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AmsterDames: Inspiring Women in the Netherlands ... An English Feminist Podcast in Amsterdam

AmsterDames: Inspiring Women in the Netherlands ... An English Feminist Podcast in Amsterdam

By Sarah Tekath
With each episode, you will get introduced to an amazing woman from Amsterdam. You will get to know more about her work, her art, her activism and her life story.

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#1: Draw Me An Expat - Clementine Latron

AmsterDames: Inspiring Women in the Netherlands ... An English Feminist Podcast in Amsterdam

#39: Orphan Trafficking, Voluntourism And The White Saviour Complex - Kristen Cheney
Volunteering has become a huge market. Many young people take a gap year to work with children in Africa, Asia or Latin America - very often in orphanages. On social media, they post pictures of themselves with a group of happy children. But unfortunately, it is mostly the volunteers who benefit from this experience. Agencies who organize these volunteering trips exploit the children and the young adults who are very often uninformed.  Kristen Cheney is an expert on volunteering, voluntourism, international adoption and the white saviour complex and in this episode, she explains what is currently wrong in all these broken systems that exist worldwide. AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: More information provided by Kristen Cheney:
May 09, 2022
#38: The Drag Agency - Danielle Jiskoot
Since RuPaul's Drag Race on Netflix, Drag has become quite famous. Also in the Netherlands. Even though it has a way longer tradition here. But even if the Netherlands are quite liberal in comparison, things are far from perfect for Drag Queens especially. Danielle Jiskoot, my guest for today has decided to start an agency for Drag artists to support local artists in the Netherlands. Website The Drag Agency: Instagram The Drag Agency: AmsterDames Patreon: AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook:
April 25, 2022
#37: The Fashion Revolution - Dieuwertje de Wagenaar & Yophi Ignacia
On TV, in magazines and on social media, we are always encouraged to consume. People are standing in line to get the latest iPhone. Physical fights on Black Friday are a very common thing. The fashion industry is no exception there. Stores offer several new collections of clothes multiple times a year, but the clothes we buy for cheap prices usually never last very long. The term for this is fast fashion and it turns out to be extremely harmful to the environment but also to the people that work in this industry. My guests for today are Yophi Ignacia and Dieuwertje de Wagenaar work as country coordinators for the organization Fashion Revolution which wants to change that. Website Fashion Revolution Global: Website Fashion Revolution Netherlands: Fashion Revolution Netherlands Instagram: AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook:
April 11, 2022
#36: Your Birth Companion - Valentina Constenla Kasat
Tuning in with a pregnant person, taking care of their needs and making sure that the person in labor and their partners have the best possible experience of giving birth. This is how Valentina Constenla Kasat describes her job as a Doula. In this episode, she talks about how found this profession for herself, what has been the best moment so far and why in some way she compares herself to a labrador. AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: Website Valentina: Valentina on Parentally: Instagram Valentina: Facebook Valentina: Evidence-based birth article about Doula support: Disclaimer by Valentina:  When talking about the "natural" or "normal process" of birth I intend to refer to the physiological processes that have been mostly observed and studied in labor, birth and immediate postpartum. Exceptions to these physiological processes can happen. If you are facing hardships in your transition to motherhood, I encourage you to acknowledge your struggle and seek help for yourself. A start point for this could be
March 28, 2022
#35: 'We Are Fighting For Our Freedom, Our Country, Our Home' - Anna Bilenka
A Syrian, a Dutch and a Ukrainian. These three characters are part of the debut novel that my guest has recently published. For her research for this book, she has spoken to many people from Syria to understand their situation. But only a few weeks ago, this has changed. Now her friends from Syria are asking my guest whether her family and friends are okay. Because on the 24th of February, the Russian president Vladimir Putin has declared war on her home country. **trigger warning**: In this episode, you will be confronted with content about war and refugees. In case you do not feel safe with this topic, please skip this episode and listen to it with a person that can emotionally support you. Anna Bilenka Instagram: Anna's Book: Website with information where to donate, where to volunteer, how to help: In case you want to support Ukrainian journalists: If you wish to financially support people in Anna's home region which is currently isolated from the rest of Ukraine, please contact her directly and she will provide you with a bank account to make a donation. AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook:
