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By Saving Grace
A show inspired by The Battle For Hearts & Minds LP & hosted by recording artist, music producer & designer Savvy alongside Fashion Designer & Artist Benaiah Matheson in which they talk to various guests aspiring & established from eclectic range of fields to vast to mention but trust us, you name it they'll be covering it.
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Episode 06


Season 2 Episode 11
This episode sees the boys go IN! as they do an epic 4hour set! featuring Anthony Barrett , Izzy Morley & Jason Gaye they chop it up over a multitude of topics so we'll just leave it to you to make sense of it all...enjoy.
August 24, 2020
Season 2 Episode 10
We speak to Liverpool based Photographer & Documenter En Official They discuss:  The second covid wave,   Savvy's been watch right wing news,  The US secretary of Education Betsy DeVos,  Charter schools,  The Corruption of the US Government,  Fox News,  The Cult of Trump & UKIP,  Why alot black people couldn't vote for Hilary Clinton,  When the cause overshadows the art,  Satire is dead, Stephen King's The Dead Zone,  Ivanka Trump is weird,  En Official reconnecting with his Mother during lockdown,   Surprising conversations with parents during the current times,  En Official parents experiences as a multi racial couple in Liverpool,   The most successful civil rights movements have involved violence & destruction,  Corporate Accountability,  The Left & Right wing media are both doing the bullshit,  The History of the police, The physiological profile  a police officer,   Men the want to be warriors,   White friends unable to accept or discuss racial inequality,   White talking to White people about race,   En officials take on the Liverpool BLM protest,   2020 will make a great history movie title,   What direction will we go?  MP's don't represent me,   Think Global act local,  Removing or Keeping monuments,  Liverpool's deep history with slavery,      The scale of the UK slave trade,  En Official talks about his work & journey in photography,  En Officials Book "Evolving Nostalgia".  Documenting Liverpool's culture,  Fashion trends of Liverpool & fitting in,  The black communities relationship with Irish community in the UK & the US.   
June 22, 2020
Season 2 Episode 9
As we enter yet another week of Lockdown the boys decide catch up with Daniel Bola Sogbasen and discuss the recent events that have taken & are taking place as they speak. They discuss:   Mr Darcy,  The evolution of Cats & Dogs,  Billions,   Britains history with the genocide of people of colour,     The Crusades,  The erosion of human values within religion,   Black people are tired!   The impact of The George Floyd murder by the Minneapolis police,   KARENS,   The central park incident,  Is change coming?   The View,  The weaponizing of race,  Why the right always win,  Emmett Till,   Not all racists are trump supporters,  The difference between racism in the UK & US,   Savvy likes playing with dumb racists,  Mark Bumba Clarke,   Empowering Women to commit fuckeries to humanity,   Whats the plane for change?   Power is only ever taken,  Systematic Racism,   The History of America & class,  Daniel memories of the Steven Lawrence murder,  Savvy's memory of the race hate murder up his street,  Fighting racists with your brain,  Benaiahs parents being harassed by the police,   Racist teachers,   Black & Dragon mothers,  Mums going to war with the school administration for their kids,       Black History Month,  Mainstream media portrayal of black people & culture,   Tom Hanks son,   Interracial relationships,  Hyper sexualisation of black males,     Its on their terms,   The under representation of black people who work in NHS in the press during the covid crisis,   History lessons in school,  Savvy lending his religious studies teacher The Life Of Brain,  Studying various religious,   Diversity & Understanding,   Real black history,   Keeping the message consistent,   The Black middle class,  Black republicans,   Divide conquer,   Baby Boomers,    The deletion of black history and its effect Black business,   Being the only black person in the room,   Django,  Sunday Dress & why some black people are obsessed with appearance,  Akala,  Passing culture onto the next generation,   The difference between West Indian & African upbringing.  
