Episode 01

An episode of HEARTS & MINDS

By Saving Grace
A show hosted by rapper, producer, designer Savvy aka Asaviour & Fashion Designer & Artist Benaiah Matheson in which they talk to various guests aspiring & established from the fields of Music, Art, design,comedy, politics, Fashion, martial arts, stamp collecting and psychotropic drugs you name it they'll be covering it.
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More places to listen

Episode 02
This episode takes place at Savvy & Benaiah's  new spot at Vinyl Tap Records in Huddersfield the discuss: Prince,  Drinking Urine, words with strange spellings and people that can't say those words. Savvy's cameo role in the new star trek series, Just because everyone likes something doesn't meant its not good,  Why all the roles go to Idris Elba, Does Britain have talent or does Britain have entitlement?  How to be big in America, the New Wu Tang Documentary, Frisbee design, Great Artists are the greatest thieves, Eating Out, Eating Meat & Washing Meat, The new Samh record and various other random topics.   Album of the day is 'Talking Heads - Speaking in Tongues' courtesy of Steve at Vinyl Tap Records.
June 11, 2019
Episode 01
The first official episode of the Hearts & Minds podcast sees Savvy joined by his Dj TheRealdemo & Fashion designer Benaiah Matheson. The show was conducted on a train ride to and from Savvy's first gig of the year at Band on The Wall ( Manchester, UK) Topics covered: British Public Transport,  Sexual Harrassment,  Savvy's new LP & The Hip Hop scene in the UK,  Stan Lee,  Megan Markle & Royal Wedding,  The Maniacal  Kardashian Empire,  Anthony Bourdain,  Putin is a Gangsta,  The End of the Castro Era,  Trump,    Mark Zuckerberg/ Facebook,   Donald Glover,  Childish Gambino,   Elon Musk,  Peeky Blinders, Opening bottles inappropriately,   The joys of Liverpool,  Funny shop names,  The hustle of Motivational speaking,  blagging trains,  Reselling website URLs, Savvy's MIPA cap, Kanye's MAGA cap & the old Kanye, Iam DDB & the Manchester Music scene,  Style over stubstance, Random Gigs out of nowhere, Is it over for Soundcloud?
January 14, 2019
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