March 15, 2022
#34: Sending Art To The Moon: Elizaveta Glukhova & Anna Sitnikova
If you could send one thing to the moon, what would it be? In case you are now thinking that the question is pointless because something like that is never going to happen anyway, think again. At this very moment, preparations are made to send a very important box into space. And the preparations are not made in some high-tech NASA underground headquarter, they are made in our very own city of Amsterdam.  Elizaveta Glukhova and Anna Sitnikova are the curators of Moon Gallery and in this episode, they will explain why we need art in space, why the universe has always inspired people and why aliens are not their target group.  Launch Party 5th March Amsterdam - Moon Gallery website - Moon Gallery shop - Open call - Moon Gallery Instagram - Moon Gallery Facebook - Moon Gallery Linkedin - Moon Gallery Twitter - AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook:
February 28, 2022
#33: A Victory For Eastern European Art - Viktória Pikovská
Art is a very unique way for a person to express their feelings and their experiences but also to represent their region and their cultural background. However, it seems like that in the art world some regions are more looked at than others, unfortunately. My guest for today wants to change that. She has founded Victory art, that strongly focuses on central and eastern european contemporary art. In this episode, Viktória Pikovská talks about the impact the Sowjet Union had on eastern european art, female artists being objectified and an inspriring project called Majak.  AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: Victory Art Website: Victory Art Instagram: Project Majak:
February 14, 2022
#32: A Sweater Made Out Of Human Hair ??? - Zsofia Kollar
If you think of the sweaters you usually wear – what are they made of? Wool probably. For centuries, human beings have been wearing animal hair to keep themselves warm. But have you ever considered wearing a sweater made of human hair? My guest for today is Designer Zsofia Kollar and she has founded Human Material Loop in Amsterdam that produces clothes made of human hair. AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: Website Human Material Loop: Instagram Human Material Loop: Test your perception is a small quiz on perception on materials and some information about the textile industry:
January 31, 2022
#31: 'My camera is my passport to the world' - Sanne Derks
As a photojournalist, Sanne Derks travels the world and observes it through her lens. Her work has already been published in New York Times, El País, Deutsche Welle and Al Jazeera. Still, she knows, photojournalism is strongly male-dominated and female photographers need to prove themselves five times as often to be taken seriously. In this episode, we talk about the sexism she has experienced, frustration, rejection and a real passion for your job.  AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: Website Sanne Derks: Instagram Sanne Derks:
January 17, 2022
#30: Feed Your Libido - Irene Fehr
Are you in a relationship but your sex life is pretty much nonexistent? Or are you single but you are struggling to understand your own needs and your own sexuality? Sex and intimacy coach Irene Fehr has experienced a sexless marriage herself and has completely lost her libido which is why she now wants to help single (women) and couples to achieve a healthy sexless and wants to break common myths that still exist among society around sex, passion and (female) sexuality.    Website: Free 3-video "How to Want Sex Again" training for women: FEED YOUR LIBIDO: 5-Step Blueprint to Bring You Closer to Yourself & Your Partner Self-learning Online Program: AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook:
January 03, 2022
#29: "There is a fire, but nobody cares" - Tasha Arlova
During the summer of 2020, Belarus, its president Lukashenka and police brutality against peaceful protestors were all over the world’s news. Since then, the country has disappeared from the media. The world is looking in another direction now. But that doesn’t mean that the situation in Belarus has changed. Human rights defenders are in detention, members of the opposition are sentenced to multiple years in prison and free media has pretty much disappeared. Tasha Arlova is a filmmaker from Belarus, currently living in the Netherlands and she uses her art to remind us about what is still happening in her country.   AmsterDames Patreon: AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook:
December 20, 2021
#28: The Anti Zwarte Piet Activist - Stacey Lamptey
