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#007 - Interview: Azilda Kaputu Singer, Songwriter and Multimedia Designer

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The podcast is held in an interview form, where I go out and interview people on Creativity and Innovation and their views and stories about it. The goal is to find out what tools, methods and habits those people or companies use to create useful ideas for their next project, product, process etc.
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The podcast is held in an interview form, where I go out and interview people on Creativity and Innovation and their views and stories about it. The goal is to find out what tools, methods and habits those people or companies use to create useful ideas for their next project, product, process etc.

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#014 - Natalie Turner - Yes You Can Innovate
Discussion with Natalie Turner, Founder of the 6I’s and 6 C’s Model Innovation Model and Author of the Book “Yes you can Innovate”. Her favourite colour is red... :) She has 30 years of working experience from different roles in different industries, Corporate and Government. On one point she started asking herself: why do some really good ideas never come to life? That’s when she started creating her 6 I’s model and coaching. Over the years she got great success with her model and has added new services to her model to help business in all kind of industries and sizes.  To be able to reach a bigger audience she wrote her 6I's model down as a book. A book that can be read for business purpose or even for the individual that wants to be more innovative and find out where she/he can improve and become better in the innovation.  In this episode we come to talk a lot about that everyone can be innovative in their own way. Natalie uses a lot of story telling to help colour the picture.  Her 6I’s approach is a very helpful tool to understand where ones strengths in the innovation cycle lay and where one needs to acquire extra skills. Call of action. Think of your own Purpose. Take time to ponder your purpose. Where is that drive and desire for life coming from? What is the opportunity one has?Try and think of ideas how to channel those. Do some Soul searching and really think about “Is this the best use of my skill set and time?”. Is what you are doing helping you to get there? What opportunities are there and how can you feel more alive? You can start running your thinking through the 6I’s as a 5min exercise. Links: Webpage: Webpage: LinkedIN: Natalie’s Speech on Purpose: IKIGAI: A Japanese concept “A Reason For Being”, Tim Kelley : “True Purpose: 12 Strategies for Discovering the Difference You Are Meant to Make”  Brandon Peele: “Planet on Purpose: Your Guide to Genuine Prosperity, Authentic Leadership and A Better World” 
November 2, 2019
#013 - Simon Skipper Christiansen - Spiritual Creativity
Simon Skipper Christiansen He describes himself as a treasure hunter. Photographer, life coach, part of a Think Tank, skate border and passionate for personal growth. Has lots of positive energy, loves to be in the flow to grow and learn and is generally proactive. Optimist. Life is more fun when you look at the good stuff Vulnerable, sensitive. Learning to appreciate that side of himself Color  Petrolium. Between blue and green. A Deep and calming as well a mystical colour. Fitting his Tattoo of a dragon fly which is another mystical symbol. The color reminds him of staying grounded when he is too eager to say yes to too many projects.  His first secret is that he has been in touch with his feminine side for a long time and has been misunderstood by his peers for it. The second secret is that he changed his name in the register due to numerology.  Creativity We are all creative but some people don't give themselves the permission to be so. We all create our lives. The experiences, friends, work life and so on.  Simon is multifaceted and creative in many fields. Photography, music, dance, akroyoga, skateboarding and coaching.  Adivce: No need to rush (trust the process)   Reach out and ask (toilet story)   Be process oriented. Links: Website photography: Instagram: - Therapy practice: Simplybe._ - Photography, - Skateboarding LinkedIn: Facebook: Samfunds Tanken:
