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Sales Boot Camp

Sales Boot Camp

By Satyam Vishnoi
Great Sales Training = The Best Sales Outcomes

- Producer/Host: Satyam Vishnoi

- Average Duration: Less than 20 minutes

- B2B Growth Show

- B2C Growth Show (Also)

- This podcast focuses on tactical tips and techniques you can implement immediately.
- You can get even more out of this podcast by downloading its app, which'll give you access to bonus content and the ability to ask the hosts questions.

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Cut the Content | Ep. #176
In Ep. 176, You will find that - How to Create Multiple Pieces of Content? You should go on My Website -, You should go on My YouTube Channel - Sattyam03 , and You can ask anything on Instagram - Sattyam03
October 19, 2021
Long Videos | Ep. #175
In Ep, 175, You will get About what is The advantages of Long Videos. My websites is - And my YouTube Channel is - Sattyam03 And You can ask anything on Instagram- Sattyam03
October 11, 2021
Engagement | Ep. #174
In Ep. 174, You will get - How does Your Content give you Engagement? My YouTube Channel is - Sattyam03 (For Sales shorts videos ) - And If you have any questions you can ask me on my Instagram - Sattyam03
September 30, 2021
Creates A Bond With Audience #173
In Ep 173, Here you will get how t create a bond with audience. Check my website - Enlightsaleshub. Com and Check my YouTube Channel - Sattyam03 You can ask anything on Instagram- Sattyam03
September 21, 2021
Demo | Ep. #172
In Ep. 172, I am telling you How your content works Like - Demo. Subscribe My YouTube Channel - Sattyam03 . Check written content on - Enlightsaleshub. Com and you can ask anything on Instagram- Sattyam03
September 8, 2021
Lead Magnet | Ep. #171
In Ep. 171, Go and Listen about How important is lead magnet. So check it and implement in your Business. If you want more information check rhis - - You can ask me anything on Instagram - Sattyam03
August 23, 2021
Build Authority | Ep. #170
In Ep. 170, I am going to tell you about - How can you build authority from Content. You can check this website - - You can ask anything on my Instagram - Sattyam03
August 13, 2021
Preparing The Audience | Ep. #169
In Ep. 169, In This Episode I am giving the information about the How to prepare audience through content. - If You want to be more successful, so check it out - And if you have any question you can ask anything on my Instagram - Sattyam03)
August 5, 2021
Streamlines The Message | Ep. 168
In Ep. 168, Streamline Means - Your message is understand to people in a systematic Manner. ( Check this website - And you can ask anything to me on Instagram - Sattyam03)
July 29, 2021
Massive Content Creation | Ep. #167
In Ep. 167, SEO Research. Creating your buyer persona likely gave you some ideas about what topics to write about and what questions your audience might have, which is a great start. ... Ideation. ... Writing. ... Editing. ... Uploading. ... Publishing. ? (You can ask anything on instagram. - Sattyam03) want to become more successful check now. -
July 19, 2021
Start Execute | Ep. #166
In Ep. 166, You will find. Why we should execute the information you have, the knowledge that you have, the content that you have. Listen, learn and implement. And Start execute. (You can learn more on And You can ask anything on Instagram - Sattyam03)
July 14, 2021
Never Buy Leads | Ep. #165
In Ep. 165, Buying business leads hurts your business in more ways than it could potentially help. Putting aside the enormous risk that the data you purchase could be low quality or unverified, consider the energy that you might spend trying to convert these fake business leads on top of the investment you make in the list itself. Both have tremendous potential when applied to a more legitimate means of lead generation.( You can ask anything on My Instagram - Sattyam03)
July 8, 2021
Shout-outs | Ep. #164
In Ep. 164, Here I am going to tell you - How will you get Leads through Shout-outs. You will get more information About lead generation. And You can ask anything on Instagram- Sattyam03
July 2, 2021
Friends | Ep. #163
In Ep. 163, I am going to tell you about the principles of Friends. So Go and Listen it now. (You can ask me anything on Instagram - Sattyam03)
June 24, 2021
References | Ep. 162
In Ep. 162, Capturing and calling these references can be a source of sales leads and is by far the most common way to generate a sales lead. Once you get the name of the references and conduct the actual reference check calls, you can “flip” the call into a sales lead.(You can ask anything on Instagram - Sattyam03)
June 17, 2021
Collaboration Videos | Ep. #161
In Ep. 161, Put their videos to work with contact forms that allow you to capture more than just email from leads (think demographic info, area of interest, and professional insights). (You can ask anything on Instagram- Sattyam03)
June 12, 2021
Contests | Ep. #160
In Ep. 160, 7 Tips for Generating Leads with Contests. Demand & Lead Generation. ... Make sure your prize actually has value. ... Have a value specific prize. ... Make everyone feel like a winner. ... Utilize social media. ... Photo contests. ... Create a designated landing page with a CTA. (You can ask anything on Instagram- Sattyam03)
June 3, 2021
Incentivize | Ep. #159
In Ep. 159, The 5 Best Incentives to Generate Leads , #1 Lead Generation: Ebooks , #2 Lead Generation: Sweepstakes for Gift Certificates or Products , #3 Lead Generation: Webinar Entries , #4 Lead Generation: Offers with a Partner , #5 Lead Generation: Coupons , (You can ask anything on Instagram - Sattyam03)
May 25, 2021
Quora | Ep. #158
In Ep. 158, From my experience, the following 5 points are the key to generating leads from Quora. Answering the actual question. ... Not making your answer a sales copy. ... Being a person behind the answer, not a company. ... Adding useful links to your answers. ... Being part of the community. (You can ask anything on My Instagram - Sattyam03)
May 17, 2021
YouTube Ads | Ep. #157
In Ep. 157, Optimize your content. ... Add YouTube cards. ... Add content cards. ... Promote landing pages with end screens. ... Organize your content into playlists. ... Respond to and encourage comments (in a timely manner) ... Partner with influencers. ... Share your videos widely.
May 8, 2021
Facebook Ads | Ep. #156
In Ep. 156,  to run a Get More Leads promotion Choose a goal. Go to your Page, and select the blue Promote button. ... Give your form a name. ... Customize your form. ... Choose your ad creative. ... Select your Call to Action. ... Choose your audience. ... Choose your budget and duration. ... Submit your ad. ( If You have any questions you can ask me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
April 21, 2021
Facebook Live | Ep. #155
In Ep. 155, These are the Ways to Use Facebook Live to Generate Quality Leads. Hot In Social Media. ... Create Promotional Deals. ... Offer Unique Opportunities. ... Ask For Contact Information. ... Use Call to Action. ... Interact with Potential Customers. ... User the Power Of Sharing. ... Redirect Viewers To Your Website. (You can Ask anything on Instagram- Sattyam03)
April 17, 2021
YouTube Live | Ep. #154
In Ep. 154, Youtube Live is definitely one of the best ways to generate leads as you will be talking live to your customers, answering their queries, giving them great tips from your expertise. So make full use of Youtube live to promote your product and services with your audience. ( You can ask anything on Instagram - Sattyam03)
April 13, 2021
ABGL | Ep. #153
In Ep. 153, Generating leads for your business is important. It creates sales and increases organic customers. Having a more engaging website will increase your chances of a lead turning into a customer. You should ensure that you qualify your leads to reduce time wasted and of course, money! (You can ask any questions on Instagram - Sattyam03)
April 9, 2021
Whatsapp Stories | Ep. #152
In Ep. 152, Use your WhatsApp Bot Link in the Email Signature. ... Share WhatsApp Bot Link on Social Media and Run Facebook Ads. ... Use WhatsApp QR Code to Generate Leads. ... Keep Dropping Triggers. ... Develop Engaging Contents. (You can ask me anything on Instagram - Sattyam03)
April 5, 2021
Personal Profile Posts | Ep. #151
In Ep. 151, When you initially sign up with Facebook, you do so as an individual. You create personal login details and share personal highlights about yourself for people you know in real life. You’ll also have the option to become friends with friends of your friends and even people you meet inside Facebook groups. Conversely, with a Facebook business page, you’re setting up a presence that’s all about your brand, business, or cause. You have the freedom to advertise and promote your products and services on a daily basis. While you can use a personal profile to promote your business in creative ways, Facebook expressly states that personal profiles are not to be used solely for business purposes. Before you begin promoting your business on your personal profile, make sure to read Facebook’s Terms of Service to make sure you don’t violate them. If you do, you run the risk of having your account shut down. ( you can ask me anything on my Instagram page. That is - Sattyam03)
April 1, 2021
Facebook Groups Posts | Ep. #150
In Ep. 150, Invite people you want to reach on Facebook to your group (either via advertising or in existing Facebook groups). Make sure you are clear how being part of the group will benefit them. Post content to the group that is of value to the group. Try to do so on a regular (e.g. weekly) basis. It doesn’t have to be heavy, a simple question will often do or a comment on a current piece of news that is relevant to your group. Include a “lead magnet” with each piece of content - something that someone needs to make use of your content - e.g. a checklist, a download, a how-to and so on. Ensure that to get the lead magnet, the group member gives you their contact details. (You can ask me questions on Instagram - Sattyam03)
March 30, 2021
LinkedIn DMs | Ep. #149
In Ep. 149, LinkedIn Dms are super powerful if used intelligently. The step by step guidance to ( You can ask me anything regarding Sales On Instagram - Sattyam03)
March 24, 2021
LinkedIn Posts & Posts | Ep. #148
In Ep. 148, Like every other social media platform, engaging with others is a key component to success. Encourage individuals you’re connected to on other social networks to connect with your page on LinkedIn, too. Then find opportunities to connect and generate leads through other people’s networks. Also, conduct manual searches and invite potential prospects into your network. Join industry groups and be an active voice there instead of a wallflower. Post relevant and thoughtful questions while diversifying forms of content. Offer singular points of insight or advice to questions being posed. (You can ask me any questions regarding sales on Instagram - Sattyam03)
March 20, 2021
Slide Share | Ep. #147
In Ep. #147, One of the big advantages of SlideShare is that you can place lead generation forms within your presentations. ... Someone may not have enough time to go over your entire presentation at the moment, which is why you want to capture their information and market to them directly in the future. (You can ask any questions regarding Sales on Instagram - Sattyam03)
March 17, 2021
Long Posts | Ep. #146
In Ep. #146, Research from Moz suggests “long form content of over 1,000 words consistently receives more shares and links than shorter form content.” Likewise, longer form LinkedIn content tends to outshine the shorter (less than 1,000 words) posts in terms of sharing across the network. (You can ask me Question on My Instagram Page - Sattyam03)
March 15, 2021
Facebook Video | Ep. #145
