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By SCDAI Talks
SCDAI Talks is a podcast by the Student Center for Diversity Advocacy and Inclusion, hosted by students based in the Netherlands. Each episode will dive into topics which encompass diversity and inclusion, with a focus on people of different social identities. In the episodes, students from diverse backgrounds will come together and share their thoughts and vision on a more inclusive future for all. SCDAI Talks also examines how these dynamics function within (higher) education.
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Students on Intersectional Feminism
In this episode host Genesis from SCDAI and guest Mwee from Black Ladies of Groningen discuss their take on feminism and the journey towards embracing the movement. The two discuss the many nuanced intersections of sexism with race, religion, ethnic diversity and other underrepresented social identities. They discuss experiences misogyny and racism in the context of Dutch higher education and the importance of feminism always being intersectional.
September 19, 2021
Students on Studying Abroad
*TW brief mention of seasonal depression/chronic depression. In this episode, student host Alex and guest student Ariana talk about the good, bad and the ugly when moving to a new country for one’s study. In this rather light episode, the two dive into topics of cultural shock, including both the exciting stages of moving and the more real and anxiety-inducing realities of becoming your own person abroad. If you’re going to move soon - tune in for some tips and information; if you’ve been abroad, tune in for some relatable stories that will help you feel less alone in your experiences as a student abroad! Ps. we mention Fently in our podcast, for more information visit their website: (This is not a paid advertisement) 
August 22, 2021
Students on Cancel Culture
In this episode of SCDAI Talks, Alex and Genesis talk about cancel culture. They discuss the impact of cancelling big brands, celebrities and the people in our circle, the dilemma of calling in vs. calling out and how to recover after being cancelled. While our hosts celebrate cancel culture for “shifting the power”, they are perplexed by the question of is cancel culture always effective? The concept of cancel culture is currently highly problematic, being one of the most polarizing matters on the internet and beyond, with talk on how it potentially limits freedom of speech. Alex and Genesis discuss cancel culture beyond celebrities, but also under the umbrella of politics and in our classrooms. Culminating with the very nuanced question of how to recover from being cancelled.
July 13, 2021
Students on Being Queer
*TW mentions of homophobia and assault* In this episode, we discuss with our guest Stan what is like to be queer, from growing up, to how it is to live in a heteronormative society on the daily, and how we personally celebrate pride yearly, monthly, and daily. We round off the episode with a small discussion on the rainbow washing business. Throughout this episode we talk about our personal experiences and opinions. Please keep in mind that everyone has their own experiences, and even though we are comfortable being open about this, everyone is entitled to take their own time and find comfort with this topic, including you - our listeners! Everyone comes out at their own time and we request you to be respectful of this. 
June 20, 2021
Students on Asian Discrimination
In this episode, we delve into the issue of discrimination against the Asian community and the rise of anti-Asian racism during the Covid pandemic. We also look into the effects of discrimination in form of for example the model minority myth and other harmful stereotypes. Our guest Hai Ha shares the experiences she has had during her studies in the Netherlands. 
May 15, 2021
Students on Islamophobia
In this episode, we go into Islamophobia, the rise of it in recent years, the reprecussions which Muslims in the Netherlands face, and what higher education's responsibility in supporting Muslim students is. Our guest Naima shares her experiences as a Muslim woman having lived in the Netherlands for a while now.
April 12, 2021
Students on Tokenism
In this episode the students discuss the concept of tokenism and how it is often mistaken for inclusion. The students give various examples of how tokenism takes place in society from their perspective and advises the listener on how to stray away from tokenism. 
February 26, 2021
Activist on Black Pete with Eargy Florentina
In our second episode of SCDAI Talks, we  continue our conversation about Black Pete from the previous episode and dive into the activist perspective of it. Our guest, Eargy, talks about his expeirences and activism on Black Pete as a member of Black Lives Matter Parkstad and Heerlen Kan Het. The episode talks about Eargy's journey, how he has experienced the weight of being an active advocate for racial justice, and how higher education is crucial in shaping young minds in understanding anti-racism and decolonization. 
December 18, 2020
Students on Black Pete
In the first episode of SCDAI Talks we tackle the celebration of Sinterklaas and Black Pete from three different perspectives. The speakers Pim, Genesis, and Walphana come from the Netherlands, Bonaire and Aruba and have experienced the celebration growing up in different ways.  They listen, compare their experiences and how they came to realize that Black Pete was problematic. Moreover, they talk about starting conversations of Black Pete and introducing topics as racism, colonialism and white supremacy in education.
December 13, 2020