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Say It With Your Chest

Say It With Your Chest

By Say It With Your Chest
A space for honest and relevant conversations. Join us as we attempt to navigate and make sense of these streets with our chests!
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To Be Romanced or Not - EP 24
We've circled around this topic for timeeee but we're finally giving you guys a full episode on romantic love.  We get a bit more personal than usual in this episode but as always, plenty laughter.  Big shoutout to our fave, Makky, for joining on this intimate episode. Let us know your favorite or least favorite part of this episode.  We love you guys! Follow us on Twitter @SIWYChest and Instagram @with.yourchest to keep up with us & send us mail!
May 10, 2021
We are all immigrants - EP 23
We have a new episodeee! This one is a bit all over the place but bear with us. We discuss all the BS on twitter and real life that we have no business discussing lol. Hope you guess enjoy this one. Also, if you laugh at least once, share with your friends and let's build the SIWYC community.   Let us know what you thought about our "trial & error" this episode, on Instagram @with.yourchest or Twitter @SIWYChest. Also send us mail at As always, we love you guys and can't wait to record the next one.
April 19, 2021
Locked Down - EP 22
This episode is all about reflection.  We talk about what lockdown has been like for a year.  We also introduced a new segment!  To find out what we'll be trying out this month, follow us on Instagram @with.yourchest and Twitter @SIWYChest. Also send us mail at We love to hear from you.
March 16, 2021
Get to Know Us - EP 21
We made it to episode 21!  Thanks for rocking with us.  On this episode we did something different and had one our faves, Soala ask us questions related to our podcast journey, moving to naij and our irrational icks lol.  It was a super fun episode.  Hope you guys enjoy this one and thanks for rocking with us. Follow us on Twitter @SIWYChest and Instagram @with.yourchest to keep up with us & send us mail!
February 28, 2021
It's still #EndSARS - EP 20
It has been a month since the Nigerian government shot at peaceful protesters at the Lekki toll gate.  Since then there has been no justice.  We thought it was important to share our thoughts on the madness and we had our best girls, Enya and Simone, on the episode. Since we recorded this episode, a detailed investigation has been put out by CNN showing events that took place at the Lekki toll gate on Oct 20, 2020.  Hopefully this investigation will get the victims and their families the justice they deserve.   A big shout to #FeministCoalition and other groups that supported protesters throughout the nation. #EndSars
November 20, 2020
Tales by the Hookah - EP 19
On this episode, we discuss the vibes in ATL, our SOMEHOW pet peeves, opposite love languages, and much more. All sponsored by laughter and unseriousness! Enjoy!!  Follow us on Twitter @SIWYChest to keep up with us & send us mail! 
October 2, 2020
No direction, Just Vibes - EP 18
On this episode, we try something new!  Hope you enjoy our most random episode yet and as always, thanks for listening
August 4, 2020
The business we're not minding - EP 17
We are back with a full episode of This Week's BS! We are doing everything but minding our business.  We discuss the Jada, Will and August's love triangle, then Beyonce's project, Black is King.  Our not so Hush Puppi has been arrested and we're a little too happy about that lol.  Finally we talk about D'banj's  abuse of power after being called out for sexual assault.   Shoutout to our new team member, Danielle, for joining us this week.  Please let us know what you guys think about this episode and never forget that Black Lives Matter. Follow us on twitter @SIWYChest or send an email
July 9, 2020
"What if we don't want to be strong?" - EP 16
It has been a heavy few weeks for us all and so on the episode we are joined by our lovely guests to discuss the constant injustice Black bodies are forced to endure.  Thank you Stephanie, Mayowa, Dola and Dunni for being a part of this episode. Let us know how you're feeling on Twitter @SIWYChest or send an email #JusticeforBreonnaTaylor #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd #JusticeforAhmaud #JusticeforTina #JusticeforUwa #JusticeforJennifer 
