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Broke 2 Booked Out™

Broke 2 Booked Out™

By Savannah Meikamp
Broke 2 Booked Out™ is a Podcast for Photographers looking to charge more with confidence, book clients on repeat, and run a balanced business with profit.

Whether you're a new photographer looking to grow or a seasoned pro looking to scale, join me and my students as we pull back the curtain of what it takes to go from barely booking clients, to becoming in demand and booked out.

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3: Lessons in Quadrupling my Income in 12 months- With Yeri Castanon

Broke 2 Booked Out™

6: From $1,000 Weddings $10,000 months w/ Jenny Rodriguez
Listen in as Savannah & Jenny chat about how she went from taking little gigs here and there to Photography being her full time job with 10k months with a short period of time.  Join the Broke 2 Booked Out Waitlist Here: Follow Jenny on Instagram:  View Jenny's Website:
September 13, 2022
5: Building a Booked-Out Business with Leah Thomason
Tune in as Savannah chats with Leah Thomason about the reality of building a booked-out business. Leah shares her struggles as well as advice to Photographers who are yearning to build a booked out & balanced business.  Instagram: Leah Thomason is a San Antonio Texas based wedding photographer. I've been shooting for 21 years and have been in business for 8. Ever since I received my first camera, when I was 16, I've been in love with photographing people in their element. I like to think outside the box and take photos that really highlight the spirit of a couple so they feel seen and celebrated. Ways to work with Savannah: Free 100k Wedding Workshop: Group Coaching Program: 1:1 Mentoring:
May 31, 2022
4: How to Escape The Fear Cycle
During today's episode, Savannah teaches about how to avoid the anxiety and worries around booking enough work, what a Fear Cycle is in your Photography Business, how being stuck in a cycle affects your business, and what to do to escape it. Follow along on Instagram: Join the Broke 2 Booked Out Waitlist:
May 24, 2022
3: Lessons in Quadrupling my Income in 12 months- With Yeri Castanon
On today's episode, we sit down with Yeri Castanon as she shares her lessons in going from booking a handful of clients, to becoming in demand and booked out in the Chicago area. We address mindset shifts, and business decisions she would've made if she could go back in time.  Follow Yeri on Instagram:  Join the waitlist for Broke 2 Booked Out:
May 17, 2022
2: How to Stand Out in a Saturated Market
In Episode 2, Savannah covers how to build your personal brand as a Photographer to stand out amongst the masses, reaching the clients right for you.   Join the waitlist for Savannah's signature Group Coaching Program Broke 2 Booked Out: Become a Private Client:
May 10, 2022
1: What's REALLY holding you back from success
Savannah Meikamp shares the mindset struggles of what really holds Photographers back from experiencing success within their business, and ways to improve this area of their life, so they can tap into their true potential.  Join the Broke 2 Booked Out Waitlist: Become a 1:1 Private Client:
May 04, 2022