June 17, 2020
Season 2 Episode 8
This episode the boys catch up with Dj, Promoter and all round Donn Diva Rowan Swale aka L-Ro Savvy's been gardening, Lord Soggy, Savvy's metaphor for US & UK systematic racism, The British Empire, Colonialism, Boris Johnson type or racism,  What is a Pickaninny? The difference between black culture in the UK & US, How Empires are built,  L-Ro's event called "In The Red" pivots to Zoom with "In The Bed", Where Rowan is hiding during Covid, First World Problems, Perspective on London, The Power of walking,  Community & Connection, The individual pursuit, The "Costs" of working in London,  The difficulties of working Up Norf, The rise of northern artists like Aitch, Creative perspective of being born in or out of London, Doing the leg work, Validation, Stay Humble, How Rowan selects for her Dj sets,  The Peanut Gallery & The Pecan Gallery,  Art & Business shouldn't be too connected, Wearing more than one hat, Savvy finds social media chore, Whats the future social media? The money thats made by social media stars, Inspired not Influenced, Being in the Zone, 0161,  Spirituality & Religion,  The Universal Light Within Us All, Transcendence, Rowans background background & upbringing, Finding balance, Karen's, Rowan's new cool friends & cool new projects...
June 10, 2020
Season 2 Episode 7
The episode sees the guys catch up with Huddersfield born illustration icon Peter O'toole  They talk: Benaiah stuffing himself coz its Eid, The dangers of African & West Indian Food, Savvy's losing track of the days but zoning,  Kids social distancing in School,  Bottom line is Profit, This is the being of the end of America as we know it, The Brazilian President, Pete's Process for getting the Job done, The importance of the Internet, The rinse of text messages, The Pharoahe Monch Ring tone, Pete's Education, Mark B & Blade, UK Vs US Hip Hop, The roots of British & US music culture, Heartless Crew, The Streets, The pressure of post what gets the best response rather than what you want ie self censorship, Navigating trying to make money from your art, Retro design reference, The Michelin Story, Whats in Petes vault, The design quality of 70's porno mags, Finding inspiration digitally, Using new digital tools for work, Photoshop VS Illustrator, How Pete created the Quotoole sneaker for Addidas & collector Quote, Collaborating with Huddersfield Town, Best artists are the best thieves, Benaiah's Hard drive troubles,  Youtube tutorials, How long till quantum computers in the home? Subscribe to the patreon!
June 8, 2020
Season 2 Episode 6
As lockdown continues the guys link back up for another remote show... They discuss: The unfortunate death of UK Hip Hop artist Ty from the Corona Virus,  Self diagnosis,  Practicing social distancing is this the new normal,  Should we control the Population, Do some of us we need to leave the planet,   Minister Farrakhan's speech on the corruption of modern journalism,  This is all new,  The misunderstanding & shift of ideological titles in the modern world,  "A Phoenix of thought" - Allowing your beliefs to be destroyed to gain truth,  How many journalists have been knocked for discovering dirty secrets? A TV show called DEVs, Quantum computers & their power to predict the future,  Am I Me? How much data would human consciousness take up,  Cloning yourself,  Time for more SFC,  The Man from De Monte / Never meet your hero's,  Savvy's back in the studio, Cleaning the oven,  The destructive power of household cleaning  products, The story of the "sweetest" by-product saccharine ( we think),  Benaiah's leaning new software. Benaiah's new Colours of Time project & collection,  Learning how to be a boss, More Power!! People with lots of equipment,  Producing music vs writing lyrics,  70% of people are just pissing around, Having less can give you more,  Letting your work sit for a while,  People releasing your work after you die, Jay Dee aka Jay Dee aka Dilla the rinsing & the sub genre of poor imitations.  The Year is Over,  How people reacted for KFC re-opening,  Boneless Box of Freedom,  Hospitals over diagnosing cases of Coronavirus,  The importance of good sleep,  Midnight Gospel,  Subscribe to our Patreon...
