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We help scientists integrate findings from the latest evidence-based research in social sciences and education into their outreach efforts. We curate, summarize, and discuss research studies and their applications to real communication contexts in a way that scientists can easily implement.
Ep4 - Diversity in Science with guests Latino Labs
In this episode we talk with Nico and Andrea from our honorable "State your mission challenge" mentions about the importance of diversity in science. Find them of Twitter at @latinolabs ‏and don't forget to follow our own account at @Scicomm_JC. Music was written by MusicalKoktail.
July 17, 2018
Ep3: Depoliticizing and culturalising scicomm messages
In episode 3 we talk about the importance of depoliticizing and culturalising scicomm messages with our honorable mention from the State Your Mission Challenge - Mark Smith. You can connect with him @MS71541719 on twitter. We also geek a tiny bit on the amazing communicator Dr Kevin Folta is and how his talks and discussions can make few science skeptics reconsider their opinions, including our very own Mariya's. Hear their stories in this episode and get in touch to tell us yours! Sign up for our newsletter via and follow us at @scicomm_jc and on Instagram at scicommjc.
April 29, 2018
Ep2: Cosplay for science - Interview with PaleoParadox
This episode features an interview with the winner of the Mission statement challenge of SciCommJC - PaleoParadox. Hear about the science cosplay activities of the CosplayForScience team and more!
March 30, 2018
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