October 26, 2019
#012 - CH/D - Chantal Wäger-Schirach - Intuition und Herz
Ein Interview mit meiner Schwester. Die erste Episode in Schweizer Deutsch Welche Farbe ist Chantal in der Farbkiste?  Turquoise. Da diese für sie Verspieltheit Symbolisiert und ein Sinnbild für Lebensfreude ist.  Ihr Geheimnis welches nicht viele kennen ist:  Sie kann unteranderem mit Tieren kommunizieren über den telepathischen Weg. Normalerweise mit Haustieren wie Katzen, Hunde oder Pferde.  Wilde Tiere kommen aber auch zum Zuge.  Das letzte mal hatte sie mit einer Eidechse gesprochen und erhielt die Nachricht: Regeneration, Erneuerung, Kraft und Sonne Tanken. Die Nachrichten kommen als Bilder, Gefühle oder als Worte. So zu sagen wie die Innere Stime.  In der Zukunft würde sie gerne 50% mit Tieren arbeiten. Tier-Mensch Coaching und Tier Energie, Heilung. Und dabei auf Ursachenbehandlung fokussieren und nicht auf die Symptome.  Kreativität ist wichtig für Chantal. Sie sieht sich als kreative Person mit vielen Ideen. Welche sich am ehesten in ihrer Energie Arbeit mit Tier und Mensch zeigt, aber auch als Sekretärin kann sie ihre Kreativität ausleben.  Was bedeutet Kreativität für sie?  Aus sich entstehen lassen. Es ist die weibliche Energy. Bevor man in das Machen kommt ist die Idee da. Bei Chantal kommen die Ideen hauptsächlich beim Coaching mit Pferden und Menschen. Dabei schaut sie auf die Reaktion des Pferdes mit der Person um die besten Aufgaben für die Session zu wählen.  Tips zum selbst Kreativ zu sein und/oder auf seine Intuition zu hören  Man ist sich unsicher welche Arbeit man wählen soll. Schreib alle Möglichkeiten auf verschiedene Zettel. Lege diese auf den Boden und stehe abwechselnd auf diese. Für jede Möglichkeit schliesse die Augen und versuche auf deinen Körper zu hören. Was fühlst du? Sprichst du selbst zu dir oder erscheint dir ein Bild? Ein gutes Körpergefühl zeigt das die Idee, Projekt etc gut für dich ist. Ein schlechtes, Unwohlsein oder zusammen sinken ist ein klares Zeichen die Finger davon zu lassen.  Ein Beispiel von Chantal. Sie war unsicher ob sie eine Weiterbildung machen soll oder nicht. Sie hat die Frage auf das Papier geschrieben und stand auf den Zettel. Als sie die Augen öffnete fand ihr Blick eine Pflanze und ihre innere Stimme sagte Ihr dazu “Wachstum”, dabei war ihr Körper völlig entspannt und gelassen. Ein klares JA von ihrem Körper und der Intuition.   Call for action: Nehmt Euch jeden Tag 5-10min Zeit für eine Atem Technik.  Setzt oder legt Euch hin Schliesst die Augen Fokus auf den Atem Spürt Euren Körper mental. Vom Schädel bis zur Fusssohle. Spürt ob sich die Nase gut oder schlecht anfühlt, ist der Nacken entspannt oder angespannt etc.  Wenn Ihr an der Fusssohle seit könnt Ihr mental wieder nach oben scannen Links:  Webseite:  FB: Akasha:  Bücher:  "Atlas der Chakras - Der Weg zu Gesundheit und spirituellem Wachstum" - Kalashatra Govinda  "Ich spüre was, was du nicht spürst" - Anne Heintze  "Aussergewöhnlich normal" - Anne Heintze  "Systematische Aufstellung mit dem Mediator Pferd" - Felicitas A. Scholz  "Gib dir die Liebe, die du verdienst" - Katharina Tempel  "Das Tao des Equus - Die heilsame Wirkung der Pferde" - Linda Kohanov  Podcast:
October 19, 2019
#011 - Mario Sorribas Fierro - A storyteller by heart.