May 20, 2020
Season 2 Episode 5
This episode sees them catch up with singer songwriter Ruby Wood known for work with Submotion Orchestra, Linden Jay, Fabolous, Alfa Mist and more..  They discuss: The variety of peoples reaction to being in lockdown, Accents, Adapting to the current situation, Role reversal for old white ladys, Thee effects of covid-19 on musicians, Funding sources for artists,, Divorce is on the rise in china, Cats lower blood pressure, Ruby's daughter Amber and her new song "Care & Share",  Whiststable is Ruby Wood's spirit home, Tracy Emmin is a Tory, The hypocrisy of Boris Johnson now saying save the NHS, Captain Tom raising 19+ million for the NHS and the mixed feeling it brings,  Richard Branson taking the piss, Rupert Murdoch,  The Two events the will unite the world, David Ike take on Covid-19, Hunger Games Society, USA vs China, Who are the people of value in our society? Dodging taxes, Everyone in government should take 12 doses of Iowaska before they take office, What you having for dinner, Knock-A-Door run, How much can we trust our government, Population, Advancements in technology,  Intergalatic visa's, Being a parent during these current times... 
May 11, 2020
Season 2 Episode 4
As the boys continue through the Lockdown period they keep it moving. this time connecting with Robbie May the founder & director of the Liverpool based sneaker festival LacesOut  They discuss: Robbie's May sounds like an lates 80s footballer, Salad cream, Chicken Run, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Re-organising plans due to Lockdown, Pretty much everyone is in the same boat, Who's winning during the pandemic? Supporting small businesses, What in the shopping basket, taking advantage of the lockdown, Coronavirus is just a pandemic and its just the start, Pandemic Films & Documentaries,  Hysteria, Conspiracy theories, Social Media, Humans are creatures of pattern, The philosophy & culture of LacesOut, Future developments with Laces out, Investing in equipment, Doing it yourself vs Working with a team, Social media is a chore when your really doing stuff, Terrestrial News, social media, and unfounded opinions, Radio vs Social media content, Online Producers clashes, Its everyone healthy, Will things get better of worse after the pandemic,  The Individual vs Community,  Re-defining the definition low skilled workers, The conservatives are now saying save the NHS (shameless) Why doesn't the mental state of politicians get address,  Trump & Hitlers addiction to speed,  Corrupt politicians are a reflection of a corrupted society,  Exercise routines, Is the air cleaner, Developing artists from different genres, Tame Impala, Expanding as an artist and more...
April 26, 2020
Season 2 episode 3
This episode sees the Savvy & Benaiah  link up (well virtually) with special guest; Sneaker guru, Host of the All city show at Soho radio & recently food reviewer Kish One. They discuss: Technological leaps, Alan sugar & his gangstaness, What is a secret squirrel? Film making, Child names, Neo & Chingy, Savvy fried chicken & COVID sauce, Kishs's day to day during COVID-19, social distancing fury,  Sneaker shopping & selling is problematic right now, Trying to plan for the future,  Setting up to dj from home,  Technology & Autonomy,  TV really is in trouble & big radio is falling behind,  Kish's new NIKE ID designs, The Air Max sneaker making retreat thing,  Liverpool,  Laces Out,  Liverpool Music festival,  Bobbitos book -  "where did you get those", first pair of memorable sneakers, Sneaker Co-signs from your elders, the effects of covid are getting very close to home, RIP to Back the Ripper, Everyones in the same boat,  Boris Johnson being in intensive care, Bakes, Roti & Jack Iron!!!
April 19, 2020
Series 2 Episode 2
As we enter other week of lockdown Savvy & Benaiah keep it rolling and adapt to social distancing. They discuss: How COVID is effecting UK daily life,  Benaiah's making knots, Bedtime alarms,  The new series of Ozark,  Savvy wants to make a movie, The explosion of Zoom,  The change on society COVID will bring, working remotely, Whats important to society now?  Covid & Mental health,  lack of support for health services during covid,  Michael Bloomberg wasting a billion dollars,  Fox News,  Chivalry vs Sexism,  Click bait,  1984,  Animal Farm, The Hunt, rumors of a 10 day blackout, talking technical ish,  Has the air quality improved? Check their check out their Patreon page.  NOTE: Apologises for little technical issues with sound, but its still a good episode so we thought we'd upload it. #staysafe people.