One character is parting the Netherlands and its society. His name is Zwarte Piet. Is he just the amusing, friendly helper of Sinterklaas or is he a slave and a caricature of a Black person? For years, Anti Zwarte Piet activists call for either a removal of the character or at least an alteration to make him less hurtful to Black people. Pro Zwarte Piet Activists fear the destruction of Dutch culture and the end of festive moments for children. Stacey Lamptey grew up in Belgium before her family moved to Ghana and she knows that Zwarte Piet can be traumatizing for Black children, for example when they are told that they look like Zwarte Piet. In this episode, she talks about her own experience, her activism and her organization Black Ladies of Groningen. AmsterDames Patreon: AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: Black Ladies of Groningen:
December 06, 2021
#27: Catcalls of Amsterdam - Paula Folino & Leonoor van Vliet
It is a situation most women have experienced more than once in their life. A man they do not know makes a comment on their looks, their body or their clothes on the street. In English, this is called catcalling, the Dutch term however refers to intimidation on the street. The organization Catcalls of Amsterdam wants to make this intimidation visible and has found a special way to do so. In this episode, Paula Folino and Leonoor van Vliet from Catcalls of Amsterdam will explain how they do this and why catcalling and making a compliment is not the same thing.  AmsterDames Patreon: AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: Instagram Catcalls of Amsterdam:
November 29, 2021
#26: Beauty Beyond Size - Sonam Raj Verma
Too white? Too dark? Too thin, too fat? Too curvy, not curvy enough? Even though there has been some more diversity within the beauty and fashion industry lately, women are still confronted with unrealistic beauty standards. Sonam Raj Verma is a plus-size model and a body positivity influencer. In this episode, she talks about self-confidence, acceptance and a potential change of mindset in the beauty industry. AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: Sonam's Instagram:
November 15, 2021
#25: Call Back And Listen - Saisha Partiman
Sometimes, a bad day can turn into a bad week, a bad month or even a bad year. And then, a friendly person that has an open ear as well as an open mind and listens to us and our problems can be of great help. But what if we do not have such a person in our lives? Then there is the organization Bel me wel, founded by Saisha Partiman. The psychologist and a team of volunteers provide call-backs to people that are in urgent need of emotional support and try to help them over the phone. In this episode, Saisha talks about how she came up with the idea, why this work makes her so happy and how she manages to protect her own mental health during her work.  AmsterDames Patreon: AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: Website Bel me wel:
November 01, 2021
#24: International Adoption or Child Trafficking? - Dilani Butink
When she was only a few weeks old, Dilani Butink was adopted by a Dutch family and was brought from Sri Lanka to the Netherlands. Years later, she found out that the information in her birth certificate is not correct. Was Dilanis's mother forced to give her baby away, was Dilani stolen from her mother or even sold to a Dutch adoption agency? She is not the only one with such a mysterious case. From the 70's on, about 40.000 children from Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh or South America were brought to the Netherlands by adoption agencies. Now, Dilani Butink wants to know the truth and is sueing the Dutch state to finally stand up to it's responsibility.  AmsterDames Patreon: AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: Pink Cloud Photo Project: Dilani Photography: Pink Cloud Podcast:
October 18, 2021
#23: 'Life Is Not Scripted Either' - Saskia Maas
People who are on the autism spectrum often struggle with social interaction and spontaneous situations. Saskia Maas, co-owner of Amsterdam's comedy club Boom Chicago, came up with an original idea to help teenagers and young adults. Her organisation Inter-Acting offers workshops for people on the autism spectrum, using techniques of improvisation, to make them feel more comfortable in unexpected situations they are confronted with in daily life. Because after all, life is not scripted either, right? AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: Website Inter-Acting: Instagram Inter-Acting: Facebook Inter-Acting: Sign up for the new classes starting on October 3rd:
September 30, 2021
#22: Books Against Injustice - Christel Don
Between 1956 and 1984 thousands of unmarried pregnant women were forced to give their babies away. Yet, many people in the Netherlands have never heard about this. Neither did freelance journalist and writer Christel Don, until she heard the story of one of these women and decided to write a book about the Dutch Afstandsmoeders to get attention for the injustice that has been done. But during the process of writing this book, she came across another dark chapter of Dutch history that also nobody ever talks about... AmsterDames Patreon: AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: Christel Don Website: Book Afstandsmoeder by Christel Don: If you want to learn more about Afstandsmoeders, check out the podcast Separated by Force: Please note: The appointment in the law case of Trudy Scheele-Gertsen that I mentioned in the outro has been postponed from 6th of September to 24th of September.
