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Satellite Stories

Satellite Stories

SES is the world's leading satellite operator. We connect and enable broadcast, telecom, corporate and government customers, and enrich the lives of billions of people worldwide.
Satellite Stories host Kristina Smith-Meyer discusses what matters most to our customers and hears how the services SES provide really make a difference.
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O3b mPOWER: Cloud Based Partnerships

Satellite Stories

Close-Up with SES: A Preview
This is special episode offering a taster of SES’s latest exclusive video series: Close-Up. The pace of change in the satellite industry over the last decade has dwarfed anything in the three decades that preceded it. Just about everything has changed, from the nature of satellites themselves and the applications they're used for, to the customers who require them and the value chain through which satellite communication is delivered to users on Earth.  This time on Satellite Stories, Kristina Smith-Meyer hears from JP Hemingway, CEO of SES Networks and Nihar Shah, VP of Strategy & Market Intelligence. Sign up here to access the full "Close-Up with SES" video series.
June 7, 2021
KiwiSat: DTH in the Caribbean, Life after Irma
When Hurricane Irma hit the Caribbean island of Saint Martin in September 2017, lives were lost, buildings were destroyed as well as families and businesses displaced. It cost the country more than $1.5bn in damages. But what’s lesser known is the impact the hurricane had on local infrastructure. For some people, they were left without any internet or TV services for over 6 months. That meant no news updates to heed warning of important weather updates. Andrew Wong, CEO of KiwiSat, wanted better for his customers. He wanted to create an affordable, high quality service that would be able to withstand the tropical storms of the Caribbean, Mexican and Latin America regions. Right from the get-go, SES supported his vision to create a successful Direct-to-Home service called KiwiSat. This episode demonstrates the impact DTH providers can offer, as well as an insight into the mission behind launching SES-10, and SES’s world-renowned Elevate Training programme. Satellite Stories podcast is presented by SES Senior Creative, Kristina Smith-Meyer. For more about what we do, visit
March 22, 2021
DEA Aviation Part Two: Airborne Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Mission possible: From ground to air, Satellite Stories meets the wider DEA Aviation team to understand how satellite communications is impacting the success of their missions - not just in customer satisfaction, but also schedule maintenance and overseeing the crew’s safety. In the second part of this two-part series, Luke Sutton, Edward Grinrod and Sally Varley take us through DEA’s people and processes, from operations room to airport hangar. Satellite Stories is presented by SES Senior Creative Specialist, Kristina Smith-Meyer. For more about what we do, visit
February 22, 2021
DEA Aviation Part One: Airborne Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance
How do HD real-time camera feeds support international border patrols in tackling crime, and life or death rescue missions? This two-part series offers an insight into how SES satellite communications are being translated by our customer, DEA Aviation Ltd, based in Nottinghamshire UK. Their clients include Frontex (the European Border and Coast Guard Agency), Ordnance Survey, arable farmer and many more. John Sullivan and Dicky Patounas from the DEA management team explain why they rely upon SES for airborne ISR, conducting aerial surveys and providing specialised commercial air services. Plus, the series shines a spotlight on the life and career of an aviator - and how several decades of working in the Royal Air Force still serves the DEA team today. Satellite Stories is presented by SES Senior Creative Specialist, Kristina Smith-Meyer. For more about what we do, visit
February 1, 2021
Steve Collar: Looking Ahead To SES Future
With the launch of SES-17 and O3b mPOWER satellites in 2021, SES CEO Steve Collar looks ahead to what next for the company. Plus, a peek into how automated cloud insights are shaping up to be big development business in the aviation, cruise and government industries. Presented by Kristina Smith-Meyer, Senior Creative at SES. For more about what we do, visit
January 4, 2021
Steve Collar: Looking Back At SES Past And Present
SES CEO, Steve Collar, recaps the company's 35 year history, the story of O3b's launch back in 2013 and his personal passion for working in such a dynamic industry. Satellite Stories is presented by Kristina Smith-Meyer, Senior Creative at SES.  For more about what we do, visit
December 22, 2020
Making A Difference: UNICEF & the Fight COVID-19 TV channel