April 11, 2020
Series 2 Episode 1
Savvy & Benaiah are back with their first episode in series two of the HEARTS & MINDS podcast Topics: Everything’s been locked off in the Dovic-01 insurrection!! An update on the beautiful journey that is Samh.  Ancient wisdom and transcending time.  Contemplation of current times whilst being mindful of what the future may look like.  The Baby-boomer Armageddon, Millennial shutdown.  Human paths of thought.  Alien legacy.  The wonderful new podcast soundtrack.   Insertion to stop thinking & a snippet from their previous version of episode 1 with Blaize Duffy founder & owner of The London Wellness Studio. In that conversation they mopped floors and connected with identity, hierarchy, honesty in society internally and publicly.  Dreaming about onesies. Our new collaboration with Patreon supporters. Up n coming moves with the Hearts & Minds Podcast. They also updated on their movements over the past few months.
March 30, 2020
Boxing Day Special
This boxing day special episode was recorded while Benaiah & Savvy headed out to the Laces Out Festival in Liverpool accompanied by special guest Kano Kane owner of Studio Dais & Ryan Mustazio. They chop it up discussing a range of randomness and a few How Many sexual partners make a sociopath, Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew, Hilary Clinton, How Was your Christmas? Gumie Bears, Maximum Leverage,  The Illusion Choice, Repairing your own stuff, Flying ,  John Travolta, Hot Air Ballons, Organic fashion & the politics of economics, Kano's travels, A place called Shat, Scouse, Shawshank redemption, Robbie Fowler owns half of Liverpool, Killer robots, England's historic illicit dealings...
December 26, 2019
Episode 11 - Part 1
Part 1 of this episode takes place live at the Bassment & Benaiah Matheson PopUp Shop. They chat with Commercial Photographers & Videographers Tom OD & Chris Cassiel.   They talk; Macadamias, various non dairy milks & breasts, reflections, OLIVES, Savvy’s Grandma and his creative relationship with Tom OD, Homecoming - a book on Windrush and Christians documentation for the book, Don Letts, Howard Grey, connection to narrative, Ikagi, the creation of illusion, working with what you have and owning that, Goya Gumbani, Bronica vs Hassleblad and the almighty Pentax 67, Japan - WHY IS EVERYONE GOING? Instagram purges - perception is everything, Savvy’s Orchestra, T, the abstract path to acquiring dedicated ambassadors, staying creatively true to your core, Justablackguywithacamera, toxic masculinity, female photographers, strong ones, portrait of Britain, marketing budgets, slippers, HP in the house aka The Left Bank, weird txt messages, Hinge, Inadvertent R-word, misleading jail altercations, pause.
December 16, 2019
Episode 11 - Part 2
Part 2 of episode 11 Savvy & Benaiah chat with Denny & Jake founders of Bassment Studios about their overall experience of the collaboration, plus a few other guests also pop by namely Ben Julian & Chef Ben Wright They talk; The Insane Passion of some Football fans, Reading vs podcasts, vs audio books, Housing in the Netherlands, Savvy's edgy M.I.P.A cap, Shoutout to Kilo!, Chasing artistic validation, Hometown "love".  Weed & getting shit done don't mix, The most respectful ravers,  Bulldogs charge & the tunnel of death, Childhood Hierarchy & the nature of Boys & girls relationships, Sausage Party, Toy Story and animated films for children & adults, losing your inner child, The burden of leadership, People wanting freeshit, The illusion of the V.I.P section, Battle rapping & freestyling,  The Insane skill and or disconnection of the worlds greatest sportsmen, Recognizing your strengths & weaknesses, Being boutit!
