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Savannah's Phone Sex Naughty Bits

Savannah's Phone Sex Naughty Bits

By Savannah Martin
Savannah explores phone sex, fantasy, roleplaying, and talks about sexual health and safety when making your fetish a reality.
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Cum Eating Instruction With Phone Sex Savannah
Eating healthy during the month of December and going into the New Year,  is a challenge, because that’s usually when there are christmas parties with lots of sinfully delicious treats that send your healthy eating habits right out the window. But I have a solution: For every bad food choice you make, there’s cum eating instruction! Read the blog here: Follow me on Twitter: @PhnSexSavannah
December 5, 2020
Coerced Gay Signs You Are A Cocksucker
If you enjoy coerced gay, coerced bi, and cocksucking fantasies, this podcast is for you! Does same sex oral pleasure make you gay? Probably not, but if you enjoy getting teased for having a dick in your mouth, you might just be a cock loving coercion enthusiast! Read the blog here: Find Savannah on Twitter @PhnSexSavannah
November 29, 2020
Celebrity Dick Pics
Celebrity nudes being leaked is not a new thing, and usually I don't pay much attention to them, until a couple of weeks ago when a certain Captain America accidentally flashed a peen on his phone gallery. Now why would he have a picture of someone else's penis on his phone? So it calls into question whether or not that was actually his dong, but if it was, it was quite nice? It got me to thinking about a celebrity dick pic roleplay, where you are the celeb, and I am the unwitting recipient of accidental star peen! Let's dive in, check out the blog and read along, and find out how you can get connected with me! @PhnSexSavannah Twitter
October 1, 2020
Cuckolding Tips: Signs You Are A Cuckold
Are you wondering if you're a cuckold? Take this quiz and find out! Subscribe to my blog at to get more cuckolding lifestyle tips. Got a twitter? Follow me! @PhnSexSavannah 
September 26, 2020