What difference are you making with your resources and knowledge? Who and where are your strongest connections? These are the questions many of us have asked ourselves throughout 2020 and the global crisis… And for SES, ensuring our services and platforms are being used for greater good has been at the heart of what we do for several decades. This episode of Satellite Stories shares the how and why the Fight COVID-19 free to air satellite TV channel was launched and how our partners, including UNICEF, helped ensure proper and correct health information was broadcast to the communities who most needed it, and would have the greatest impact. Host, Kristina Smith-Meyer speaks to Paul Heber, chief communications officer at UNICEF Luxembourg. For more about what we do, visit
November 2, 2020
LuxStream Part II: The How and What Behind The Next Generation Ku-based Satellite Technology
How a 12 inch tail-mounted antenna is enabling CEOs, rock stars and heads of state to continue connecting with their online business whilst flying 30,000 feet above ground… From Minneapolis, to Connecticut, to Washington DC; Satellite Stories host Kristina Smith-Meyer goes behind the scenes with SES partner Collins Aerospace and studies the detail of Luxstream’s technical support. For more about what we do, visit
October 11, 2020
LuxStream Part I: Inflight Connectivity For The Elite Traveller
When Christopher Bing was 6 years old he built his own airport out of plywood and shoeboxes. Now a pilot for Raytheon Technologies, he spends his working days flying rockstars, athletes and CEOs across the globe. But customer service as a private pilot isn’t just about landing on-time and adequate luggage allowance. It's also about ensuring inflight connectivity is as seamless in the air as on the ground. SES partners, Collins Aerospace explain why LuxStream is needed in the private aviation industry; a service which enables the business jet to become an extension of passengers’ home and corporate networks, allowing them to access the same services, applications, and entertainment in the air as they do on the ground—wherever they fly. For more about what we do, visit
August 9, 2020
Ethiosat Part II: TV studio to living room - Ethiosat in practice
Meet the Ethiopian television producers, presenters and viewers all benefiting from using the Ethiosat TV platform. Part two of this short series on Satellite Stories podcast explores how SES collaborated with local broadcasters and associations to provide high quality, HD content across Ethiopia. Presented by Kristina Smith-Meyer. For more about what we do, visit
June 30, 2020
Ethiosat Part I: Empowering Ethiopians with the HD quality and content they deserve
For decades, Ethiopians only had access to unreliable and inconsistent quality television content. Now with a new specially created platform - Ethiosat is finally enabling local broadcasters to deliver locally produced and focused content, at HD quality to viewers nationwide. In this episode of Satellite Stories, SES host Kristina Smith-Meyer travels to Addis Ababa to meet local broadcasters, members of the Ethiopian Broadcast Association, trainers empowering local satellite dish installers with the skills they need, and hear first-hand how ordinary Ethiopians are finding work on and off-screen. Listen in and find our how the Ethiosat platform was rolled out across the country. For more about what we do, visit
May 27, 2020
O3b mPOWER: Cruise & Maritime
Keeping cargo crew and cruise passengers connected has become a given, not a luxury. Whether considering the welfare of officers out at sea for months and months, or holidaymakers wanting to share their photos with friends and family back home - SES is committed to developing cutting-edge solutions for connectivity aboard. So why does SES think MEO is the right path for its maritime customers? And how will O3b mPOWER help the team up their game? Kristina Smith-Meyer hears from our VP of the maritime segment at SES, Gregory Martin.
January 17, 2020
O3b mPOWER: Technology
What does O3b stand for? Why is SES investing in MEO over LEO? And what inspired the engineering and technical development behind SES’s upcoming project - O3b mPOWER? Stewart Sanders, Executive Vice President of Technology and O3b mPOWER Programme Manager, joins Kristina Smith-Meyer on another episode of Satellite Stories podcast.
January 16, 2020
O3b mPOWER: Governments
From analysing firefighters health data, to communicating on the front lines in conflict zones, to managing a complex election process in land-locked Burkino Faso. Satellites deliver the real time data essential to government operations.  So, this time we look at how O3b is being used by governments across the world, and why SES’s new MEO offering, O3b mPOWER, will offer government customers even more flexibility - on private and public networks - when it comes to staying connected. Features Jack Deasy - former US diplomat and now VP of market segment solutions at SES; and John Atkinson - retired colonel with the US army, and now Director of Business Development at SES. Presented by Kristina Smith-Meyer.
January 15, 2020
O3b mPOWER: Oil Rigs & The Energy Sector
LEO, MEO, GEO and soon O3b mPOWER… Continuing our mini series on O3b mPOWER, today we meet Morten Hansen, VP of Commercial Maritime & Energy Sales at SES. From Skyping on a ship in Brazil, to dangling from a helicopter basket above the Norwegian Sea…Morten’s conversation with Satellite Stories’ host Kristina Smith-Meyer looks at how O3b is used by maritime businesses today and an insight into working out at sea on oil rigs, drilling platforms and vessels.
