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David Pere @frommilitarytomillionaire, Bigger Pockets #281

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By Sarai De Leon
Real Estate Investing...where..why..and how to inspire yourself through the experiences of others!
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David Pere @frommilitarytomillionaire, Bigger Pockets #281
David Pere, recently interviewed by Bigger Pockets #281, is on a mission to transition from full time Marine to Real Estate Investor while educating others along the way! Listen to how he and his wife embarked on his long-distance investing journey!
June 17, 2018
Jordan Closes First Deal!
Jordan is a 22-yr old I’ve never met in person, but this didn’t stop him from asking for help! We connected on Instagram and I walked him through his first deal via Snapchat! No experience at all but very motivated! Closed his first deal and made $5,511! Couldn’t be more proud! 🙌🏽
March 7, 2018
Real Estate Interview with Jack Klein
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November 28, 2017
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