Owner of Storyteller & CO and newly Professor for Storytelling, Design thinking at two online Universities. We met in the summer of 2019 at the IoT Week in Aarhus DK where I got very curious about him and wanted to know more. For a good reason as this episode shows. His favourite colour as a kid was yellow like the banana and other tasty fruits. Now as an adult he sees himself more like a chameleon that adapts to the situations. Like a good diplomat. Mario is a great storyteller and lets us in into many of his secrets. He gives us his best tip on become a good story teller. And how to avoid to loose the attention of your listeners. Learn to listen first, then understand your customer, their feelings and thinking and then write the story.  A great example on how a corporation can use storytelling right to grow their business is from and their 2018 campaign in Spain. They were running two spots. One for extroverts and one for introverts. Neither group realised that was running two completly different commercials at the same time. As both felt attracted to one of them and ignored the other one. To understand the “Targeted communication” better, you can watch "Brexit: The Movie (2016)". We furthermore learn what it means to be creative and how to get into the right state of mind. What advice he should have been taking long ago and what he would change in the school system and why. Call for action: Go regular out for a 1hr walk in nature. Once a month, a week or every day is up to you. Choose your favourite place, be it at the seaside, up the mountain or in the forest. Find a place you enjoy and stay there in silence. This helps you to connect with nature, the environment and yourself. When you connect to yourself you’ll find doors that open up and reveal things and ideas that want to come out. When you come home after 1 hour you’ll be a different person than when you left. And you’ll feel more creative Links: Webpage: Blog: LinkedIN: Brexit: The Movie (2016): Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids:
October 11, 2019
#010 Interview: Patrick Hamilton Walsh - Secret to a happy fulfilled life full of creativity & growth
“Be the change you want to see in the world” - Mohanda Gandhi A warm hearted Loving Man, Business Consultant, Backpacker, Author of 4 books, Adventurer, Life Coach, Speaker, Phoneographer and Instagram Star that was holding the world record for sitting on a Ferris wheel for 24hrs and 30min.  And a Master of listening to his heart. In this episode we came to talk about what it means to be creative, where creativity comes from and how you can train to increase your creativity by listening to your heart & intuition. Patrick has not been shy with giving lots of his wisdom and practical advice on how to create a happy and fulfilled life.  How to be open and compassionate. His advices are very applicable and have the power to change how you’ll live life from now on. Patrick has a very good way to guide through his life when meeting people.  “People come into your life for:  A Reason  A Season, or  for A Lifetime.  We got to talk about:  Creativity How to learn to listen to your heart and intuition  Creative block and procrastination  His writing and Book. “Forgive me Sister”  The 7 year cycle everyone goes through.  Masculinity vs. The Feminine  His 2 secrets to Happiness in life: Giving and growing  Empathy vs. Sympathy  Where our modern DIS-EASE’s are coming from And how the Community can help  How to Focus on the important in life  The 4 Energy Season and how to use them for personal growth, reflections and actions.  and so much more  Advice:  “Be yourself, Stay true to who you are. Don’t compare yourself to others. It’s easier to be yourself”  Call for action:  Believe in yourself. You know it all. Learn to listen to yourself.  => For the next 12 Weeks until the 21. December. Pull your energy inwards Refill your Energy, Reflect and Nourish yourself Be intentional Plant the seeds you want to reap in spring  Links:  Facebook: Instagram:  Twitter:  LinkedIN:  Webpage:  Books: Forgive me Sister (2019)  The Backpacker Who Sold His Supercar: A Road Map to Achieving Your Dream Life (2013)  Life Is (2013) is:  The Phenomenon of the Facebook Status (2009)  Other Interviews with Patrick: Smartass-podden: #3 Patrick Hamilton Walsh - Our feminine future  Stoyan Yankov: Samodiva Mastermind (FB Live):  World Traveller:
September 30, 2019
#009 - DK - Interview: Clarindo Kaputu - kreativ sjæl og far til 5 piger  
Far til Azilda og Anilde vinderen af ​​X-Factor 2016. (Sanger og sangskriver) Clarindo er en kreativ sjæl, og elsker at synge og male. Han skriver sine egne digter, tekster og musik og sa maler han også fantastiske landskabsbilleder. Hans ideer til en ny tekst, sang eller maleri kommer mest fra det, han hører på radioen. Som gammel radiohost nyder han at lytte til radio og nyheder, og når han hører noget, der udløser en hukommelse eller en følelse, begynder han at brainstorme over det. For ham er det vigtigt at fortsætte med tanken og begynde at bygge videre på de idéer der kommer. Giv ikke op og fortsæt indtil du har en tekst, sang eller billeder. Kreativitet er at starte fra et tomt ark papir og derefter bygge videre på det. At konstruere og bygge videre på de ideer, der kommer før. Det kan være et maleri, hvor han begynder at sætte nogle basefarver og derefter langsomt tilføjer han elementer og detaljer for at afslutte maleriet, så andre ser, hvad han følte eller har set i hans hoved. Innovation på den anden side er at enten bygge videre på en eksisterende idé og forbedre den yderligere eller starte fra et tomt ark og skabe et nyt produkt. Ikke alle kreative opgaver er innovative, men for at være innovative skal du være kreativ og bygge videre på en idé. Jeg spurgte ham, hvordan det var at have en stor familie med 5 børn. Hvordan forbliver du kreativ? For dem var det let. Hans kone Francisca og ham sang meget. Hver af dem elskede a startede en sang næsten hver day, og så fulgte den anden ind. Så der var altid musik og sang, og pigerne voksede op i det miljø. Og den lille Azilde begyndte allerede at synge i en alder af 3 og sang helle tiden rundt. Da pigerne kom fra skolen, tog de også de danske sange hjem, og Clarindo forsøgte at finde den rigtige melodi med sin Guitare. Der var ingen problem hvis man sang forkert, det var en grund til at grine og har det sjovt. Svigt var en stor mulighed kun sådan har man det sjovt. Clarindo er også humanitær og samarbejder med DAV - Dansk Angolansk Venskabsforening for at hjælpe mennesker i Angola med at få et bedre liv. Al hjælp er velkommen. Kontakt DAV eller Clarindo, hvis du vil hjælpe på den ene eller den anden måde. Hvis du vil nå ud til Clarindo, kan du gøre det her: Eller hør en af ​​hans sange: Mere information om DAV - Dansk Angolansk Venskabsforening: Email fra DAV president
September 25, 2019
#008 - Interview: Stoyan Yankov - On personal improvement, creativity and consistency
Who is Stoyan Yankov "A dreamer, action taker and passionate about living meaningful." He is a world class productivity & performance coach, a key note speaker and organiser of mastermind retreats to name a few occupations. Stoyan comes from Bulgaria and has moved in 2010 to Denmark to do his Master degree in Finances. When you think that you’ll find him in a bank or similar then you are wrong. I would never have imagined him coming from the finance “world” when I met him. After his studies he started working in the film industry and had his own company for a few years before he moved to personal coaching and organising retreats and speaking. In our conversation he told me his path on how he came to where he is now. I have had a blast listening to Stoyan and was saddened when we had to stop our talk due to time restrictions. Our discussion was very deep and full of handy advices on how to craft your life, how to be creative and how to get rid of bad habits and create better ones and so much more. I am looking forward to our next interview, hopefully in person again. Here are links to the books, training and quotes we talked about. - The monk who sold his Ferrari - by Robin S. Sharma - Eat that Frog - by Brian Tracy “If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first” - Mark Twain The Norbekov’s Method - - Passion Test - Worry setting - Wheel of life - A Self- Assessment Tool You can find Stoyan here: Personal Webpage: LinkedIN: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Samodiva Mastermind:
