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The Science of the Soul and Stars PODCAST

The Science of the Soul and Stars PODCAST

By Brandon
Chronicling the Life Journey of Science of the Soul and Stars Youtube host, Brandon Tobias.

The goal of this podcast is to share an in-depth and personal perspective of my life, and in the process, ideally inspire YOU as a listener to make positive changes in your life and to reach your goals.

I will talk about my current journey in life and where I'm at, which is me seeking to build my dream life through Youtube and a Spiritual-Based Business. I'll also share additional insight on how I learned everything I've learned and the REAL and RAW perspective of what I'm going through, really.
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My Soul's Journey + LIVE TAROT w/Melissa P Breath of Fresh Air Marketing
Hello! Today I am interviewed by by Miss Melissa P about my journey from being a "normal" human to someone who is apparently a "modern esoteric guide" of sorts! And how that all went...PLUS why and how things like Tarot and Astrology are more mainstream! We also do a LIVE Tarot reading on air and explore a bunch of other subjects. This one was so much fun! I hope you enjoy. You can find Melissa and all of her content here: I hope you enjoy! If you want a live reading or to dive deeper with me you can find me on my website and Youtube channel here: Thanks for watching!
March 31, 2021
How to Find and Navigate Through Your Soul's Unique Blueprint! With Maria Florio
Hey everyone! This is the start of a brand new initiation of Podcast uploads-I've been getting requested to be on different Podcasts talking about Soul's Purpose and the actual "Science" behind our Soul and of course the stars : ) I'm honored to have been interviewed today by Miss Maria Florio. She takes the lead and interviews me with AMAZING questions about my personal journey, what the meaning of "true love" is (True Love defined!? Yes.), how I came into alignment with my Soul's Purpose and how to discover that, and also the journey of love and how it's helped shape the man I am today. You can find Maria and her Podcast, website, and info here: Website: Blog: Podcast: YouTube: Instagram: marianflorio - TikTok: I hope you enjoy! 
March 18, 2021
Brandon Speaks: My Experience Finally Moving Forward with my Life Purpose
Hey Guys-this is the first episode of the "new style" of Podcast I'm creating around life style and an inside peek at what goes on behind the scenes in my life, how I think and see the World, and how I've gotten to where I'm at and where I'm going. I hope you enjoy-let me know what you think! -Brandon
November 21, 2020
How to Create a "Spiritual" Business in 2020-Top 3 pieces of advice
Hello! Today's episode is all about how to create a "spiritual-based' business in 2020, by that I mean, how to take what you're super good at and passionate about and turn it into something that will actually make you money and sustain you. I tell a bit about my journey and how I got started and also share my top 3 methods to do right now to get started. Enjoy! Follow me on IG: tobias_speaks Want a personal consultation or session? Check out my website Check out my Youtube channel: Science of the Soul and Stars for weekly and monthly channeled Tarot and Astrological guidance for your Astrology sign Be sure to subscribe to my channel if you haven't already-thanks for watching! 
November 02, 2020
How to know your Self and your Purpose
Hey everyone. Join me on my Minnesotan Patio with a tangerine White Claw. Tonight we speak about the 4 steps to truly know your SELF and learn/fulfill your purpose. Check me out on my Youtube channel as well: Let me know what you think by sending me a comment or message on Youtube or IG br_tobias Thanks all for listening... Brandon
July 28, 2020
How to Take Control of your Life While Surrendering to Fate and Timing
Hello everyone! Thanks for tuning in. Today's episode is a general life catchup of everything that's been happening in my life, where I'm at/what I've been doing, and we chat about how to combine the magic of fate/destiny/life timing with taking action, control, and creating your life from an empowered place. How do we work harmoniously with life to allow the life of our dreams to unfold while taking action and to make sure you get to where you'd like to go as fast as possible? We lay out the steps clearly in this episode. Thanks for listening! Check out the Video version on Youtube-Ancient Science for the Modern Soul Brandon
July 27, 2020
How the Universe (really) works Pt. 2
