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Awaken the New Paradigm Priestess Podcast

Awaken the New Paradigm Priestess Podcast

By Schamet Horsfield
Awaken the Priestess Within is an empowering weekly podcast brought to you by Priestess, Oracle, Soul Coach, & Transformational Practitioner, Schamet Horsfield. Schamet will guide you in a weekly oracle reading, meditation, and will explore many topics such as beliefs, dreams, Intuition, psychic abilities, and she will share spiritual guidance and spiritual wisdom with the intention to awaken consciousness and birth the New Paradigm.
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Return of the Priestess Summit, New Earth Rising: Interview with Dawn DelVecchio
I am over the moon excited to announce that I am one of the keynote speakers in Return of the Priestess Summit and this is a very special interview with Dawn DelVecchio Who is the Priestess Creatrix of this Global Gathering of Priestesses and Divine Feminine Leaders. I thought it would be a great way to support her and all of her work on the planet. It's a really great interview so make sure to take the time to either watch it or listen to it as I will also upload it to the Awaken the New Paradigm Priestess Podcast! (YES! This is the special secret Interview I announced last week that was coming!!!!) Surprise!!!! These Times Call Us to Lead with Love Have the sudden shifts now before we activated a passion to embody your feminine energies more fully? Are you wondering how to bring your gifts forward in service to a better tomorrow? You’re not alone! … Today it’s clear that the feminine is rising. We are called now to bring forth our gifts, our wisdom, and our love to a planet in transition. This is why I was a full-bodied “Yes!” to share my message during a free online series called Return of the Priestess III, and I want you to join me! I am one of more than 30 feminine leaders bringing you spiritual tools, activations, blessings, and prayers. Our theme this year is New Earth Rising and it could not come at a better time, because this is our time to lead, by building the bridge to New Earth, even as we cross it. This is more than a series of conversations, it is a Global Feminine Activation, with Priestesses, Wisdom Elders, and Feminine Visionaries from all around the world. Come, join us and embody your full gifts to lead with love. Register at and I will also put the link below.  
March 18, 2022
Priestess power alignment
When we align ourselves to the power of who we are then we instantly align to the alchemy of our Priestess Power. Yes, there is a lot going on in the world, energetically, politically, emotionally, however, if we can stay true to our authentic priestess path, and childlike joy then it's as if we can jump onto a magic carpet of aligned magic & synchronicity! I wanted to jump on and share some of this aligned priestess power magic with all of you and invite you to join us this Sunday for the Awaken the New Paradigm Within Prayer and Meditation circle for Ukraine.
March 03, 2022
Abundance Mindset & exploring the energy of money upon the Priestess path in the modern world.
Soul business is a spiritual practice for me and in this episode, I talk about my journey as a Modern-day Priestess and my relationship with financial abundance. This is a big topic and could be explored in many episodes! Every part of my life is part of my spiritual journey. For me personally, there is no "right" way of bringing your gifts to the world as it's a very personal journey for each of us. I believe it comes back to alignment, values, ethics, morals, and your own personal sovereignty. In this episode, I share that as a patriarchal society we were all programmed to believe we need to fit into the matrix in order to make money but if we want to be a spiritual being/change agent then WE must do this for free and if you take money for it then we are bad. We live in a society that rewards the people that work within the "known and understood matrix" and does not value or reward those that have gifts that live within the Mystery and do work outside of the box. This is changing as the old patriarchal society crumbles, a new paradigm is being birthed and we are the midwives, the change agents, and its exciting times as the Priestess is awakening, rising, and finally being valued for the gift she is. Part of my Priestess work is about honoring and valuing my Priestess gifts and leading us into the New Paradigm that honors these gifts. Values these gifts. And that value is energetic. Money is a form of energetic Abundance. The more money we make doing our soul path purpose work then the more we can give. What is your money story? Have you written a love letter to money before?
February 20, 2022
What does it mean to walk the path of the priestess in this modern world?
I have just ordained my first group of beautiful priestesses and we are now going over the very last module in the Priestess Training which is all about bringing your gifts to the world. This particular module really shifted and moved some thoughts and inspiration in me that I wanted to share with all of you about what walking the path of the Priestess means to me. Enjoy the second podcast episode of Awakening the Priestess Within!
February 16, 2022
Awaken the Priestess Within Podcast First Episode with your guide Schamet Horsfield
Do you feel the path of the Priestess awakening in you? Do you feel you have walked this path before? Do you feel the Priestess calling you? This first episode is an introduction to help you understand what and who a Priestess is.  Schamet Horsfield will be sharing her wisdom, oracle readings, and her "Priestess Channeled Guidance" every Sunday. Schamet is also inviting all of you to her Awaken the Oracle Within 3 Day FREE Intuition & Psychic superpowers development Journey.  To learn more and register click here:
February 10, 2022