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SavageGeese Premium Tech Talk

SavageGeese Premium Tech Talk

By Mark S.
We discuss technology the automotive industry and life.
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EP3 - Being Authentic in the Automotive World Featuring Deb From Andie the Lab.
We talk with Deb from Andie the Lab about how doing car or product videos with her Dog Andie still can be artistic and Honest. We also discuss the mean world of the internet and how she deals with being a woman in the male dominated car space. Check her out on Youtube and Andie on Instagram.
August 12, 2019
EP2 - Guest Micah from KBB is Premium
We talk to Micah from KBB about the best cars, the C8 Corvette and we answer Patreon questions.
July 25, 2019
Pilot EP1 - The History of Savagegeese
The history of Savagegeese how it started, my mentality and what to expect from the channel and Podcast.
July 21, 2019