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Constance Corner

Constance Corner

By Barely Saved
Who am I?

Inspirational Author and Full Stack Developer who doesn't edit Anchor's transcripts . Constance Corner is where my mind goes to take a break and resolve. Sometimes I kick with great people of integrity!

Where am I, socially?

Twitter, FB, Pinterest, IG, SoundCloud, Reverbnation, LInkedIN and am reasonably social.
I am a "think about it before i respond" responder to all comments but i refuse to argue. I love my energy.

Healthy debates are always welcome.

Spread love not hate. ✌

P.S. I need an intern. 🙋 Any volunteers? I anchor to unwind.🙆
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We just wanna live. *rec. May 24
Prelude: Controlled emotions aren't easy to manage. Self-control and self-examination improves for the better and restore the flaws of our character. Not so much, is what my eyes see and heart feels.
December 22, 2020
September 29, 2020 I was feeling some kinda way. Our family was hit pretty hard with a brutally calculated death and my mom had to have surgery. By this time, I was over being numb to the global pandemic. I just desire for us all to be healed I'm whichever way that will make us functional, again. 💯
November 24, 2020
My tea w/ Barely Saved
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Only on Wednesdays! ✌🏾 I intended on having this poem I wrote a week or so ago transcribed but time, life and training took hold of me. And well, I ended up testing this "add a spotify song to your episode" but didn't mention it during the recording. Y'all know I do edit, I anchor when I take a break. Wanna produce my show, by all means lmk. Aight. I'm out. ✌🏾
October 21, 2020
Community Resources
Some online Tutoring resources: Knack a tech based non profit out Tampa, FL. *if your child/your school isn't listed please contact Knack directly. *Also sign up to be a Tutor. Verify if restrictions apply. Knack in the News: Varsity Tutors are also an alternate resource to consider. NO Child Left Behind in a Crisis. As I come across other resources I will cast about them. Here's to a greater new experiences and successes! To, 2020 and Beyond!
September 28, 2020
An encouraging word for a few or maybe two. 🙋
August 5, 2020
My Tea #challengeAccepted
With the power of acknowledging "we" need "us". See post on IG. I don't record everything from one device. 😍 My peace is important and so is yours. 🙏🏾 Have a great week! Til the next time! ✌🏾
August 2, 2020
Poetic expressions and happy birthday lessons. Being born a Newton has never been easy. I remember living to keep the desire alive of changing my name. As a woman in a America who was: 1. Raised in a single family home. 2. Absolutely no help from family and receiving some from few friends. 3. Graduating without a child of my own, conquering every static was no cake walk. It was surely nothing short of a faith walk. These words are from that mind before I get back to my code pen.
July 26, 2020
Unspoken Moments: My Tea
My Tea, are moments of me enjoying my tea. I love to be inspired as I am inspiring, 🙏🏾 or so I've be told. I hope you enjoy.
July 21, 2020
"I have a black girlfriend." Uh?...
Background content as to where this episode stems. *Correction original YouTube air date was June 27, not 28 as I incorrectly stated during this podcast. Enjoy! ✌🏾
June 29, 2020
My tea: The Rhythm Within
So, I enjoy a good cup of Yogi tea before I start my day. For one it's good for my body and two the bag is food for my mind. Each bag, if you don't know comes with a word of inspiration and contemplation. I introduce to you, my tea. 🎙️
June 20, 2020
Voice Of: NiggUs
Poetic expressions without regression. A voice for the voiceless. Peace for those in misery. Strings of comfort with embraces of compassion for the frustrated.
June 18, 2020
What is Plays For A Purpose?
Helping others by any means necessary has been my life answer when asked, what do you like to do? Every interview since I started worked summer of '95 "to help others". This brief 2018 episode is a quick intro of my non profit and serves as a transparent soundcheck before Anchor stepped it a few notches.
June 3, 2020