September 20, 2021
#21: Let's Make Girls Fearless - Merida Miller
In our society, girls are still taught to be nice, careful, and to not take any risks. The Amsterdam-based NGO Project Fearless, however, wants to encourage girls to get out of their comfort zone, take risks and to learn new things that are not necessarily considered 'girly', such as skateboarding or boxing. In this episode, founder Merida Miller talks about gender stereotypes, the programs of her NGO, and its visible impact on the girls. Website Project Fearless: Project Fearless Facebook: Project Fearless Instagram: AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook:
September 06, 2021
#20: Cleaning Amsterdam By Kayak - Leni Breitenegger
It is a win-win-win situation. Getting some physical exercise, seeing Amsterdam from a unique perspective and protecting the environment. Kajak Kollektief ticks all the boxes. A few months ago, Marlene 'Leni' Breitenegger came up with the idea for her own NGO that helps to clean up the canals in Amsterdam by kayaking. In this episode, she talks about her inspiration to found this organization, weird things she finds and how the pandemic has affected the amount of trash and plastic in the water. AmsterDames Patreon: AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: Kajak Kollektief Instagram: Kajak Kollektief Blog: Kajak Kollektief Facebook:
August 23, 2021
#19: The Vaginismus Coach - Jamie Klomp
Plenty of women experience pain during sex but feel either too ashamed to talk about it or simply believe that this is the way it is supposed to be. Vaginismus coach Jamie Klomp wants to change the misconceptions of female sexuality and helps women to change their mindset that sex can actually be enjoyable for them, too. In this interview, we talk about vaginas in dutch school books, sex in porn and what happens during Jamie's coaching sessions. And at the end, there is also a surprise :-) AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: Jamie on Instagram:
August 09, 2021
#18: Woman Out Of The Closet - Diana Arkeveld
Is it just a crush? Am I bisexual? Am I gay? Women who thought of themselves to be hetero but who suddenly develop feelings for another woman often feel very lost. Gender and sexual orientation couch Diana Arkeveld experienced the same in her past and now wants to help other women in similar situations. For that, she founded Vrouw uit de kast (Woman out of the closet). In this interview, she talks about the fear of leaving a perfect life, the repression of your sexual identity and what happens during her coaching sessions.  **Disclaimer: Even though Diana refers to herself as a gender orientation coach in this episode, she now finds that the term gender and sexual orientation coach fits her work better. AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: Vrouw uit de kast E-Book with AmsterDames discount: Vrouw uit de kast website: Vrouw uit de kast Facebook: Vrouw uit de kast Instagram:
July 26, 2021
#17: When In Doubt, Add More Glitter - Lady Galore
A big wig, impressive heels and a huge ego: Lady Galore is fabulous and she is one of the most famous drag queens in the Netherlands. She has traveled the world for her famous drag shows, but she is also a passionate activist for the LGBT community. Even if that means that she has to march in heels. No matter, what it is, she does it GALORE style.   AmsterDames Patreon: AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: Instagram Lady Galore: Facebook Lady Galore: Book Glitter maakt alles beter:
July 12, 2021
#16: Speak Dutch With Me - Frederique Fabels & Ida van Koolwijk
Has learning Dutch always been on your to-do list but somehow, you never really got to it? Or maybe you already have a certain Dutch level, but you feel too shy to practice it in your daily life? Then Praat Nederlands Met Me is perfect for you. The founders Frederique Fabels and Ida van Koolwijk started a project to match Dutch natives with non-natives in order to practice the language. So, no more excuses, just get started ;-) AmsterDames Patreon: AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: Website Praat Nederlands met me: Crowdfunding Praat Nederlands met me: T-Shirt Praat Nederlands met me:
June 28, 2021
#15: Turning plants into color - Roua Al Halabi