In Ep. 145, Not only do video ads get more clicks (two times more, according to one recent experiment), but they give marketers more creative freedom to show off a brand's personality and connect emotionally with an audience. Facebook video ads have emerged as one of the most effective formats marketers have at their disposal.10. (You can ask me questions regarding sales on Instagram- Sattyam03)
March 12, 2021
Instagram Live Streams | Ep. #144
In Ep. 144, This approach gives your live video an element of exclusivity, which can encourage people to act immediately, increasing the number of leads you get. A sneak peek in an Instagram live video automatically makes people want to know more. ( You can ask me question on Instagram- Sattyam03)
March 8, 2021
Instagram DMs | Ep. #143
In Ep. 143, Here is a step-by-step process on how to get more leads when you Optimize Instagram DMs for your business! Post an engaging post/story on your Instagram timeline that drives engagement. From the engagement shown on your content, determine which genuine profiles match your ideal persona. (You can ask me any questions on Instagram - Sattyam03)
March 6, 2021
LINKTREE | Ep. #142
In Ep. 142, Linktree allows you to create a personalised and easily-customizable page, that houses all the important links you want to share with your audience. It can be used on social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or LinkedIn, or you can use it to aid discovery of your work, brand or business. (You can ask me questions On Instagram - Sattyam03)
March 5, 2021
IGTV | Ep. #141
In Ep. 141, Because it supports long-form video, IGTV makes it possible for a brand to produce and supply elaborate video content that can reach users extremely easily, and companies can take advantage of this by providing lengthy video guides of the kind that would previously have been uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or some other. (You can ask me any questions regarding Sales On Instagram - Sattyam03)
March 4, 2021
YouTube Videos | Ep. #140
In Ep. 140, Optimize your content. ... Add YouTube cards. ... Add content cards. ... Promote landing pages with end screens. ... Organize your content into playlists. ... Respond to and encourage comments (in a timely manner) ... Partner with influencers. ... Share your videos widely. (You can ask me any questions regarding sales on Instagram- Sattyam03)
March 1, 2021
Thank You Page | Ep. #139
In Ep. 139, A lead that's receiving an offer on a thank you page has demonstrated that your content offer was of interest. ... In addition to offering more content, allow the lead to connect with you directly. You can provide a way to connect on social media platforms or suggest that they subscribe to your blog or email newsletter. ( You can ask me any questions regarding Sales on Instagram - Sattyam03)
February 27, 2021
Landing Page | Ep. #138
In Ep. 138, A landing page sets up a clear action for users to take and makes it as easy as possible for them to take that action. This is known as your call to action. ... Landing pages benefit your business because more conversions typically leads to more customers and more money for your business. (You can ask questions to me on Instagram - Sattyam03)
February 26, 2021
Sales Depends On Leads | Ep. #137
In Ep. 137, Generating leads for your business is important. It creates sales and increases organic customers. Having a more engaging website will increase your chances of a lead turning into a customer. You should ensure that you qualify your leads to reduce time wasted and of course, money! (You can ask me any questions regarding sales on Instagram- Sattyam03)
February 23, 2021
Tracking | Ep. #136
In Ep. 136, Sales tracking is important because it helps you prevent further losses and encourages you into making smart gains. By knowing the numbers, you don't have to make second guesses; you can make smart decisions based on the numbers you already see, making you a more efficient and savvy leader. (You can ask any questions regarding sales on My instagram page - Sattyam03)
February 21, 2021
Influencer Approach | Ep. #135
In Ep. 135, The most tangible benefit of influencer marketing, when used, is a higher volume of sales leads. When people trust the influencer and pay attention to the message, the odds of them responding positively towards their brand are greater. Shared interests and trust are what drive the impact of a brand influencer. (You can Ask me questions on Instagram- Sattyam03)
February 19, 2021
Live Sessions | Ep. #134
In Ep. 134, Live streamed events can provide better sales conversions than other event types. Especially businesses that offer eCommerce products or services can profit from live streams. It is easy to integrate promotional offers with your live streamed event, which can instantly generate large numbers of sales.(If You have any query regarding Sales You can ask me on Instagram - Sattyam03)
February 17, 2021
More Value | Ep. #133
In Ep. 133, The scenario is the same everywhere: Clueless customers seek an expert consultation, and then they come across a commission based salesperson. Apparently, there is a conflict of interest. The salesperson will earn the majority of his income from his commissions. These commissions will often mean that the customer walks home with a product which is not suited best for his use case. But is that necessary? I propose that it is not. And here is why: I act according to three basic principles. It does not matter what I do; I ask myself three questions: Is this what I do ethical? Is this what I do moral? Is this what I do legal? If every salesperson asks him or herself these three questions, companies who are offering a lousy product will struggle to find salespersons. Because is it ethical to sell a product which is knowingly not the bad? So introducing and sticking to moral principles will already eliminate the active sales of disadvantageous products. A salesperson who adheres to ethical and moral principles will only sell the product which is advantageous to a potential customer. But what does he do if he faces the next dilemma — when two products are comparable and of the same quality? (You can ask me any questions on Instagram- Sattyam03)
February 17, 2021
E-Books | Ep. #132
In Ep. 132, People download eBooks because they want to access the information presented in them. In fact, by offering your eBook for free, you give readers a high perception of content value. Then, after you establish credibility and potential problem-resolution, you subtly guide the reader toward your business and solutions. (You can ask me questions regarding Sales On Instagram - Sattyam03)
February 15, 2021
Automated Calls | Ep. #131
In Ep. 131, Automated phone sales software can dial phone numbers, drop prerecorded messages when appropriate, and track every detail of your company's phone activity. Reducing manual dialing significantly increases reps' productivity. (You can Ask Any questions regarding Sales on My Instagram Page- Sattyam03)
February 13, 2021
Facebook Groups | Ep. #130
In Ep. 130, Since in Facebook Groups there is a highly targeted audience, learn from the members, get updated information and validated insights, and build a community inside in order to increase engagement, leads, conversions, and sales of your own brand or business. (You can ask any questions to me regarding sales on Instagram- Sattyam03)
February 12, 2021
Videos | Ep. #129
In Ep. 129, Videos can make you some serious money. Adding a product video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%. And Treepodia team has made it sure that video works well regardless of the category in which you deploy it. Video can also lead directly to sales. (You can Ask me Any Questions Regarding Sales on Instagram- Sattyam03)
February 10, 2021
Facebook Ads | Ep. #128
In Ep. 128, A major benefit of Facebook advertising is its ability to reach your exact audience. Facebook is the most targeted form of advertising. You can advertise to people by age, interests, behavior, and location. If you really know your customers, you can use Facebook advertising to engage them. ( You can ask me any questions regarding sales on Instagram - Sattyam03)
February 9, 2021
CALLS | Ep. #127
In Ep. 127, One of the reasons that sales call planning is so important is because it gives sellers a backdrop to understanding the buying motives of their client. ... You might also be able to identify potential connections between you and the client that you can utilize to build rapport quickly and efficiently. ( You can ask any questions regarding sales on Instagram - Sattyam03)
February 7, 2021
Whats App Status | Ep. #126
In Ep. 126, A user can put up a graphic image under Status which lasts for 24 hours. You can leverage status as an extremely effective promotional tool. ... The images which you put in Status could be from the following activities for instance : Flash sales. Promotional Codes. Discount schemes for an occasion. New product launches. (You can ask me any questions regarding sales on Instagram- Sattyam03)
February 5, 2021
Mails | Ep. #125
In Ep. 125, Creating a strong email marketing strategy helps you reach and connect with your target audience in a personalized way and increase sales at an affordable cost. Just as other platforms and media have changed, email marketing tools give your business the ability to reach customers easier than ever. ( You can ask me any questions regarding sales on instagram- Sattyam03)
February 4, 2021
Messages | Ep. #124
In Ep. 124, Messages are extremely important in Follow up. So Go into this episode and listen now and get awesome Value Here. (If you have any questions regarding Sales You can Ask me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
February 2, 2021
Selling Is Not The Only Way To Follow Up | Ep. #123
In Ep. 123, Use a clear subject line, for example: Following up on a job application for [position title]. Be polite and humble in the body of your message. Say you're still interested and reiterate why you're the perfect fit. Keep the resume follow-up email short. (You can ask me question regarding sales on Instagram - Sattyam03)
February 1, 2021
Most Sales People Don't Even Make The Second Call | Ep. #122
In Ep. 122, Why People don't make second call. You will find about that. And it is so very essential Episode for everyone. Everyone should be Listen to it and you are go to get amazing results. (If you have any questions regarding sales you can ask me on Instagram - Sattyam03)
January 31, 2021
Follow - Ups | Ep. #121
In Ep. 121, nd a note to say thank you. Some companies send emails. ... Check in. It's a good strategy to call clients a week or two after the sale and find out how everything is going. ... Keep the lines of communication open. ... Think second sale. ... Ask for referrals. (You can ask me question on Instagram- Sattyam03)
January 30, 2021
Closing Over Webinars | Ep. #120
In Ep. 120, According to Dan Martell, this is a massive mistake (and we're fully on board with the sentiment). At Recur 2018, the Canadian five-time founder and “Chief Instigator” took us through the framework he uses to make webinars the number-one channel for customer acquisition at the companies he coaches. For Dan, webinars are the ultimate “high-leverage sales process.” Instead of demoing your product one-to-one to a prospect, you use webinars as a one-to-many presentation of your idea and your product. Dan's secret to this is twofold: You must produce content that converts. You must incorporate the turn. (If You Have any questions regarding Sales, You can ask me on Instagram - Sattyam03)
January 29, 2021
Closing Over Emails | Ep. #119
In Ep. 119, Here are a few winners. "We would be ecstatic to have you as a customer..." "We look forward to meeting your every need..." "Let us know if we have left any question unanswered..." "We know our product is a perfect match for your needs..." "If there is any more information we can provide please let us know..." ( You can ask me questions regarding sales on Instagram- Sattyam03)
January 27, 2021
Scold | Ep. #118
In Ep. 118, This is a Big Strategy, People Don't do that during Sales. So Go and Listen this Episode. (You can ask me any questions regarding sales On Instagram- Sattyam03)