December 12, 2019
Episode 10
Benaiah & Savvy return with another episode from Benaiah's studio, this time they talk to Sneakerhead & fashion buyer for sports merchandisers  Fanatics Inc Mark Cartman. Together they discuss: The recent London bridge attack, FBI conspiracy theories, the epic rise of the Esports market & the current leaders, League of Legends. The role film has played in the growth of sneaker culture. The electric DeLorean, Prince Andrew, the Epstein saga, Nasa, Space X, Tesla & The Falcon Heavy. Elon Musk probably being an alright guy, Innovation In The Industry of Fashion Buying, The Football Jerseys entrance into world of fashion,  What is the most iconic sneaker? Making a sneaker for everyone, that everyone wants.  High Fashion & Streetwear collaboration. The Laces Out Festival, Could a robot do what you do? Nigeria's 2018 Nike Home football shirt and its cultural impact,  Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles, How strong is the desire for cutting edge sneaker technology?  Everyone wants what they can't have! Von Dutch!! Fashion & Personal validation, Primal instincts & cultures effect on fashion trends, Rockports! The Ups & Downs of Burberry,  Stone Island,  Young wannabe casuals. 
December 2, 2019
Episode 09
On this episode the boys welcome special guest  Historian & Politics lecturer David Green BcHons, MA. They talk: Well danced around the inevitable topic of brex.. ( can’t even finish the word).  They discuss David's journey through his ongoing PhD, Heritage as an ongoing practice, Monoculturalism, A not new new word, Where teaching was & is today, Lamborghini’s vs tractors #whosballin, Our living wage, connecting with the reality of the countries social growth, Colourism, cast systems, internal imperialism & the 3rd Reich, the global impact of Wakanda and few other little tit bits to mull over...
November 3, 2019
Episode 08
The boys are back with another installment, this time they take it to the streets, and then to a secret location.  They talk: Pointless household designs & Middle class dreams, Privet bushes & household chores, Things your parents teach you, Roles of parents in the household & perceptions of femininity & masculinity, Spoiling your children, Yorkshire water,  Paying for clean air, Colonizing other planets,  Year 1 million,  Could you have a relationship with an alien? How much nowhere can you handle?   The adaptability of humans,  The short political attention span of humans,  Marketing and how dark it can be, How genuine was the Gillette campaign, The greatness of old spice,  The recent Formula one season,  Junior Kick start, Kabaddi on Channel 4, Scalextrics & Slot car racing,  Horseshoe crabs, bananas & creationism,  How do printed magazine collections survive in modern times,  Eurotrash & Lola Ferrari,  Feeders, Savvy's next single & video, What happened to Jez?  Master of None, Mindhunter, The OA, American Gods, Killing Eve and various other random bits & pieces.  
October 9, 2019
Episode 07
The boys are back with a another episode this time from a secret location ;) They talk: The Film I Am Mother, The evolution of knowledge & Intelligence,  Statistics & Facts,  The Only Time is Now,  Benaiah's work at the We Out Here Festival, Savvy's trip to the Netherlands,   Dry Stone walling,  Jay Scarlet's latest mix,  Tommy Evans & his comeback album,  Savvy's getting the Savoir~faire back together,  The Richest person the the graveyard,  The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions,  Benji B's set at At We Out Here Festival,  Working with the Huddersfield Community Gospel Choir,  The Savvy & Kanye West Sample clash,  Sweets we loved as kids,  Benaiah's childhood Benetton jumper disaster, losing the house keys as a child,  Thrones!!!,  The Boys and of course more ramdom topics.. Record of the day is: Samh - glowinglow
September 2, 2019
Episode 06
This episode sees Savvy & Benaiah visit  Bassment studios for a chat with Densrilla , Jake Burdass & Sarah Hutton They talk; Clever comedy,  What Dj sound would you use,  Is "Sh*t the bed" a good name for a club night, Sneakyness of Facebook and modern phone apps, Social media's effect of relationships, The Fyre Festival, Trump stuff, New age propaganda, Tribalism,  The story of how Bassment Studios began,  The marker of commitment, Why should anyone care? The future of Bassment Studios, The blurred musical lines, the pros & cons of easy access to the music, 
August 11, 2019
Episode 05
You join the boys down at Vinyl Tap Records they talk Touring, Savvy's #TBFHAM Clothing range, Mase, Puff Daddy & The Badboy Era of Hip Hop, The Central Park & Trump's article in the New York Times, Musical Spin Offs, Potlife, Benaiah's trip to Hertfordshire,  Floyd Mayweather, Lewis Hamilton, The formula 1 Game 7 If Nicole Scherzinger is a Ride or Die chick,  We Need a Jamie!!, Samh launch party, What did you have for dinner? The Trap Kitchen, Mrs Greens Vegan Kitchen,  Dragons Den, TetraPak, People Just Do Nothing, Skepta, Supreme & the perception of over night success, Where should they do their next episode of the podcast? And various other tangents... Record of the Day is "Quantic - Atlantic  Oscillations"  is courtesy of Rachael at Vinyl Tap Records.