June 10, 2020
Everybody should face their mate - EP 15
This week we discuss how nuanced the conversation about age difference in relationships.  We also chat about this season of Insecure with our OG guest Carmy.  Let us know what you think on Twitter @SIWYChest or send an email
June 1, 2020
Boozy Questions - EP 14
On this episode we answer introspective questions from ReflexTheGame and enjoy some wine while social distancing.  Hope you guys enjoy our self reflection.  Thank you to Akosua for joining us! Follow us on twitter @SIWYChest and send us feedback at
April 28, 2020
"Ugly people shouldn't be confident?" & HIT offs - EP 13
On this episode we discuss the best and worst social media challenges. We also talk about the biggest hits out of the Nigerian music industry (zero sentiment). Shoutout to Gerald for joining us on this one. Hope you guys enjoy! Follow us on twitter @SIWYChest and send us feedback at
April 6, 2020
Isolated w/ the Brothers - EP 12
On this episode, expect a lot of uncoordinated banter. We discuss a bunch of crazy conspiracy theories surrounding the disease that shall not be named, relationships, and so much more!  Hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording!  Shoutout to Dj O3 & AktheKing! Follow us on twitter @SIWYChest and send us feedback at
March 31, 2020
2020, We Move Regardless - EP 11
We have a guest! On this episode, we discuss Lizzo's fashion choices, internet trolls, and a lot more.  If you haven't already, listen to episode 10 and enter the giveaway.   Follow us on twitter @SIWYChest and send us feedback at
March 31, 2020
Happy New Year & GIVEAWAY! - EP 10
Happy new year lovelies! We're glad you made it to 2020, and even more elated that you're listening to our first episode of the year! On this episode, we discuss some of our 2019 woes and hopes for 2020.  We're celebrating 10 episodes. We obviously couldn't have done it without you guys, so we're giving back!  Listen for details on how to stand a chance to win $50. Our twitter is @SIWYChest. May the best listener win! Good luck!
March 31, 2020
+234 Tinder is Quite Mad - EP 9
On this episode, we talk regular pop culture and music. We also discuss what performing happiness and success looks like for us. Enjoy! Follow us on Twitter @SIWYChest and email
March 31, 2020
"Short men are human beings" & #SexforGrades - EP 8
Cheers to our shortest episode ever!  In this episode we share our thoughts on the BBC Africa Eye documentary, #SexforGrades  Follow us on Twitter @SIWYChest and stay connected via email
March 31, 2020
Naira Marley is Anu's mcm - EP 7 *the LONG EPISODE
We've been gone for a minute, so this is a long one; Cute little catch up on the world's happenings, our fave tunes & hot girl summer shenanigans.  We know a lot of people can't be arsed, so we gave the streets time stamps!  0:00 - 34:00; Yarnings on the world's BS 35:00 - 53:00; What we're listening to  53:00 till end; Hot girl summer rocks Follow us on Twitter @SIWYChest and email
March 31, 2020
Stupidity full ground! - EP 6
On today's episode, we discuss some of the foolery that is ever happening in our beloved country - Nigeria. We also chat a bit about the bops we're feeling at the moment. Follow us on Twitter @SIWYChest and email
March 31, 2020
What I Would Tell My Younger Self - EP 5
On this episode, we discuss a few things we wish our younger selves  - and lowkey present selves - had known growing up. Let us know if you can relate! Follow us on Twitter @SIWYChest and email
March 31, 2020
Don't Pass Your Boundary - EP 4
On this episode, we discuss what we think love should look like, whine about some of our pet peeves, and as always, laugh too much into the mic. Hope you guys enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording! Follow us on Twitter @SIWYChest and email
March 31, 2020
On this episode, we discuss all things friendships - are they as complicated as we make them out to be? Follow us on Twitter @SIWYChest and email
March 31, 2020
On this episode, childhood friends reunite and enjoy random conversation together. Follow us on Twitter @SIWYChest and email
March 31, 2020
Intro!!! EP 1
Our very first episode!!! In this episode, we introduce ourselves & talk about a couple things we've seen on the internets. Welcome to Say It With Your Chest!! Follow us on Twitter @SIWYChest and email
March 31, 2020