January 27, 2021
Close The Deal | Ep. #117
In Ep. 117, How to Close a Sale , Do your research. Set expectations. Pitch the solution, not the product. Handle objections. Ask for the sale. Arrange next steps. ( You can ask me any questions regarding sales on Instagram - Sattyam03)
January 25, 2021
Scarcity | Ep. #116
In Ep. 116, Scarcity is the phenomenon where, when a product or service is limited in availability (or perceived as being limited), it becomes more attractive. This makes sense in a traditional economic way, where less supply and more demand drives up prices. It also makes sense on an intuitive level. (You can ask me question on Instagram- Sattyam03)
January 24, 2021
Be Shameless | Ep. #115
In Ep. 115, You tell it how you see it. And you look to see it first. Not every body has an opinion of their own (many just follow the crowd), but you do. And that earns you respect from your readers because you provide a fresh view. (You Can ask me any questions regarding Sales on Instagram- Sattyam03)
January 24, 2021
Be Persistent | Ep. #114
In Ep. 114, Being persistent also shows the customer a certain amount of dedication and purpose on your part. Being persistent takes many forms in sales. There are numerous ways to stay in contact with a prospect to make the sale. You can come in person, drop a note, send an email or make a phone call. (You have any questions ask me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
January 22, 2021
Be Harsh | Ep. #113
In Ep. 113, You will get a tremendous strategy, That is Be Harsh. So Listen and implement this strategy in your business. ( If you have any questions regarding sales you can ask me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
January 21, 2021
I am with you | Ep. #112
In Ep. 112, You will get a negotiations skill that I am with you. Check it out and go-ahead in your business. (You can ask me questions regarding sales On Instagram - Sattyam03)
January 21, 2021
You Speak, You Lose | Ep. #111
In Ep. 111, This Is a Very Important Rule of Sales. You should go into this Episode and Listen This. And Implement All the strategies. ( You Can ask me Question on Instagram- Sattyam03)
January 19, 2021
On The Phone | Ep. #110
In Ep. 110, Tips For Closing Sales Over The Phone Prep is king. Taking the time to do your due diligence can be the best first step you take for a business call. ... Be direct. Be straightforward with every potential client you speak to over the phone. ... Create value. ... Get them talking. ... Create urgency. ... Follow up. ... About Kayla Matthews. ... Check out these related articles: (You can Ask me Any Question Regarding Sales on Instagram- Sattyam03)
January 15, 2021
Closing Techniques | Ep. #109
In Ep. 109, The Best Closing Sales Techniques The Columbo Close. Maskot / Getty Images. ... The Assumptive Close. ... The Puppy Dog Close. ... The Backwards Close. ... The Hard Close. ... The Take Away Close. ... The Now or Never Close. ... The Summary Close (You Can Ask me Any questions on Instagram- Sattyam03)
January 14, 2021
Don't Think, Jump In | Ep. #108
In Ep. 108, Go All In whatever you do and become a shameless self promoter. And Get more Information In this episode. So Learn and start implementation. (You can ask me any questions regarding sales on Instagram- Sattyam03)
January 13, 2021
Selling Is Serving | Ep. #107
In Ep. 107, Selling is an admirable profession, and serving your customers as a small business owner includes introducing customers and prospective customers to new and different products and services. When you move a customer or prospective customer to action, and exchange something for your goods and or services, that is sales. (You have any query , you can ask me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
January 12, 2021
People Are Indecisive | Ep. #106
In Ep. 106, I’ve always found even the smallest decisions to be stressful and impossible. But I just chalked that up to being an indecisive person, whatever that means. As it turns out, though, “indecisive” isn’t just an innate personality trait. It’s often an indication that something is off. ( You can Ask me any Question On Instagram- Sattyam03)
January 11, 2021
Don't Be Afraid To Reach Out To New People | Ep. #105
In Ep. 105, Put Things in Perspective Getting support helps you put things in perspective. We tend to be emotional when things don’t go our way and more chaos means more emotions. We then tend to think with our hearts rather than with our mind. Reaching out to someone gives you a different perspective that can help you put certain things in their rightful place. ( You can Ask me any questions regarding sales on Instagram- Sattyam03)
January 10, 2021
Energy | Ep. #104
In Ep. 104, How important do you think your attitude is to the sale? And I'm not just talking about a positive attitude alone. I'm talking about a presence that's fired up with enthusiasm and passion for what you do. It's having the physical and mental energy to keep on going after many people would give up and go home. It's how you move, how you approach another person, it's in your handshake and how you stand and face the person. Your energy can make or break the sales call. ( You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
January 9, 2021
Deliverables On Your Fingertips | Ep. #103
In Ep. 103, You need to have all the deliverables on your fingertips. And want to know more about that so listen this episode Now. And get Awesome value Here. (You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
January 8, 2021
Write Down Objections | Ep. #102
In Ep. 102, Handling Objections: The Power of Learning from Opportunities . Learn This Formula in this Episode. (You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
January 8, 2021
Follow - Ups | Ep. #101
In Ep. 101, A regular follow up always gives customers a chance to be heard and engage effectively. Follow-ups can be a great source to ask customers, “What they want/expect next.” Customers usually want a medium to get in touch with the company. Therefore, the follow-up system enhances this communication. (You can Follow me On Instagram- Sattyam03)
January 6, 2021
Role Play | Ep. #100
In Ep. 100, Role playing is an effective hands-on training method for both new hires and veteran sales staff alike. The benefit is two-fold: it reinforces good sales practices, such as product pitching, and helps your sales staff anticipate different situations, purchasing behavior, and customer personalities. (You Can Follow me On Instagram- Sattyam03)
January 5, 2021
Being Blunt | Ep. #99
In Ep. 99, You can often be perceived as being blunt when really you're just being direct. Being blunt is being honest, but often in a rude or even aggressive manner. Being direct on the other hand is being honest and genuine whilst maintaining a respectful and diplomatic way. (You can Follow me On Instagram- Sattyam03)
January 4, 2021
ABC | Ep. #98
In Ep. 98, What Is Always Be Closing—ABC? Always Be Closing (ABC) is a motivational phrase used to describe a sales strategy. It implies that a salesperson following the regimen should continuously look for new prospects, pitch products or services to those prospects, and ultimately complete a sale. ( You can Follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
January 4, 2021
Increase Your Scale | Ep. #97
In Ep. 97, You will found information about how increase Scale. Go Now Listen to it and Get Success. (You can Follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
January 2, 2021
Push People To The Core | Ep. #96
In Ep. 96, Get more Information How to push people to the core. ( You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
January 1, 2021
Logo On Videos | Ep. #95
In Ep. 95, It is unique. Many companies have similar logos, which give people no reason to take a second look at their logo. Thanks to animated logos, you can strike the minds of your potential customers and existing customers. By adding special effects and animation to your video, you can leave an impression in people' minds. (You Can Follow me On Instagram- Sattyam03)
January 1, 2021
Whats App Status | Ep. #94
In Ep. 94, The Status will also allow WhatsApp to show if you are online or when you were last on WhatsApp. At the top of a chat, you will be able to see the exact time someone was last online, or if someone is online and available to chat. This also works together with the read receipts that Whats App features. (You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
January 1, 2021
Carry Your Brand | Ep. #93
In Ep. 93, Branding helps you stand out in a saturated market. ... Branding gives you credibility. ... With a clear brand, you can charge what you're worth. ... Branding leads to customer loyalty. ... Branding leads to returning customers & referrals. ... Branding = Consistency. ... Branding helps to attract your ideal clients. ( You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
December 30, 2020
Wear Your Brand | Ep. #92
December 29, 2020
Value Sharing On Multiple Groups | Ep. #91
In Ep. 91, There are only a few groups that you’d be able to think of immediately. Those that offer value to you, in which you engage and build relationships with fellow members even if they’re centering their brands at the same time. This is the standard that all groups should aspire to uphold. In this extended post, we’re going to go over every single thing you need to know about Facebook groups, including why you should be using them, how to create and maintain groups, best practices, and so much more. ( You can Follow me On Instagram- Sattyam03)
December 25, 2020
Reply To Comments | Ep. #90
In Ep. 90, If you enable comments on your blog (which I’m sure most of you do), then you obviously want your readers to interact by leaving comments after your post. Then why, I ask, does it usually end up being a one-sided conversation? It’s like giving a presentation to a group of people and not responding to questions and comments from your audience. It just seems rude, but for some reason it has become standard for bloggers not to reply to comments made on their post. So much for “interaction”. For big-time bloggers with several comments on each post, it would obviously be tough to respond to each and every single comment. But you have to admit that it is nice to when the big names take the time to respond to some of the comments, right? The truth is, most of us are not “big time” bloggers and we do have the time to respond. And yet – we don’t. (You Can Follow me On Instagram- Sattyam03)
December 25, 2020
Tag People | Ep. #89
In Ep. 89, One of the readily apparent benefits of tagging photos on Facebook is simple identification. Facebook photo tags identify people with their names and links to their Facebook pages, when available. This is a great way for a business with a small staff to introduce their employees to the public, providing not only transparency in the company's hiring practices but also cultivating a personal, client-friendly atmosphere. Tagging can also be used to highlight famous clients, allowing not only exposure via the star connection but also a trace-back from that individual's Facebook page. Simplified Notification When you post a picture, it's a matter of courtesy to let the people in that picture know about it. Tagging simplifies the process, as all the poster needs to do is tag the image with the names of the people in it. Facebook automatically sends notifications to all tagged parties, informing them that they've been tagged and providing a link to the photo. Time that would have been spent writing out messages and sending them to the people in the picture can be allocated to other tasks. ( You Can Follow me On Instagram- Sattyam03)
December 24, 2020
Posts | Ep. #88
In Ep. 88, You will find in this episode about More Posts. So check it and Listen Now. (You can Follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
December 23, 2020
Going Live | Ep. #87
