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By Sarah Spencer
Soothing meditations to help you Stop Bad Habits, Start Positive Change & Sleep like a Baby
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006 SLEEP Slide into Sleep Sleep Meditation
I vacationed once on a Caribbean beach and watched these para-sailers soaring above the impossibly blue ocean. I remember fantasizing about a slide we had at our neighborhood pool and thought how cool it would be if it was setup on the ocean. I've packed your parachute, so you're good to go - slide into some fun, soothing, peaceful sleep. Find more episodes at
April 6, 2020
005 SLEEP Rockin the Boat Sleep Meditation Org
You visit an art museum and a painting of poppies comes to life and leads you down to a sailboat with secrets below decks. A wonderful bedtime story for those who enjoy a fun mystery. Find more episodes at
April 6, 2020
004 SLEEP Mountain of Sleep - Sleep Meditation Org
Visit the 7 Sacred Plateaus of Enlightenment in this inner journey. Ideal for those looong car rides or if you have a fear of flying (specifically at take-off...) the sound of the horse-drawn carriage will lull you into a soothing state-of-mind. Find more episodes at
April 6, 2020
003 SLEEP Deep Inner Space Sleep Meditation Org
Travel to the inner depths of space with this adventure into the inner reaches of your subconscious. Drift off to sleep and let your mind wander into soothing sleep.  Find more episodes at
April 6, 2020
002 SLEEP - Affirmations Sleep Meditation Org
Fall asleep with whispers of 'you can do it' reverberating in your headphones. Yes, ANYTHING is POSSIBLE when you tune in to your subconscious. A wonderful way to sooth insomnia and drift off to sleep with these positive affirmations. Find more episodes at
April 6, 2020
001 SLEEP Mind Massage - Sleep Meditation Org
Need to fall asleep? Suffering from insomnia? Well if you can't sleep, DEFINITELY put the headphones on for this one - music and my voice reverberate through your brain as you relax into this one.  Find more episodes at
April 3, 2020