Are you looking for a way to let your creative energy flow again? Do you want to work with your hands after endless hours behind the computer? Are you interested to learn how plants and vegetables can be used to dye your clothes? Then artist Roua Al Halabi might have workshops in her atelier that could be interesting for you. In this interview, she explains, where and when her passion for colors and art have started and why early childhood is the best time to start creative work and art. AmsterDames Patreon: AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: Website Roua: Instagram Roua:
June 14, 2021
#14: Goldsmith and Wedding Ring Designer - Josefin Osman
Did you know that especially the field of being a goldsmith attracts a lot of women? One of them is Josefin Osman who went to a goldsmith school 16 years ago. In this interview, she talks about moving to the Netherlands to become a goldsmith, career switches and why she especially prefers it to design wedding rings. AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: Josefin Osman LinkedIn:
May 31, 2021
#13: The Funeral Entrepreneur - Anneloes Kokshoorn
Anneloes works with a topic that most of us try to avoid. Almost every day she deals with death, grief and loss, because she founded her own company as a funeral entrepreneur. In this interview, she talks about calls at night, unusual funerals and why her job for her is more about life than death.  AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: Anneloes' Website: Anneloes' Inspiration Page on Instagram: Anneloes' Facebook:
May 17, 2021
#12: Women Skate The World - Nanja van Rijsse
Girls and women skating is still a thing we barely see. Which is very much a pity since it is a great opportunity to empower girls and to give them self-confidence. Nanja van Rijsse, a skateboarder herself, started teaching girls in Palestine and then founded her own organization called Women Skate The World. In this episode, we talk about stereotypes in the skateboarding world, prize money and Amsterdam-Zuidoost. AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: Website Women Skate The World: Instagram Women Skate The World: Donations:
May 03, 2021
#11: DJ Your Mother - Esther Goedvolk
Esther already worked as a DJ when she was 18, but then life happened and she stopped. Now at 50+, she started again and dreams about playing at huge festivals, such as Lowland. In this interview, she talks about her life story, the importance of following your passion and the courage to just start doing what you love the most. AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: AmsterDames Patreon: Website DJjemoeder: Instagram DJjemoeder: Mixcloud: DJjemoeder: Podcast Muziek met je moeder:
April 19, 2021
#10: Poems Of Recovery - Ananda de Jager
Eating disorders and mental health problems are still a topic that society rarely talks about. Ananda de Jager suffered from an eating disorder since puberty and found help in creative writing. She decided to publish a collection of her poetry to let others know that they are not alone. In this interview, Ananda talks about her personal journey back to health, Instagram as a trigger and why we need to talk openly about eating disorders and mental health problems. AmsterDames Patreon: AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: Website Ananda de Jager: Instagram Ananda de Jager: Poems of Recovery:
April 05, 2021
#9: Massage, Mindfulness and Kalarippayatu - Lisa Frey
No idea, what Kalarippayatu is? Dance and massage therapist Lisa Frey will explain it to you, will talk about why intuition is so important these days and why we all should follow our own flow a lot more. AmsterDames Patreon: AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: Website Lisa Frey: Bubbles Massage Facebook:
March 22, 2021
#8: Vote For A Woman - Devika Partiman
Even though the current mayor of Amsterdam is female, women are still strongly underrepresented in dutch politics. Devika Partiman wanted to change that and founded the organization Stem op een vrouw (Vote for a woman) in 2017. In this interview, she talks about the gender pay gap, women doubting themselves and why we need to start already in schools to get females into politics.  AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: AmsterDames Patreon: Website Stem op een vrouw: / Stem op een vrouw Instagram:
March 08, 2021
#7: Marry For One Day - Jona Rens