In Ep. 87, Another big benefit of live video is the ability to take questions and answer them live, or even to give shout outs to watchers. This audience engagement increases audience retention, and makes viewers more likely to endorse your brand. For content creators, the key is to be unscripted. ( You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
December 22, 2020
People Believe What You Say | Ep. #86
In Ep. 86, Simon Sinek, ethnographer and leadership expert, discusses the importance of trust, authenticity, and meaning. Sinek argues that as individuals and companies, everything that we say and do is a symbol of who we are. Trust emerges when you are surrounded by people who believe in what you believe, when we - as a group, a country, a company - share a common set of values and beliefs. Say what you believe and you will attract the people who believe what you believe Forget about market research focus groups and “Who should we be?”- questions.  It is only when we communicate our beliefs authentically that we can attract others to our cause, and form the bonds that will empower us to achieve truly great things.  It’s all about people, if you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business. 100% of customers are people. 100% of clients are people. 100% of employees are people. Make it about THEM. Not about you. Putting your design, your product out there is not important. Trust is. Human interaction is needed for trust. If people trust you, they will buy your product. (You Can Follow me On Instagram- Sattyam03)
December 20, 2020
Repeat Mode | Ep. #85
In Ep. 85, You will find About Repeat Mode go into This episode and get more awareness about that. (You can follow me on Instagram-Sattyam03)
December 20, 2020
Whats App Broadcast Lists | Ep. #84
In Ep. 84, With the help of broadcast feature, you can send a single text to a number of recipients. It is great to save time and efforts by simply sending a single message to many in just a tap of your finger. Unlike group chats, recipients will see the message as usually, they receive. ( you can Follow me On Instagram- Sattyam03)
December 19, 2020
Facebook Group | Ep. #83
In Ep. 83, You may already be using Facebook to market your brand, but have you considered Facebook Groups? It’s a fun and creative way to engage with your fans in a different way than on your Facebook Page. Think about how great it is to chat with all of your fellow New York Yankees fans in that Facebook Group that you’re a part of. The same feeling of community can be created with a Facebook Group for your brand. And that’s only the first benefit… 1. Create a Community Having a community of like-minded individuals will make the group appealing and keep the conversation going with little work. Users will remember to go back to your group to talk to new online friends that they have made. In the process, your content will be readily available for them as they are scrolling through. It’s a win-win for the customer and the company. 2. Use the Group as a Forum A Facebook Group can be much more casual than a Facebook Page. If your business has a question that would like to get some responses, ask it! Testing out a new product idea? Let your loyal customers give you the feedback that you need. You can post polls as well as open ended questions that users can get creative with. Remember: Every response is an important one. Utilizing these responses and acting on them can show customers that you listen to their wants and needs. 3. Build Better Relationships As stated above, Facebook Groups have a more casual atmosphere. Therefore, there is always room to engage with users in a friendly, slightly more non-professional way. On a Facebook Page, the company is looking to answer questions and engage in a manner that is appropriate for the public, whereas Facebook Groups allow room for casual banter and the opportunity to build more meaningful relationships. 4. Notify the group of every post. Let’s think about Facebook Page posts and ads for a moment. It’s usually a guessing game as to how many individuals your post will reach. Even if a user likes and follows an account, there is a good chance they will not see every single post that is added to the Facebook Page. That’s where Facebook Groups comes in handy. If a user joins your group, they will automatically receive a notification of every post in that group unless they decide to turn off notifications (which is unlikely if they are interested and following along with the conversations that are happening). Therefore, if you have a large group following, these users will be constantly notified of any posts that you make, which will keep them interested and in the loop of any company happenings. One company in particular has utilized Facebook Groups to do all of the above. Gerolsteiner Sparkling Natural Mineral Water created a Facebook Group called “Gerolsteiner’s Sparkling Detox” to educate customers about the health benefits of sparkling mineral water and run an engaging sweepstakes. Hundreds of users joined this group and were welcome to participate in a 5-day detox program. To keep the group casual and fun, members were asked to simply join the discussions or follow along to learn about proper hydration and how the mineral-rich Gerolsteiner can benefit a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Members of the group posted daily. These posts included tips for staying healthy, nutritious recipes, and of course, the benefits of drinking Gerolsteiner every day. Overall, these efforts led to thousands of users joining in on the fun and learning more about Gerolsteiner’s personality and purpose than the Facebook Page alone could have offered. Now, there is one more important way that Facebook Groups can benefit your business, but this time we’re talking internally. 5. Closer Knit Employees Equals a More Efficient Workplace Having a Facebook Group for the employees in your company will help to create a friendlier environment where everyone can be open to post and share their thoughts. No matter the distance, employees can be in the same place at all times because of a Facebook Group
December 18, 2020
Contests | Ep. #82
In Ep. 82, To be clear, competition isn’t all bad; it just needs to be structured in a way that encourages team-building and collaboration. The goal should be to engage your entire team, not just the ones who always meet their numbers. For example, home builder Clayton Homes experienced dramatic performance improvements using the Ambition software platform to create team-based contests styled after fantasy sports competitions. Additional elements such as autonomy, surprise, and urgency can make your contest more successful by harnessing other motivational sources than competition. The following examples were provided by Ben Jackson, VP of sales at, and each of his competitions features a mixture of game mechanics other than just competition. Let’s examine how he structured contests for and why these sales contest ideas were successful. (You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
December 16, 2020
Use All The Modes Available | Ep. #81
In Ep. 81, we’re going to provide steps and examples for 12 effective ways to promote a new service or product. They include: Exclusive previews Introductory offers Google My Business promotions Contests and giveaways Email marketing Blog posts Events (virtual and in-person) Upgrades Trade-ins Customer reviews Social media posts Facebook ads  So let’s give it a whirl. The best ways to promote a new product or service When it comes to promoting a new product or service for your business, it can seem like there are endless options. It can be difficult to figure out where to get started and which methods of promotion will give you the best results. The truth is, there are many low-cost ways to promote your business, and what works may depend on your industry, offerings, and audience. Take a look at these 12 methods below and see which ones make the most sense for your business . (You can Follow me on Instagram-Sattyam03)
December 15, 2020
Going All In | Ep. #80
In Ep. 80, When Jeb Bush launched his campaign for President, in June, most of the attention paid to his political branding focussed on his folksy logo, which featured his first name alone, in Target red, followed by an exclamation point. But, at the same time, Bush also débuted his campaign’s hashtag, #AllInForJeb, which serves as his digital message, rallying cry, and women’s vintage-T-shirt slogan. With it, Bush, the former governor of Florida, was asking his volunteers to go “all in” in support of his candidacy, and suggesting by association that, in contrast with his previous flirtations with running for the White House, he would be fully engaged with the task this time, too. In American usage, the phrase “all in” began as a colloquial expression meaning to be in a bad spot—exhausted, worn out, and spent. In the game of poker, it refers to the moment when a player—whether out of bravado, recklessness, or desperation—bets all of his or her chips on a single hand. Thanks to the Texas Hold’em craze of the nineteen-nineties and two thousands, and the public’s appetite for new forms of dramatic hyperbole, the poker version of the phrase crossed over to general use and, along the way, became denuded to the point of near meaninglessness. Whereas “all in” once referred to a scenario in which someone either wins a hand or loses everything in a flash, now it means that a person is simply generally enthusiastic or fully committed. It’s everywhere these days—business jargon, marketing catch phrases, sports mantras, and the idioms of religion and self-help. The all-in moment in poker is a thrilling win-or-lose-everything crisis of dramatic clarity: you’ve wagered all you’ve got, giving your fate over to the cards, and you can’t go back out again. Going all in is often a spectacularly bad idea. But in life, it seems, it is all good—the only way to live boldly is to be all in on many different things at once. “All in” has become especially popular in the language of politics. It’s the title of Chris Hayes’s talk show on MSNBC and Paula Broadwell’s ill-fated biography of David Petraeus, the former director of the C.I.A. The phrase gets tossed into headlines every time a politician decides to try to do something. In just the past year, President Obama has been said to have been all in on free trade, climate change, and criminal-justice reform. In April, the Washington Post reported that Hillary Clinton had gone “all-in on gay marriage.” In May, Clinton was, according to MSNBC, going “all in on immigration reform.” In July, Fusion said that Bernie Sanders was going “all-in on the $15 minimum wage.” A few weeks ago, Salon argued that Donald Trump had gone “all in on right’s latest insanity.” More recently, NBC News announced that Jeb Bush, true to his hashtag promise, was planning to go “all in against Donald Trump.” In Iowa, Bush was asked by a reporter if he really was all in on the caucuses there. Yes, Bush said, he was all in. None of these statements, of course, are true. Modern politicians have not, all of a sudden and all at once, become incredible risk-takers—betting their entire legacies or campaigns on a particular issue or strategy. It’s difficult to think of any moment in history when a politician has actually gone all in. (Though it’s probably safe to say that Abraham Lincoln went all in on restoring the Union.) If Hillary Clinton’s policy on immigration or Bernie Sanders’s support of a higher minimum wage turn out to be unpopular with voters, they won’t suddenly have to quit the race. Jeb Bush won’t drop out if he loses in Iowa. And the stakes of the election for Bush are several notches below his campaign’s rhetoric. If he loses, he’ll go back to sitting on corporate boards and being the son of one President and the brother of another. Many of poker’s words and phrases are tinged with a kind of roguish romance and drama that we hope may rub off on the more mundane activities of normal life—upping the ante.