Hey guys! Today we have part 2 to my first episode on how the Universe works, based off Dolores Cannon’s work and research with her Hypnotherapy clients. Today we focus in specifically on why we experience certain sets of lessons, relationship, and patterns over and over in life and why our real growth and direction is often the opposite of what we’re comfortable with. Enjoy!
March 23, 2020
Biohacking: My 8 year journey and transformation and thoughts on the industry
Hey Everyone! Today's video talks about my journey beginning in 2012 as a loyal and dedicated Bulletproof Biohacker, which I studied religiously for over 8 years and even worked for the company on and off from 2016 on as a Trainer, Sales Consultant, and Director of Sales. I share my thoughts, experiences, transformation, and overall impact as well as limitations this industry has to offer the World.  Website (Book an Astrological/Healing Consultation):  IG: br_tobias Thanks for listening!  B
March 18, 2020
How to optimize your immune system for COVID-19 and beyond!
Hi everyone-today’s episode is a live recording meant to inform you what you can do to prepare your immune system to be as strong and resilient as possible so you can feel prepared, strong, and capable in your own body vs. COVID or any other foreign internal (or external) invader. Episode includes supplements you can take, “biohacks,” and lifestyle changes to make sure you have the best chance to thrive in times of stress. Enjoy!
March 17, 2020
How the Universe (really) works Pt. 1
Hey everyone! Today we're talking about the purpose behind our lives and what we're all doing here...this is part 1 of a series based on the works of Dolores Cannon-a famous author known for speaking directly to/through souls during her hypnotherapy work. Through this work Dolores has recounted the truth behind the history, purpose, and workings of the Universe, why we're all here/what we're doing, AND how you can use this info to live a more aware, inspired, and fulfilled life of your dreams. Thanks for watching!  IG: br_tobias   Podcast: The Modern Soul and Stars Podcast (Apple Podcasts)   Recommended Book: Dolores Cannon Life after Death   If you'd like an Astrology/healing consultation be sure to book on my website or send an email to
March 15, 2020
HOW to use Marijuana in the most productive way based off your Dosha
Hey everyone! Today's episode is all about the proper ways to see, utilize, and become more aware about how marijuana can affect you and why. You will learn: -How to choose the best strain  -Why there are sometimes negative effects from marijuana -How to "cure/" solve the detriments of marijuana Enjoy! Visit for a free health/astrology consultation!
March 15, 2020
Top 3 ways to optimize your day for synchronicities, flow-state, and attracting your destiny!
Hi Everyone! In today's video we're talking about my top 3 ways to optimize your day to ATTRACT effortlessly your destiny, synchronicity leading toward your happiness and fulfillment, and how the law of attraction can work for you without having to work so hard. Enjoy! Please visit my website if you'd like an Astrological, Healing, or general consultation. Thanks for watching-be sure to subscribe and "like" this video!  I'll be pumping out a video a day for the next 30 days-if you want to stay up to date please hit the notification bell to be alerted as soon as the next video is out!
March 14, 2020
How to see the Coronavirus in a positive light-EXPOSER of TRUTH
Hey everyone! Today's episode is all about the Astrological purpose behind the Coronavirus outbreak and how we can CHOOSE to see it in the most positive light and learn the lessons behind it's occurence. Please know it is not so much about a physical update on current stats of the virus so much as an emotional/spiritual take on the purpose behind it-please GOOGLE "coronavirus update" if you'd like to learn more about what's going on in the World physically!
March 13, 2020
How to Co-Create and Choose the Life of your Dreams Alongside Your Destiny
Hey guys! Today's episode is all about HOW destiny and personal choice work together to create the life of your dreams. What does it mean to have choice in a World that also has predetermined paths that our souls desired to experience in this lifetime? Today we explore what it means and how to CHOOSE your life with your given predetermined circumstances, and how that can ultimately lead you to your dream life. Thanks for watching! If you'd like an Astrological consultation or Tarot Reading, visit  -B
March 12, 2020
The Goal of this Podcast and my personal journey (why you should listen!)
Hi everyone! This is my first ever podcast episode and I couldn’t be more excited to have you with me. This episode covers the main WHY of this podcast as well as my personal story and will allow you to decide whether or not you’d like to follow me on this journey together! Enjoy.
March 10, 2020