What if in a couple one person wants to get married but the other one does not? Jona Rens had an idea for a perfect compromise. Just get married for one day. In her shop in Amsterdam she offers the whole package with dresses, rings, violins and a red carpet. AmsterDames Patreon: AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: Instagram Wed and Walk/ Trouwen voor een dag: Website Wed and Walk/ Trouwen voor een dag:
February 22, 2021
#6: The Pocket Rocket - Rosa Jung
Moving to Amsterdam in 2020 in times of Covid-19, becoming a Jungle Body instructor in addition to her full-time job, overcoming her own bad habits, proposing to her boyfriend, and buying an apartment. For Rosa Jung, the last year has been a rollercoaster and in this episode, she talks about her story, her journey and her learnings. AmsterDames Patreon: AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: Rosa Jung Instagram:
February 08, 2021
#5: I Want A Bike - Ana Castan
In Amsterdam there are hundreds of unused bikes - while at the same time there was a shortage of bikes in Spain. Tour Guide Ana Castan wanted to do something about it and started the project Quiero una bicicleta (I want a bike). AmsterDames Patreon: AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: Blog Amsterdam en Bicicleta: Instagram Amsterdam en Bicicleta: Website Quiero una Bicicleta:
January 25, 2021 Draw Me An Expat - Clementine Latron
For Le Ré my interview with Clémentine Latron is also available with a French intro  / Pour la fondation Le Ré, mon entretien avec Clémentine  Latron est aussi disponible avec une intro en Francais. Bonne écoute. Cycling, Paracetamol, and the struggle to pronounce the word 'gezellig': French illustrator Clementine Latron gets inspired by Expat life in Amsterdam. In this episode, we talk about her career as a creative freelancer, her favorite illustrations, and her plans for 2021. If you want to know why French Expats hide in the bushes when they see French tourists tune in. Instragram AmsterDames: Website Clementine Latron: Instagram Clementine Latron: Facebook Page Clementine Latron: Etsy Shop Clementine Latron:
January 19, 2021
#4: Bar Buka: Where Girls Meet - Marianne van der Wildt
Amsterdam has plenty of Gay Bars, but most of them seem to be for men. Marianne van der Wildt wanted to change that and wanted to create a safe space for (lesbian) women in the centre of Amsterdam. Unfortunately, like most bar and restaurant owners, she is currently struggling in times of COVID-19. But there are still ways to support this awesome place. AmsterDames Patreon: AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: Website Bar Buka: Instagram Bar Buka:
January 11, 2021
#3: The Seagrass Designer - Kathryn Larsen
Bio-based designer and architecture student Kathryn Larsen rediscovered a building material that unfortunately is almost forgotten. Even though it was used for centuries on a small island in Denmark. In this episode, she speaks about the benefits of seagrass, opportunities to use it as a sustainable building material and women in design and architecture these days. AmsterDames Patreon: AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook:  Website Kathryn Larsen:
January 11, 2021
#2: Women in Tech - Sina Bünte (SheSharp)
Tech is still one of the fields where women are strongly underrepresented. SheSharp wants to change that and provides workshops, conferences and a mentorship program to help women to either start a career in tech or to become an entrepreneur. Sina Bünte is one of the founders of SheSharp and talks about the opportunities for women in tech as well as what needs to be done to make more girls become interested in science in general. AmsterDames Patreon: AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: Meetup SheSharp: Community Day on January 22nd: SheSharp Slack Group:
January 11, 2021
#1: Draw Me An Expat - Clementine Latron
Cycling, Paracetamol, and the struggle to pronounce the word 'gezellig': French illustrator Clementine Latron gets inspired by Expat life in Amsterdam. In this episode, we talk about her career as a creative freelancer, her favorite illustrations, and her plans for 2021. If you want to know why French Expats hide in the bushes when they see French tourists tune in.  AmsterDames Patreon: AmsterDames Instagram: AmsterDames Facebook: Website Clementine Latron: Instagram Clementine Latron: Facebook Page Clementine Latron: Etsy Shop Clementine Latron:
January 11, 2021