December 14, 2020
Slight Nudge | Ep. #79
In Ep. 79, In an article written for the New York Times, Richard Thaler gave his own response to the questions surrounding nudge ethics. He suggested nudge marketing should follow three simple rules: All nudging should be transparent and never misleading.  It should be as easy as possible to opt out of the nudge, preferably with as little as one mouse click. There should be good reason to believe that the behaviour being encouraged will improve the welfare of those being nudged. Nudges are most useful when they do not trick people or pressure someone to make a purchase. These kinds of nudges cause reactance and reduce consumer trust. Rather than coercing people, nudge marketing should be based around making the decision-making process simple and straight-forward for customers. (You Can Follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
December 13, 2020
How To Become A Shameless Self Promoter? (Faith On Your Product) | Ep. #78
In Ep. 78, The Power of Belief “If you believe your product or service can fulfill a true need, it's your moral obligation to sell it.” ~ Zig Ziglar. For those who are not aware, Zig Ziglar is considered by many to be the best motivational speaker on the topic of sales of all time.time. (You Can Follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
December 12, 2020
Listen | Ep. #77
In Ep. 77, Every great salesperson knows that listening is the most important of all sales skills. Most people think it's the smooth talkers who make the best salespeople, but in reality it's those who have mastered listening and identifying people's true motivations who are most successful. ( You can follow me on Instagram - Sattyam03)
December 11, 2020
Dig Deeper | Ep. #76
In Ep. 76, Sales Tip: Digging Deeper With Our Questions One of the most important concepts in the IMPAX Process is the Business Fit, which we define as, "How two companies, working together, can drive critical business outcomes in the form of the attainment of objectives, the implementation of strategies and the resolution of issues". In order to determine the potential business fit, we have to have an understanding of the prospect's business direction and their POSI (Profile/Objectives/Strategies/Issues). Once we understand this, we can dig in to figure out how to help them to drive these key outcomes. If we understand the customer's POSI at a general level, we will create general business fit statements; but when we dig deeper with our questioning, we can actually start to translate the business fit into financial terms. When this happens, the business fit becomes much more compelling. (You can Follow me On Instagram-Sattyam03)
December 10, 2020
Use Stories To Overcome Objections | Ep. #75
In Ep. 75, What is the number one obstacle that stops your clients committing to a sale? These obstacles that stop your sale from going through are called objections. With any challenge, objections can be overcome and conquered. All it takes it training your self on how to best combat these objections and overcome them and then practicing. Learning to identify exactly what the objection is and the cause for this objection is crucial in conquering and overcoming it. The Worst Objection (the one they don’t tell you) The worst objection that anyone can possibly get is the one that the prospect didn’t tell you about. It is the one that they had but didn’t bring up. The one that you didn’t know about or even have the opportunity to overcome. This happens because you did not build a valuable relationship with that potential client. There was no connection and they did not trust you enough to reveal any objections that they may have had. This means that you will never be in a position to provide them with a solution. The importance of creating a connection with your client is paramount. It is the foundation you need to establish trust and move forward in the sales process. We are using storytelling as a method of building trust, identifying objections and then crushing them! Telling Stories Storytelling is how we have been connecting with each other since the beginning of time. The only thing that has changed is the way that we communicate those stories and how we use them. Today storytelling is used in most forms of media but very rarely are people using it as an asset in their businesses. Storytelling is the starting point of common ground. Its how we get past the ‘first impression’ stage and onto forming a relationship. It helps to set the foundation of the friendship and allows for trust to start building between you and the prospect. For example, the other day I was with a potential client and I knew she had objections but I couldn’t relate to her enough to establish a connection that would allow her to open up and tell me her objections. I could not get past the barrier of unfamiliarity and distrust. What I should have done is use storytelling to break down those barriers. I should have told her stories of past clients that were in a similar position to her. I could have shown her case study videos of how clients like her have overcome the challenges that she was going through. I guarantee that it would have made a huge difference to the outcome of that meeting. I know that she would have been comfortable enough to share any objections that she would have had. Overcoming Objections With Story Once you have built up enough trust between you and your prospect and have identified any objections that they may have, its time to crush them. Using storytelling is a great way to do this. When you tell a story, you put the prospect in the shoes of the main character. The prospect will relate to the character in the story and recognize that they are in the same or a similar position. The story takes them on a journey through the problem and shows them that it is possible to overcome their issue using your business. When the prospect sees how the character has overcome their issue and what they have been able to achieve because of that, it shows what is possible. It creates hope and shows them what they can achieve if they overcome this problem. Storytelling Is An Asset Storytelling breaks down the barrier of unfamiliarity and the fear of the unknown and brings clarity to the prospect. It shows them what steps they need to take to achieve the goals that they desire. Use storytelling in everything you do and you’ll start to form stronger connections and long-lasting relationships with your clients. This is a valuable tool to add to your arsenal and one that should never be overlooked and passed over. (You can follow me On Instagram- Sattyam03)
December 9, 2020
Explain The Deliverables | Ep. #74
In Ep. 74, The term deliverables is a project management term that's traditionally used to describe the quantifiable goods or services that must be provided upon the completion of a project. ... For example, in a project focusing on upgrading a firm's technology, a deliverable may refer to the acquisition of a dozen new computers. (You can Follow me on Instagram-Sattyam03)
December 8, 2020
Advice & Not Sell | Ep. #73
In Ep. 73, If you are trying to just sell. Results are not go to come. Results and the opportunities are not to come in your way. What is important is- You need to advice people. (you can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
December 6, 2020
First Few Seconds | Ep. #72
In Ep. 72, While all of those sayings may be true, the first 10 seconds of a sales call can literally make or break your company’s future and perhaps more immediately, it’s revenue. A company’s sales professionals and SDR team members send hundreds of emails and leave multiple voicemails all leading up to that one big moment: the one time the decision maker actually answers and gives that team member just a few seconds of their time. During that short little window, the sales professionals needs to cut through the noise, share something valuable—something that will keep them on the phone just a little longer, and, hopefully, something that will get them to say “yes” to a next step. ( You can follow me on Instagram -Sattyam03)
December 5, 2020
"Motivational" to "Strategic" | Ep. #71
In Ep. 71,     А Key Element of Strategic Management It is obvious that in order for the development of a strategic plan to be efficient, → motivation is required. But without motivation, the successful implementation of this plan is impossible. The specifics of strategic planning largely determine the details of the systems of motivation. The motivation system functions according to the qualities and mechanisms of motivation, which is developed during the stage of entry strategy preparation. First and foremost, this system has to → inspire employees involved in the process of strategy development and implementation to orient their mindset toward a strategic way of thinking. (You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
December 4, 2020
You can to "You Should" | Ep. #70
In Ep. 70, When you say yo the people you can. What does it mean that you can do it. But if you speak with an authority that you should then the faith automatically increases. (You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
November 29, 2020
I Think to "I Believe" | Ep. #69
In Ep. 69, I would not say that I believe is more confident than I think. By the way, I am not sure there is an accepted answer. But I will share my thoughts. Being sure is to know. So this means the person has no doubt about something. Out of what you wrote, this is the most confident. To think means that the person arrived at a conclusion based upon their own analytical process. This can be very good. I would take Einstein's thinking over many people's 'beliefs'. But maybe the person has horrible logic skills. Then their thoughts might not be reasonable. To believe.... this is where it gets tricky. Beliefs can be like opinions, or preferences. Many people apparently believe in things they know are not true. Maybe they don't admit it to themselves or whatever. Maybe it is tradition to believe something. But to believe does not necessary rely on thought, process, or any methodology. But it is what a person believes. So for me, I would give beliefs the least amount of credence. (You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
November 28, 2020
Will You to Why Haven't You | Ep. #68
In Ep. 68, Now what you are doing is. You are not giving them an option. Whether they should buy it or they should not buy it. But you are rather asking them. Why haven't they taken that Decision. Why haven't they grab that opportunities. And because you are asking to this question to them. (You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
November 27, 2020
How is This Going to Help Them? | Ep. #67
In Ep. 67, In this story, what began as a volunteer opportunity to help someone with ALS and their family turned into a friendly connection, one that may have never happened otherwise. Meet Faith Strautmann and Robert Meyer. Inspired by several ALS families she had volunteered with throughout high school, Faith Strautmann reached out and became involved with the ALS Association St. Louis Regional Chapter, taking on additional volunteer opportunities over the next few years. She became actively involved  with the chapter’s events like the Walk to Defeat ALS®, and continued to work closely with the ALS community. In the beginning of January, the chapter’s volunteer coordinator approached her about a new opportunity to volunteer with a person living with ALS near her home, and she knew it was for her.  Robert “Bob” Meyer is just 54 and was diagnosed with Familial ALS in April 2019. “My diagnosis came after 4 MRI’s, two nerve conduction tests, extensive blood work, and a conversation with my doctor,” he said. Knowing that he was starting to need a little help around the house, Bob reached out to his care services coordinator at his local chapter of The ALS Association for more information. The chapter’s volunteer coordinator explained she could arrange for a volunteer to help with some household chores: maybe some light housekeeping, making a cake, reading a book, or going for an outing. Bob agreed and was put in contact with Faith.
November 26, 2020
Stick to the Motive | Ep. #66
In Ep. 66, If you take 20 to 30 min. On a single call where in you are not talking about productivity so that entire time gets wasted. For you. That is my team member as well as the person who go to become the part of the program and therefore it is important that you stick to the motive. ( You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
November 24, 2020
Asking the Right Questions | Ep. #65
In Ep. 65, Here are the steps I employ when I am ready to listen and need specific information. 1. Avoid asking rhetorical questions. A rhetorical question is a figure of speech in the form of a question. They are typically asked in order to make a point rather than to elicit an answer. Such questions are not really questions but are designed to force someone into a specific response. This gets you nowhere. 2. Ask friendly, clarifying questions. A good question lets you better understand the situation, and this requires not putting people on the defensive. Demeaning a person rarely produces honest feedback. 3. Don’t set traps. Don’t put the listener on the spot. There is an old joke where a constituent asked his senator if he had quit beating his wife. The question was designed to force a denial of one type or another not to provide meaningful information. Articulate your questions without erecting a box around them. 4. Ask open-ended questions. Few questions can be correctly answered with yes / no, A / B, forward / backward. Binary replies are often invalid. It is better to ask an open-ended question -- one without artificial bounds -- and to give the respondent time to answer with the appropriate level of detail and nuance. Open-ended questions also allow the listener greater comfort with the communication, since they are not forced to make incomplete choices. Related: The No. 1 Communication Problem for Managers 5. Be grateful. Thank the person for their response. After all, you will likely want their insights again. 6. Avoid stress. Answers provided during tense situations are often poor ones. If the situation is tense but not an emergency, then waiting a short time improves the odds of a quality answer, since the respondent will have time and focus to contemplate. 7. Avoid being too direct. Even if you are trying to get a specific answer, being too direct and too specific can lead to rigid answers. Instead of, “Should we create product A or B?” ask, “What product is the market asking for, and how do our options meet that demand?” (You can also follow me on Instagram - Sattyam03)
November 23, 2020
Listen | Ep. #64
