in surrender. Her first novel, A Momentary Darkness, was released in 2018 and she hopes the next in her Awake While Dreaming trilogy will find its way to readers soon.
May 05, 2021
On The Mat Christa Janine Yoga Teacher
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Christa Janine, 500hr RYT | 200hr E-RYT, is a health and wellness professional who has been teaching yoga since 2012. Since then she has launched a successful virtual fitness studio hosting private and sold-out group classes weekly, a life coaching business running group and individual programs, and several workshops for yoga study and business. As a life coach, Christa helps women heal from their past trauma and establish a self-designed narrative for their lives. As a yoga instructor & a digital fitness coach her main focus through social media, and business overall, is to encourage & empower others to live their most authentic lives by creating their own narrative for their futures. Additionally, Christa has navigated the yoga and fitness industry for over 8 years in many markets throughout North America and discovered a lack of diversity and inclusion. She experienced not only herself but fellow BIPOC being passed over for promotions, class times, and formats and being questioned about their teaching experience from students. Identifying as a change agent and an individual who believes in equality in all spaces, she now focuses energy on educating individuals and companies on the importance of Diversity & Inclusion in the yoga and fitness space.
April 09, 2021
On The Mat with Ericka Jones Philanthropist/Thought Leader/Yoga Teacher
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Ericka comes from Lincoln, NE. This small quaint city sparked her curiosity to see what else was out there in the world. Chicago, STL, NYC, OH and now, Minneapolis, are all part of her journey that brought her to this moment right now. Being in Minneapolis, building a community, and standing in her truest self, knowing there's so much still ahead. What gets Ericka up in the morning is curiosity. The legacy she hopes to bring is one that she lived within integrity and aligned to her true intention. Her energy and zest for life inspires others to live empowered, bold lives, living into their purpose. Her legacy is creating a web of connection with people from different backgrounds.
February 26, 2021
On The Mat with Nicole Calhoun
Nicole owns a yoga studio in Fayetteville, Arkansas, called ĒLXR Yoga Lounge (EYL for short). The first black owned studio for the state of Arkansas. She tells us about her yoga journey, and where her yoga journey going to next!
December 22, 2020
On The Mat with Crystal McCreary
Crystal McCreary, who teaches yoga to children, adolescents and adults in New York City from a variety of backgrounds, says people often ask her if yoga will make them feel better.
December 03, 2020
Abbi’s Teas and Things
Serving a delicious variety of teas, treats, and laughter! We are a small boutique tea shop in the Hillcrest Historic District of Little Rock, Arkansas. A family operated business: mom, daughter, and sister! Our shop offers unique teas and a collection of cute things to browse. Our selection of tea ware, jewelry, and gifts are unique and ever changing; you never know what you'll find! We also sell our own loose leaf tea blends along with traditional tea favorites. Looking for a place to study or read? We offer a cozy spot where you can sit and check your email, read a book, or catch up with a friend while enjoying a pot of your favorite tea blend. Free Wifi (and it's fast!) Should you get hungry or want something delicious with your spot of tea, we have treats like scones, muffins, cookies, and yummy sandwiches. All our goodies are baked locally!
November 17, 2020
Award Winning Chef Jeff Henderson
Chef Jeff Henderson is an award-winning chef, bestselling author and popular public speaker — and an ex-offender, having served nearly a decade in prison for drugs. Took a moment with me to speak about hunger in Arkansas and the vegan/vegetarian movement happening in America.
February 09, 2020