September 18, 2019
#007 - Interview: Azilda Kaputu Singer, Songwriter and Multimedia Designer
Interview with Azilda Kaputu Winner of 2016 X-Factor Denmark together with her sister Anilda as band Embrace. Azilda is a very creative person and at the age of 24 she has also tried different things. Azilda is not afraid of trying new things. If you want to grow as a person and improve your skills you have to try new things. Just do it and don’t be afraid of failing. “I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.” ― Astrid Lindgren, Pippi Longstocking Azilda gets into “The Flow” of writing a new song when she is truly happy. Then her best ideas are coming. She can also have interesting ideas then she is blue or sad. For her it is like in movies where suddenly all impressions become part of a song such as the rhythm of people walking, smells and shapes give her inspirations for words and cords. A good Movie example is“August Run” How does she get in the happy place? Her tip is to have good nights sleep, a structured day and then a good stretch of uninterrupted time. 2-2.5 hours is enough. Then she is free to feel and think. Her biggest challenge has been so far to win X-Factor. She was only 20 years old and still at college and had to juggle all those expectations. School assignments, interviews, photoshoots, and performance. Luckily she had her sister Anilda with her. They were close before but grew even closer after the experience. They made it through as they could trust each other and they experienced the same. Plus they tried to have a lot of fun doing so. What are her Advices and Tips to get through hard time or to grow as a creative. - Get the right Mindset. Tell yourself that “I CAN” and then you will do it. - Surround yourself with the right people. People that respect you the way you are, no matter what position in life you have. Friends and family that lift you up, motivate and inspire you to achieve more. - “I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.” ― Astrid Lindgren, Pippi Longstocking - “You can do twice as much as your mother thinks!” - Unknown Links mentioned during the interview: Portfolio Instagram Facebook People we talked about Micki Cheng (Participant of the danish backing show Den Store Bagedyst in 2015) Thomas Blachman (Judge of X-Factor, Jazz Musician, book author and very creative mind) First encounter between Thomas Blackman and Azilda and Anilda at the Audition for X-Factor in 2015!/ Movie that reminds her of her happy space when music comes to her. “August Rush” 2007 The Oliver Schirach Show and Call for Action FB Group
September 10, 2019
#006 - F - Interview: Arnaud Perret et Michael Betemps fondateur de Debussy
Ceci est un épisode expérimental en français. J'ai eu le plaisir de communiquer avec ces deux Français très intéressants et personnes innovantes. Deux cousins qui ont bouleversé le secteur des casques avec un produit de luxe ça donne envie de plus. «DEBUSSY, c’est une passion pour le son et la liberté. C’est une obsession de transmettre au plus près de l’expérience sonore créée par l’artiste et partout. C'est une recherche d'un son qui passe. “ Nous devons expliquer pourquoi Arnaud est un entrepreneur en série. Quel son ils seraient et pourquoi. Comment il a eu l’idée de Debussy et pourquoi il a baptisé le casque Debussy. Comment pouvez-vous être innovant, créatif et que faut-il pour être entrepreneur et créer sa propre entreprise? Nous avons également discuté de la façon de gérer les obstacles lorsque vous croyez en votre chemin. Sans plus tarder. Écoutons cet épisode très intéressant avec FunkySound.Studio et fondateur de Debussy Audio P.s. Au moment de l'enregistrement de cette interview: Debussy est encore en phase de démarrage et n'est pas encore en production. Liens vers ce dont nous avons parlé lors de l’interview: Michael Betemps Webpage FunkySound: Kickstarter Debussy Audio: Sound Engineer : Antoine "Chab" Chabert 3 times Grammy-Award Winning: Debussy uses Audiodriver from Final Audio Artists they collaborate with: Steve Wonder Kavinsky Justice Julian Perretta Cut Killer Livres recommendés - “The Lean Start-Up” …. 5% is the idea 95% I structure, methods and more. Learning on the way.