In Ep. 64, First, it is correct that listening is a critical negotiation skill. Every negotiation adviser, from Roger Fisher (author of Getting to Yes) to Jim Camp (Start with No) agrees on that. And, of course, as many have found out, easier said than done. Despite their tremendous smarts, both Fisher and Camp struggle to actually focus on listening when someone is disagreeing with them. It takes time and practice for behavior to catch up with one’s goals. On top of that, the temptation to talk instead of listening increases the more educated a negotiator is and the more she knows about the topic at hand. Ironically, smart people are most prone to making the mistake of not listening. Discover how to collaborate, negotiate, and bargain with even the most combative opponents with, Dealing with Difficult People, a FREE report from the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School. Negotiation Tips for Improving Your Ability to Listen Here are three negotiation tips to help you align your behavior with your goal of being a better listener. (You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
November 19, 2020
Focus on the core Purpose | Ep. #63
In Ep. 63, At Procter & Gamble, we talk a lot about "moments of truth." In our business, there are two moments of truth -- when the consumer stands at the store shelf and chooses our brand and when she uses our product at home and decides whether it lives up to her expectations. These moments are so important to our success and growth that our organization structure is designed around them. Almost everything our 110,000 employees do comes down to these two moments. In today's global, rapidly changing world, one of the most important qualities of leadership is the ability to define and organize around the moments of truth in your business. Manufacturing leaders, like those in IndustryWeek's 50 Best, are doing just that. The manufacturing industry is undergoing a subtle but radical shift -- from a focus solely on highly efficient, low-cost manufacturing to a broader look at the entire supply network as a source of new value for our companies. Keith Harrison, global product supply officer, Procter & Gamble Co.This is the kind of reinvention that requires strong leadership. The best leaders follow a consistent game plan for facilitating successful change within their organizations. First, they start with a clear vision. For example, P&G's Product Supply organization shares a vision of an end-to-end supply network driven by the consumer. This network starts -- not ends -- with the first moment of truth at the store shelf, and is driven by consumer needs as it flows back through the retail customer, distribution, manufacturing and suppliers. (You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
November 18, 2020
Add ons | Ep. #62
In Ep. 62, An add-on is a software extension that adds extra features to a program. It may extend certain functions within the program, add new items to the program's interface, or give the program additional capabilities. For example, Mozilla Firefox, a popular Web browser, supports add-ons such as the Google toolbar, ad blockers, and Web developer tools. Some computer games support add-ons that provide extra maps, new characters, or give the player game-editing capabilities. Most add-ons are available as self-installing packages. This means the user can simply double-click the add-on package to install the files for the corresponding program. Other add-ons may require the user to manually move files into specific directories. While not all programs support add-ons, many programs are now developed with add-on support, since it provides a simple way for other developers to extend the functions of the program. (You can follow me on Instagram -Sattyam03)
November 18, 2020
Quality itself is a Discount | Ep. #61
In Ep. 61, Effects of price discounts Previous studies in marketing have shown that price discounts have both positive and negative effects on customers’ evaluations and purchasing behavior (Darke and Dahl 2003; Dorzdenko and Jensen 2005; Kocas and Bohlmann 2008). Raghubir et al. (2004) identified three routes of promotional effects: (a) economic, (b) informational, and (c) affective. They argued that the final effect of a price promotion on purchasing decision is a combination of positive and negative economic, informational, and affective influences. (You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
November 11, 2020
How Much Discount? | Ep. #60
In Ep. 60, The problem with people trying to negotiate pricing before testing your product is that you are forced to negotiate on price rather than value. They didn't have a chance to build up any desire to buy and discover the massive value your product could deliver to them. All of a sudden, your product turns into a commodity and your only differentiation is offering them the lowest price possible. According to ProfitWell's 2018 Study On Discounts, customers who received discounts of 30% of more are 15-40% less willing to pay when their contracts are due for renewal. (You can follow me on Instagram-Sattyam03)
November 10, 2020
I am with you | Ep. #59
In Ep. 59, You will get a negotiations skill that I am with you. Check it out and go-ahead in your business. (You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
November 9, 2020
Focus on Their Push | Ep. #58
In Ep. 58, You will get information about one negotiate skill. You will find a tremendous skill in this episode. So check it out and go-ahead. (You can follow me on instagram- Sattyam03)
November 9, 2020
Last man Speaking | Ep. #57
In Ep. 57, This is part of negotiations skills. You check it out and get more priceless content get those result and those opportunities. (You can follow me on Instagram-Sattyam03)
November 6, 2020
Compared to What? | Ep. #56
In Ep. 56, One of the best ways to keep your business operating successfully is by continually measuring and comparing its performance against competitor averages, a concept more formally knowing as: benchmarking. Benchmarking is the process of comparing your business processes and performance metrics to competitor bests or, best practices from other industries. Dimensions typically measured are quality, time and cost. In a business world, where things seem to change in a speed of light, more and more businesses are taking advantage of smart, industry-savvy benchmarking guides to beat competitors at their own game. Benchmarking takes financial figures and converts them into ratios, that allows a comparison of your results to those of your competitors. Having these measures in place helps prepare businesses for taking the next step, whether it is for listing, sale or attracting new investment. (You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
November 5, 2020
Focus on the Value & Not on The Price | Ep. #55
In Ep. 55, Value selling says that customers buy your value or service because they anticipate enjoying a value that they would not have in the absence of your product or service. ... If you focus on the value, the price becomes less and less important. If you don't focus on value, the only thing you can talk about is price. (You can follow me on Instagram-Sattyam03)
November 4, 2020
Don't Negotiate | Ep. #54
In Ep. 54, DON’T get caught up in emotions. When it comes to business negotiations, don’t let your emotions dictate your approach. Not only does it interfere with our judgment, it can lead to highly charged blunders that hinder or halt negotiations altogether. Stay calm and friendly, even if those you’re negotiating with aren’t. DON’T underestimate your worth. One of the biggest potential pitfalls of negotiating, especially for those new to business negotiations, is underestimating what you and/or your organization have to offer the other party. Write down your accomplishments or your organization’s strengths before going into negotiations, and keep them in mind as you advocate for what you want. DON’T have an “all-or-nothing” attitude. It’s essential to remember that negotiating, in business or otherwise, requires compromise. The best negotiation tactics are those that focus on developing a mutually beneficial deal for both parties. One-sided thinking is not likely to end with a successful deal, so make sure you know which items are essential to your position and which points you can concede. DON’T gloat after a win. If (or, hopefully, when) your negotiation tactics produce your desired outcome, act as professionally as you did throughout your discussions. After all, businesses change quickly. The person you gloated in front of yesterday may be the person you’re working with or reporting to tomorrow. DON’T underestimate anyone. Regardless of the number of people or appearance of strength and size (or lack thereof) on either side, don’t underestimate the power of a determined competitor—including you. Financial worth and business size may be powerful, but so are preparation, a solid plan, and a great attitude. ( You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
November 3, 2020
Why is Negotiation Important | Ep. #53
In Ep. 53, Good negotiations contribute significantly to business success, as they: ... help you build better relationships. deliver lasting, quality solutions — rather than poor short-term solutions that do not satisfy the needs of either party ( You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
November 3, 2020
Selling Through Whats App | Ep. #52
In Ep. 52, Selling on WhatsApp is super easy! Sign up for WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp Business was built to meet the needs of retailers and small businesses owners. ... Create a product catalog. ... Connect with customers. ... Create a free website. ... Promote your products. ... Manage your operation. (You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
October 31, 2020
Selling Through LinkedIn | Ep. #51
In Ep. 51, 5 Tips for Using LinkedIn to Find and Sell to Anyone Use LinkedIn's search functionality. Join relevant groups. Find content related to the target company. Make sales personable. Ask about their service providers. ( You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
October 30, 2020
Selling Through YouTube | Ep. #50
In Ep. 50, YouTube offers incredible opportunity to digital product sellers and content creators. As the 3rd largest search engine in the world, 1 billion hours of YouTube are watched per day! YouTube is growing immensely, and anyone with a presence on YouTube stands to gain a huge return. One of the age-old problems, however, is how to monetize your channel? While there are many options, we’ll be focusing on selling digital products through Sellfy, such as selling videos, LUTs, ebooks, and more. When it comes down to selling your digital content on YouTube, it can essentially be boiled down to two major steps: Getting people interested in the specific product you’re selling through your video content. Driving traffic to your site. Today we won’t talk about creating compelling videos (there are a ton of resources out there on creating great video content), but we’ll stick to the technical implementation of driving traffic to your online store, which is an art form all in its own. To successfully sell on YouTube you have to stay on top of their algorithm changes. For example, just a few months ago YouTube changed their external linking policy for cards, limiting the use only to YouTube Partner Program participants (we’ll cover this later, read on) Fortunately, YouTube has a few other tools that allow for linking to external websites. When you’ve got a presence on YouTube, you have several options to place links to your store where you’re selling your products. Here are some ways you can drive traffic to your website on YouTube: Links in description Custom link on profile banners YouTube cards YouTube end screens We’ll go over each of these methods, and provide a step by step guide to implement each one. ( You can Follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
October 29, 2020
Selling Through Instagram | Ep. #49
In Ep. 49-  Selling on Instagram: 5 Steps to Make Money and Move Units. Step 1: Convert to a business profile. Step 2: Buoy your organic campaigns with hashtag research. Step 3: Start running ads. Step 4: Use Instagram shopping if you're moving physical products. Step 5: Partner with influencers. (You can Follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
October 28, 2020
Sales Through Facebook Personal Page | Ep. #48
In Episode 48, 7 Simple Ways Your Local Business Can Increase Sales with Facebook. Engagement First. ... Show Off Your Products. ... Get More Likes. ... Run a Contest. ... Boost Your Posts. ... Make it Easy to Contact You. ... Run a Facebook Offer.
October 26, 2020
Sales Through Facebook Public Page | Ep. #47
In episode 47, So let's talk about 7 ways you can use Facebook for local business to increase sales. 7 Simple Ways Your Local Business Can Increase Sales with Facebook. Engagement First. ... Show Off Your Products. ... Get More Likes. ... Run a Contest. ... Boost Your Posts. ... Make it Easy to Contact You. ... Run a Facebook Offer. ( You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
October 20, 2020
Sales Through Facebook Group. | Ep. #46
From your News Feed, click Groups in the left menu and select the buy and sell group where you've made your post. Scroll to find the sales post you want to edit. Click and then click Edit post. Make your changes and click Post. ... Buy and Sell Groups List items for sale. Mark items as sold. Search items to buy. ( You can follow me on Instagram - Sattyam03)
October 17, 2020
Social Media Sales - First Step | Ep. # 45
In Ep. 45, dentify your interests and passions. This may be something you've already done. ... Identify problems you can solve. With your list of 10 topics in hand, you're ready to start narrowing down your options. ... Research your competition. ... Determine the profitability of your niche. ... Test your idea. ( You can follow me on Instagram - Sattyam03)
October 16, 2020
Social Media Following = Revenue | Ep. #44
In Ep. 44, A friend of mine’s company is on the verge of potentially acquiring a company whose major source of revenue is a couple of Instagram accounts with a large number of followers. I won’t be sharing those exact accounts – but I will say that the real question at play here is – “are these social following TRULY valuable?” Does having a 100’s of thousands of followers on Instagram drive real revenue? Does a company that depends on the Instagram algorithm (or Twitter, or Facebook, or whatever’s next) really retain serious value, and is it something you can count on into the future? How do you quantify that value? Is it investable? On Instagram – companies will often pay $10 per 1,000 followers you have, or $1,000 per 100,000 followers. On Youtube – influencers will usually receive between $.5-$.10 per view, which equals out to about $20 per 1,000 subscribers, or $2,000 per 100,000 subscribers. People paying for fake followers and engagement is rampant in influencer culture and fraudulent activity is costing advertisers $1.3 billion this year. The idea that you could pay people who have followings to mention your product – or use P.R. to get solid mentions in the media has been around for much longer than ‘influencer culture’ and an easy way to get the value of following if you are able to see the amount of impressions an account is receiving is  CPM x Impressions = this is referred to as “Earned Media Value.” Once you have the Impressions an account is getting in a month – you can compare that to the general going rates of a platform – if you just paid them directly for them. An advertiser might have a CPM of $4. This means they pay on average $4 to show their ads to 1,000 people, and while a typical CPM (cost per thousand impressions) on Facebook Ads will be around the $10 mark today, it was closer to $5 on Instagram ( You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
