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Utah Pantages Podcast

Utah Pantages Podcast

By Save The Utah Pantages Theater
Our theater is under the threat of destruction. We've made a formal offer to buy and restore the theater into the "Crown Jewel" of Sundance. Salt Lake City, UT
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Ep. 01 - Pantages Royal Family
Our very first podcast! In this episode, Michael & Casey talk to Casey's parents, Gregory McDonough and Karel McDonough, and their personal family connections to our theater, the Utah Pantages. Affectionately known as "The Pantages First Royal Family", the McDonough's take us deeper into some of the incredible 103-year-old history of the theater, as well as some of the history of Salt Lake and other beloved historic places of Utah. We uncover some of the reasons our theater is so important and worth every effort to fight, save, restore, and reopen. 
April 13, 2021