September 5, 2019
#005 - Interview: Larry Poon Co-Founder & COO of Imont
 Podcast Interview with Larry Poon from Imont I had the pleasure to interview Larry Poon, whom I met at IoT-Week Aarhus (DK) this summer. Now I had the chance to interview him in a quiet environment and find out more about him and his work.  Larry is best known for his 30+ years of experience in the IT world and Telecommunication. His vision is that in a few years he will be known for his work at Imont.  We talk about the differences of giant versus start-up companies in culture, innovation, agility and how it feels as an employee.  He let’s us know about his secret not many know about and when he had to get out of his comfort zone and learn something new.  We also learn about his view on innovation and creativity as well on what barriers he sees that hinder innovation and growth.  Larry is open to network and open to chat with you. You can reach Larry Poon under You can learn more about Imont at
August 7, 2019
#004 - Interview: Dr. Radhakrishna Jamadagni, CEO & CO-Founder AiHighway, AiSteth
I had the pleasure to interview Krishna (Radhakrishna Jamadagni) from AiSteth. An acoustics device that can screen, detect & predict heart disorders using state-of-the-art signal processing and AI capabilities. He is a Doctor by profession and has been involved in 3-4 start-ups so far.  We talk about his latest start-up AiSteth (  He came up with the idea after a cousin was saved by a very experienced doctor that could identify the real problem before it was too late. Pain in the shoulders that was related to the heart. Doing his research he found out that a heart surgeon needs 8-12 years from start of the medical studies until she/him can work alone to diagnose heart problems. This is due to the complexity of listening to the heart and read the sounds correctly.  Therefore he is convinced that the medical world and staff are in need of such a device.  Not only did we talk about his start-up but also his experiences with all the start-ups he invested in, the advices he didn’t take but should have and what advice he wants to give new start-ups.  Krishna also lets us in in his morning routines, his definition of creativity and innovation and what it means to live in Steven Kings hometown in Main US.  Yours sincerely Oliver Schirach You can find out more on AiSteth here And here to connect with Krishna directly go to his LinkedIN contact
June 17, 2019
#003 - Interview with Mix-Analog; Bojan & Ziga. About creativity, innovation, start-up and live
Hi world, It is a pleasure to publish this interview I have just come home from. Bojan the Co-founder is very creative and well rounded as well as his employee Ziga. They are both interested and skilled in different things and complement each other at work.  During this interview we covered what creativity and innovation means to them, how they are solving problems and apply creative and innovation thinking to do so. Bojan is very open to tell his story and where he comes from. More important the problem his service covers and why he started the business in the beginning.  I had a blast and loved to learn more about those two interesting guys.  Please join me in the conversation and show some love to them.  Best by visiting their web-page and their service or follow them on the social media. Link to Bojan's favorite soldier he painted Link to Copperplate (Bojan's passion)
May 15, 2019
#002 - Interview: Olivier Walther - Freelance Photographer
This Episode is an interview with Olivier Walther. We have met in 2012 during a photoshoot in Basel (Switzerland) of our friend Karim. I remember showing Olivier a few tricks with the camera and the flash set up. Since then he has been developing his skills much and added videography to his repertoire and can definitely teach me some tricks. Olivier talks about his path and past as a creative and how he profited to hone his skills as an assistant to other photographers and videographers. Until he decided to do the jump and work as a freelance photographer on his projects. We talked about the moment Olivier knew he is a professional and what he considers work done.  Please enjoy my talk with Olivier Walther. You can find his webpage at from here you will be guided to his other online profiles Facebook, Instagram, Behance and Tumblr.
May 9, 2019
#001 - Interview: Martin Zulliger Co-Founder UpSpin Innovation
Hi World. This is the first interview I conducted for my new Show. It was a pleasure to be able to interview an old friend from my time at EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne We met playing Basketball and have lost contact after I moved back to Basel and Denmark. Thanks to LinkedIN have we reconnected a few years back and when Martin co-founded his Innovation consultancy did we start talking about innovation and what happened in our lives.  I am very happy that he agreed to help me get the Podcast Show started by answering my questions.  We talk about innovation, start-up, procrastination and how to get over it, creativity and his passion for medieval martial arts.  Links mentioned during the interview UpSpin Innovation GmbH: Focusmate (paired online working): Gladius et Codex (Historical European Martial Arts Club in Zürich): you can find out more about The Oliver Schirach Show on
May 4, 2019
Pilot Episode for my new Podcast Show.
I shortly introduce me and my new show. My name is Oliver Schirach and I am interested in creativity, innovation, business start ups and personal improvements. For the show I’ll be interviewing people from different fields and different backgrounds on the topics of creativity and innovation. What are the methods, tools, mindsets they use to be creative or innovative. I am going out to find the definition of creativity, innovation and artistry. Is it all the same or not? Do you need one to be able to do the other or not? Those questions and similar ones are the ones I want to learn about. If you stumble on this episode or podcast and like it. Please send me an Audio-file where you shortly describe what creativity and/or innovation means to you. I would love to hear you and create a intro for my Episodes with some of your answers. Until then have a good day
May 2, 2019
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