October 15, 2020
Why Social Media | Ep. #43
In Ep. 43, Social media is important because it allows you to reach, nurture, and engage with your target audience — no matter their location. When a business can use social media to connect with its audience, it can use social media to generate brand awareness, leads, sales, and revenue. ( You can Follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
October 13, 2020
Change Your Mindset | Ep. #42
In Ep. 42, Ask almost anyone you meet what feelings or images the thought of salespeople or selling brings to mind and the answers you get are rarely pretty. Having to sell something almost immediately conjures up the idea of being a nuisance, an aggressor, and even a swindler. Given the mental baggage that has become associated with selling, it's no wonder that most people don't want to do it--even when the life of their business depends on it. I've found that helping people to sell successfully hinges first and foremost upon shifting their mindset. Here are 3 ways I do that. Stop imagining you're an irritation. All those nasty ideas of interrupting people at dinner, pushing them into something they don't want to do, and making them feel cheated all come down to one simple idea--trying to sell someone the wrong thing, meaning something they don't need, can't use, or will be worse off owning than not. Now think about your company's product. Does it have an intended market? Someone it was made to help? Do you believe it will change the quality of your customer's life for the better? Then why would any of above apply? If a friend called you and told you he had run across a new thing that he thought would save you a lot of time, would you feel like he was pestering you, trying to make you do something terrible, or otherwise waste your time? Probably not. By the same token, if you are calling the right person with the right product or service, you shouldn't feel like you're bothering her Focus on your purpose. Every reticent salesperson I've ever met shoots himself in the foot straight out of the gate by worrying more about having to ask for the sale than about how he can help his customer. When I call a prospect, I have one thing in mind--and one thing only. Learning about my customer's opportunities and challenges, and figuring out how I can use one of my products to help her either take advantage of the occasion or remove the obstacle in her path. Imagine that same friend I mentioned above was actually calling to tell you that he had come into some money and decided to send you $500 with no strings attached, right at a moment when you could really use it. Would you be unhappy that he called? Would you want to hang up the phone? Would you tell him to call you back some other time? Doubtful. And neither will your prospect, if you focus on making him understand how your product or service can provide value to him. Don't beat around the bush. A reluctant salesperson drags his feet about asking for the sale because he thinks that doing so will give away two facts: 1. That he is a salesperson, and 2. That he is calling to sell something. Let's get real. Do you really think that the person on the other end of the conversation doesn't know why you are talking to them? Of course she does. But that is not a good thing--because it also means that by conversing with you, she is at least open to the possibility that she might need, like, or want what you have approached her about buying. If you have laid your groundwork right, and framed your product in terms of how it will make your prospect's life, job, or company change for the better, the last step is to ask her to enable that change by making the purchase--now. Remember that scenario where your friend calls to offer you $500? If he asked "should I send it now or would you prefer to receive it next year?", I bet you'd tell him to send it right away, because the sooner you get it, the sooner you can put it to use. When you ask for the sale from your customer, you are asking the same thing. Would you like to benefit from the value of this product now, or next year? The answer is pretty straightforward. Every time I reach out to make a sale, I do so with the unwavering belief that if I listen carefully, I will be able to help the customer I am contacting. Whether I save her time, save her money, or save her from hardship. (You can me follow on Instagram- Sattyam03)
October 12, 2020
Sales Motivation | Ep. #41
In Ep.41, Focus on habits, not goals. ... This way, you're focusing on actions you control rather than putting all the pressure on results that might not come—that's how to motivate your sales team in a way that keeps them excited to show back up for work the next day. (You can Follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
October 10, 2020
How You Buy is How You Sell | Ep. #40
In Ep. 40, How you buy is how you accept other people will buy, and therefore how you sell. If you are someone who has to do a lot of research, haggle on price, or shop around and wait to find the perfect thing, then you are more likely to accept it when buyers want to do the same thing. ( you can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
October 9, 2020
Perfect Customer Avatar | Ep. #39
In Ep. 39, A customer avatar (sometimes referred to as a buyer persona, marketing persona, or customer profile) is a representation of your ideal customer—the type of person you want to purchase your products or services.  Chances are you’ve seen this phrase tossed around countless times, but up until now, you may have been confused about what it actually is. So, let’s clear up a few things! Here’s what a customer avatar is: An essential part of your marketing strategy A fictional character with wants, needs, and pain points A detailed profile of a single individual depicting your target audience A comprehensive outline based on research and data Here’s what a customer avatar is not: A “nice to have” An amalgam of all your potential and/or existing customers A short, vague description that lacks important details  A list of characteristics based on guesses or assumptions  Handled correctly, an avatar provides valuable insight into who your ideal customer is, what they want, where they spend their time, and how your offering can address their problem. It’s the key to experiencing marketing and sales success.  (You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
October 7, 2020
A B C Principle | Ep. #38
In Ep. 38, What Is Always Be Closing—ABC? Always Be Closing (ABC) is a motivational phrase used to describe a sales strategy. It implies that a salesperson following the regimen should continuously look for new prospects, pitch products or services to those prospects, and ultimately complete a sale. As a strategy, ABC requires that the salesperson be persistent, but also that they know when to cut their losses and move on to another prospect ( you can follow me on instagram- Sattyam03)
October 5, 2020
Life Time Value | Ep. #37
In Ep. 37, In marketing, customer lifetime value (CLV or often CLTV), lifetime customer value (LCV), or life-time value (LTV) is a prediction of the net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer. The prediction model can have varying levels of sophistication and accuracy, ranging from a crude heuristic to the use of complex predictive analytics techniques. Customer lifetime value can also be defined as the monetary value of a customer relationship, based on the present value of the projected future cash flows from the customer relationship.[citation needed] Customer lifetime value is an important concept in that it encourages firms to shift their focus from quarterly profits to the long-term health of their customer relationships. Customer lifetime value is an important metric because it represents an upper limit on spending to acquire new customers.[1] For this reason it is an important element in calculating payback of advertising spent in marketing mix modeling. One of the first accounts of the term customer lifetime value is in the 1988 book Database Marketing, which includes detailed worked examples.[2] Early adopters of customer lifetime value models in the 1990s include Edge Consulting and BrandScience (You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03) for more Information
October 2, 2020
Average Order Value | Ep. #36
In Ep. 36, Average order value (AOV) tracks the average dollar amount spent each time a customer places an order on a website or mobile app. To calculate your company's average order value, simply divide total revenue by the number of orders. (You Can Follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
October 1, 2020
Up Serving | Ep. #35
In Ep. 35, Be accessible. Be very accessible. Mind the customer's mood. Bring expertise to the table. Make sure your staff is equipped. Know the competition. . Be innovative. Don't fear the online tools. Nurture your relationships. Add value to your relationship. When in doubt, ask what your customers want. (You can follow me on Instagram- (Sattyam03)
September 29, 2020
Value Addition (After Selling) | Ep. #34
In Ep. 34, Value added selling is one of several sales techniques that relies on building on the inherent value of a product or service. By its nature the value add technique is a more flexible and customized selling approach that requires input from a defined range of average customers. (You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
September 28, 2020
Closing (final) |Ep. #33
In Ep. 33, Final Closing cannot be scheduled until all warranties/guarantees and material take-offs are received. The Final Closing Checklist indicates the number of originals and/or copies of each deliverable that are required. Following the completion of the Share Issue, the Company will also implement the Placing Programme, which will close on the Final Closing Date (or such earlier date as the Company may determine in its sole and absolute discretion). A Final Closing date acceptable to all parties shall be set, contingent upon the parties’ prior submission to HUD of all required items and HUD’s approval of same. The allotment and issue of New Ordinary Shares under the Placing Programme shall be at the discretion of the Directors, and may take place at any time prior to the Final Closing Date ( you can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
September 25, 2020
Follow Up | Ep. #32
In Ep. 32, 1 Start with a plan of your follow ups What will your follow ups be about? How often will the subscribers receive them? At this point, you need to come up with a general plan – something like this: Day 1 (right after getting the email address): the first welcoming follow up (gratitude for the interest to your store, brief business introduction, tempting welcome discount coupon) Day 2: an appealing product selection from your store (best sellers of the week / new arrivals / trends of the season / items similar to the viewed or purchased ones) with product links Day 3: some interesting facts about your products (buyers’ testimonials / industry secrets of the products manufacturing / unexpected ways to benefit from the products use) with product links Day 5: special offer (creating a sense of urgency and differing from the first-time discount coupon) Day 7: a preview of your valuable article from the in-store blog with the links to the related articles or products As you can see, this sample follow ups plan covers 7 days, includes 5 messages, and uses every opportunity to motivate the reader to check out the store once more. Of course, it’s not a must-follow sample plan. You can come up with any other ideas for the letters’ topics, mailing frequency, and time period. It all depends on your store niche, business brand, and the potential customers’ preferences.  #2 Pay attention to the first follow up email  Basically, the first follow up introduces you to the readers. It lets them understand what they can expect from you, how they can benefit from your offers, and how many of their problems you can solve. In order not to make them disappointed, you only need to give them the information they were looking for while browsing your store. That’s why it’s a good idea to create different follow up sequences for different types of actions taken in your store. Obviously, a ‘thank you’ letter after a product purchase won’t be the same as the ‘these items are still waiting for you in your cart!’ message, right? In any case, it should bring value to the readers. Otherwise, they will quickly assume that your emails are not worthy of their attention. #3 Combine marketing elements with transactional details Your readers are smart enough to see a difference between a spammy promotional text and a piece of valuable information. That’s why some email marketers use payment confirmations, notifications about an order, etc. as the basis for the first email in their follow up sequence.  Normally, such action-triggered notifications are sent directly from the website where the user’s activity took place. But you can also add a transactional element (download link, order confirmation, etc) manually to your very first follow up. In this case, you can fill it with FAQ links, store contact details, or other elements that bring value to the readers, re-engage them and bring them back to your website. #4 Work on your subject lines It must be clear from your subject lines that the emails contain something really important: not just useless boring information, but meaningful bonuses, tips, or other helpful and valuable elements. It makes it more likely that the readers will open the emails, and not simply ignore them. These insights will help you create powerful subject lines!
September 24, 2020
Closing | Ep. #31
In Ep. 31, Closing is a sales term which refers to the process of making a sale. The sales sense springs from real estate, where closing is the final step of a transaction. In sales, it is used more generally to mean achievement of the desired outcome, which may be an exchange of money or acquiring a signature. Salespeople are often taught to think of targets not as strangers, but rather as prospective customers who already want or need what is being sold. Such prospects need only be "closed". (You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
September 23, 2020
Basic Offer | Ep. #30
In Ep. 30, The definition of an offer is an act of putting something forth for consideration, acceptance or rejection or something suggested or proposed. An example of offer is the act of putting in a bid on a house. An example of offer is the suggested sum of $30 per hour for tutoring. noun. 16. (you can follow me on Instagram- Sattyapm03)
September 21, 2020
Getting the Buying Association | Ep. #29
In Ep. 29, Buying Association means any Person (other than a bank or other financial institution) (a) the members of which are customers of a Borrower and receive price rebates on the purchase of goods from such Borrower as a result of being members in such Person and (b) that pays such Borrower's accounts receivable owed by its ...
