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School Didn't Teach You

School Didn't Teach You

By School Didn't Teach You
Shane and Lui present the podcast we all needed when we was at school! Our mission is to give you the education and knowledge that school didn't teach you, covering topical areas of financial freedom, career progression, technology, personal development, health and wellbeing.
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EP3: Why we chose Degree Apprenticeships to kickstart our Career! (Career)

School Didn't Teach You

EP5: Survival (Personal Growth)
This week's podcast join Lui and Shane as they discover and explore survival! During the episode they cover boundaries, looking after yourself, a term coined cognitive reframing and lastly love languages. By the end of this episode you will have more tools in your belt to be able to take further steps along the journey of loving yourself.
December 09, 2021
EP4: Savings & Investments (Financial Freedom)
This week is all about Savings and Investments. Have you ever considered making an investment but unsure what or how to invest? Lui and Shane breaks down the different types of savings and investments and how you can go about investing, so that you can begin your journey into investing.
November 25, 2021
EP3: Why we chose Degree Apprenticeships to kickstart our Career! (Career)
In this week's podcast join Lui and Shane, as they explain and share their experiences of why they chose to utilise a Degree Apprenticeship to kickstart their career. They uncover the ins and outs of a Degree Apprenticeship whilst comparing to the more covential routes of starting a career; so that you or someone you know can make a more informed decision.
November 11, 2021
EP2: Wellness (Personal Growth)
This weeks podcast we explore and start to unravel wellbeing and initiate convsersations around breaking the stigma of mental health. Lui and Shane delve into some of their own personal experiences; eager to shed some light and resonate with the listenership.  As covered in the episode, you can read more about some iniatives and charities such as Bloom and Mental Health UK by following these links.
October 28, 2021
EP1: Budgets (Financial Freedom)
Covering everything to do with budgets, this episode gives you an insight into the first steps towards achieving financial freedom.
October 08, 2021