July 29, 2019
Episode 04
This episode singer songwriter Samh pops by for a visit they talk; Wim Hof, The Brain & The Gut, Electric bikes, Extreme climbing & trapeze artists, Bacton-Shaw & Sam's mystical roadtrip trip to Norfolfk, Ethiopia, Sam's new single We Are Not Physical & his new EP glowinglow. Population Control,  The Georgia Guide Stones, Community vs The Individual & The economy,  The Huddersfield music scene, The first tape you every bought for your walkman, Nuts! Theresa Mays shotter husband, Ziplines & The darkness of Boris Johnson,  escaping social media, TV's a bit s**t nowadays,  Black Mirror, Love, Death & Robots,  Technology & Advertising, Micro-evolution, Yeast flakes, & The  Ortolan   Album of the day is “A Tribe Called Quest” – "People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm" courtesy of Steve at Vinyl Tap Records.  NOTE: Apologies for weird stuff that happens with the sound, we had technical difficulties, we'll do better next time, still a really good show so we had to post it.
July 15, 2019
Episode 03
Episode picks up at their usual spot at Vinyl Tap Records they discuss: Black Earth Rising, If Context was a Chocolate Bar what would its flavour be? Are people in power really held accountable? Does Theresa May cry when shes alone? Soft hands vs rough hands, Dry stone walling, Hayfever, Quality Of Content, Being Triggered, Making Political statements with fashion, Remixing, Sociopaths in Government The RnB Scumbag playlist and many more random topics.  Album of the day is “King Gizzard & The Lizzard with Mild High Club” – Sketches of Brunswick courtesy of Tom at Vinyl Tap Records.
July 1, 2019
Episode 02
This episode takes place at Savvy & Benaiah's  new spot at Vinyl Tap Records in Huddersfield the discuss: Prince,  Drinking Urine, words with strange spellings and people that can't say those words. Savvy's cameo role in the new star trek series, Just because everyone likes something doesn't meant its not good,  Why all the roles go to Idris Elba, Does Britain have talent or does Britain have entitlement?  How to be big in America, the New Wu Tang Documentary, Frisbee design, Great Artists are the greatest thieves, Eating Out, Eating Meat & Washing Meat, The new Samh record and various other random topics.   Album of the day is 'Talking Heads - Speaking in Tongues' courtesy of Steve at Vinyl Tap Records.
June 11, 2019
Episode 01
The first official episode of the Hearts & Minds podcast sees Savvy joined by his Dj TheRealdemo & Fashion designer Benaiah Matheson. The show was conducted on a train ride to and from Savvy's first gig of the year at Band on The Wall ( Manchester, UK) Topics covered: British Public Transport,  Sexual Harrassment,  Savvy's new LP & The Hip Hop scene in the UK,  Stan Lee,  Megan Markle & Royal Wedding,  The Maniacal  Kardashian Empire,  Anthony Bourdain,  Putin is a Gangsta,  The End of the Castro Era,  Trump,    Mark Zuckerberg/ Facebook,   Donald Glover,  Childish Gambino,   Elon Musk,  Peeky Blinders, Opening bottles inappropriately,   The joys of Liverpool,  Funny shop names,  The hustle of Motivational speaking,  blagging trains,  Reselling website URLs, Savvy's MIPA cap, Kanye's MAGA cap & the old Kanye, Iam DDB & the Manchester Music scene,  Style over stubstance, Random Gigs out of nowhere, Is it over for Soundcloud?
January 14, 2019