September 19, 2020
TripWire | Ep. #28
In Ep. 28, Tripwire marketing is a conversion-acceleration hack that convinces target consumers to buy something small from you rather than a more expensive product or service. There are actually two versions of tripwire marketing you can use to produce more conversions. The first one involves luring in customers with low-cost offers. Imagine for a moment that you sell online courses. You offer a monster e-course with dozens of videos, articles, and other assets, and it’s priced at $1,000. That’s a lot of money for a consumer to spend on a company with which he has no experience. If you haven’t been in business long, you might not have strong social proof or other ways to speed up conversions and overcome objections. To incentivize conversions, you might create a mini-course that supplements your primary course. It could include one or two short videos, a couple checklists, and a few articles. Pricing this much smaller course at $20 or even $100 makes the product far more attractive to new customers. Most people are more willing to spend small amounts of money than a huge chunk. You then set up a tripwire marketing campaign. The tripwire — your mini-course — serves as proof of concept. It shows your customers that you deliver what you promise. They become enmeshed in your sales funnel, so you can market to them via email and other means to convert them on the larger product. The second tripwire marketing strategy focuses on consumer behavior. Let’s say you run a subscription service for which you charge $30 per month. Customer A has been a loyal subscriber for six months, then suddenly cancels his membership. That’s a tripwire. (You Can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
September 18, 2020
Nurturing The Leads | Ep. #27
In Ep. 27, Lead nurturing allows marketers to build the relationships that their prospects and customers actually want. When a website visitor shares their information with you, they are purposefully opting to become a lead — they're signing up for nurturing, and opening up a channel of communication with your brand. (You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
September 17, 2020
Value Addition (Before Selling) | Ep. #26
In Ep. 26, Added value in financial analysis of shares is to be distinguished from value added. It is used as a measure of shareholder value, calculated using the formula: Added Value = The selling price of a product - the cost of bought-in materials and components Added Value can also be defined as the difference between a particular product's final selling price and the direct and indirect input used in making that particular product. Also it can be said to be the process of increasing the perceived value of the product in the eyes of the consumers (formally known as the value proposition). The difference is profit for the firm and its shareholders after all the costs and taxes owed by the business have been paid for that financial year. Value added or any related measure may help investors decide if this is a business that is worthwhile investing on, or that there are other and better opportunities (fixed deposits, debentures) . ( you can follow me on instagram- sattyam03)
September 15, 2020
Lead Generation | Ep. 25
In Ep. 25, In marketing, lead generation (/ˈliːd/) is the initiation of consumer interest or enquiry into products or services of a business. Leads can be created for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or for sales leads. (you can follow me on Instagram - sattyam03)
September 14, 2020
Lead Magnet | Ep. #24
In Ep. 24, lead magnet is an incentive that marketers offer to potential buyers in exchange for their email address or other contact information. Lead magnets usually offer a piece of digital, downloadable content, such as a free PDF checklist, report, eBook, whitepaper, video, etc. You can follow me on insta (Sattyam03)
September 13, 2020
Setting up the profitable sales funnel | Ep. #23
In Ep. 23, Step 1: Create lead-capturing landing pages. ... Step 2: Drive traffic to your landing pages. ... Step 3: Develop resources that collect email addresses. ... Step 4: Set up an email marketing campaign. ... Step 5: Track and tweak your sales funnel.
September 11, 2020
When to sell? | Ep. 22
In Ep. 22, Theoretically, the ability to make money on stocks involves two key decisions: buying at the right time and selling at the right time. In order to make a profit, you have to execute both of these decisions correctly. The return on any investment is first determined by the purchase price. One could argue that a profit or loss is made at the moment it's purchased; the buyer just doesn't know it until it's sold. However, while buying at the right price may ultimately determine the profit gained, selling at the right price guarantees the profit (if any). If you don't sell at the right time, the benefits of buying at the right time disappear.  Many investors have trouble selling a stock, and sometimes the reason is rooted in the innate human tendency toward greed. However, there are several strategies that you can use to identify when it is (and when it isn't) a good time to sell. The most important thing about these strategies is that they attempt to take some of the human emotions out of the decision-making process.
September 10, 2020
Whom to sell? | Ep. #21
In Ep. 21, That is fundamental. Once you get right the type of customer that you are after, your work is much easier. Most of the businesses out there make this mistake from the beginning and lower drastically their chances of being successful. For example if your product or service is more suitable for B2B customers, but your Marketing campaign is targeting B2C customers than you are spending money for nothing, because your message is not working out and not reaching the right audience. (This is just a simple example). So you better know to who you are selling, and than you start using the right approach, and the right tools to convert that audience in real paying customers.
September 9, 2020
Customer Value Journey | Ep. #20
In Ep. 20, This is where digital marketing begins and ends... With a Customer Value Journey that strategically builds a relationship with new prospects and converts them into loyal, repeat customers. This Journey is the process every prospect goes through to become a new customer. It’s how strangers become buyers and, eventually, raving fans of your business. The hard truth is that marketing is not a one-step process. There are eight stages you must account for on the path to purchase and promotion. But, I have great news. If you understand this digital marketing strategy (a.k.a. the Customer Value Journey), then you can intentionally engineer your business in such a way that it moves people predictably through the stages in this template. In other words, you'll no longer wonder if you'll be able to generate leads. You won't have to cross your fingers and hope for customers. When you understand the Customer Value Journey, even reviews and referrals will become automatic. The Customer Value Journey is the strategic foundation of everything we do here at DigitalMarketer. It's the master template upon which every other digital marketing discipline and tactic is built. It’s so important, we confidently make this bold statement: The job of marketing is to move prospects and customers seamlessly and subtly through each phase of the Customer Value Journey.
September 8, 2020
Types of Customer | Ep. #19
In Ep.19, Potential customer – The Potential Paul. The Potential Paul is a type of customer that is on the very beginning of your sales funnel. ... New customer – New Neil. ... Impulsive Customer – Impulsive Iggy. ... Discount customer – Discount Dan. ... Loyal customer – Loyal Larry.
September 5, 2020
Why most people Can't sell? | Ep. #18
In Ep. 18, Your message is not resonating with them at an emotional level. You’re Giving Up Too Soon. You lack social proof You’re promoting features, not benefits. You’re not giving them any reason to get off the fence and make a decision.
September 3, 2020
Change your perception towards sales | Ep. #17
In Ep. 17, Examine the reality. To change a perception, you must first understand what people think, and not what you think they think. ... Understand your customers. Gathering feedback is only the first step – now it is vital to understand why they have these thoughts. ... Get your people on board. ... Make a big splash. ... Look to the future.
September 2, 2020
How to get the best out of this program | Ep. #16
In Ep. 16, The high performance CRM. Sell. Get more from every lead. Optimize. Streamline your sales process. Grow. Keep your pipeline growing. Collaborate. Grow your sales pipeline as a team. Integrate. Connect Close to your favorite tools.
September 1, 2020
Why are sales essential | Ep. #15
In Ep. 15, Empathy , Emotional intelligence , Active listening , Effective communication , Confidence , Flexibility , Optimism , Time management , Public speaking , Integrity (You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
August 31, 2020
M T N U T Principles | Ep. #14
In Ep. 14, M stands for Money. T stands for Time. N stands for Need. U stands for Urgent. T stands for Trust. (You can follow me on instagram - Sattyam03)
August 28, 2020
The law of averages | Ep. #13
In Ep. 13, The law of averages is the commonly held belief that a particular outcome or event will over certain periods of time occur at a frequency that is similar to its probability. Depending on context or application it can be considered a valid common-sense observation or a misunderstanding of probability.
August 26, 2020
Trail Closing | Ep. #12
In Ep. 12, Enhance the management of our trails to serve diverse needs and capabilities of visitors. Ensure that trails experiences are safe and enjoyable. Reduce costs through the use of practical and sustainable methods of maintaining trails Avoiding sensitive areas Meeting expectations of users Minimizing environmental impacts Minimizing maintenance requirements.
August 23, 2020
Qualify your customer | Ep. #11
In Ep. 11, Qualifying a prospect means to determine whether or not someone who is interested in your services is a good fit as a customer. If yes, they are worthy of your time and effort to turn them into a customer. Qualified sales leads have a higher return on investment and higher close rate. (You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03)
August 21, 2020
The worst customer | Ep. #10
In Ep. 10, On a daily basis we get customers who come into the store and demand a new phone since they have broken the one they got at the start of the contract. We go through the normal routine of telling them it's not the company's fault and that they would have to replace it themselves. One guy did not see the logic in this. He started asking me why it was that way. Of course, I don't make the decision nor do I know the reasoning behind them, so I said, 'I don't know.' This agitated him A LOT. He started grabbing for me and calling me inappropriate names, so I told him to get out. My manager started phoning security and the guy disappeared.
August 20, 2020
Reaching out to clients | Ep. #09
In Ep. 09, Post Interesting, Shareable Content, Send Your Customers Holiday Greetings, Notify Customers About Upcoming Specials and Sales, Let Them Know When They’re Close
August 17, 2020
Sample invoice for you | Ep. #08
In Ep. 08, Register and start instantly. Completely online on all devices. Secure and easy to use software. Live support from our experts
August 16, 2020
How to prepare the proposal for your clients | Ep. #07
In Ep. 07, Step 1. Title page Step 2. A cover letter Step 3. Table of contents Step 4. Executive summary Step 5. Proposal Step 6. Services/methodology Step 7. About us
August 15, 2020
Follow-up strategies | Ep. #06
In Ep. 06, Use a follow up schedule . Use different contact formats. Time your follow up for maximum impact. Leverage email templates. Track ACTUAL contact attempts. Always get agreement on next steps. Use content to expand the range of potential touch points. Track email opens and click throughs. Use call down lists
August 13, 2020
First 15 Seconds are crucial | Ep. #05
In Ep. 05, The most important part of a sales call, and one that you can never stop improving, is the first 15 seconds. Listen to each other's first 15 seconds and make little improvements. ... A word here and a pause there can significantly increase your chances of success.
August 12, 2020
Negotiation skills | Ep. #04
In Ep. 04, Good interpersonal skills are essential for effective negotiations, both in formal situations and in less formal or one-to-one negotiations. These skills include: Effective verbal communication.
August 10, 2020
What To Sell | Ep. #03
In Ep. 03, Sales leadership, Workflow management, Effective communications, Sales training Performance coaching (You can follow me on Instagram- Sattyam03 )
July 19, 2020
Whom Not to sell | Ep. #02
In Ep. 02, Storytelling for Professionals, Sales Effectiveness, Coaching for Improved Sales Performance, Problem Solving Negotiations, Effective Finals Presentations. ( You can Ask me question regarding Sales On Instagram- Sattyam03)
July 17, 2020
Handling the top 13 options | Ep. #01
In Ep. 01, Training programs cover crucial topics such as: Buying behavior, Strategic business calls, Selling as consulting , Negotiation techniques, Inbound sales, excellence Managing competition.
July 8, 2020