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Episode 3: Dan Lonsdale (Strength and Conditioning Coach and Consultant for Gymnastics)

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A show to open and explore topics of Science and Culture in the Dance and Performing Arts Industries.
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Q&A with Jodie Comer and Chris Taggart
A great chance to hear from other members of the Science in Dance Team! As we answer some of your questions.
July 29, 2019
Episode 4: Jumping Higher and Performing Better with Paige Rice (Biomechanics and Research)
Paige Rice is a Dance Researcher from Edith Cowan University.  In this episode Paige and I discuss her current research on the Strength and Conditioning Interventions she has performed on Dancers. This involves a 12 week training study looking into a variety of variables including Jump height in a Grand Jeté and changes in Muscle and Tendon properties.  A great intro to sport science for some and a fantastic insight into new research for those who are familiar with Dance Science.
July 17, 2019
Episode 3: Dan Lonsdale (Strength and Conditioning Coach and Consultant for Gymnastics)
This is episode features Dan Lonsdale. Dan is an experience S&C coach who is an expert in a variety of areas. Dan's experience spreads across a multitude of Sports, however, recently Dan has spent the majority of time in the world of Gymnastics. It is always an interesting conversation between Dance Healthcare professionals and Gymnastics. As there are a number of similarities in the cultures and artistic nature of the disciplines, despite the requirements of the athletes being quite different. In this episode we discuss: Screening, Culture, Coaching Relationships, Jumping and Landing.
May 14, 2019
Episode 2: Dr Nicky Keay - Endocrinologist and Sports Medic specialising in Dance
This episode brings you insight into the world of Hormones and their impact on Dance performance. Specifically Nicky discusses her research into Eating Disorders and Relative Energy Deficiency amongst Dancers and Athletes. She also talks about valuable the information for Dancers, Students, Practitioners, Parents and Teachers regarding overall health and the links between mental health, behaviour, performance and nutrition. Get in touch with Nicky at or View more Show Notes on
May 3, 2019
Mental Health Self Care and Performing Arts Culture featuring Terry Hyde and Connie Janes
Topics including: Mental Health, Injury, Stigma, Instagram, Mental Wellbeing, Dance Culture and Life as Dance.
April 28, 2019
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