January 14, 2020
O3b mPOWER: Cloud Based Partnerships
From Microsoft to IBM Global Services to Amazon and Netflix…the importance of offering reliable and secure public and private cloud based services is something SES is continuing to build upon. On this episode of Satellite Stories, we discuss why global strategic partnerships are key for growing our cloud-based service offerings - and why more of the services end users are relying upon are based on this mysterious thing called ‘the cloud’. Kristina Smith-Meyer is joined by Sergy Mummert, Senior VP of Global Cloud and Strategic Partnerships at SES, based in the USA. For more about what we do, visit
January 13, 2020
A little black box to wallpaper TV & Tokyo 2020 Olympics in 8k
What's the future role of the TV in your living room? How big a difference does screen quality really make? And what's all the buzz about with regards to the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics being filmed in 8k? Martin Faehnrich, Panasonic's standardisation manager, explains where television tech has come from over the last two decades and offers an insight into where it's going. Plus, Satellite Stories podcast host Kristina Smith-Meyer hears how our screens won't just be something we watch programmes on in years to come - they could be an integrated part of the family smart home. For more about what SES does, visit
December 15, 2019
OU Flex Part II: Football, Copa America and Broadcasting in Brazil
How do you make sure millions of football fans can watch their team play without having a golden ticket to the game? On this episode of Satellite Stories, Kristina Smith-Meyer travels to Brazil to see SES's OU Flex being used first-hand by broadcasters - and end users - during the Copa America 2019. Join her in Sao Paulo at the Morumbi Stadium on the morning of the opening ceremony, and later - in a bar with hundreds of fans enjoying the Brazil v Bolivia game. Featuring Jurandir Pitsch and Andreas Breuer from SES, Alex Pimintel from Casablanca Online and bar owner Walter Flavius. For more about what SES does, visit
November 19, 2019
OU Flex Part I: VR Mountain Biking & Snow Volleyball in the Austrian Alps
How do you live stream niche sports in the Austrian alps? How do broadcasters ensure breaking news can be reported in a remote location immediately with little preparation? One of the many services SES offers is OU Flex. On this episode of Satellite Stories, Kristina Smith-Meyer takes you on a mountain bike ride, hovercraft racing and a trip to the European Snow Volleyball Championships. So pop on your headphones to enjoy the journey! Featuring Steve Bisenius and Andreas Breuer from SES, and Paul Richardson from Sematron. For more about what SES does, visit
September 30, 2019
Online Video Streaming and OTT's Future
BBC iPlayer, Netflix, SkyGo, YouTube - a handful of online video services we're all likely to have used at some point in the last few months. These days, we no longer rely on viewing our favourite TV show live in our living room. As consumers, we now expect to be able to watch our favourite content -whenever and wherever we want.  When we say OTT content distribution, linear TV channels and IP content... they're probably terms you’re not familiar with as an end user. So on this episode, Markus Placho - VP of products at SES video – runs us through why these types of services have reshaped the way SES works and the way our clients work with us over the last ten years. SES's Satellite Stories podcast is presented by Kristina Smith-Meyer. For more information on what we do, visit
August 19, 2019
The Future of In-Flight Entertainment
Personalised passenger experience, watching films in 4k and closing the gap between life on the ground with life in the air... Just a few of the insights offered by Gustavo Nader, head of strategy for Thales InFlyt Experience. But what role does SES play when it comes to improving connectivity in the clouds, quite literally? How will AI benefit all passengers on board commercial airlines – not just those privileged to sit in first class? And how are airlines keeping up with bandwidth and demand for OTT content streaming capability? 'Satellite Stories' host Kristina Smith-Meyer speaks with Gustavo at this year’s iD19 event in Luxembourg. For more information on SES's upcoming industry days, visit
July 22, 2019
Market Research – Why It Matters To SES
 "Applying common sense to the number madness..." That's how Ricardo Topham, Senior Market & Business Analyst at SES describes his job. It's a role which sees him travel all corners of the world - finding out what matters most to our customers and seeing first-hand how the solutions SES provide really make a difference. From employing locals in remote communities in Africa to empowering entrepreneurs in the Caribbean, our host Kristina Smith-Meyer unveils the real-life stories of working at the world's largest satellite operator. For more information about what it is we do, visit us at
June 11, 2019
The Story Behind ASTRA 1B Satellite
Ever wondered how TV changed from SD to HD? And curious in how the number of channels has vastly increased over the years? On episode 2 of Satellite Stories, we look into the history of one of SES's geostationary satellites - Astra 1B launched back in 1991. And we discover how the idea of co-location was pivotal in satellite history in expanding the industry's horizons and technical ability. Host Kristina Smith-Meyer meets Ray Sperber - one of the SES engineers behind co-location's initial concept. Want more behind the scenes of what SES does? Visit 
May 20, 2019